Happy 19th Birthday Melissa Chan!~

Finally the day has come and it’s your birthday (yayayayyayay). Happy birthday bestie. Your finally 19. How does it feel? You feel old? I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and may all your wishes and dreams come true~ I’m trying to make this short and sweet cause I already wrote you a long ass card. Haha not gonna tell you how long it is, it’s a surprise. Let’s just say it’s more than one page~ So again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY~ Everyone wish her a happy birthday~

The True Story Of Little Mermaid

I never knew Little Mermaid was based on tragic story. You know how little mermaid finds her dreamy prince charming and in the end they are wedded and live happily ever after? Well the true story is the same from the beginning until the part when the evil witch disguises herself as the girl who saved the prince. The evil witch doesn’t disguise herself as the girl, the girl is in fact a princess from another kingdom and once the prince finds out she was the one who found him at the temple (of course little mermaid already saved him from drowning at that point) he decided to marry the princess. Because they got married Little Mermaid has to kill the prince and let his blood drip on her feet to become a mermaid again or become sea foam at dawn. Her sisters got a knife from the Evil Witch in exchange for their long beautiful hair. But as she stood at the prince’s side she couldn't fulfil the act and she jumps into the water and becomes sea foam. And she became a spirit.

Have you ever been lovesick? When you cannot stop thinking about someone? When you see this person everywhere? When you can’t help but forgive them for everything? When your stomach aches from a single thought of loosing them? When you can’t help but fall for all their tricks even when they are so obvious? When their appearance can cause your heart to explode from your chest? When you can never let them go, because you know without them you’re nothing? When you want stay with them forever? When tears fall because you miss them so much? Or when your life starts to slip from reality? I really don’t know what to do when I’m lovesick.

Who am I gonna express to and have my long talks with when your gone on vacation?

Hope you have fun on your vacation ;P Remember email me with our crazy email titles. Talking about being second choice (or further down) actually made me cry. Anyways I I don’t want that comment to ruin your vacation once you read it. Remember Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, email, keep me updated on your trip and I’ll keep you updated on the things back here. If we hang out with eyebrow, I’ll keep an eye on him. Remember I got your back, don’t worry ;P. Have fun sitting on the plane for 10+ hours (not really sure how long it will take), shopping and eating there. Also have fun finding Lee Joon or the whole MBLAQ crew and Yoseob (for me :D). Gonna miss you.

Go ahead, laugh. Laugh all you want. Laugh at the fact that it takes me forever to forget. Laugh at the fact that I wear my heart on my sleeve. Laugh at all the cheesy cute gifts I make. Laugh at the fact that I still talk smack about you from all my insecurities. Laugh at the fact that I let people like you play with my heartstrings over and over again. And I dare you to laugh at my one-sided love stories because you’re existence is meaningless, like a good-for-nothing coward, hiding behind a wall, afraid to expose any emotions or express any love. So stand there, alone and laugh all you want. Cause at the end of the day, I have the final laugh for I’m simply laughing at your emotionless heart and your cold-blooded attitude.

Honestly, my heart is tired of trying so hard. Tired of trying to impress people, trying to grab some attention from certain people. The one person I want to impress, doesn’t know of my feelings towards him. My heart is tired of waiting for him to miraculously realize his undying love for me, which I already know, won’t be happening in this lifetime. He probably won’t ever know because I don’t want to ruin what we already have. When we first met, he wasn’t anything special, but as time progressed I learnt how similar we were and he sort of grew on to me. There was a spark, I can’t even describe this feeling, it was so warm and sweet; it made me want to smile and cry out of happiness. I knew it could never be because him and I are from two different worlds now. I really thought I could give him up but the truth is; I can’t give him up because I’ve already fallen in love with him.