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Award // Ethan Dolan Imagine


A/N: The Dolan Twins deserved all four awards they were nominated for period. Don’t fight me on this.

Here’s a little imagine inspired by the TCA’s (my version is not rigged :) . ) 

You smoothed out your dress as you were getting ready to walk to carpet. Your outfit consisted of a velvet body-con spaghetti strapped dress that showed off your beautiful curves perfectly. Your hair was done in perfect soft curls while your make-up held natural look. Currently you were three inches taller than normal with the nude heels you had on. 

Everyone was currently running around all over the place trying to make sure all the famous stars got on the carpet safely.. A bodyguard escorted you out onto the carpet. Squinting your eyes from all the sudden flashes you smiled and quickly began to pose as you were told where to stand. 

Your eyes scanned the large crowds of fans that were eager to get pictures with their favorites. Never in a million years did you think you would be on this side of the carpet. 

Never did you imagine your youtube channel would blow up the way it did. Currently you had over five million subscribers and your life was flipped upside down in a great way. You sometimes couldn’t believe how your life changed over night. Tonight you were nominated for two awards and were going to present one. People screamed your name and reached out to grab your hand. All of this was so humbling to you because without the fans you wouldn’t be walking the carpet right now surrounded by many more talented people. 

Taking selfies with the fans and giving them hugs. You chatted with them for a while before you were told to go inside because the show was starting. Waving goodbye and promising the follow the few fans that gave you their twitter handles you followed the bulky security guard inside the large stadium. 

Finding your seat you sat down and smiled when you saw you were sitting at the same table as Liza and David were siting at. 

“Hey guys!” You greeted. 

“Oh my gosh hi! You look so beautiful tonight!” Liza gushed while getting up to pull you into a tight hug. 

“Aww thanks! You look gorgeous too! We can’t forget about David either look at that beautiful outfit.” You teased making Liza laugh.  

“Right! It took me a while to choose this.” he laughed while pulling you into a hug. 

Soon the lights dimmed down and the first performer was announced. Dancing and singing along to the singers with Liza as David recorded the two of you for his vlog. Laughing as the two of you made a fool of yourselves in front of millions of people you two settled down once they were done preforming. 

Later on in the show the Dolan Twins were called up onto to the stage to announce the winner for Choice Movie Actress. As they began to walk up to the stage Liza secretly elbowed you making your face heat up. 

Liza was the only one (apart from David of course) who knew that you had the biggest crush on Ethan for about seven months now. You have been friends with the twins for about three years now. It wasn’t until one night when you went to film with the twins that you truly started developing feelings for Ethan. 

You watched as they spoke into the microphone and announced the winner. Cheering as Zendaya began to walk up the stage and giving the boys a quick side hug. 

You listened as she said her speech and cheered at her beautiful speech at the end. Clapping your hands as she walked off the stage the next performer was announced. “Look at your future boyfriend up on that stage,” Liza whispered making you shush her with a giggle. 

“You two are the worst,” you laughed while straightening your dress as your category would soon be announced. 

Finally after a performance and a commercial break Dylan O’Brien and Brandon Flynn walked up on the stage to present the category you were nominated for. Nervous rattled your body as you heard the names being announced. Everyone on the list were amazing creators. Liza sensed you were nervous and being the good friend she was gave your shoulder a reassuring squeeze. 

“And the winner is…..” Dylan spoke while taking a long pause. 

“Y/N Y/LN!” the two boys yelled into the microphone making you look over at Liza with a huge smile before getting up. Giving David and her a quick hug you grabbed a few of the fans hands on your way up. Once you were on the stage you hugged both the boys and thanked the person who handed you the surfboard. 

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“Our fans ship us.” (Grayson)

Requested by @its-me-actual-trash​: “an imagine where y/n is a youtuber as well and her and the boys collab and after it is uploaded all the fans are shipping her and one of the boys (either one) and they confess their feelings for each other”


I wrote one with sort of the same idea with Ethan a while back, so this one will be with Grayson. :)


“(Y/N), please come collab with us. We haven’t filmed with each other in such a long time, our fans are starting to miss you on our channel.” Grayson text you on afternoon.

“My viewers have been saying the same thing.” You said.

“So, what do you say?” Grayson asked.

“I have meetings all morning, but I should be done by noon. How about I come over afterwards, and we can film for both of our channels. Sound good?” You asked.

“Sounds perfect. I’ll let Ethan know the plans. See you later. :)” He replied. You put your phone back on the charger and finished getting ready for the day.

The entire morning, while in your meetings, you were distracted. You kept thinking about the twins and trying to come up with a video idea. You were excited to finally film with them again. Once your meetings were all over, you headed home and changed into a more casual outfit. Once you were dressed, you fixed your hair and your makeup and headed off to the twins’ place.

“(Y/N)! You’re here!” Ethan said to you when he opened the door.

“Hey.” You said with a smile as he pulled you in for a hug.

