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Kids Are Getting Older Quicker. And Disney Tries to Adapt. -

“BURBANK, Calif. — Grandma is mad. Her grown daughter, Bex, who got pregnant as a teenager, just blazed back into town and let a big secret slip. Grandma had raised 13-year-old Andi to believe that Bex was her older sister. Well, the truth is a tad more complicated.

Meanwhile, Andi’s school life is only a little less fraught. A boy is coming to terms with his sexuality. And Andi has her own budding love life to consider.

The latest from MTV?

Hang on to your mouse ears: Disney Channel — land of safe, sweet sitcoms — is exploring this charged terrain with “Andi Mack,” a comedic drama aimed at children 6 to 14 and their parents. While it is just one show, it represents a startling new direction for the squeaky-clean network, whose ratings are decaying as children, reaching puberty earlier and raised on the oh-so-cool Netflix, gravitate to live-action programming with more edge and authenticity.”

This is on DISNEY CHANNEL. Teenage pregnancy AND a gay character. Why is no one talking about this?

the ‘fromanotherroom’ effect (repost)

 Here’s a repost of my preset/tutorial for the “from another room” effect. The program I use is Adobe Audition. The full range of effects you will need to use are: parametric equalizer, reverb, echo, and hard limiter.

Parametric equalizer:

The heart of this effect and many others I use. Parametric EQ is a tool to enhance the levels of specific sound ranges. Taking down those high frequencies eliminates the “fine details” of the song, and is the starting point for any sort of effect that requires distance and limitation. Here, only low frequencies are allowed to pass through. This mimics the effect of being in another room because, typically, lower tones are stronger than higher ones and can still be heard through walls - at least, if the sound system in the other room is decent.



This helps the sound feel less like just a 8kbps version, or like you’re hearing it underwater. Reverb is a good atmospheric effect overall because it can imitate additional feedback of sound bouncing off of walls.


Chorus: Not necessary, just helps it sound a little better. ;)


Hard limiter: This may not seem too important, but it stops the low frequency from becoming too heavy (I also have faulty headphones and I can tell when frequencies peak because my right ear channel will make a rattling noise). It’s also sort of your own preference: some people like overly powerful bass, some don’t. If you don’t want the bass to completely drown the rest of the song, use this.


(Mine is a little low here, but you can set Max Amplitude up to -1dB)

All you have to do now (after tweaking anything to your liking) is apply all four effects to the song and export/save. There you are!

robinasnyder  asked:

Oooo! From your tipsy pondering. Maybe something where Obi-Wan either gets captured as an adult padawan and then cat ears and Qui finds him and is like "i know this is awful. But he does look cute". Or Maybe he never went to the temple. He was just found and turned into a lab rat... lab cat, and then as an adult Qui-Gon finds him?

He can feel Obi-Wan, somewhere below his feet but can’t let it on, not yet.

He’s been looking for his padawan for five long weeks and he finally has a proper lead and if he messes this up, the slavery smugglers will disappear and most likely disappear with Obi-Wan again.

And so he acts like hutts secretary, in need of an able body or two.

Letting it slip that a pretty male would not go adverse.

“Ah, a Jabba character then?”

“In a matter of speaking. More like Ziro in the matter that my sire does not care about gender. But he is looking for a pretty human male at this moment.”

The slaver chuckled at that, sitting back while watching Qui-Gon, taking in the expensive silk and brocade the other was wearing. “He pays you well your employer, whoever it is.”

Qui-Gon smirked, inwardly feeling bile in the back of his throat. “I may not quite fall in under the pretty and young, but my employer still enjoys looking. But do you have what I’m asking for? Young, pretty and male. I can go somewhere else if you do not have what I need Mr. Lively.” Qui-Gon made to rise only for the man to wave his hand.

“No, no I think I have exactly what you’re looking for. As long as your hutt doesn’t mind modifications.”

‘Modifications? Oh Force what has been done to Obi-Wan?’ Qui-Gon kept his face blank as he tilted his head. “No, I don’t think he’ll mind modification as long as the being is human, male and pretty. And young as I mentioned.”

Lively gave a wide smirk and got to his feet. “We got what you need.”


Sitting with Obi-Wan tucked up against his chest, Qui-Gon quietly watched the officers put away the slavers into transport and gently interrogate former slaves and captured mid rims people.

People who may need to start anew because their minds had been wiped or people who had a chance to go back home.

