Seventeen reaction to you bringing them lunch to practice

A/N: Sorry for not writing a Seventeen reaction in a while I just didn’t have much inspiration for them. I almost forgot Mingyu in this one and that’s why his is so short :( anyway I hope you guys like this! 

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S. Coups/Seungcheol

He smiled the moment you stepped foot in the practice room. He had had a rough morning trying to get all of the members awake and ready for practice. 

When he saw that you had homemade food in your hands, he was ecstatic, touched that you had been thoughtful enough to make him a lunch. 

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As Jeonghan made his way to the bathroom during practice, he saw you walking his direction. He recognized the food in your hands as his favorite and he knew then that you had brought him lunch.

“I brought you food Jeongha-”

He shushed you, knowing that both of you would get in trouble if you were found at his practice. That and he didn’t want the rest of the members to hear about thee food and come running out.

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Joshua was excited the moment he saw you walk into the practice room with food. All of the other members had eaten lunch before he could get to any. And when he had texted you about it, he didn’t expect for you to make him something and bring it to him.

“I have the best Jagi ever”

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Junhui made his way to you the moment he saw you peak your head through the door saying you had brought him lunch. He was hungry after all the practice that morning. The guys immedietly started whining about not having lunch.

“Get your own girlfriend then” he said before leaving the room to eat his lunch and talk with you in the hallway. 

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Soonyoung had just been chatting with the guys during their lunch break, waiting for you to bring him his food. When you walked in announcing that you had bought food for both him and Seungcheol, the other members immedietly got jealous. 

“He caught me on the phone and asked for food too!” He tried to defend himself before giving you a kiss to shut them up. 

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His day instantly brightened the moment you stepped foot in the practice room. When you gave him a kiss on the cheek and pulled food out of your bag for him, he smiled.

“Jagi you’re the greatest!”

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Jihoon giggled when you walked through the room and told him that you had made him lunch since he worked so hard. It felt good for him to be appreciated and he asked you to stay with him. 

You sat down and ate lunch with him, talking until his break was over.

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He couldn’t stop laughing. You had promised making him lunch but when you showed up to his practice with fast food and the story of how you set the oven on fire, he started to cry with laughter. 

After he calmed down, he thanked you for the food and promised he’d take you on a date as soon as his promotions for the comeback were over. 

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When he got a text from you saying that you were waiting outside the room with food, he did a bit of happy dance and bragged to his members before going out to get it.

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He didn’t expect you to walk in with homemade Chinese food. And when you did he was beyond excited. After talking with you last night about how much he missed home and his mother’s cooking, this was the best thing you could have done for him.

“And the best girlfriend award goes to you Jagi!”

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“That’s my girlfriend!” he yelled happily as you walked into the room with lunch for him. The other guys tried to convince you to bring them lunch too but Seungkwan wasn’t having any of it.

“You love me so don’t ever bring them lunch okay?”

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When you walked into the practice room with a large pizza, Vernon had been expecting it to be for the whole group. He was a bit confused at first, wondering how in the hell one pizza was going to feed all of the boys. You explained that it was just for you and him and he screamed with excitement.


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His hyung had decided to go in order of age for getting food, resulting in him getting none. So he called you, asking you to bring him lunch.

When you came into the room, bringing a better lunch for him then the other members had, he wasted no time doting on you.

“You’re the best Jagi” 

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