“Grayson is doing his hair.” Ethan said.

“We should probably get comfortable, that’ll probably take a while.” You laughed.

“I’ll be out in a minute.” Grayson called from the bathroom.

“Sure you will.” You said as you took a seat on the sofa. You and Ethan sat in the living room and exchanged small talk while you waited on Grayson. 

“Okay, I’m ready.” Grayson said as he walked into the living room. 

“Finally. We were starting to fall asleep waiting on you.” Ethan said. 

“Whatever. Let’s just get to filming.” Grayson laughed.

You ended up spending pretty much the rest of the day over with the twins, filming and having a good time. You filmed the video for their channel, and afterwards, you filmed the video for your channel. Once you finally finished filming, you took your memory card out of the camera and put it back in your purse and started to get ready to leave.

“Leaving so soon?” Grayson asked when he noticed you gathering your things.

“Why? Do you want me to stay?” You asked with a sly smile on your face.

“Well, we’re not doing anything for the rest of the night. so if you wanna hang out, or something, we wouldn’t mind.” Grayson said awkwardly.

“(Y/N), please say yes before he malfunctions.” Ethan joked as he finished putting away the cameras.

“Okay, yeah. I can hang out.” You said. You spent the rest of the night with them, listening to music, eating junk food and just having a good time. It had been such a long time since you’d hung out with the twins like this and you missed it.

* * *

It was finally Tuesday, which means it was the day that the twins upload. You had worked out an upload time so both of the videos would go up at the same time. You finished up your editing and uploaded it, scheduling your post for noon so it would be up on time.

Once the video was up and posted, you tweeted out the link with your weekly hashtag, followed and retweeted a some fans. You spent about an hour online, interacting with your fans, and after the spam had died down, you ended up falling asleep.

You were woken up a couple hours later from a knock on your door. You answered the door and saw Grayson standing on your porch.

“Gray, what are you doing here?” You asked with a yawn.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did I wake you? I shouldn’t have come here unannounced. I’ll come back another time.” He said as he started to walk off.

“Grayson, wait. It’s fine. Come in.” You said.

“No, you should get back to sleep.” He said.

“If I sleep any longer, I wont sleep tonight, now come in.” You said sternly. He gave you a shy smile and walked in. “Can I get you anything?” You asked as he sat on the sofa.

“No, I’m fine. I actually just wanted to talk to you.” He said as you sat next to him.

“What’s up?” You asked.

“So, I’ve been reading the comments on our new video, and tweets from fans on my timeline, and our fans ship us.”

“What?” You asked, confused. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and handed it to you. 

“Here, just see for yourself.” He said. You scrolled through the screenshots he’d taken on his phone of tweets of screen grabs and gifs of you and Grayson.

“Wow, I ship Grayson and (Y/N) so hard.”
“I’ve been shipping them since they first collabed, I need them to date already.”

“Wow, your fans are very vocal.” You said awkwardly.

“Yes, very.” Grayson laughed.

“So, is that the only reason you came over, or is there an underlying message to you showing me these?” You asked.

“Well, there is sort of an underlying message.” He admitted. “(Y/N), we’ve been friends for a good while, and every time we’ve hung out, it’s been an absolute blast. I really like you. More than I thought I ever would.” He explained.

“Oh really? I couldn’t tell by that awkward plea for me to hang out with you the other night.” You joked.

“(Y/N), I’m trying to be serious here. But this is so awkward for me. I’m not good when it comes to talking about feelings.” He said.

“Grayson, look. This doesn’t have to be an awkward conversation. I like you too. And I have for a while. I enjoy hanging out with you, you make happy, and you make me laugh harder than anyone I’ve ever spent time with. I’m honestly glad that everyone’s been saying this because I was worried that if we ever did dated, that all hell would break loose, but now that I’ve gotten sort of a seal of approval from your fans-” Just then, your words were interrupted by Grayson’s lips pressed against yours.

“You talk too much.” He said when he pulled away.

“Sorry.” You laughed, kissing him again. “So, does this make us official?” You asked.

“As official as ever.” 

😊What you Mean to Me (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Hiiiii! How are you??? Can I have a request where you’re dating E and unintentionally you’ve been taking a lot of his attention because you love spending time with him and vise versa so when Gray speaks out about it to Ethan a fan or someone overhears and it turns into this huge thing where people are saying you’re trying to split them up so the boys tweet about it but E talks to you and gray saying how he never wants either of you to feel left out because you’re both important to him?

Warnings: None

A/N: This is my first 3rd person POV so if I completely ruin everything I am sorry I don’t mean to be terrible! I was born that way. This is sorta part 2 to Truth Detector! Thanks for the request and this is pretty cute just saying! Requests are open!