A slight brush beneath his jaw made him look down and he smiled gently at Obi-Wan’s flushed face. “Just a little longer and we can go Obi-Wan. I’ll take you back to the temple.” He promised quietly.

The soft ears on his head flickered slightly and then Obi-Wan gave a little nod. “Think the drugs are still wearing off…” He whispered.

“More then likely, do you want me to put you under a sleep suggestion? The officer don’t need more statement for you and the medic has already looked you over.” Qui-Gon rubbed his back gently with a broad hand.

“…Please.” Obi-Wan closed his eyes.

Pressing his hand to Obi-Wan’s temple, Qui-Gon used their now unencumbered bond to put his padawan under, sighing quietly as the teen slumped against him once again. Outside of the painkiller the medic had given him, all other drugs had been stripped from Obi-Wan’s system after his rescue, leaving the teen once again able to grasp the Force.

Stroking the feline ears on top of Obi-Wan’s head provoked a low, purr like noise from the others chest and Qui-Gon sighed before reaching down and lifting the limp tail that was now fused to Obi-Wan’s tail bone.

‘…Oh Obi-Wan…’


“I’m sorry to say that there is nothing we can do.” Healer Che frowned at them. “They fully removed your human ears and rewired it to the feline ears they attached to your body, removing several internal parts to do it. You need those to hear now. As for the tail…its now integral to your balance padawan Kenobi because the feline ear channels are different to the human ones. There is honestly nothing we can do. This is how things are going to be.” Her frown turned sympathetic. “I’m sorry.”

“…I’m stuck like this?” Obi-Wan whispered, looking between them with wide eyes, ears pressing down against his skull and hair, sitting on the examination bed. “Looking like some kind of holosmut fetish fantasy?”

Qui-Gon placed his hands on the padawan’s shoulder. “I’m not going to ask how you know that. But you’re not a holosmut fetish Obi-Wan, you’re a person and I’m going to help you through this.” He passed his hand gently over the tip of the ears.

Obi-Wan looked up at him, a sense of hopelessness in his gaze. “…I guess I should be grateful I have all my limbs shouldn’t I?” The padawan whispered, shoulders slumping a bit while wrapping his tail around his leg.

A subconscious move of a new limb.

“We’ll get through this Obi-Wan. I promise.” Qui-Gon lifted one broad hand and gently scratched the teens ears, smiling faintly at the low purring that escaped him. “I promise.”

Spy Universe - Woozi

Anon requested Hacker! Woozi reacting to meeting the reader while working on his job. I was so inspired! Possibly willing to write more of this style of thing, so send request if you want!

EDIT: now we have a whole spy universe 

Jihoon glares at the pixels on his screen, crackling voices coming to him through the ear piece that he has popped halfway out of his ear so that he can hear the soft music playing in the background.

He thought there was no way this mission could go wrong. But now…

Well, even with his expert hacking work on the near impenetrable computer system of the house the team has just infiltrated, and even with the flawless plan the constructed in advance, they might not be able to get this right and extract what they want in time.

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Back Down

For the lovely @thing-you-do-with-that-thing who bullied me into writing a fic for this gif set.

John x reader

Words: about 4700

Warnings: age difference, smut, unprotected sex (stay safe irl), cursing, anger, slightly angsty.

Beta’d and encouraged by the lovely @for-the-love-of-dean who helped me smut when I thought I could smut no more. Love ya!

Tags: @deandoesthingstome @katnharper @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @mamapeterson @kittenofdoomage @manawhaat @deansdirtywhore @spnashley @killerofthesouth @aprofoundbondwithdean@supernaturally-potter @nichelle-my-belle @faith-in-dean @mamapeterson @crzcorgi @jensennjared @fandommaniacx @mrswhozeewhatsis

You groaned in frustration, cursing the snoring hunter passed out on the couch under your breath. It was like the sound bounced off the walls in the tiny motel room, cocooning you, forcing its way through the channels of your ears and pierced your very brain. Why couldn’t he fall asleep on his side for once. Looking over at where Sam and Dean were sleeping head to toe on the other twin bed, backs to each other, you had to wonder how they could sleep through it. But then again this had been their childhood, to them it was probably just white noise. Sure your dad would snore after a night of binge drinking when he came back from a hunt, but you could always sneak into the living room and turn the old man lying on the couch over on his side. You stared blankly up at the ceiling, fighting the urge to walk over there and shrug John awake. However, deep down you knew you would never dare. John was not the kind of man whose sleep you disturbed.

