(I’ve been dreaming about making a scenario about this boy’s lips lmao)

You were addicted.

 Whenever he talked or ate, you couldn’t take your eyes off those luscious lips. You knew you wasn’t supposed to be having these type of thoughts but damn … why did your best friend have to have such gorgeous lips?

“What are you staring at?”

You watched the way his tongue poked out capturing the excess ice cream off his lips before you shook your head out of your trance. It was starting to become a bad idea agreeing to come to the ice cream parlor with Changsub. All the studying you were trying to get done for finals made you stressed out, so like the good friend he is he thought this would be great way to take your mind off it for a while. Instead, your mind drifted off into thinking other ways Changsub could help you relieve stress. Ways that made your body crave for it.    

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I love btob nd all but this has to stop #destroytheminions

I Love You (M+)

**Warning, this chapter contains smut! I will put all the smutty smut smut stuff in a “READ MORE” link so feel free to skip it if you’re uncomfortable with smut…**

You and Changsub walked hand in hand towards the skatepark. All you were thinking about was how thrilling skateboarding seems while Changsub couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that you’ll kiss him. Every time you look up at him and smile, you can see that he’s overthinking the kiss which makes you laugh quietly to yourself.

“Ahhh, Changsub-ah is so cute.”

“Mwo? You think I’m cute, jagiya?” He looks at you smirking as he did so. You were thinking out loud again, but you couldn’t help it. You’re so comfortable with him that sometimes you just say whatever’s on your mind. You instantly turn pink, embarrassed.

“Y-yeah… s-so what!” You stammered, sticking your tongue out at him.

He laughs at how cute you act when you’re embarrassed. Finally, you reached the skatepark. Changsub propped the skateboard down and held out his hand for you to hold to steady yourself when you get on the skateboard. You knew how to ride a skateboard but you didn’t want to let Changsub’s efforts go to waste so you took his hand.

“Jagiya, be careful!” The skateboard only moved a centimeter and he’s already so worried.

“Baby, I’m fine. I can do this!” He turned pink again. It was the first time you called him baby and you knew it would get him to be quiet. You laughed quietly to yourself again knowing the effect you have on him.

“O-okay. Well, let me hold you while you move on the skateboard. I don’t want you to lose balance.” He held your hands and pulled them gently so that you glided on the skateboard.

“Baby, teach me how to Ollie.” You said it again, and once again, his face was painted red.

“Um, uh, that trick is a little hard, jagiya. I don’t know if I should teach it to you…”

“Babyyyyyyyy~!” You did a little aegyo, lightly tapping his chest to get him to cave in. “At least show me how an Ollie is done, then!”

He nodded and you got off the skateboard to let him use it. He demonstrated an Ollie, and you were analyzing every step. You’re actually really good at learning and you can copy almost any movement. This is why you learned guitar so easily. You watch others play guitar and mimicked it until you perfected it.

He finished his demonstration and got off the skateboard. Without his notice, you ran to the skateboard and started gliding on it like a professional. You rode the skateboard around and then ollied in front of him. His eyes have never opened so wide. You skid the skateboard in front of him to stop, got off and leaned in close to his face.

“Actually, I know how to skateboard really well. I also learn really quickly. All I needed was for you to show me.” You winked at him.

I think… I’m in love. He thought.

You stared into his eyes as he looked back into yours. Your smile faded as you stare from his eyes to his lips and your own lips gradually get closer and closer to his. Your heart was beating so fast, you swear that he could hear it, too.

You bite your lip, anticipating what it will feel like to kiss him and without thinking another thought, you closed your eyes and tip toed up to kiss his soft lips. You feel his hands rub up your arms, to your shoulders, and eventually caressed your face as he pulled you in for a deeper kiss. You’ve dated before and kissed before but not once have you ever felt like this. You feel lightweight, as if you would float away if it weren’t for him holding you down. You didn’t want this kiss to end but you slowly pull away, eyes slowly opening back up to look back at him. His eyes doing the same.

That kiss told you everything you needed to know. You just knew. Deep in your heart you knew that there is no one else. He is all that you need.

And he was feeling the same. The kiss confirming his previous thought. He loved you. And you loved him.

He smiled at you and you smiled back at him.

“Would you like to come over to my apartment for dinner, Changsub-ah?”

“I would love to.”

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