Marry Me

It was the afternoons, two days before the concert at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. Changmin was practicing his solo part and you were just sitting in the dance studio admiring your boyfriend. Why is he so dreamy when he dances? You ask yourself as you smile more and more at the way he moves. His voice. GAH! That high note. It’s so beautiful. The more you continue watching, the more you fan-girl. I wish he was my boyfriend. You dreamily thought but then realized what you had said. Wait…he is my boyfriend. You giggle at your silliness.

Once Changmin finished his solo practice you clapped loudly. Changmin turns towards you and smile at you and makes his way towards your direction. Once he arrives, you stand up and hand him a bottle of water. “How was it?” He questions, curious of your opinion.

“It was wonderful!” You smile at the thought of his performance. “But is this going to be something similar to Just the Way You Are?” You thoughtfully think back to how the performance was during the SM Town tours. “There’s going to be a girl from the audience handpicked? You’re going to sing this song to her?” You bomber him with questions. Changmin just looks at you and slightly smile. “You….” You suddenly startle him after being quiet for a while. You had your finger pointing at him and stabbing his tone chest. “Stop playing with girls hearts!” You exclaim.

Changmin looks at you perplex. Confused at what you were implying. “What?” He utters out.

You only sigh at him. “Do you know how many girls you and Kyuhyun destroyed when you guys performed that song?” you pout. “I feel so sorry for them. Only toyed for a while and then sent off back into the crowd.”

“But you enjoyed the performance!” He exclaims. “Didn’t you say you felt at giggy when the girls sat there with nervousness and waiting for us to approach them?”

“Well…” You thought for a while. I need to make a good comeback… “I felt happy that they get to meet you two but now I feel super-duper sorry for them. They were used like props.”

 Changmin just smiles at you and your thoughtfulness. Well that is why I love her. “Whatever. Just enjoy the performance later this weekend.”

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How Far We've Come - Part 1 [Changmin]

gif credit: boks

From DBscenariosSK: This is for anon! Stay tuned for part 2 and 3! 

Three days prior:

You got into Changmin’s car and buried your face into your hands out of frustration. Changmin angrily sat in the driver’s side, making you jump when he slammed the door. You cautiously peeked at him from between your fingers while he violently backed out of the parking lot. His knuckles were white from gripping the steering wheel so tightly as he seethed in his seat. 

You couldn’t believe that yet another date had been ruined. You dreaded the pattern the two of you were falling into in which a thoughtless remark led to misunderstandings and bickering.

More often than not, you had no idea why the two of you were fighting in the first place. You often wondered if it was possible to love and hate someone so much at the same time. Tonight was no different.

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Changmin: Engrish (requested by anon)
External image

“Oppa, repeat after me, araso? Today, I was late for work, so I had to hurry,” you recited in perfect English.

Changmin, with a concentrated expression, tried to make his mouth form the words. “Todeh I wassu lateu por werk so I head teu hulli,” he said carefully and looked at you afterward with a hopeful expression.

You bit your lip in attempt to not laugh at him, but his English really was funny. He managed to say the words, but it sounded as if he had a mouth full of rice. 

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Siwon- Darkstar (Pt. 4): I Got You, Little Runaway

You were walking back and forth. Damnit, why was it so hard to just get the fingerprints and go? Why did you feel so protective of your worst enemy? 

Well, you know what they say keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.

No. There just had to be a different way to get your freedom. There had to be some kind of method to just put in your name in the database and click! it’s like you had never even existed. 

There were no skeletons in the closet, nor would there be chains and shackles to hold you back. 


It dawned on you who could help you out of this situation. Shim  Changmin. The CEO of the number one computer software. The company controls all of the software in this city. Maybe, there was a way that Changmin could find a way to help you out. After all, you did help him out framing other companies for embezzlement. 


“Hyung, are you sure this will work out? Can we trust him?" Changmin inquired suspicious of whatever kind of plan they were conspiring. 

"Yah,"Yunho hissed after taking a long sip of bourbon. ”When have I ever been wrong? This guy is the reckoning… That company will be nothing, but ashes. And we’ll have everything we want and more.“ 

"Arraso!" Changmin clapped his hands together loudly.

Changmin arose and opened the french doors to the other grande room. "Hey why don’t we get some girls in this place?”

“Be careful what you wish for." 

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Changmin/Reader- Here comes the bride

It’s your wedding day. Congratulations, you get to marry one of the members of TVXQ, but not just any member, the snarky maknae, Shim Changmin.