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anonymous asked:

Is removing earwax using bobby pins safe? This might be a kinda stupid question but my mother insists on making me do it.


Sweet plaguemum don’t stick metal anything into you ear. Generally don’t stick things into your ear it takes just a slip of the hand to puncture your eardrum and than it’s time for a trip to the doctor.

Generally speaking, you don’t need to remove earwax from inside your ear, period. What usually happens is that the earwax produce inside the ear channel ‘flows’ out very slowly and then you can remove it from the opening of the channel by just wiping a wet tissue or similar. Again, please do not insert anything in your ear. 

Generally, you only need to remove earwax from inside the ear if it causes problems. For example, if your body produces too much, or if the in-built removal functions of your ear don’t function as they should. Generally if this is necessary, talk to a doctor or otherwise a health professional who has the equipment to safely remove the excess or tell you how to safely do it yourself. 

Removing it yourself can actually make it work. Using cotton swaps is infamous for only pushing the earwax deeper into the ear channel and compacting it, which can negatively impact your hearing or be outright painful if you manage to push it back against your eardrum. 

Language Tag

I was tagged by @bulletproof-korean to answer these questions about languages. Thanks for the tag. ^^

1. what languages are you/have studied?

My native language is Filipino. I can speak English and I’m currently learning Korean. I’ve studied Hokkien back in high school but that was years ago and I don’t remember anything at all now.

2. how long have you been studying?

I’ve known how to speak English before I entered kindergarten. I’ve only studied Hokkien for one year. I’ve been learning Korean on and off since after I graduated from college in 2011. 

3. did you learn through class or self-study (or both)?

I don’t remember how I learned English. I just remember watching a lot of English cartoons. Also, English is like a second language here in the Philippines. We have English classes so it helped a lot in improving my skills. I’m learning Korean through self-study because there are no Korean language classes here.

4. why did you decide to learn this language?

English is part of our curriculum so I’ve been taking English classes since kindergarten. Then I took a Hokkien class in high school out of curiosity plus I was so into F4 that time. I wanted to learn Mandarin but I wasn’t allowed to join the Mandarin class because their lessons were way too advanced and it was impossible to catch up because they’ve been learning it since kindergarten. 

I like k-pop and Korean drama so much that I decided to learn Korean language. I didn’t really have any goals when I started learning Korean, I just thought it would be fun to be able to understand what they were saying. But I fell in love with the language and now I appreciate it and study it not only because of k-pop or k-drama but also because it’s kinda fascinating how it sounds more romantic or more meaningful in Korean than when it’s translated to English. 

5. what was a major highlight/milestone in studying this language?

I don’t think I have a major highlight or milestone when it comes to English unless you count the times I won in spelling bees and story writing contests in school. Lol!

But for Korean, one of the major highlight was being able to work in a Korean military base camp in 2014. A group of Korean soldiers were deployed here to help with the rehabilitation. They were looking for interpreters and I was the only native in the city who knows Korean language. 

There are other highlights/milestones like getting TOPIK Level 4 and winning a Korean speech contest. You can read more about it here.

6. what was the hardest thing about studying this language?

It was difficult to construct sentences at first since the sentence order in Korean is different from English. Well, it wasn’t that big of a deal when I’m just writing down sentences for my diary or replying to someone in chat since I can just erase and rephrase. But when I had my first conversation in Korean, it was a scary experience since I needed some time to organize my thoughts before I can come up with a response that makes sense. 

7. what resources did you find most useful for studying this language?

I studied Korean using a lot of textbooks. Some grammar patterns were very similar to each other and yet one cannot be used in certain situations so I had to refer to a lot of different books to know more about the similarities and the differences between two very similar grammar patterns. 

For reading, I’m very fond of reading Korean webtoons. That’s where I learned phrases that Koreans usually use on a daily basis. Textbooks are good when you’re learning grammar but some sample sentences are too weird to be used in daily life so I suggest reading materials that natives read like webtoons.

For listening, I’m focusing on improving this skill nowadays as it is one of my weakest. I’ve recently started watching Korean Youtube channels to train my ears to listen to how Koreans normally converse. I listen to male youtubers, female youtubers, youtubers who have a 사투리 accent to train my ears in listening to different kinds of voices and speaking styles. I understand well enough to know what they’re talking about except for when they use slangs and words I’ve never encountered before.  

8. any top tips for studying this language?

