(I’ve been dreaming about making a scenario about this boy’s lips lmao)

You were addicted.

 Whenever he talked or ate, you couldn’t take your eyes off those luscious lips. You knew you wasn’t supposed to be having these type of thoughts but damn … why did your best friend have to have such gorgeous lips?

“What are you staring at?”

You watched the way his tongue poked out capturing the excess ice cream off his lips before you shook your head out of your trance. It was starting to become a bad idea agreeing to come to the ice cream parlor with Changsub. All the studying you were trying to get done for finals made you stressed out, so like the good friend he is he thought this would be great way to take your mind off it for a while. Instead, your mind drifted off into thinking other ways Changsub could help you relieve stress. Ways that made your body crave for it.    

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btob debuted 5 years ago and i’m in tears bc i was there at the start and i will be there until the end, and while i may not be as active a melody as i was before, i will still be there, watching as the fandom grows and evolves.

i see younger kids freaking out about how hot sungjae looks in goblin, and i can only laugh because i know exactly how hard his head is (harder than a watermelon) and exactly how he looks when his face pressed against cling wrap.

newer fans drooling over changsub’s abs and ilhoon’s jawline, citing them as the reason why they got into btob, but i was there when minhyuk was the only one who boasted abs and ilhoon’s face was still mandu-like and adorable.

it’s even funnier to see people viciously defending minhyuk’s status as a born-and-bred rapper when five years ago, he had both singing and rapping parts in btob’s songs.

but these are all facets of a growing fandom, with new melodies adding to the beautiful song. there is no other fandom i would rather be part of, because which other fandom would be able to love and defend eunkwang as staunchly as we do, when trolls try to bring him down? who else would send peniel words of encouragement every day, and bestow endless compliments on hyunsik’s singing?

it’s my fifth spring with btob this year, but when i listen to Insane, it’s like spending that first year with them again.

thank you, btob, for giving us the chance to see you as you are, and for giving thousands of people a reason to smile every day. thank you for working as hard as you have but also remembering to prioritise yourselves above us, because your health and happiness is infinitely more important than anything else.

happy fifth anniversary, and here’s wishing for many more with you.

BTOB Changsub - First Kiss

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  • you and Changsub are really good friends
  • you hang out a lot
  • one day, you decide to wander around the town together
  • you are joking around as always
  • you grow tired of walking so you decide to sit on a fence nearby
  • there are no people around
  • although Changsub keeps on cracking jokes, he seems a bit… nervous?
  • he is sweating a bit
  • but it is hot outside anyway, so you don’t think about it that much
  • his gaze is always either on your lips or your eyes
  • the sun is setting
  • “Now’s my chance“ he thinks
  • he waited so long for this
  • A Brand New Day, a brand new him
  • today he feels brave enough to do it
  • “Hey, Y/N, look there!“
  • you look in the direction he pointed
  • when you turn again to face him, he comes close to you but loses his balance
  • he falls off the fence
  • you start giggling, now being completely clear what he was attempting to do
  • “You can try again if you want to.“ you tell him
  • he sits again on the fence and points you to look in another direction
  • when you turn your head again to face him his lips crush into yours successfully
  • is kinda rough at the beginning because he was desperately trying not to fall again
  • plus he held back so much
  • his kiss becomes passionate, but sweet
  • it doesn’t last that long
  • you break the kiss and get off the fence
  • he’s a smiling mess
  • you smirk at him, tug at the collar of his shirt
  • you bring him close to you and start kissing again
  • you are the one who turns it into a french kiss
  • he’s surprinsed af
  • but he doesn’t mind it
  • he is so hungry for your lips, for you
  • your kiss turns into a makeout session in the middle of the street
  • at some point you break from the kiss and decide to head home
  • maybe even talk about your future together?
  • Happy Ever After