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Awesome view of the pyroclastic flow remnants and island, Montserrat volcano.

🌟🔮Painting Process🔮🌟 This One came through from the void as light was placed upon it. The light transformed into color and a Guide appeared. Pleiadians. Angels. Ascended masters. Extraterrestrial beings of light. You and I. Vibrating as a higher frequency. Multidimensional channeling with a paintbrush as the antenna. The more we let go, the more we flow. Allowing the brush to carry itself. This energy comes in from the back of the heart, through the arm and into the fingertips. These light beings are here N:OW helping us heal ourselves to heal the planet. As we cleanse our interior vessel, our exterior transforms with us. A direct reflection of the love we give ourselves. ✨🙏🏼✨ Sat Nam ~ Wahe Guru ~ Namaste ~ Aloha✨🙌🏼✨
~Acrylic on Canvas~
{{{{{ Hand Painted Artwork & Writing through Tori Bird Pope as @jah-feel }}}}}

The language of senses

Sight, touch and hearing are our windows to the world: these sensory channels send a constant flow of information to the brain, which acts to sort out and integrate these signals, allowing us to perceive the world and interact with our environment. But how do these sensory pathways emerge during development? Do they share a common structure, or, on the contrary, do they emerge independently, each with its specific features? By identifying gene expression signatures common to sight, touch and hearing, neuroscientists at the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland, discovered a sensory “lingua franca” which facilitates the brain’s interpretation and integration of sensory input. These results, to be read in Nature, pave the way towards a better understanding of perception and communication disorders.

The ability to detect and sort various kinds of stimuli is essential to interact with surrounding objects and people, and to communicate correctly. Indeed, social interaction deficits in people living with autism appear to be partly due difficulties in detecting and interpreting sensory signals. But how does the brain interpret and integrate the stimuli sent by our five senses? It is this very question which Denis Jabaudon, Professor at UNIGE Faculty of Medicine and his team have addressed. ‘We studied the genetic structure of tactile, visual and auditory pathways in mice,’ explains Laura Frangeul, the study first author. ‘By observing neuronal gene expression in these distinct pathways during development, we detected common patterns, as if an underlying genetic language was bringing them together.’

A common language with tailored modulations

The Geneva neuroscientists’ results thus reveal that during development, the various sensory pathways initially share a common gene expression structure, which then adapts to the activity of the organ attached to each sense. ‘This process only takes a few days in mice but could take up to several months in human beings, whose development is much longer and very sensitive to the environment,’ underlines Denis Jabaudon.

This genetic ‘lingua franca’ therefore allows the various sensory pathways to be built according to a similar architecture regardless of their very different functions. It is this shared language that allows the brain to accurately interpret stimuli coming from different sources, and to compose a coherent representation of their combined meaning.

Constant and necessary interactions

Sharing the same building plan also explains how various pathways can mutually balance out, for example when touch or hearing become highly over-developed in people born blind. This discovery also explains why sensory interferences, including synesthesias and hallucinations, can occur in people suffering from neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism or schizophrenia.

Denis Jabaudon concludes: ‘Our results allow us to better understand how the brain circuits which build our representation of the world assemble during development. We are now able to examine how these findings could be put to use to repair them when they fail.’

Things that are waiting

Taxi drivers, waiters, lurking alligators, the sort of shadows that are alive with private investigators, the great old ones, seeds that have fallen between dry stones, the old bones of murders, that elephant you ordered and you may have forgotten but the elephant sure hasn’t, those who also serve, those who believe they deserve something, anger that needs a channel to flow through and that channel is nearly fully blasted but not completely, the sea whose time will come, cakes that have not yet met their ovens, mythical kings beneath the green hills, queues for the toilets, four polite ghosts who have come to ask you to tea and are annoyed that you cannot see them, lost parcels, people with meticulous master plans, parents of toddlers, hope grown in darkness, people at bus stops, things whose time will come, things whose time has gone.


This clip, including nighttime lava flow shots from drone camera, was one of the most popular volcanic eruption videos of 2016. The eruption is of Piton de la Fournaise Volcano, Reunion Island.

Yes, the coolest.

Hey, hey, it’s Inventors’ Day, and we’re continuing our celebration with a crazy cool invention from the scientists at IBM Research - Zurich. They’ve invented a way to stack computer chips on top of each other, to pack more power into a smaller size. But the closer the chips are to each other, the hotter they get. So the team created microscopic channels to flow liquid through the individual layers to cool them down. But they didn’t stop there—they also figured out how to use the same liquid to power the chips, which can make computers more powerful, so computers can do cooler things. Cool right?

Happy Inventors’ Day everyone!

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✨New painting channeled through my being to share with our collective✨
Titled “Illusions In The Sand”
~Acrylic on Canvas Board~
✨We are all channels. Artwork and creativity flow at a higher frequency when we align with the higher self (through choosing love for ourselves with every thought and action.) Releasing ego and seeing when we surrender to the most high, we activate our full potential. Understanding that 3D reality (3rd density/3rd chakra: Solar Plexus) is source energy experiencing the illusion of separation. Seeing that there is no true separation, we then release ego (identity or personality) and shift up towards 4th density (4th chakra: The Heart) ~ the density of unconditional love. Sending love to all beings (as facets of the self) Re~Remembering the One that we all are that chose to split itself into every unique facet to experience itself. When we come back to this understanding and truth of love we begin to let go of belief systems ( or B.S.) that no longer serve us or this planet. As we ground the light of love into the Earth through our vessels (channels) from our connection to Source (love/light) we begin raising the vibration of this planet, creating the New Earth.
I love you all. Peace. Unity. Forgiveness and compassion for all !
Sat nam! Wahe Guru!!
~Tori Bird Pope~
((( Aka @jah-feel )))


Physiology is the scientific study of the normal function in living systems. And no, it is not the same as Psychology as I sometimes have to remind my friends. This science can be absolutely interesting but on the other side it might be  demotivating if you have to remember all the different channels and ion flow… 

The books

I can recommend using a textbook which deals with an basic overview at the beginning. I have read this one first and deepened my knowledge in the other book with more detailed information. 