For Brittneymccray, thanks for requesting my dear! Sorry this one took so long. I spent a lot of time trying to imagine the perfect wedding with Changmin.

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Phone call

TVXQ, Changmin

Genre: Fluff

Length: 1348 words

Summary: Second part to the concert scenario.

You fixed his phone number written on the ball for more than a minute. Was it really his phone number? It didn’t seem real. Should you try calling? But it was late…  And you weren’t even sure if it was his number. Anyway, you were way too shy to call. Seriously, you just didn’t know what to think anymore, so you decided to go to bed. Tomorrow, you would call.

It wasn’t as easy as you thought it would be. It has been already an hour you were on your bed, your cell phone in your hand, wondering if you should call. “What should I do?” You asked yourself, looking at his number in your contact. The view of a contact named Changmin in your cell phone made you giggle. Now, it was the time. You pressed the called button and pressed your cell phone against your ears. It rang one time and your heart skipped a beat. You suddenly hanged up. How could you do this? You didn’t even know what to say. You rolled on your bed, not knowing what to do. It was stupid to call. You wouldn’t do it. It was stupid to think he could be interested in you anyway. You put away your cell phone and sighed. But what if he really was interested in you? You grabbed your cell phone back and pressed the call button once again. This time, you would wait for an answer. Or not. After the second ring, you hanged up. You were so nervous. You let out an irritated scream. Ok this time, you really had to talk to someone. You sat on your bed, pressed the call button and wait. One ring, two ring.

Hello?” It was his voice. Maybe. You weren’t even sure, but you heart was racing in your chest.

“He……Hello I… I am…” You couldn’t do it anymore and you hanged up. Oh my god. What did you just do? “Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!” You hit your bed in frustration. Why were you so stupid? You hanged up on Changmin. How could you even do that? Well, you weren’t even sure if it was him. It did sound like his voice, but you couldn’t be sure at 100%. You really had to call again to say sorry. Ok, this time, it was the good one. You called and waited. This time, he answered after the first ring.

 “Hello?” “Hello… I’m… I just called and hum… I’m sorry. And…”

Are you the girl from the concert?” Your heart skipped a beat again. So, it was really Changmin. You nodded before you realize he couldn’t see you.

“Yes, it’s me.” He let out a sighed. “Ah~ I thought you would never call!” You couldn’t answer because you were too shocked. “Oh, I’m Changmin by the way.” He said. It was rather awkward. “I know.” You answered. He laughed a bit.

 “Thanks for calling me.” He said suddenly. You were about to answer when you heard a familiar voice in the background. “Changmin, is that her?” You heard a small “shh” and you tried your best not to laugh. You could totally imagined Changmin’s death stare at Yunho.

“Why did you give me your phone number?” You suddenly asked. He didn’t answer immediately and it made you nervous. You were about to say sorry and hang up when he answered.

I don’t know. I just really liked your smile.” Your cheeks turned red and you had to stop yourself from screaming.  “What is your name?” You told him your name.

So, __________-ah… I know it may be weird but… I really want to know you. Do you want to go out with me someday?” You couldn’t help the big grin that was on your face. “I’d be a pleasure!” “Then, I’ll call you soon!” “I’ll wait for you call!” “Ok, then, good night, see you later” “Bye!” After you hanged up, you realized that your hands were actually shaking. You dropped your cell phone on your bed, get up and screamed. How could this possibly happen?


You didn’t call yesterday. May be it wasn’t a good idea to give you his phone number. May be you didn’t care about him. He didn’t know what to do with his life anymore. He was sitting on the couch in his dorm and Yunho was currently laughing at him being so hopeless.

“You should stop worrying. I’m sure she’ll call. Who wouldn’t call the great Choikang Changmin?”

 “Maybe she’s too shy to call.”

“Yeah, that’s a possibility.”

Thanks for helping me hyung.” He answered sarcastically.  Yunho went to shower while Changmin stayed there not knowing what he should do. He was worried he didn’t give you the ball with his cell phone number or that someone stole the ball from you or that you gave his phone numbers to others fans. Suddenly, he heard his ringtone and his heart skipped a beat. He jumped off the couch and went to get his cell phone he had left on the table. When he arrived there, the phone had stopped ringing. He looked at the number. It was an unknown number. Was it you? He let out a sigh and went back to the couch. A few minutes later, it rang again. Did you give his number to fans? He grabbed the cell phone and answered, but you had already hanged up. It was frustrating. Should he call to know if it was really you? The phone rang again and he looked at the number. It was the same one as the two last calls.

