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Commuters had an enchanting start to their day today when they were caught unawares by fairy tale characters on the London Underground.

Spreading a little fairy tale magic to gruff Londoners and delighted tourists, Red Riding Hood and Prince Charming took to the tube this morning rather than their usual enchanted surroundings. The characters, played in Channel 5’s Once Upon a Time by Meghan Ory and Josh Dallas, were here to celebrate the ABC Studios fantasy drama series coming back to our screens this Sunday at 9pm.

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  • <p><b>detective in crime drama:</b> was there anyone who would want to do any harm to the victim?<p/><b>victims friend:</b> No everyone loved them!!<p/><b>victims friend:</b> ...except they fell out with the cleaner recently....and they just got someone fired......they were having an affair with the boss and they killed someones bird and they spilt coffee over the entire office and they were screaming at all the customers and they over fed my fish and were in horrible debt with the mafia and they burnt down an emergency hospital and<p/><b>Victims friend:</b> They wouldn't hurt a fly :/<p/></p>