Originally posted by pix3lh3arts

Part 1

“Y/N stop that tickles!” Ethan shouts as he is being tickled by Y/N. Ethan and Y/N have been dating for a few months now since the lie detector video and are absolutely crazy about each other. They were always spending time together. Y/N even found herself in the twins videos on more occasions then planned. Her and Ethan would always been cuddling or kissing in the video and always made Grayson seem like the third wheel. The fans didn’t seem to mind at all though. I mean of course she got hate from some fans, but most loved and adored her. The said she was funny, charming, and that her and Ethan would have cute babies. However, some didn’t feel that way.

Grayson just walked inside his apartment to see Y/N and Ethan cuddling on the couch. “Really E?” Grayson asks in a huff. He was holding a camera and two marshmallow guns filled with eggs.

“Oh my God the video.” Ethan says leaning up from Y/N’s side. “I’m sorry G! I totally forgot about it.” Ethan apologizes and looks to Y/N and takes her hand in his which causes her to giggle. Grayson sighs annoyed and storms upstairs. Y/N and Ethan both exchanged a look before snuggling back together on the couch. After about 20 minutes Grayson walks back downstairs.

“Ethan can we talk?” Grayson asks as he’s wearing a navy blue shirt and black basketball shorts.

“Yeah what’s up?” Ethan asks as Y/N snuggles into his shoulder which causes them both to giggle.

“I meant like can we talk alone.” Grayson eyes Y/N and nods his head towards her direction. “No offense it’s just stuff for the channel.” Grayson says and Y/N swallows and smiles.

“Yeah it’s no problem at all! I have to go meet Jazmine at the mall anyways. I’ll see you later babe.” She says giving Ethan a kiss goodbye and she walks out the door. Ethan then looks at Grayson and rolls his eyes.

“Come on. Let’s go for a walk.” Grayson says and Ethan follows behind him. They both decided they wanted to go to Starbucks and just chit chat. The walk wasn’t much of anything until they walked inside Starbucks. They tell the barista their order and sit at the table.

“So what did you want to talk about that Y/N couldn’t listen to? Look if it’s about earlier I’m sorry I–” Grayson cuts Ethan off mid sentence.

“No it’s not about that. Well it kind of is. Look I’m happy that you and Y/N are finally together. We’ve all been rooting for you two since day one, but it’s just she’s always with you.” Grayson says as the barista drops their drinks off to them.

“What do you mean? I mean yeah we are dating so yes we do hangout believe it or not.” Ethan defends and Grayson rolls his eyes.

“No Ethan that’s not–” This time Ethan cuts Grayson off.

“You’re just jealous that Y/N thinks I’m more attractive and that she likes me. I know you think she’s cute.” Ethan huffs.

“What? No E yeah she’s cute, but I mean–” This time a few girls walk up to the bickering twins.

“Is now a bad time or can we get a picture?” Some blonde girl asked with pink highlights.

“No we can take a picture, right Gray?” Ethan asks sarcastically. Grayson groans at Ethan and they both smile and pose with the three girls.

“Thanks! Are you guys okay? We heard you two bickering at our table.” The girl with pink highlights asked.

“Yeah we are good. Just sibling things.” Grayson says with a chuckle.

“Actually he was complaining about my relationship with Y/N. Saying we spend too much time together.” Ethan says shooting Grayson a look.

“I like Y/N, but I mean you guys are together a lot.” A girl with short black hair comments.

“Yeah you two are super cute, but it’s Dolan Twins Tuesday. Not Dolan Twins and Y/N Tuesday.” A girl with long silky black hair chimes in. Ethan swallows and looks at Gray.

“But it’s okay. You two are dating! And super cute so it’s all good. She makes you happy.” The girl with black short hair says smiling towards Ethan.

“Yeah she really does. I just wish Grayson could see that.” Ethan says and Grayson scoffs.

“Ethan I want nothing, but for you to be happy. But if it comes between Y/N and I you pick her over me nine times out of eight!” Grayson mildly shouts which causes the girl’s to back up and go to their table. Ethan sighs and stands up.

“Grayson that’s not true!” Grayson stands up too as the boys storm out of the Starbucks still bickering with each other.

“No Ethan it is true! If it wasn’t true you would have been at the park today to film our video for Tuesday. You wouldn’t have been holding her hand and forgetting about me!” Grayson shouts and throws his drink as hard as he can before he starts walking away from Ethan.

“Gray where are you going?” Ethan shouts at Grayson.

“I don’t know but I’m going to go before I say something I’ll regret!” Grayson shouts at Ethan as he keeps walking. Ethan decided to shoot Y/N a text to meet him at the house which she agrees to.

Ethan walks back to his house and scrolls through twitter when he sees some things across his screen. It was a picture of him and Gray with the girls today. The caption says ‘Saw @ethandolan @graysondolan at #starbucks and looks like @yourusername is coming in between them #Y/Nisoverparty.’ Ethan looks up and sees Y/N sitting on his porch. He clicks on the hashtag and sees countless tweets with hashtags  #Y/Nisoverparty #Ethandolansingle and #Y/NandEthanareover. “Y/N!” Ethan screams and she looks up from her phone with tears in her eyes.