Hello?” He heard a small voice. Was it you? He didn’t know how your voice sounded. Before he could say anything else, you had hanged up. He stared at his cell phone for a second.

What?” Suddenly, the phone rang again and he answered immediately. “Hello?”  

“Hello… I’m… I just called and hum… I’m sorry. And…” ““Are you the girl from the concert?” He asked. He wanted to make sure it was really you.

“Yes, it’s me.” He sighed without even realizing it. He was relieved it was really you. “Ah~ I thought you would never call!” He said without thinking about it too much. It was only the truth though. “Oh, I’m Changmin by the way.” He knew you knew, but he didn’t know what to say. It was a bit awkward. How could he say that you made his heart flutters each time he saw you during the concert? “I know.” He laughed. It did say something stupid, but he really wanted to hear your voice.

Thanks for calling me.” He said when Yunho get out of the bathroom. “Is that her?” He sent him a death stare and “shh” at him. Yunho laughed as he entered his bedroom.  Why did he have to ask now? He would pay for it later.

“Why did you give me your phone number?” You asked suddenly and he felt a bit shy. He didn’t know how to tell you.

I don’t know. I just really liked your smile.” He said after a while. “What is your name?” He asked because he didn’t know it yet. You told him your name and he smiled. It sounds good in his ear. And it fits you perfectly. It was now the time to asked you what he really wanted to know.

So, __________-ah… I know it may be weird but… I really want to know you. Do you want to go out with me someday?” His heart was pounding in his chest. What if you say no? “I’d be a pleasure!” He tried not to scream of happiness. “Then, I’ll call you soon!” “I’ll wait for you call!” “Okay, then, good night, see you later” “Bye!”

 He hanged up and looked at his phone. He was so happy that he screamed a “yes!” out loud. Yunho exited his room. “Stop smiling like an idiot.” He said, laughing. Changmin wasn’t even frustrated for what he did earlier. He only smiled at him and Yunho laughed. “I told you she would call.”

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I request A Changmin scenario where he falls in love with you and tries to get you to notice him by doing different things that just end up embarrassing him infront of you? I would like a happy ending thanks!

hi i’m sorry i took me so long, you must have waited a long time and i’m so sorry! i finally managed to write your request so i hope you’ll like it a lot ^^ i try to make it cute and fluffy :)

[Positive mind]

You waited patiently for your turn to go on stage, resting against a metal bar, uncomfortable. It was not your first time as an interpreter, you had worked for a trade-exchange firm and had attented to many conventions. On the other hand, it was your first time working for a kpop band, saying you were troubled was an euphemism: you were beyond frightened. You had to stand in front of a whole crowd, translating for them, you had experienced this, but not in front of 10.000 chinese fans. 

Loud music was played for few minutes, onset of the concert started and you could clearly fans screaming, singing, you watched nervously but marveled by such powers music has. A staff member came up to you, squired you at the stage entrance. You gulped, tensed and got up, behind two idols, two men who were focused on the crowd, your presence remained unnoticed until you were needed. 

You met their eyes, one smiled at you while the other’s face unchanged, as if frozen. Both were handsome, tall with broad and sturdy muscles, hair perfectly fixed and their skin were china-look alike. 

Changmin was bewildered at your sight. Usually, their interpreters were older women, with husbands and probably childrens, but you looked so young, so youthful. He couldn’t point out a distinctive feature he favored the more, he just knew he liked you: you seemed friendly, you exude confidence but bashfulness, it felt refreshing, new

However, when the concert ended, although you lingered at the place, your attention sticked to Yunho, and Changmin felt a tip of jealousy, hovering on his heart. Why weren’t you paying attention to him? He pursud up his lips, pulled a face while sending a glare in your direction; not to you but Yunho.

His glare made you ill-at-ease, you bit your lips in confusion and you reminded yourself to stay away from that Changmin, as Yunho, the one who smiled, called you.

Keeping an eye on you, Changmin sat, waiting for a make-up artist to remove his make-up. However still grumpy, he unwittingly missed those clothes, spread out on the floor, tripped on them, and almost fell down, still spilling a bottle of water on him. Noises caught your attention, you gazed at Changmin, rumbling, water all over his chest; oh how good looking he was, disclosing a clear view of his well-defined abs. 

