Finally put my #avocado #plant in some soil! I was so nervous to take it out of the water, but it was becoming a chanllenge to keep it upright. Hopefully it survives it’s new home. What the heck is growing beside it!? Guess I’ll find out soon enough.

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FE Fates is about as edited as Awakening is. There's just way more purists in the fandom nowadays.

Yeah, I know they edited FE Awakening as well but they didn’t butchered a whole feature out of the game before…

I wasn’t really looking forward to pet the characters ala pokemon amie bc I play for the story, gameplay and chanllenge but I thought I could see the time when a japanese game is free of any “righteous” censorship.

This is personal rant but dividing the game in three paths you have to pay for is also a tricky strategy that is decreasing my reasons to buy the game since we had previous fe titles with more than one route in just one game, however we are in the same situation as the japanese in this so we can’t do much uwu

No, the pack with the three routes is still expensive, moreover the $/€ is in a bad situation for me -.-“

Obstacle Birthday Party

My oldest daughter turned 12 this year and we wanted to do something different for her party. She is past the traditional shindig, doesn’t really care about a party package anywhere, so we threw some ideas around and came up with this. She has a pretty competitive group of friends so we figured why not take a page out of our childhood and bring back a “Double Dare” themed obstacle course? I’d say it was pretty successful and everyone had a great time, even the parents that wanted in on the action.

Pokemon 20th Anniversary 27-Chanllenge

Feb 3rd- Describe your Pokémon gameplay. How do you play the Pokémon games? How do you choose your Pokémon team? Have you ever done a nuzlocke? Do you play through it quickly? Do you use EXP Share or train your team? Do you nickname your Pokémon, etc.

Oh boy well here goes nothing I mainly play the Pokemon games for fun similar to how I played them when I was younger. I’ve never done a nuzlocke challenge nor have I ever worried about having perfect Pokemon with great EV’s I just love my Pokemon just the way they are! I mainly choose a team of Pokemon I like best mostly my favorite Pokemon make it on my team. I do use a EXP Share if it’s available I find it faster to train my team but most other players obviously use it as well. I actually love nicknaming my Pokemon it’s fun to think of cool names for them. I mainly name them after favorite cartoon characters or from fantasy stories for example my Swanna in Black is nicknamed Odette after the main character of the story “Swan Lake”.  Not to mention since I’m so addicted to Gravity Falls I’ve nicknamed my Espeon and Flareon Dipper and Mabel!! And my Sylveon is nicknamed Kenny after Princess Kenny from South Park.

Sorry I skipped the second day I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with every day but I’ll try to do better in the future.

6 week chanllenge

Tomorrow I will start my third week for my 6 week challenge! It has been rough but rewarding at the same time. So far I have lost 8.8 pounds, but I feel like I didn’t lose much this week.

Nervous for my morning weigh in!

#CantStopWontStop #FTDI #weightloss