“Why are people being so mean to me? What happened with Gray?” She asks as Ethan pulls her into his arms.

“Grayson thinks we spend too much time together and so we were talking about it when some fans came up for a picture and I guess they decided to tweet about it.” Ethan says kissing the top of her head. “Come on let’s go inside. I’m going to call Gray.” Ethan ushered Y/N into the house while dialing Grayson’s number into his phone. Just as he was about to call, Grayson walked through the door with his phone in his hand.

“I take it you guys have seen twitter?” Grayson asks and Ethan groans.

“Yes. Ugh I wish you would have just talked to me at the house instead of going out in public. You should have known fans would have been–” Y/N stands in between Ethan and Grayson.

“Do you really think I’m coming in between you and E Grayson?” She asks sincerely. Grayson sighs and pauses.

“I just feel like Ethan picks you over me sometimes. It’s nothing to worry about Y/N I’m just being dramatic.” Just then Ethan cuts Y/N off before she can say anything.

“Grayson I’m not picking Y/N over you and Y/N I’m not picking Gray over you. You both mean the entire world to me okay? No matter what the situation is I love you both okay? Grayson you can’t give me kisses and cuddle me just like Y/N can’t edit videos or wear shock collars to spell things with me. I don’t want either one of you guys to feel left out of anything okay? Grayson I promise I’ll do videos with you as promised and Y/N I’ll still take you out on dates okay? I love you both and I don’t want to lose either one of you.” Ethan says and Y/N and Grayson exchange a look and smile.

“Okay that’s fair, but how do we stop the haters?” Grayson asks and Ethan smiles. He pulls Y/N into him and gives her a kiss on the lips before posting the picture on snapchat with #Ethandolanisnotsingle captioned.

“Gray get on the other side of Y/N and kiss her cheek.” Grayson did just that and Ethan kissed her other cheek as she smiled and Ethan snapped a photo and posted it on snapchat, instagram, and twitter.

‘@Ethandolan: We all have our ups and downs but we always stick around. My best friends right here. Couldn’t have asked for two other people to have by my side ❤️ @graysondolan @yourusername #Ethanisnotsingle #Y/Nismygf’

Xx Thanks for the request! Keep em coming :)

Rest Easy, My Love (E.D)

Pairing: Ethan Dolan X Reader

Word Count: 1,202

Summary: You get drunk and call the one person that’s been on your mind for the past three months.

 Warnings: Mentions of death and suicide, alcohol consumption, etc.

A/N: It’s a bit sad, but enjoy! xx

 It was Thursday night and you were sat alone on your bedroom floor; an almost empty Smirnoff bottle in your right hand, and clutched in your left hand was your phone. You were well past drunk at this point, softly humming to “Broken” by Lifehouse, a song you’ve had on repeat for the last three months that meant more to you than you’d care to admit.

It was your song. 

You didn’t bother to wipe the tears that were effortlessly rolling down your flushed cheeks as you attempted to sing along to the lyrics, 

“I’m falling apart, I’m barely breathing, with a broken heart that’s still beating..”

You took a swig of vodka and placed it down before you typed the number that was so familiar yet foreign on your dial pad, and listened to the phone ring until it was sent to voicemail.

“…Hey! It’s Ethan! Sorry I couldn’t get to the phone, I’m probably too focused on my beautiful princess, Y/N. Maybe I’ll call you back, so leave a message or whatever..Uhm, bye!”

You weren’t prepared when you heard his sweet, melodic voice blast through the speaker of your phone. So once the voicemail began, it was like all of the air had been sucked from your lungs and left your chest aching. The amount of tears in your eyes increased as you felt your lips tremble, forming into a deep frown. You brought your hand up to your heart as if that would stop the pain from getting worse. You licked your dry, cracked lips that tasted faintly of your salty tears as you opened your mouth to speak.

“Hi, E.. It’s me. Y/N.” you croaked, bringing the sleeve of his sweatshirt you were currently wearing to your nose, deeply inhaling his scent that was slowly but surely fading before wiping your eyes. 

“I’ve had our song on repeat ever since you’ve been gone. It reminds me so much of us. Shit, I really wish you were here right now, I miss you so much. I didn’t think it’d be this bad without you. But fuck, I was so wrong. I’m so miserable, baby. I don’t want to be here, not without you. We had so many plans for our future, E. What happened?”

You looked up at your ceiling, shaking your head before breaking out into a fit of sobs. You weren’t sure if it was because you were wasted or at your breaking point, but this phone call felt like it was long overdue. There was still so much you wished you had said to him.

