I know many people want Martin Freeman to do  ice  bucket challenge.But do you know, he’s been unwell for almost two weeks and even now he’s not 100% healthy!

And according to a conversation between one fan and Martin’s driver,he’s unwell not for fever,but for BACKACHE!

Though he’s getting better now, it’s cruel to let his unhealed completely back touch mixed ice and water.
So do you want  Martin take this chanllenge so that he can't  play Richard Ⅲ any more to meet your need?


Day 05! 

To be honest, i had no idea of what i could do, so i used other idea (for m!nimes and lysandre)

So, a new event is in the town and Nimes asked to Lys why dont go and relax a bit from school. In that moment, they found one of those shooting games and one of the rewards was a couple of white bunnies plushie, wich one of them look like the bunny that Lysandre adopted once. (Also Nimes is who won the reward lol)

anonymous asked:

Lizzzzz Dime que viste lo que había puesto en la pizarra en el vídeo de Bottle Flip Chanllenge de Wily xDxDxDxD Es en el minuto 2:36

Obvio que lo vi anon y si te preguntas dice WIGETTA con un corazón. Una de dos, o lo escribio Frank o Vegetta, ya que esa no es la letra de Willy hakgsjga❤❤❤

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