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For the lovely @thing-you-do-with-that-thing who bullied me into writing a fic for this gif set.

John x reader

Words: about 4700

Warnings: age difference, smut, unprotected sex (stay safe irl), cursing, anger, slightly angsty.

Beta’d and encouraged by the lovely @for-the-love-of-dean who helped me smut when I thought I could smut no more. Love ya!

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You groaned in frustration, cursing the snoring hunter passed out on the couch under your breath. It was like the sound bounced off the walls in the tiny motel room, cocooning you, forcing its way through the channels of your ears and pierced your very brain. Why couldn’t he fall asleep on his side for once. Looking over at where Sam and Dean were sleeping head to toe on the other twin bed, backs to each other, you had to wonder how they could sleep through it. But then again this had been their childhood, to them it was probably just white noise. Sure your dad would snore after a night of binge drinking when he came back from a hunt, but you could always sneak into the living room and turn the old man lying on the couch over on his side. You stared blankly up at the ceiling, fighting the urge to walk over there and shrug John awake. However, deep down you knew you would never dare. John was not the kind of man whose sleep you disturbed.

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NEW VIDEO! Thoughts About My Channel (ear-to-ear whispering)

December 20, 2015 - Hen Harrier, Northern Harrier, or Marsh Hawk (Circus cyaneus)

Requested by: @derbytup

This widespread hawk species is found in open grasslands of the northern hemisphere. They feed mostly on small mammals and birds, but sometimes attack larger animals such as ducks or rabbits, occasionally drowning their prey. Unlike most hawks, they rely heavily on their hearing to hunt. Their disk-shaped faces channel sound toward their ears, much like owls. Males generally have one or two mates, but have been known to have as many as seven. The males are responsible for providing food to all of their mates and chicks while the females incubate the eggs. Although they are classified as Least Concern through most of their range, some smaller populations, such as those in the UK, are disappearing due to habitat degradation and persecution.


Here is a thing I did for @paper-mario-wiki‘s Drawn By Ear game. This was super fun and really good practice for me (which I desperately needed) so I thank him for that. It took me four days to get the courage to post this just take it