You calmed yourself down enough so that you could somewhat make out words through your tears, “Sometimes I can’t help but think if any of this is real life. Part of me thinks I’ve gone completely fucking insane, which is probably true. Or that perhaps when I tried to hang myself a month ago from my ceiling fan, I actually succeeded and I’ve been living in this made up dream world I’ve created for myself to escape the reality of you not being by my side. It’s a world where you were still here, with me. And if that really is the case, then it’s a dream I don’t want to wake up from, Eth.” 

You picked up the bottle and chugged the rest of the remaining vodka, letting the empty bottle sit in your hands.

“You meant everything to me Ethan, you were my whole world. Fuck, you still are.” You sniffled, looking over at your favorite picture of you and him that sat on your nightstand. It was taken two years ago at the beach he had brought you to where he had first asked you to be his girlfriend. You were wrapped up in his arms, his lips pressed to yours as you both smiled into the kiss. It was one of your purest moments together, one that you surely wouldn’t forget. 

You felt your lips turn slightly upwards as you reminisced that day, but your smile left as quick as it came. Instead, it was replaced by a frown and sorrowful tears. 

“God, Ethan. Why did you have to get in that fucking car? Why didn’t you just call me or Grayson to pick you up? You knew they were drunk. You’re so much smarter than that, so why the fuck did you do it? Did you even think of what could have happened? How it would have affected everyone? You had such a bright future ahead of you baby, and it was ripped away from you. It isn’t right. How you were the only one that died when Mikey’s car collided into that tree. How you, the only one that was sober; the only one that made my life worth living got killed.” You blubbered into the phone. The pain you were experiencing right now was immense. Your chest felt heavy and your breathing was labored as the tears poured from your bloodshot eyes. 

You felt angry at everything. He didn’t deserve it. Not one bit. He didn’t deserve to die. Not as young as he did, not in pain. He was supposed to die old in his sleep, where he would be at peace.  He was supposed to live his life to the fullest like everyone wanted him to. He was supposed to expand and grow his Youtube channel with Grayson by his side. He was supposed to graduate high school and college. You were supposed to get married and have two beautiful boys and maybe even a little girl. But now he was dead, and there wasn’t any way to bring him back. 

“I know you didn’t mean it though baby, I know you didn’t. You just made a really bad mistake. A really, really bad one.” 

Your phone buzzed as you looked down, seeing the notification that it was on 5%, meaning it would die any minute now. You were too drunk to get up and retrieve your charger, so you came to the realization that you needed to end the voicemail. You dropped your head in between your knees and pushed the hair away from your face. You weren’t ready to hang up, your heart still felt hollow in your chest, and you were planning on talking to him for as long as this voicemail could record. 

“I need to go now, Ethan. I love you so so much baby boy, and I hope you always know that. No one will ever take your place, okay? I love you and I miss you. I’m gonna try to go to sleep, even though I know I won’t be able to because I don’t have you giving me goodnight kisses and running your fingers through my hair. But I’ll call you again soon, I promise. Rest easy, my love.” 

With that being said you reluctantly hung up, letting all of your emotions pour out. You screamed until your throat was raw and scratchy, and bawled until you ran out of tears. And eventually, you fell asleep sprawled out on your floor, cursing the God’s above for ripping the love of your life away from you and taking your heart and soul with him.

"Boyfriend buys my clothes." (Ethan)

Requested by anonymous: “an imagine where the reader is E’s girlfriend and she has a YouTube channel and they do the girlfriend/boyfriend outfit challenge?”


“E, babe, are you ready?” You called from your bedroom. You had a YouTube channel, and ever since you and Ethan had started dating, it was pretty common for him to appear in your videos.

“Almost. I’m finishing my hair.” He called from the bathroom.

“Oh jeez, this is gonna take forever.” You joked as you finished setting up your camera and your lights.

“Oh, ha ha.” Ethan laughed as he came into your bedroom. You sat on the edge of your bed and started filming.

“Hello everyone, (Y/N) here with another videoooo! Today, I have my lovely boyfriend, Ethan, here with me, and we have sort of a challenge for you.” You said.

“Challenges are always fun.” Ethan said.

“I’ve seen a few videos of this on YouTube, from Gabe and Jess, and Kristin and Marcus, and I thought it would be fun to do with Ethan.” You began explaining. The video idea was that you and Ethan were gonna go shopping and but a couple of outfits for wach other, and just see if they turned out being outfits that other liked and would actually wear.

“Oh man, this is gonna be so good for you. I’m so easy to shop for. And I hate going shopping.” Ethan joked.

“Awe, you’ll be fine.” You said as you kissed the top of his head. “Alright, so we’re gonna go to the mall, we each have $200 and an hour to shop for each other. Nothing is off limits, so you can get whatever we want.” You said.

You drove to the mall and made your way to the food court. You both had your vlog cameras to film your shopping experiences.

“Alright, well thisbis where we separate. We’ll meet back here after an hour, and then go home to go through our outfits.” You said. You waved bye to Ethan as you made your way down the escalator. Throughout the hour, you went in a couple different stores, picking out clothes that you thought Ethan would like, or that you thought he would look good in. You felt pretty good about your purchases and you were anxious to see what his reaction would be, and to see what he had gotten you.

