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Ta-dah! It’s paraseoul’s Follow Forever ◕ ◡ ◕ 

I thought I might as well make one because I’ve reached 5 months here in Tumblr and surprisingly gained a lot of followers despite of my not-so-developed Photoshop Skills lol I didn’t bother to put the links because there’s school tomorrow. I don’t have time lol Maybe next time.

I grouped these awesome blogs according to their fandoms ◕ ◡ ◕

For a blogs that make you go BOOMSHAKALAKA:

gd-baby || chanhi || omoitskpop || n65 || vivalavu || eautcon || kr-tabi || living-death || special-creature || gotstoppedby || sick-of-love-songs || seoul-vips || dushevka || fantasticji || seoulbang || gwonleadah || kyeopta-jiral || gorgeousweetamazingbaby || forevervip || panda-zzzz || nyongs || rory-girl || jibberishh || jiyong-ahh || jinqyo || kwonjiral || whysogee || ohmytabi || miejis || shinealight18 || realjiyong || se-hoon || koreanghetto || fuckyeahbigbangpairings || unfbigbang || electricji || maknaesnoona || taeyanq || jiyongieboy || umchinah || mybodyisreadytabi || ygfamilyy || baboyong || youngbaebae || atenais || vitadolce-moderato || everybody-seungska || strong-babyy || a-night-in-december 

For blogs that gets you SHOCKED:

b2stfact || doubley90 || yang-yo || jaeseungie || breadwoon || jangwoon || beastloving || jyginthecube || seoulbeast || hyunseungie

For blogs that dance to RING DING DONG:

kimri || koralblue || wannagorocka || angryfrog || gravitae || keyeola || solvingtae || keysmoi || littleshinee || taeminq || taeminholic || nutaella || vanillatinks || loverholique

For blogs that scream NAEGA JEIL JAL NAGA:

chaeras || yichaerin || 3bnzr || fiores || mame-v || fyeahgdbomtop || celo-mar || choibom || fy2any1 || park-bom || chaelinah || blacjackvip || forever-2ne1 || verchae

For blogs that KEEP THE FAITH:

loveeintheice || 4kte5 || mjjeje || db5k || yunhojaejoong || guirotic || chunxia || dbsk-ing || helloskies || hellokillerkitty || cassiesfohlife || notperriot || happytvxq || tohobang || flamesqueen

Other awesome blogs:

fyeahchunjimotions || elena-chan || zelow || kpop-sex || tellsmeyourwish || hyunsoos || southkoreans || wooyoung || myungsoo || duijangs || xiao-dou || hereforkpop || yeon || tedts || superandyy || seoulify || junmyeon || seoulheart || hityourheart || 891219-v89

These are quality blogs and persons I simply admire. I never regretted following them. Thank you for the reblogs and likes. Especially the Lightsticks edit, I did not expect it to have so many notes, so thank you so much. I feel so useful lol. Thank you to the persons I’ve talked to here on tumblr. Thank you to my ah-mazing followers. You guys are special. As well as my haters, for making me stronger. Thank you. PUMI-PBB TEENS?!

chanhi-deactivated20140703 asked:

hey it's chance i hope u remember me but RAIN IS FINALLY COMING BACK and my body is ready it's been ready for two long years *EPIC KEYBOARD SMASH* I'M SO EXCITED


OTL i haven’t had proper time to spaz, but ugggh his comeback was long overdue. OUR KING IS BACK!

chanhiold-deactivated20120810 asked:

Tag, you’re it! Here are the rules: Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves. You have to choose and tag ten people. Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them. No tagging back! :)

  1. I’m actually really irritable most of the time, people don’t know that until they get close to me lol
  2. every time I’ve tried to write a story or poetry or anything I end up saying “wow this is bad” and ripping it up
  3. I have this curse where I can’t help being nice and putting my trust into new people too easily and it seldom works out
  4. I watch too many movies. way too many
  5. I actually used to be really positive and easygoing and happy until that ship sailed away somewhere
  6. my first crush was Johnny Depp when I was like 8…
  7. I can’t luv u if you have bad grammar sry
  8. sometimes I get depressed and I eat a lot
  9. I say “like” too much. unintentionally, of course
  10. I never know what to put on these things where I need to talk about myself like I’m not an interesting person I could never be famous or whatever because people would interview me and I’d give really awkward or boring answers and I’d be like why do people even like me and yeah