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Donald Pierce x Reader

“Please don’t leave me”

Note: This was really cute to write, and I’ve been thinking of what would happen if you found out what Transigen has been doing for a while now, so I hope you enjoy. Sorry, it kinda sucks. 


Sitting on the couch, you thumbed through the channels. Sweat beading on your back as the heat of the summer day soaked through the windows and into the air. Sighing, you shut off the tv, searching around for things to do. Donald was at work. He had a security job. One of which he didn’t talk to you about much. Which, wasn’t normal for him to keep secrets. But you dismissed it.

Moving into the kitchen, your bare feet padded against the cold tile, and you poured yourself a glass of lemonade. The bittersweet taste filling your mouth, leaving a slight sting as you mulled over a small cut on the inside of your cheek.

After you had finished, you walked around the living room. Your stomach dropped as you eyed Donald’s desk, which had been pushed against the back wall last month. It was covered in loose sheets of paper, empty coffee mugs, and cigarette buds. Trudging over, you swallowed the lump in your throat. You had promised him never to go snooping, that he had confidential files and he could get in trouble. That you both could. But as your fingertips slid across the surface of his desk, you found yourself more and more curious.

As you sat in his chair, you glanced over at the door, pausing with your eyes set on the knob. Donald wouldn’t be home for at least another hour, you reminded yourself. But your nerves still filled with uneasiness.

Lifting a large file from the bottom drawer, you dipped your hand in, pulling a stack of papers out, and setting them on your lap. They were documents, some of the sentences blocked out. You read as much as you can.


Your heart seized up. In the back, a single file lay full of pictures of kids. They looked sad-empty. Breathing out, you read their descriptions, finding that Transigen wasn’t a cancer research center.

They were creating more mutants.

And at the bottom of one file, titled Patient X-24, lay the name of Donald Pierce in the slot of ownership.

Shoving the papers back into the drawer, you sat back on the couch. Biting your thumb, as you tapped your foot against the coffee table. No wonder Donald didn’t want you to know.

When Donald got home, he gruffly sighed and looked over at you.

“Hey, baby-you alright?”

“Why would you agree to that?”

“To what darlin’” Donald moved towards you, sitting on the couch. His machine fingers pressing into the cushion as he leaned over. You moved away from him, and he scrunched his whole face in confusion. “What’s this ‘bout?”

“How could you do that to those children?” Your voice wavered. Donald shot up. Surging towards you… You pressed yourself against the wall. Tears stinging in your eyes.

“Y/N did’u go through my-I told you NOT TO-“

“How was I supposed to know that my boyfriend was torturing children?”

“I thought you trusted me.”


“Baby-“ You slid out from his reach. Rubbing your eyes. Your throat was tight and you found it hard to breathe.

“Don’t ‘baby’ me. You-“ Your voice began to shake violently. “You’re a monster.”

You could see the blow in Donald’s eyes, his expression breaking.

“Don’t say that.”

“You’re a monster-Donald-You’re a monster.” You repeated. Each time you said it, however, your heart broke even more.

“I’m just followin’ orders! Y/N!” He watched you as you gathered your things, shaking your head.

“I can’t stay here.”

“Y/N. Think about this for a sec-“

“YOU’RE TORTURING CHILDREN.” You yelled and then pressing your lips together, you stood there in silence. Donald rushed towards you, grabbing your face. You leaned into him, against your own head screaming at you to pull away.

“I love you. I love you. Please, I didn’t want you to know cause… Cause I love you, and I can’t lose you.”

“You should have thought about that before you started engineering human beings.”

Tears fell down Donald’s cheeks, soaking into his scruff. He then breathed out a shaky breath. “Please don’t leave me… I need you.”

Licking your bottom lip, you closed your eyes and shook your head. Grabbing his hands, you moved them away from your face.

“Tell me that you’re not involved with…With the-“

“I’m not-“ Leaning down, he pressed his lips on yours. “Please, just… Don’t leave.”

You knew that he was lying. You tasted it on his tongue. But he slid his hands down your back, washing away any power you had against him. 

You felt your heart clench with tears as they racked through your whole body. Donald ran his human hand through your hair, holding your head, pressing against you with a certain firmness to his soft touch. Reaching up, you pulled his face down by his neck, crashing your lips together in a deep kiss. You softened your lips against him as he leaned down even more. 

“I love you.” His gruff voice filled your ears, and your veins ran cold. The words sent a chill through your back as Donald looked down at you with concerned eyes. But looking back up at him, he gave a slight smile, his gold tooth glinting under his top lip, and you enveloped him in another kiss. “You… Didn’t… Answer… Me….” He muttered between breaths. 

“I don’t know…” 

Looking up at him, his eyes broke again, and you pressed your lips together. You could still feel his lips lingering and your stomach pinged. You knew. You just didn’t want to say it… You didn’t want to accept it. Knowing what he’s doing. 

“Do I really need to say it?” You pulled your eyebrows together, running your thumb across Donald’s bottom lip. He then looked at you with not… Broken eyes, but hopeful.

“I wanna hear you say it….” His words were soft, but his thick southern accent still dripped from his lips like warm honey. You let out a small breath, teasing him with silence. 

A smile pulled at his lips, and he pulled you onto your tippy toes.

You then found yourself forgetting about the fact that he had lied to you. That he was doing something horrible. But love filled your body, and nothing could overcome that. With his lips moving against yours, you ran your fingers through his thick blonde hair, pushing the strands from his face. Sucking in a breath, you remembered why you had fallen in love with him. 

“I’m sorry.” He sucked in a breath, wavering in his strength against you. You only nodded, and then met his lips again, in forgiveness. 

Dexholder Youtube Channels?

Red: An avid vlogger. He likes to chat about everything from the berry he tried today to the shopping outing with Green[f] (please help him)

Blue[m]: Has a gaming channel that Red frequently appears on because once Blue levels up he doesn’t understand why he’s playing the game anymore and Red has to make him keep going

Green[f]: She has a fashion channel on which she and her pokemon model cute jewelry and try out new hair products (and sometimes she drags the others into it for kicks)

Yellow: Has a crafting channel where she makes bead necklaces and rainbow looms and has her pokemon try them on!! She has a lot of subscribers

Crystal: Just puts her camera in the grass and catches pokemon. Sometimes she gets new pokeballs made and shows them off.

Gold: Has a “skateboarding” channel where he and his pokemon just get on things with wheels and end up hurting themselves

Silver: Doesn’t have one, but he can be frequently seen on Gold’s as the person saying”not again” and turning off the camera

((Feel free to add more dexholders!! These are the only ones I know))

This ring was made in white gold and rose gold. The centre was made with a .80ct princess cut. The princess is flanked by 2 equally matching princess cuts. The shank was made with princess cuts placed in a beaded Channel setting. The gallery is where the beauty lies. Amazing vintage scroll work. This design was so wow.