After your hour was up, you went back to the food court and found Ethan sitting at a table on his phone.

“Hey, you ready to go?” He asked. You nodded.

“Yep.” You smiled as you waved your bags. “How do you think you did?” You asked.

“I think I did pretty well. Made some solid choices.” He said. You smiled and headed back out to your car to head home.

“Okay, how are we gonna do this?” Ethan asked as you sat back down in front of the camera.

“I think, we should just swap bags, so into separate rooms and put on the outfits. Are your outfits put together?” You asked. You rummaged through the bags, swapping pieces of clothing.

“Okay, each bag has one complete outfit.” He said, handing you his purchases.

“As do mine.” You said, handing him his bags, then you turned to the camera. “Alright, we’re gonna go put on our first outfits.” You said. You walked into the bathroom and grabbed one of the bags to put on your outfit. Once dressed, you met Ethan back in your room.

“Ah, yes. I knew that would look good on you.” He said when he saw you. Your outfit was a white and black flannel that Ethan had paired with a black tank top to wear underneath and a pair of denim jeans.

“I said the same about this jacket when I picked it up.” You smiled. The first outfit you picked out dor him was a gray t-shirt that you paired with a pair of ripped black jeans and a black jacket. “While putting this outfit together, I could really picture you in it, and I reallt liked it. And now, actually seeing you in it, I like it a lot more.” You said. You then went off to change into your other outfits.

“Okay, this romper is really cute.” You said as you came back into your room. It was a pink color and had a floral print. “This is a really nice summer outfit.” You said as you looked at yourself in your camera screen.

“Wow, that looks really nice on you. The color compliments your skin tone.” Ethan said.

“Yeah, it does. You did a good job with this one.” You smiled, kissing him. “What do you think about your outfit?” You asked him.

“I like this one more than the first one. It’s more of a casual look, but more than just a t-shirt.” Ethan said. The second outfit you picked for him was a navy blue button up shirt that you paired with khaki pants.

“This top makes your arms look really good.” You smiled as you ran your fingers up and down his biceps.

“Well, looks like I’ll be wearing this pretty often then.” Ethan said with a smirk, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Okay, all in all, I think we both did a pretty good job. We both got each other outfits that we’d both definitely wear again.” You said to your camera.

“Yeah, for sure. This was fun. And we both stayed under budget.” Ethan said.

“Oh yeah, we stayed way under budget. Um, I encourage all of you to go out and try this with your boyfriends or girlfriends. Aside from being fun, it gives you an excuse to shop, which is always nice.” You laughed. “Oh, also, we filmed a video over on Ethan and Grayson’s channel.”

“Yes, we had Grayson put us to the test to see how much we really know about each other and our relationship.” Ethan said.

“But other than that, we’re gonna go. Make sure to give this video a thumbs up, and subscribe if you’re not already. Thanks for watching, byeeeeee.” You said as you waved to the camera. You turned off the camera and got ready to start editing.


Okay, after writing this, I think this would be really funny for the twins to do this for their channel, but put together ridiculous outfits for each other. 😂

Raven’s Home - The Baxtercism of Levi Grayson

-I’m not usually crazy about Halloween episodes (just me, I’m indifferent about Halloween in general…even though I love the paranormal…don’t ask), and this one was okay. The story lines were fun but I feel a little misled by the episode title. I was hoping to see a story where Levi wants to be more like a Baxter so Booker has him pull this prank…I know, it’s mainly my own fault for overthinking it. But still I would’ve loved to see a theme in that vein. Maybe later on.

-I loved how Tess brought Halloween to Nia, that was adorable and I could so see Raven and/or Chelsea doing that for each other. Nia’s room looked AMAZING so either Tess has serious decorating skills for an 11-year-old or she had Chelsea help her. ;) Also Tess is a good little actress considering she came up with/pulled off all those characters. I love that they’re really developing her character now  - she feels less like a tag along character who’s only there because execs wanted the twins to have a neighbor.

-Does anyone else feel like there was a missed opportunity in the ghost story line? Like I wonder if Booker and Raven would be able to see a ghost because they’re psychic. That would be an awesome future Halloween special since there was a real ghost at the end. Anyway, I liked that the story had a twist where there’s actual danger from the “monster” and the weak floorboards. Raven, Booker & Levi falling through to the laundry room was over-the-top but totally typical of the That’s So Raven universe.

Favorite Moments:

“If you see my dead goldfish, tell him I’m sorry. I was just trying to pet him.”

“We already have plans.” “No, you have an idea, it’s not a plan until you ask me.” LOVED this because it’s so realistic. My little sister and her friend would make all kinds of ridiculous plans and my mom would be like “Haha NO.” Though you think Raven would’ve been concerned about Travis potentially catching chicken pox? I guess since they’d be on the roof it wasn’t a big deal.

