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first fight with sf9?

I don’t quite know how to go about this one so I hope that this is what you were looking for!! ~ Admin M

A: Inseong, Jaeyoon, Rowoon, Chani

M: Youngbin, Dawon, Zuho, Taeyang, Hwiyoung

Inseong: I see Inseong getting mad A LOT. Anytime something doesn’t go his way, he gets angry and argues until he gets what he wants. Your first argument is probably something small, but Inseong blows it out of proportion. You don’t have the patience to deal with his damn attitude, so you just walk out on him. Due to his dominant and stubborn personality, he probably wouldn’t apologize so you’d need to be the bigger person. As soon as you come to apologize to him, even if it were only like 30 minutes after, he would pull you into a hug for a long ass time and apologize profusely, then pull you away asking, “What took you so long?”

Youngbin: Youngbin isn’t the type to get angry easily (or at least if he is, he certainly isn’t the type to express it aggressively), so it’d have to be something big to get him to actually argue back at you. Still, though, no matter how mad he was, he would still be holding back - he’d put you before himself in every situation, so he’d make sure that he wouldn’t say anything too harsh because even if he was absolutely furious, he would still be concerned about you. He would feel incredibly bad afterwards, and he would definitely apologize as soon as he had calmed down a it. He’s not the type to hold grudges or let things like drag on for too long.

Jaeyoon: I don’t see Jaeyoon as the type to get angry at all, especially with you. You are pretty much perfect in his eyes, you can do no wrong. If anything, you are upset with Jaeyoon at how he’s never serious and that’s how the argument begins. He wouldn’t know what to do to make it up to you. Jaeyoon decides to give you a little space after the fight and goes out to buy you some flowers. He enters your room and tip toes in to see if you’re still steaming. He comes to your face and pouts a little. You can’t stay angry at him for long and of course accept his apology.

Dawon: All I can say is that I wouldn’t want to get in a fight with Dawon. Since he’s the type to constantly pester and tease people, you’d be used to being irritated with him and bickering a bit, but there wouldn’t be particularly big fights very often. I see Dawon as very stubborn, though - once he’s started arguing, he won’t give up his side no matter what, even if he realizes that he’s wrong. His pride just wouldn’t let him admit to something like that. Just as passionate as he is about everything else, he’d channel that same energy into fights. They might last for a while with him - he would eventually start to feel a bit guilty and would apologize after a day or two if you hadn’t, though.

Zuho: Just like with everything else, Zuho would be pretty relaxed (for the most part) even in an argument. He wouldn’t raise his voice or anything, and he’d be sure to listen to your side of things and try to express himself calmly, but somehow, when you were all fired up, that might be even more annoying. For as relaxed as he is, though, i can’t see him as the type to throw the fight just to get it over with. He’d stand his ground if he thought that he was right. If he hadn’t said anything offensive (which he probably wouldn’t, considering that he’d be thinking about your feelings the whole time as well), he wouldn’t apologize - if things were weird or anything between the two of you after that, though, he would definitely address it.

Rowoon: There aren't many times that Rowoon is intimidating, but if you piss him off to the point where he gets loud, it’s not a fun sight. He doesn’t seem like someone easily pissed off, it would take a lot to make him angry. Knowing him, you went into his room and messed everything up while you were looking for a stapler. He gets to his room and flips shit about his room being a mess, confronting you as soon as he sees it. You kinda freak out since it is your first time seeing him this angry and run out of the house. Rowoon feels so guilty and caves in immediately, running after you to quickly apologize and make amends. He promises to make your favorite food as his apology and you can’t complain.

Taeyang: Taeyang’s not the type to raise his voice or be passive aggressive with anything - there would be nothing backhanded or particularly insulting in fighting with Taeyang. It would be more a matter of just the two of you expressing opinions when you didn’t quite see eye to eye. He wouldn’t let you walk away without the two of you working something out, though - even if he or you needed some time to cool down, he would make sure that you came to some kind of agreement before either of you could leave. No matter how important upholding his side of it was to him, it would be even more important to him that you two came to some kind of a compromise.

Hwiyoung: Hwiyoung doesn’t seem the type to get really mad about many things, but seeing as he is so emotional, I would guess that it’s pretty easy to get him irritated. So he’d probably say a few snippy things from time to time, but there wouldn’t be much actual arguing. Even when he did just make little comments, he would apologize profusely later, regardless of how unimportant they may have been to you. He would feel so so so guilty about the tiniest things, and losing his temper would be no exception to that. As a rule, he would generally just try to avoid arguing if it was possible.

Chani: I see Chani being the type to be a little passive-agressive in the beginning of your fight. He wouldn’t blow up all at once, he’d just get irritated a lot at first and throwing shady ass comments. If the tension continues to grow, he will straight up tell you what the problem is and excuse himself to go outside to walk it off. After thinking about how silly your first fight was, he’d come back home and immediately apologize. Chani knows that the smallest things can piss him off and that being in a relationship requires a lot of shared effort, so he learns how to be more considerate of you and to be open to you after your fight. 

