Another moment, this lovely couple. . .

The mirror might not have broken from Kyuhyun’s mad screamings and moans but eventually it did when Changmin decided to move to another side. He charged at the wrong part of the bathroom in a sudden surge of hormones he just rammed into it, with Kyuhyun attached to him by the groin. The glass didn’t completely shatter but a huge crack ran from top to bottom. Broken glass and straining muscles didn’t stop him though. He kept on hitting the right spot inside Kyuhyun and charged to the walls like a raging bull. He was anything but gentle. It is a relief that he went back to trying to break the walls instead of completely smashing the poor mirror.When he saw his image in the cracked piece of glass he saw nothing but bodies contorting to impossible positions like a strange piece of sculpture. It was splendid and horrific. He has never seen it before with his own two eyes but here in the bathroom, in the presence of a mirror, he could truly appreciate the beauty of their bodies that melded as one.

Kyuhyun wanted to see their picture. he tried really hard to do so, but he couldn’t. his eyes were blurred with tears of pleasure, mind was just filled with Changmin and nothing else. he knew his prostate was abused, his whole body twitching every time it was hit. “CHANGMIN! I’M COMING!—” he managed to scream before his pleasure was suddenly released, his back arching painfully and shoulder locking against the cold wall. his load spattered all over the cubicle, the amount of cum like it was poured from a big bucket, so much of the white substance covering everything and both of their bodies with stickyness the smell of sex. his breathing was uneven and panting, drops of sweat, water and cum dripping down from his body. he clenched his hole around the younger’s cock and fingers, wanting to be filled with the wonderful cream he called his ‘banana milk’.