Raven & Chelsea being excited about celebrating their first Halloween since they moved in together. Makes me look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas specials! (If we get them this year. Only 13 eps were filmed so I don’t know if we’re getting the back half of season 1 or going right to season 2.)

Tess’ characters for trick-or-treating were great.

Raven being confused when she hears Levi’s disembodied voices and realizes something actually weird is going on. “Whoa what was that?” “You for real?!”

“Levi, what do you see?” “Nothing.” “Okay, that’s good as long as he doesn’t see the light.” “I see a light!” 

Mine - Jack Gilinsky Smut

So this is for the anon that likes Grayson Dolan and rough sex 😉 no shame girl own that shit. I’m not going to lie I had writer’s block the moment I got to the sex stuff so this might be a shitty ending in your opinion and if so I’m sorry I just couldn’t think of the exact right stuff lol
I sat on the couch with my boyfriend’s arm wrapped snuggly around my waist, a drink in his other hand. We were at Nash’s with a load of the boys; they had just finished filming several videos. “Want a refill, baby?” I asked Jack when he leaned his cup back to empty it. He nodded his head and I got up.
He continued his conversation with the boys when I left. “Hey,” a voice greeted from behind me.
I turned around to see Grayson standing behind me. “Hi,” I smiled as I opened the refrigerator door. “You need a refill too?”
Grayson laughed. “Yeah, it wouldn’t hurt.” He passed me his glass and I poured him a drink. “Did you enjoy the videos?”
I gave him a friendly smile. The Dolan brothers had always been nice to me, to everyone really. “Of course I did. You guys are funny. It’s why I love tagging along.”
“At least someone besides myself thinks I’m funny.”
A pair of arms wrapped around my waist and I jumped from the unexpected contact. “What’s taking so long, babe? Don’t like guy time?” Jack kissed my cheek and looked up at Grayson with a nod. Grayson returned the gesture.
“C'mon guys, let’s get back out there before they move the party in here.” Grayson took a sip of his drink and left the kitchen with one last look at me.
“I guess you like guy time,” Jack muttered as he released me.
I grabbed his hand and pulled him back to look at me. “Whoa there tiger. What’s gotten into you? I was refilling your drink and he needed one too.”
“Nothing,” Jack sighed. “Let’s just get back out there or else we’ll never hear the end of a hookup that didn’t happen.” I took his prediction as a sign he was past the Grayson incident, which didn’t happen.
Everyone had decided on charades while we were in the kitchen. “You guys have to split up since we already chose the teams,” Cameron said when we went to sit down. “Jack you can be on our team.”
I took the seat next to Johnson on the opposite team, knowing it would comfort Jack more. “That’s fine. I’ve been looking to kick his ass for a few days now.” There was a chorus of ‘ooos’ at my threat and the game began.