You have to constantly challenge yourself to study materials that are a little higher than your current level. Try to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while. But don’t be discouraged when you don’t understand everything.

When you’ve reached the intermediate level, try to read or listen to stuff that natives read or listen to like webtoons and radio shows. When I took the TEFL course, I learned that people who are learning a language should listen to or read authentic materials meaning stuff that natives would normally listen to or read because this is where you will learn natural expressions or expressions used in daily life.  

9. whats your next major language goal?

My goal for now is to improve my listening skills because the last time I took TOPIK, I had a hard time in the listening exam. 

10. anything we can do in the tumblr community to get you there?

If you guys know any interesting Korean Youtube channel, please let me know. 

I tag @nocturnalinseoul, @pihaenggi, @jiae-study, @sootudying, @studiousbees@hangulstudy, @hangulheart, @ttmikstudy, @soheestudies, @mykoreanstudy, @jeongsnotes Only if you want to do it, and sorry if you’ve already done this!

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“What is going on here.” T’Challa had just walked into Tony’s Malibu mansion after his lover had picked him up from the airport. It had been three weeks since he and his lover had been able to spend time together in person. He had a four day weekend that he planned to spend with his beloved but he was a bit thrown off when he walked into the living space to see their pet panther, sitting, on the couch, watch - “is she watching the food network?”

“Yup,” Tony looked at him with a goofy smile, “It’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. That’s her favorite, he second favorite being Cupcake Wars.” Said Panther continued to lounge on the couch, completely caught up in ‘her show,’ tail swishing lazily behind her. She wasn’t full size yet but she still took up a good portion of the sectional couch.

“How long has this been going on?”

“Hmm, I would say a week or so. We were hanging out in the living room one day and I was flipping through channels, when I get to this channel ears perked up and she put her paw on my hand to stop me from changing the channel. We ended up binge watching a whole season before something else came on.” T’Challa wasn’t sure how to take the fact that their panther was in love with the food network but seeing the blessing as it was, he quickly turned to the other man and scooped him up into a bridal carry.

“Well, she does seem content to watch her program, let’s make use of the time we have. I have not taken pleasure in your body for quite some time.” 

Tony blushed high up on his cheek bones, “Lead the way my King.” 

anonymous asked:

I want to be hit right in the feels so the reader and leafy getting back together after a long break up

Thank you for the request!! Aaaa I really liked doing this one, though it took me ages lmao. Enjoy! :)

You missed him.
With this realisation came a sharp pain and all thee recent nights spent alone came back to you at once.
You remembered how he used to hold you until you were asleep, how he used to make you feel so warm and so safe no matter how bad you were feeling.
You had typed his number into your phone and your finger hovered over the call button until you realised what you were doing and you froze, tears beginning to form in your eyes. You were meant to be over him, you were meant to have moved on.
You sat alone in your room in the middle of the night, knowing that you had never gotten over his absence in your life and you wondered why you ever let him go. What had happened? You couldn’t even remember; but you knew it was a mistake.
Tears dripped down your face and you felt so alone. All you wanted was for Calvin to hold you again and tell you everything was going to be alright - but he wasn’t here.
A sudden thought turned the blood in your veins to ice and you inhaled sharply as you understood the possibility that he had found someone new and he was holding them right now instead of you.
You immediately went to Twitter and looked through his recent tweets, scouring for any hint of someone new in his life.
‘Should I just DM him?’ You thought to yourself, then, ‘But what would I say?’
It had been a few months since you had broken up, so it wasn’t a massive amount of time but it had felt like years to you. You and Calvin still talked on the phone occasionally, but you hadn’t heard from him in the past week which was unusual.
‘Fuck.’ You facepalmed after typing at least 6 different greetings into the text box and then deleting every single one.

‘Are you okay?’
Your screen lit up with a message and you stared at it, the familiar photoshopped reptile icon with blunts dangling from its nose making you smile.
Shit. What do you do now?

'Yeah, are you? Not heard from you in a while.’
You subtly shifted the attention from yourself to him and you pictured his confused face - the way his nose crinkled and his brown eyes narrowed and you missed him even more.

'My Twitter was hacked, couldn’t get into it at all. I should’ve called.’

'It’s cool, I just-’ ….. Miss you? You didn’t know what to say so you just sat there in silent despair until your screen lit up once more with a message from Calvin.

