Dating Chunji Would Include
  • his hugs would mean everything to you after a long day at school.
  • you’d often stop by their studio, and he’d usually be there practicing his dance moves.
  • although he was sweaty, all you really needed was a hug to help you relax from the bad day you had.
  • the music continues to play in the background as he runs up with the bright smile of his to hug you.
  • the members whine and complain how he stops dancing in the middle of practice.
  • but quickly gets over it once they see that you have snacks peeking out of your bag and quickly devour it. 
  • you’d sit criss cross on the wooden floor, and rant out how your day was going while he held your hand.
  • of course he’d make you forget your worries very quickly and kiss you.
  • the members would constantly tease you, mimicking your moves because they were disgusted.
  • but honestly they were just jealous of how cute you guys were. 
  • you let him go back to practice as you do some of your homework in the corner of the studio.
  • his sweet personality would always make your stomach flutter inside. 
  • dates were amazing, always unique and fun something that you thought you’d never be able to do.
  • being the sweetheart he is (to you) he’s constantly making sure that you’re okay and that you have eaten.
  • the same goes for you, since he was an idol he doesn’t have much time to worry about himself.
  • many angels were upset to hear that their oppa is dating, but were still happy for him. 
  • his kisses were often short, because he’d love kissing all over your face. but of course his favorite spot were your soft lips.  
  • it was like dating your best friend, somebody who cares about you and knows what you like but even better. 

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