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For the basic angst prompts!: Nalu - “No, no, I’m not alright. I’m definitely not alright.” Thanks, Lucky-chan!!!

Thank you so much for waiting Break-chan! It’s not very long but I hope you like it anyway c’:


There was another loud bang and she couldn’t help but flinch, her back forced up against the door.

“Open the door.”




She frowned, her heart ached as he spoke her name, it heavy with concern for her. She knew he felt her presence, even if she stayed as quiet as a mouse, he wouldn’t leave until she let go of the doorknob and swung it open.

It was the second time she had practically ditched him, and it wasn’t out of cruelty nor boredom. She just had felt the need to leave, to let everyone be happy and for her not to share her devastating feeling of dread weep into the atmosphere.

Every time she looked at the guild, every time she looked at Natsu, or Happy or anyone.

All she could think was temporary.

Everything was temporary.

One day she was going to turn up and everyone would be gone. She would be all alone once again.

Ironic since it was her as a child who ran away, now she was so afraid that anyone, let alone everyone, was going to do the exact same thing to her. Maybe it was karma’s way of testing her, letting her suffer for what she had done by coming to Fairy Tail in the first place.

A twisted tale of fate.

The pen came to a stop, pausing as she waited for Natsu to speak again.

He didn’t since he was still waiting for a reply.

“One second.” She commanded, glancing around as she shoved her notebook under her pillow.

Shoving her slippers on in a violent manner, she pulled herself up and onto her feet so that she could pull open that wooden door.

A stroll forward and she pushed down on the handle, revealing a very irritated looking Natsu. He was wearing her favourite outfit, a crimson hoodie and his black puff trousers. But of course she had already seen it once today, at breakfast before she had snuck out.

Lucy put on her brave face, knowing full well that Natsu surely would not be impressed. Not that he was scary or anything, and he wouldn’t dare yell at Lucy; but the weight of his disappointment was enough to dampen her already solemn mood.

“Are you alright?” She asked as his green eyes found there way to look at her face, her own expression staying calm and collected as she watched him back.

“Am I…” The boy looked offended by her question, his eyes burning despite their colour.

Lucy swallowed, stepping back from the door. Why was she hiding? Why did she feel the need to run away and lock herself in her room when she was afraid of that happening from her?

She watched as he lowered his head, as if calculating his next words, something very uncharacteristic of the pink dragon slayer.


“No, no, I’m not alright. I’m definitely not alright.”


“What is going on?” His tone was rimmed with irritation, concern… 

But mostly fear.

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And that’s how Soul lost his wardrobe to Maka. 

Psh Soul, we know you like seeing Maka in your clothes. Don’t lie to yourself. Not cool, man.

Dedicated to makapedia! (Haha yup this is chanime lol)

I told you I won’t draw SoMa until I finished all of my pending shenanigans, right? I think I lied. So yeah, couldn’t help but draw the headcanon ahaha!

I apologize to mslead-senpai because uuugh I haven’t drawn any pages tonight. I will do it tomorrow and hopefully start the lineart @-@ 

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Thank you all for sticking this far with me! I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for you all. Everyone, please check out these amazing blogs who make me laugh, cry, and inspire me on the daily. I hope you love them as much as I do!

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anonymous asked:

Hi I'm new here on tumblr and first of all I wanted to say that your art is amazing ! (especially the colors !!!) I want to ask you if you have some ft blogs to recommend to me ? I'd like to follow a lot of ft blog but idk which choose. thank you !!

Heyy! Ok so first of all, welcome to tumblr and the fairy tail fandom, anon _(:3JL) I hope you can make many friends and feel comfortable here! As for the ft blogs, I don’t follow many of them either, but here are (mainly artists) some of them: 

@ackercurve @al-lium @aloosh-s @ayumichi-me @bbiru @blamedorange @blanania @blazexkeys @bludy-chu @chanime @chengggg @dragnoots @epeolatryx @giuloxar @giupear @hirata-s @iluvfairytail @jxlight @kanekkis @karokitten-chan @leons-7 @lolohime @luciasatalina @luckybachi @nanakoblaze @natsv @pinkhinori @proudtobeaginger @rboz @rchella @semi-ordinary @sexuallyfrustratedjellal @shandisworld @shdaria @skydrill @wendychuu @xfairydrawing @zippi44

They’re all pretty nice as far as I can tell, but you should see that for yourself!

