And that’s how Soul lost his wardrobe to Maka. 

Psh Soul, we know you like seeing Maka in your clothes. Don’t lie to yourself. Not cool, man.

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I told you I won’t draw SoMa until I finished all of my pending shenanigans, right? I think I lied. So yeah, couldn’t help but draw the headcanon ahaha!

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Channing Tatum as Caine Wise & Mila Kunis as Jupiter Jones in JUPITER ASCENDING (2015)

These are scans from the calendar. One page for the bottom set, but I had to make 2 scans because it’s too narrow & I wanted to get the whole thing. BOOM gorgeous :D  I thought these photos were among the high-res ones released but I haven’t found them.


The Catch

This is my Intro to Animation final. I guess I’m proud of what I could do in two days…?

To Share a Sleeping Bag

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 

It’s not exactly a Valentine’s fic, but consider this as my V-day present to all my followers. Here’s a fluffy NaLu for all of you which was inspired by this post. Hope you like it! 

special thanks to my friend, chanime. labyu! XD

“What do you mean we only have one sleeping bag?” She asked loudly to her companions kneeling in front of her.

“I thought Natsu brought the other one!” Happy said,pointing a clawed finger at Natsu.

“You said you’re gonna hold on to her things!” Natsu said back, pointing a finger at Happy as well.

“I got her bag. I even brought those maps and notes she got on her wall.” The blue Exceed crossed his little paws.

“Well, I brought Lucy! I was holding her and our things while we ran from those guards. I was busy!” Natsu pouted. “I really thought you picked up the other sleeping bag.”

“I thought you picked Lucy’s sleeping bag, Natsu.”

Cat and man locked eyes for a second then both sighed. They turned to Lucy again and bowed. “We’re sorry Lucy!”

Lucy sighed as well. There’s no helping it now. They were really in a hurry and things like this happens a lot. “You don’t need to prostratey ourselves like that. C'mon, lift your heads guys.”

Tears streamed on both Natsu’s and Happy’s cheeks. “You truly are a goddess, Lucy!” The Exceed said.

Natsu nodded, “Yes, yes, so very kind!”

“Stop that.” A smile tugged on her lips while her cheeks were tinged light pink. “I might believe it.”

Natsu smiled back at her, sporting his signature grin that always made Lucy’s heart flutter. “You can use my sleeping bag. I’ll just sleep on the ground.”

“No, don’t do that!” Lucy shook her head. “It will be uncomfortable for you.”

Natsu crossed his arms and shook his head. “I’m not letting you sleep on the ground either, Lucy.”

“I won’t, of course.” Lucy waved her hands. “How about we share that sleeping bag?”

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