BTOB: falling for the opposite of their ideal type

Eunkwang:  I feel like he’s one of those people who are always on the lookout for their ‘ideal’ type, yet they don’t see what’s right in front of them. The opposite of his ideal type would probably be a close friend of his, a situation where he didn’t really know he was in love with them until he took a step back, then it all became clear.

Minhyuk:  his ideal type might be someone who’s somewhat of an idol persona, but to me he doesn’t seem closed off when it comes falling for someone. If someone really caught him off guard and made him question his intentions, he wouldn’t deny his feelings for long.

Changsub:  it’s true that he mentioned multiple times that his ideal type is specific, but I doubt he’d keep chasing a certain person if they simply weren’t interested in him. The opposite of his ideal type might be someone who’s more outspoken and loud, less on the cutesy side, but he’d still somehow manage to develop feelings.

Hyunsik:  tbh I don’t see him always sticking to one specific type or person, I get the feeling that he changes his mind a lot. Though he might want to be with someone who’s just as interested and invested in music as he is, he could totally end up liking someone who’s the opposite of him.

Peniel:  he’s mentioned before that he liked shy people, who give off a sort of positive vibe. I could totally see him falling for a bad chick who seems like the rebel type, despite this being the total opposite of his personality. He would develop feelings if the connection was truly there.

Ilhoon:  he doesn’t seem like the type to be swayed often, as in when he sticks to something, he means it. It would take an effort for him to be interested in someone who doesn’t have any aspect of those ideals, only bc he wouldn’t take a second glance.

Sungjae:  it wouldn’t matter how they looked if they could really make a connection with him and make him laugh and have a good time. Like he seems a little shallow, but once he gets to know a person, he’d be serious about making it work and looking past any sort of differences.

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