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Hi I'm new here on tumblr and first of all I wanted to say that your art is amazing ! (especially the colors !!!) I want to ask you if you have some ft blogs to recommend to me ? I'd like to follow a lot of ft blog but idk which choose. thank you !!

Heyy! Ok so first of all, welcome to tumblr and the fairy tail fandom, anon _(:3JL) I hope you can make many friends and feel comfortable here! As for the ft blogs, I don’t follow many of them either, but here are (mainly artists) some of them: 

@ackercurve @al-lium @aloosh-s @ayumichi-me @bbiru @blamedorange @blanania @blazexkeys @bludy-chu @chanime @chengggg @dragnoots @epeolatryx @giuloxar @giupear @hirata-s @iluvfairytail @jxlight @kanekkis @karokitten-chan @leons-7 @lolohime @luciasatalina @luckybachi @nanakoblaze @natsv @pinkhinori @proudtobeaginger @rboz @rchella @semi-ordinary @sexuallyfrustratedjellal @shandisworld @shdaria @skydrill @wendychuu @xfairydrawing @zippi44

They’re all pretty nice as far as I can tell, but you should see that for yourself!

Btw I probably forgot tons of good ft blogs, so every1 is free to add nice people to the list 

I was going to wait until I posted the 1k oneshot but honestly it’s slow goings and idek where it’s going but there will be smut and some angst (hopefully) so woo! Meanwhile , here is a list of my faves which you should all go follow! Including various writer goals, art goals, and dear friends!

@absent-angel / @alchemicgoddess / @aloosh-s / @baka–fangirl / @bijuewled / @blanania / @blazexkeys / @bringonthedork / @brokenangelwings83 / @chanime / @consulting-dragon-slayer / @demoby / @doublepasse / @emichama / @epeolatryx / @eriboook / @firedragon-writer / @hirata-s / @kt-lyn92 / @leons-7 / @lkityan02 / @lonestorm / @melllllly / @missyplatina / @mslead / @n-a-d-h-i-e / @not-just-any-fangirl / @nothingbutwordsstuff / @proudtobeaginger / @rboz / @rivendell101 / @s-a-r-a-r-a / @scribesenpai / @shandisworld / @snogfairy / @soprana-snap (I am so sorry for the typo on the graphic you know I love you but I made it on paint gdi I CAN’T CHANGE IT) / @storybooksandfairytails / @swordbreaker / @toxineena / @westerosstiles / @wordsofawitheringwriter / @xkissthesky / @zippi44 


The Catch

This is my Intro to Animation final. I guess I’m proud of what I could do in two days…?


This was for my intro to animation class. I did this in one night, so it definitely was an experiment with After Effects! I was reluctant to post it, but here it is.