Remember how Yunho and Changmin had rings on in MEN’s Club? Apparently they’re from LouisVuittonEmpreinteCollection (2,600USD) and ITS A COUPLE/WEDDING RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @shinka_YOP 


the picture looks like a wedding invitation + the rings. Just sayin’

120406 TVXQ! at MBC KMW in BangKok 2012 Press Conference


kay I was scrolling down and freaked out when I passed this one cuz it really, really, really looked like Yunnie was giving a peck on Minnie’s cheek //a//

showing your affection in public places tsk tsk. I approve. You boys should do more of that.

…only if that was true ;_; <-no it is!!! HE WAS GIVING A PECK DAMMNIT :A: 

changhyun asked:

im strong enough. pfft you can save yOURSELF IM SURE SUGA'S LIGHTER THAN YOU

AHAHAHAHJHHAAKGJRImirevi c NO!! Why??????? probs D’: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. :(( But I’m not too chubby anymore…

damnit I need to go learn how to use photoshop properly ;_; 

wonder if they’d recognize the lyrics now that I’ve put in the English translation instead of the Korean one they’re used to lol

…wait what was this magazine? lol it’s too long ago ;p

jkasdfhkasdhkfhaksdfas so… on tumblr ChangYoon is Changmin+Yoona and not Changmin+Yunho? shit son…. I just had a panic moment lol what? where am I? what’s going on? ;A; …you learn new things everyday…*facepalm*

…then how do I tag Changmin+Yunho… or is that also ChangYoon but there’s just no CY shippers on tumblr? We go both ways so I could deal with that? I guess? ;a;

original photos, shot for GQ Magazine 2009 February.