Btw I probably forgot tons of good ft blogs, so every1 is free to add nice people to the list 


Thank you all for the new followers ♡♡♡♡  
     I hope ya’ll stay with me as I try to make more gifsets, doodles and actual drawings~ 


all the people I would like to thank for letting me enjoy tumblr again ♡  
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             >>              THANK YOU 

My 1.1K+ Follow Forever

Mira’s 1,113K Follow Forever!

He’s crying tears of joy, you guys. I promise I didn’t mess with him this time.

Ahhh I should not have taken this long to make a follow forever. DX I’m a lazy piece of trash; I’m sorryyy *rolls* BUT ANYWAY ENOUGH WALLOWING IN SELF-PITY LET’S DO THIS.

Anyway, first of all, I’d like to give you all a HUGE thanks to every single one of you! It hasn’t even been a year since I first created this blog, and I never dreamed I’d ever get more than 50 followers, but…here we are! I’m so happy that my silly fics and random inspirational quotes were enough to prompt so many of you to click that Follow button. My mind is still boggled, to be frank. I couldn’t have gotten this far without you; thank you so much!

I already know I’m going to miss a bunch of people, so I’m sorry in advance if I miss you! I swear that it’s not because I don’t like you or anything; I’m just not good at remembering people that I don’t talk to often. ;w; It’s nothing personal!

Let’s start with some special mentions!

My senpai: @luckybachi

My waifu: @giupear

My soul sister: @sirdragneel

My (self-proclaimed) apprentices: @fairytamashii and @itschildofthefairies (credits to the awesome banner I’m using for this; thank you dearest brick ;w;)

You’re all my precious dorks and I love youuuu

Normal - Cool blogs that I recommend you follow 

Bold - Precious friends that I love to bits (even if you drive me nuts)

Italics - Awesome people I really need to talk to but haven’t yet because I’m a hopeless potato

A - E

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Apologies and Appreciation post

Since I’m fairly new with tumblr and fandom, I might made horrible mistakes here and, to my followers, I don’t even know why people follow me, but thank you very have no idea how happy and special that makes me feel whenever I received notification that someone follows my tumblr..and don’t follow my mistakes..feel free to point them out, by fan mail preferably (yeah, I’m coward like that)..for someone with depression, tumblr is one of my safe haven for my’s a mean for me to enjoy positivity because Fairy Tail makes me happy and tumblr have lots of things about FT that makes me happy..(though nowadays I keep seeing the ugly sides of this fandom) but my point stands, I love FAIRY TAIL AND ITS goods, there bound to be the, it’s okay..

For these people especially, @ff-darkshininglight @crimsonguiltypleasures @nalufever @koseilucy @makepretendprincess @geghanush @smile-lifegoeson @toxineena @snogfairy @mslead @soprana-snap @artsy-alice @epeolatryx @proudtobeaginger @nanakoblaze @rivendell101 @hannah-nobody @absent-angel @aloosh-s @amehanaaa @approvesport @arikafd @ask-nalu-now @asketchbookthing @bakamura @bbiru @leons-7@blanania @blazexkeys @bloodylucy93 @brilliant-stellarlucy @brokenangelwings83 @chanime @charuzu2712 @comewhatanime@completenalutrash @demoby @demonkingdragneel @doragunirx @fairietailed @fairynalutail @fairytailsanddragonscales @fatedsong @firedupfiredragon @freeandshonenspirit @ftfanfics @fttrollshima @galaxia-blade @gr8blucat @hania-chan3 @hirata-s @ibook-keeper @ignitxed @jezabel1971 @jhayni-in-the-rain @joliemariella @justadorkonfire @kaizellee@kanaehitomi @karokitten-chan @kodster25 @kytrin @ladygt @ladymacbetterthanyou @lapoin @laudablelaude @lemoncelloismyname@lolohime @lonestorm @looneytails @luckybachi @lucy-heartflawless@lucyheartfeelmeup @lumos-hope @madartiste @mercadeus @misscelestialheart @missyplatina @mrseucliffex @mysteraemanic @n-a-d-h-i-e @nalu-4tw @nalu-natic @nalus-the-name-canons-the-aim @nalutbh@natsu-dorkneel @natsu-lucy-love8 @natsusleftwenis @natsvdragneel@nicole4211 @not-just-any-fangirl @nothingbutwordsstuff @obsessedwithnalu @oh-my-mavis @okerii @panda013 @rboz @rockingcass12 @rushiiix @s-a-r-a-r-a @sakura-petal91 @sasumi-yahiko@secretlycaptaink @shadoouge @shandisworld @solarbreaker @songsofsprites @sophiethedragonslayer @spacklefritz @spoopy-pringloo @swordbreaker @thathilomgirl @the-heart-of-a-writer @thecoolandspicyotaku @thecyberzombieart @thedarkmatternator@thefairystales @thethoughtrepository @thosefairytailkidsagain@umjustkatie @vanilla-pep @wendychuu @wendyhamlet @wendysfanfiction@whythesecrecy @wildrhov @wolffuchs @wordsofawitheringwriter @xblackflamesx @xfairydrawing @xinaidebenihime @xkissthesky @yxminotenshi @zerooff @zippi44 @zorayda-writes