Invest your money wisely in a good book, and by good book I am meaning a basic work and not those 4-year old lectures notes from previous students. It might hit in the pocket, but in my opinion it will be worth, especially when you see the satisfied face of your professor during the practical course. 

Surely, you can also lend a book from the library but unfortunately all books are already gone within 1 day and it is hard to get one when your year was faster than you …

The lectures

There is the well-known question “Should I go to lectures or not?”. If you ask me: YES, you should. Physiology is a science that never ends. If you are attending lectures, the profs will mention the “most important” facts to them and you can calculate your study-to-do-list better. Moreover, it’s always good to hear things first. And let’s be serious: If you don’t go to lectures, you are more likely to do somethings else … (at least I am)

The practical course

Nowadays, many med schools draw attention to “practical Physiology”. In most cases, universities are providing a course script for the different experiments. My advice: Always appear prepared. First of all, you will probably save time since you have already read the instruction once and you can focus better on the outcomes and interpret them better. Moreover, use the course time to understand facts & do not see it as a boring must go. On top of that, try to explain your findings to each other. 

The study methods

I am the type of person who gets easily bored by just starring into the book. First of all, I read the text first while highlighting important key words. Since I am a passionate pen collector, I loved writing summaries. 

Moreover, I used my old filofax and file cards to draw diagrams and write down the most important facts. 

Summing up…

… Physiology offers a great connection between pure science and medical subjects. Have patience and some imagination and you will survive Physiology as you did with Anatomy!

All the best!

How to: Study Anatomy
How to: Study Histology

A lake being completely drained by a lava tube. A lava tube is a channel formed by flowing lava which moves beneath the hardened surface of a lava flow. Tubes can be actively draining lava from a volcano during an eruption, or it can be a long, cave-like channel because the rock has cooled.  

Beautiful Beautiful Painting by Amanda Giacomini

She describes the ebb and flow of the vibrant and fading buddhas to represent the ebb and flow of the mind in meditation.

“Know from the rivers in clefts and in crevices: those in small channels flow noisily, the great flow silent. Whatever’s not full makes noise. Whatever is full is quiet.” -The Buddha

✨Where I&I left off with my latest painting today. Acrylic on canvas board. No editing. Let the transformation begin within.✨🎨✨ Psychedelic healing hand blessing this Planet and all beings with LOVE in this N:0W!!!! Turn up the brightness on your device to view this image captured in island sunshine and tune into this portal of divine bliss purifying every cell within your being. We are magical creatures with a purpose. Living channels of divine light flowing through us as ONE. Honored to be your reflection. Mahalo from the third eye chakra of Kaua'i.✨🌈✨
Fly little bird fly high with the sun. We are one. We are one. We are one.✨

for fuck’s sake no, Germany hasn’t “owned up” to what they did and the “steps” they’ve taken against fascism are a joke

Fascism is on the rise in the West, and it relies in no small part upon the hyperreal “Clash of Civilizations” that has been constructed by neoliberal imperialism

Baudrillard is not the most refined in how he describes the construction of terrorism in “The Spirit of Terrorism” but his account of the reactionary globe is incredibly important

In turn, the way that capital relies upon the despotic body channeling flows of fascism, how it can desire repression and in fact take joy from it, is part of how capitalism enters into a new process of deterritorialization, and subsequent reterritorialization

Your “Anti-Nazi Anti-Communist” bullshit is worthless, capital is more than willing to allow fascism to bloom when it can be decoded properly

The incredible popularity of the Alt-Right is no accident, it is because of capitalism actively embodying these desires

Liberalism will not save you


Geologic Ghost Town. In 1995, the Soufrière Hills volcano on the Caribbean Island of Montserrat began erupting and it hasn’t stopped since. The eruptions put so many lives in danger that much of the island’s population was evacuated and the south half of the island was declared an exclusion zone because of the ongoing risk of pyroclastic flows.

This drone-captured video on the south side of the island captures the volcanic material, including pyroclastic flows in channels and a volcanic delta, along with the destroyed remnants of the community.

Type of thoughts

Sometimes when I’m trying to practice being mindful and I catch myself picking, I am able to notice what specific thoughts I was having. Typically, they are very mundane, meandering, “processing” thoughts. One might expect them to be anxious, urgent, panicked thoughts. But for me at least, they feel sort of lazy, relaxed, sorting through recent occurrences and ideas. It’s as if all of the anxiety I could have about anything gets channeled through my fingernails into fixing “problems” on my skin, and while that channel is flowing my mind is free to tend to leftover noise from that day or week, sort of the way dreams draw on recent thoughts and experiences and play them back to you at night.

What about you guys? Does your mind wander when picking or pulling? What types of thoughts do you get?