Happy 25th birthday to Lee Changsub, BTOB’s lead vocalist and self-proclaimed “weird king.” 예지앞사♥︎

(…) Actually, singing on stage was very scary to me because everyone listened to my voice, BTOB’s voice, looked at BTOB’s stage, and if you liked that image, you liked us. But when I stood on stage and sang, I always felt I couldn’t disappoint expectations, so I felt very pressured and couldn’t sleep well at night. So, like what Hyunsik said, we want to show a better and improved us. If not, I’m always afraid that you might leave us. (…) Today we hold our first concert, and there are so many feelings and emotions, yet we are greedy for more. (…) You may not see those moments, but we have them, honestly. At broadcasts too, we saw flaws in everything… However, one day, someone told me something: try to put it down. If I put it down, I will be happy. I couldn’t quite understand when I first heard it. Wanting to become the No. 1 singer and be liked by many people is good, how do I put down the greed? But now, I seem to understand at this concert. Now, here, everyone came and saw me; this is happiness. Really, thank you so so much for coming here. I know how fortunate I am. All people here think of me, I receive overflowing love that I definitely will not ignore. Thank you and I love you.


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