These awesome people might not even recognized me and maybe they don’t even read this post, but they make me feel most welcomed in Fairy Tail fandoms and tumblr specifically..maybe its their fanfics, their arts, answers to my stupid asked/reblog, pointing my mistakes as a noob, fan mail discussing our headcanon/frustration (high-five to ff-darkshininglight again) or something as stupid as a tag, even their personal rambles helps me a lot with my depression..I guess what I’m trying to say is I am very grateful to these people for helping me coping with my situation..I don’t know about others, but those things I mentioned (i.e fanfics, arts etc) really makes me happy and think, that maybe continue living is not that bad at all..(yeah, I used to have suicidal thoughts)..why I’m bothering these people with the tags is because I want them to know how thankful I counsellor once told me in one of my sessions, one of the thing I can do in my route of recovery is expressing my gratitude to those who, I am going to say it again..thank you for the fanfics, arts, responds, tags and everything that you put on your helps me a lot..(bows down to all)..

Besides gratitude, in my excitement, maybe there are times I made mistakes by harsh criticism(sometimes I lack filter and I don’t realize that), unintentional reblog/repost or whatever that might offend these, I’M SO SORRY..know that these mistakes, there were not intentional..if you’re really bothered by it and want me to apologize personally, do tell cause sometimes, I don’t even realized I made them (yeah, I’m oblivious like that)..
And lastly, know that when you feel disappointed because your fanfics/arts/role play/whatever you contribute to FAIRY TAIL FANDOM seem like under appreciated, remember that you have helped one depression victim (me 🙋🏻)..

Lastly,thank you very much for the help..I love you all..Bye..


O.o  I just realized how screwed I am.  I HAVE TWENTY SIX DRABBLE REQUESTS TO WRITE.  They’ll take a while to finish, but when I do, I’ll open up my inbox for requests for the first time.  :)  As a preview, here’s all the drabbles you’re gonna be getting in the next month or two, listed by ship, prompt, and then the person that requested them.  This is all in the order of which they will be written:

Nalu #4 - I fell and you tried to help me but you fell too so now we’re both lying on the ground AU - anime4eva222

Nalu #7 - I’m quoting an anime loudly in a crowded room and you just yell at me because spoiler alert AU -  Anonymous x2 & Nalu #3 - We ship the same OTP AU - Anonymous (combine request)

Gajevy #1 - I just finished your sentence and I don’t even know you so that’s really weird AU - Anonymous

Gajevy #8 - I’m reading a fanfiction on the bus and you laugh at my back because you’re reading it too AU - xallyxcatxs

Nalu #9 - We’re dating but you told me once you’ve never seen Harry Potter so we’re going to watch a couple movies today AU - ibookworm

Gruvia #32 - “I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified.” - lumensiderum (chanime, dryadaliz, and Anonymous wanted Nalu)

Nalu #38 - “You fainted… straight into my arms.  You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” - chanime and Anonymous

Nalu #29 - “I thought you were dead.” - ibook-keeper

Jerza #22 - “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.” - bellicose-lamp-child (jezabel1971 and tale-of-the-fairies wanted Nalu)

Nalu #19 - “The paint’s supposed to go where?” - mslead and chanime

Nalu #17 leading to #6 - “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while.” > “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” - lover-of-fairytails (blackholenipples wanted Jerza)

Miraxus #37 - “Wanna dance?” - Anonymous

Nalu #44 - “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.” - Anonymous

Gruvia #21 - “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm, and you wanna stop and feel the rain?” - Anonymous

Nalu #4 - “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?” - jezabel1971

Nalu #5 - “Wait a minute – are you jealous?” - jezabel1971

Nalu #34 - “If you keep looking at me like that, we won’t make it to bed.” - jezabel1971

Gajevy #40 - “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?” - Anonymous

Nalu #13 - “Kiss me.” - Anonymous

Nalu #20 - “You need to wake up, because I can’t do this without you.” - Anonymous

Gajevy #11 - “Don’t you dare throw that snowba- DAMMIT!” - Anonymous

Nalu #46 - “Hey, have you seen the…?  Oh.” - ibook-keeper

Nalu Random Request - Dishwasher!Natsu so that he can pay for his studies and Lucy, who is often in the restaurant with her father AU - Anonymous

Nalu Random Request - We’re literally the only two kids who ride this school bus – maybe we should carpool or make out or something? AU - Invisibility (Guest)

Nalu Random Request - I was walking past the roller coaster and SOMEONE’S shoe flew off and hit me in the face AU  - Guest

Gajeel/Natsu Brotp - My pet really hates your pet AU - Guest