My charm is my round eyes that turn into a half moon when I smile. Even the youngest Sungjae who has about the same aegyo agreed too. I lost 18kg. Back then I was really fat. After I became a trainee I was surprised to see myself changing to the point I couldn’t recognize myself. It was hard, but my clothes size got smaller and my face was changing too and I eventually found it to be fun. I want to lose more of my cheek fat. Even though it make me look young, I think it looks bigger on the camera. After starting activities I’m not doing any special diets, but when I can I try not to eat at night.  I am still not comfortable with clothes that are a tight fit on me. If I lose a little more weight I want to wear skinny jeans with a well tailored jacket. (x)

This is just one of the many interviews where he mentions his weight but it’s the one who made me understand him the most and after I read it I asked myself “Does it really matter? Does weight define a person?” but those were stupid questions because no, it doesn’t and people should know that. People should know that this guy right here has so much to offer with his enormous talent, his cheerfulness and his 4D personality that could brighten up even the saddest person on Earth.
This is Lee Changsub, a truly amazing and special boy who inspires me everyday.

9 reasons why I (and we should all) love Lee Changseob.

Happy birthday to the weird king of BTOB, Lee Changseob. Thank you for being, well, you. Over the 2 years that I have been with BTOB, there was never a day where you made me laugh until my tummy hurt. There was never a day where I watched BTOB videos and wanted to face-palm myself. There was never a day where I catch myself smiling like an idiot because of you. Your bright and shining personality is one of the many things about you that I admire deeply, so please, don't stop acting like yourself. Even when you and the other members are facing hard times, don't stop smiling; don't stop cracking jokes; don't stop loving us Melodies.

Be it the past, present or future, I will always love you, Lee Changseob.