'Wanna go for coffee or something tomorrow? It’s been ages since I’ve seen you.’
You blinked at the screen in disbelief, your heart leaping in absolute joy.
You deleted the half-written message you didn’t send and replaced it with one of confirmation - you would meet at the coffee shop where you always used to go, just down the road.

The wind blew in your face as you walked to the cafe, and you tried desperately to control your wild hair.
'Fucking hell.’ You muttered as you pushed the door to the little place, a wall of warm air hitting you as you entered. You sat at the back of the room with a cup of hot chocolate, waiting for Calvin to appear.
As you sat there you noticed an attractive guy around your age who sat in the other corner, diagonally across from your table, who wouldn’t stop staring at you.
You nervously fiddled with your hot chocolate, taking the lid off and blowing on it to cool it down while you tried not to look back at the stranger.
You eventually spotted Calvin’s chaotic hair flying around in a frenzy and you had to stifle a laugh as you pulled your phone out and pretended to be occupied as he came in.
'Hey.’ He said, slightly out of breath as he plopped down in the chair across from you.
'Hey.’ You smiled, putting your phone down as you wrapped your fingers around your mug.
'This is weird.’ You thought to yourself as you talked to him as if nothing had ever happened. It was as if the past few months had had no effect on the way you could talk to each other and how you could completely be yourself around him. This didn’t help at all in the way of getting over him, and as you watched his hands move as he spoke and his eyes met yours with the sincerity they always held, you knew there would be no way you were ever going to get over him.
He laughed, the beautiful sound filling the room as he flashed his teeth with the adorable little gap in them and you couldn’t help but laugh too, because that’s what he did; he made you so happy, whether he meant to or not.
'We’re closing up soon, guys.’ The waitress said, smiling at you as she took your empty mugs and then replaced them with one mug of hot chocolate, this one brimming with whipped cream and with mini marshmallows sitting atop the peaks of white.
You looked up at her, confused. 'Um, I didn’t order a-’
'From the man over in the corner.’ She said, smiling as she looked over at the attractive stranger that you had noticed earlier.
Your cheeks turned a light shade of pink as you looked down, breaking eye contact with the man.
You glanced at Calvin, whose face was expressionless.
'Um.. Could you tell him thank you very much, but I’m, uh, full?’ You stammered, feeling your cheeks burning.
'Of course.’ The waitress said, taking the mug back over to the man.
'Come on, they’re closing.’ Calvin said, his voice monotone as he stood up and shrugged his jacket on, taking yours from the back of your seat as he held it open for you to slip into.
'Thanks.’ You said as you grabbed your phone and bid goodbye and thank you to the waitress, avoiding eye contact with the man.
Calvin was already out the door and walking rather quickly, the wind stronger than ever. You had to shout to be heard.
'What’s up?’ You asked.
'Nothing.’ He said back, his tone remaining flat.
'Calvin.’ You said, dragging out the last syllable.
'What?’ He almost snapped then caught himself, his body language returning to something resembling normality.
'Are you jealous?’ You teased him, grinning, having to jog to keep up.
Your smile quickly disappeared when he offered no reply and instead, his expression soured further.
'Come to mine for a bit.’ You yelled over the wind, grabbing his arm as you steered him towards your place.

Once inside he took his jacket off and and sat down on the sofa, patting the place next to him, inviting you to sit too.
You did, sitting cross-legged on the sofa, facing him. You didn’t want to get too close.
'I’m gonna ask again,’ you began, 'and don’t lie to me. What’s up?’
He turned to face you, looking right into your eyes and butterflies began in your stomach. You had to look away before you did something stupid like cry.
'I.. I miss you.’ He said, his tone a new one, one you had only heard a few times before; nervousness, apprehension. 'I miss us.’
You could hear the blood pounding in the channels in your ears and you could feel your heart thumping, ricocheting off your ribcage.
You felt him move closer to you and you felt the need to lean into his arms and have him hold you while you laughed and cried at the same time, because this is all you had wanted for the past few months - him. But the last scrap of reasonable logic that you possessed chimed in, the little voice piping up from the back of your mind.
If you let yourself get involved again, would you be able to handle it if it ended?
You had thought about this for a mere second until you felt his fingers intertwining with yours and your resolve crumbled - you didn’t care.
'I miss us too.’ You said, your voice breaking.
He pulled you to his chest and you held onto him, gripping your hands into his sweater as you buried your face in his neck. His strong arms embraced you and held you close and his breath tickled your ear when he leaned down and said quietly, 'Could we try again?’