“Swimming!” I yelled as Grayson flailed his arms. He gave me a thumbs up and acted like he was watching television. “Shows! Movies! Channel surfing! Swimming the English Channel!”
“Yes!” Grayson yelled as he gave me a double high five. I jumped up in excitement. That was the winning point. “We did it!” We high fived again and flopped down on the couch.
“She really did kick your ass,” Nash laughed as he patted Jack’s shoulder blade. He gave him a sarcastic smile and stood up.
“We have to go.” Jack announced as he grabbed my hand and pulled me from the couch. At first I was confused but then I knew exactly why.
I waved to everyone and got a chorus of goodbyes. “Bye Grayson,” I threw in for a final kick at Jack. He pushed me out of the apartment and to the jeep.
The ride home was tense and without music. Jack’s jaw was clenched the entire time and his hand never left the steering wheel. When we got back to our place I kicked off my shoes and went to the bedroom to change into my pajamas.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing flirting with my friends?” Jack suddenly yelled from the doorway of the bedroom.
“I’m not about to fight with you,” I said as I pulled off my pants. My back was still towards him as I faced the dresser. “But if you want to point fingers, who do you think you are making false accusations about your girlfriend?”
“False?” He laughed bitterly “It was obvious. That’s why you were on his team and all touchy every time it was your turn.”
“They were high fives! I do that with all the the guys! He wasn’t smacking my ass!”
“Bye Grayson,” he mocked in a girly voice that sounded nothing like me. I huffed and continued changing. “You think Grayson can give you something I can’t?” Jack came up behind me and grabbed my forearm. “You think he can touch you as good as I do?”
This was the first time jealous Jack was more than just a fight. Usually he was screaming and storming off to get high with Johnson. I didn’t know how to respond.
Jack’s lips whispered in my ear as he pulled me into him by the waist. “There is nothing he can do to you that I can’t do better.”
“Jack,” I breathed heavily. “Stop.” One of his hands trailed up my thigh under my panties while his other pushed my hair to the side. He kissed my neck just as his fingers slipped between my lips and rubbed my clit.
“You think I’m jealous of him?” He bit down on my shoulder blade as he left a hickey, the first of many. “I just don’t like sharing.” Jack pulled away and spun me around so I was now facing him with my back pinned against the edge of the dresser. His lips attacked mine in a forceful kiss and I returned it. His hands grasped my thighs and pulled me up to sit on the edge of the dresser, knocking off a few perfume bottles and some jewelry.
Jack pried my legs apart and pushed himself between them. His hands were on my ass, pulling me as close to him as possible. The aggression Jack used was more powerful than normally and I wanted to experience it. I began unbuckling his jeans and pushed them down his legs. With less to block the sensation of pleasure I rolled my hips into Jack’s and moaned against his lips. “You want me to touch you?” He grunted as he pulled at my panties and the sound of tearing fabric cut through our heavy breathing. I bit my lip and moaned, nodding my head. He moved his fingers over my heat teasingly.
“Jack, baby please.” I pulled him closer to me.
“Who makes you feel this good?” Jack demanded as his thumb rubbed my clit. I moaned loudly at the sudden rush. “Tell me who makes you feel this good.”
“God Jack, you do. You make me feel so good.” His lips invaded every inch of me that they could reach, his teeth leaving behind bruises. I reached for his boxers to pull them down and his other hand stopped me, pinning my wrist above my head.
“Not yet. You don’t get to feel me until you cum.” Jack’s thumb pushed harder on my clit as his speed increased. I moved my hips as much as I could against Jack. A knot formed in my stomach and a wave of heat overcame my body as I climaxed. I leaned back against the vanity mirror as I tried to regain my breath, my arms still pinned above my head. Jack pulled down his boxers and without hesitation forced himself into me.
I gasped from the sudden feeling on top of the sensitivity. His movements didn’t soften or slow down. I whimpered with each stroke, trying to move my hips as well but they were pinned to the dresser. “Jack,” I moaned as my eyes closed. The vanity banged against the wall repeatedly and I half expected the neighbors to come banging on the front door in complaint from the noise.
I wanted to run my nails down his back, to hear him grunt from the marks. I gave him another moan to encourage him to give me all he had, sensing I was ready to orgasm once again. Seconds later I felt the heat and all the tension left my body. Jack continued to drive into me but I could feel him ready to release. He leaned in for a rough kiss just as he hit his high.
He stayed with his forehead pressed against mine as we breathed heavily. Jack released my hands and leaned against his on the dresser, as if in thought. I grabbed his face and gave him several kisses. “I already knew Grayson could never come close to you, especially not the way you touch me.” Jack kissed me back with a nod, too exhausted to say anything else.

Raven's Home thoughts.

I love Raven’s Home way more than I thought I would, I mean of course it’s not as good (in my opinion) as That’s So Raven but I really do love the show in its own right. I’m glad Raven and Chelsea are in the series just as much as the kids and I’m really happy that they’ve incorporated references from the original series and have some adult humor thrown in the dialogue for us 90s babies. It’s apparent that Raven had to grow up fast with the birth of the twins at such a young age but I’m glad she’s still just as dysfunctional and dramatic as always. I also feel like (from what little we know about her marriage) Chelsea was in quite an abusive/toxic relationship which explains her behavior and perhaps accounts for why Levi looks after her and protects her in the way he does. Of course all these theories will not be explored as it is a Disney show, but if we look a little deeper into these characters and their circumstances it makes sense why at this stage in their life they’re living together, sharing the rent and Raven for example is working beneath her level of ability/capabilities just to make a living and get back into the fashion industry as such. As for the kids, I think they’re adorable and a really great edition to the show. Tess is becoming much more bearable as a character and I’m loving Booker and Levi’s brotherly relationship. Nia reminds me a lot of Tanya, due to the fact she’s quite responsible and mature compared to the rest of her family and I have to say, Booker gives me a lot of Cory, Eddie and young Raven vibes. Levi is a one of a kind, he’s nothing like Chelsea but I guess it makes sense when you think about the fact he had to grow up quickly and be there for his mom as it’s quite clear his Dad didn’t treat her well. I think overall, the characters and show exceeded my expectations hence why I do hype up and express my love for Raven’s Home because it is genuinely funny and enjoyable to watch. I’m still just as much in love with Raven and Chelsea’s relationship as I’ve always been and it’s amazing that we as fans get to experience adulthood with them. Any thoughts? I’d love to discuss the show with fellow fans if anyone has anything to add or would like to hit me up in my inbox with thoughts/feelings and questions on the matter, feel free to do so.


After almost five years in the making, architecture studio FAT and artist Grayson Perry have completed their fairytale-inspired Essex holiday home

This house, designed as a shrine to the fictional character Julie Cope, was Grayson’s love letter to his hometown in Essex and the women who live there.

The building process was chronicled on a show on Channel 4 called Grayson Perry’s Dreamhouse. 

What a bizarrely beautiful art piece.