You swore you heard him curse, you suppressed a giggle at his curse, a swore you often tell yourself when you bumped your feet into a chair, or your waist into a table; a habit you unfortunately have.  You watched him wane help from the stylists and exit out of the room. 

A short moment later, you excused yourself from Yunho and steered to the restroom, Changmin hadn’t showed up since the incident, so it was a surprise to find him sitting against the restroom’s door, in an empty corridor. He was still mumbling incoherent sentences, too discreet for you to hear so you coughed lightly to draw his attention to you. He tripped while standing up, you suppressed a giggle at his clumsiness. ” You must think I’m stupid, right?”

His sudden speaking made your eyes widen and your head shoot up in surprise.  Your eyebrows frowned, confused at his inexpressive face until he scratched the back of his neck, large round of pink appearing on his cheeks. ” No, I don’t. ” You said, evenly which caused him to blush harder. 

“Not even when I dropped cake on your shoes?” He whispered, and you wondered if he was ashamed? You smiled at the memory, it was true you were a little bit irritated: they were celebrating DBSK’s anniversary, and Changmin, while chasing Yunho, had dropped whipped cream and cake on your new heels. However, the look on his face  had you change your mind quickly.

“Oh, but I already forgave!” You said, waving your hands frantically to assure it was okay, guilt showing on his face. “ It was an accident, it is okay,” you added, smiling. 

All of a sudden, a staff member, who you thought was his manager, called him, and you remember both of you had different duties. Crestfallen, you turned to him and saw his contrite expression, which made you smile a bit. ” I’ll..see you later then. ” He said, as he followed his manager and your heart fluttered when he turned back to show you a slight smile, curving on his face.         You only met him few days later, for yet, another concert you would be an interpreeter. Circumstances were different, you were less anxious, more at ease and you could feel a small game between you and Changmin, who had glanced at you many times during the show, a playful gaze in his eyes.    “I..I have always a corkscrew, a sewing kit in my bad. ” You jumped at his voice so close to you. You looked at him, confused but smiling at his sudden weird confession. Few staff members laughed along his confession, growing a blush on Changmin’s face, as he walked away from you.   “I also like midnight snacks. " 

During a week, he carried on small confessions, leaving you perplexed. On the third day, he had stucked a slice of an orange in his mouth, thus giving me orange tooth when he smiled brightly at him. The morning after, he showed up without shirt at your hotel room, thinking it was his manager’s.  You couldn’t tell if he was really clumsy, trying to be embarassing or just being really unlucky, but his actions occured to turn out ridiculous every time, and you could definitely tell he was flustered and abased. So were you, because rather than being ludicrous, he was being absolutely adorable and you found yourself adoring him more and more.    It was only on your last day that things finally turned good for both of you. You oddly found him, sitting against a door - again. You sat next to him, silent. Noiseless, you curiously studied his face, and oh god, he looked handsome and elegant in his stage suit. ” It’s my last day..” You said, apprehensive.  "You won’t have to see him being such an idiot, then..” He mumped, avoiding your eyes.  You sighed, grinning and leaning on his shoulder. You heard him gasp, but you remained still in the same position, staring at his large hands, enclosed together, his veins showing. “Does this mean you don’t think I’m stupid?” “Never,” You said, meeting his gaze. Time seemed to slow down when he leaned closer to you, bringing his hands to your face while his eyes fixed your pink lips, shining thanks to your glossy lipstick. “You’re even cuter” You dare to breath, before he smirked, sealing your lips with his. 

When he pulled away, you almost whined at the loss. But it wasn’t long before he kissed you again, his tongue licking your lips before he trailed several kisses on your cheeks. “Thank you for thinking so positive.” He whispered, linking his fingers with yours.
~I’m glad~

“Oh~ another cutie!” You squealed happily after another cute man walks by pass you.

“Yah! Can you just stop drooling on man?” Smiling, you turn your gaze to the person beside you.

“Why cant I? Its not like I have a boyfriend.” You stick out your tongue to him and keep on drooling when you spotted a hot man this time making Changmin frustrated and walks faster leaving you behind.

You laughed at his childishness. Everybody knew you have crush on this monster eater but maybe he is too dense too realize that you liking him.

“Yah! Wait for me!” You run after him.

Finally after you can pick up his pace, you hold his wrist which making he stop.

“What?!” He snapped at you.

“Why are you angry? Its not you never seen me drooling over man.” You poke his cheeks just to gain another fierce glare.

“Okay okay…I will leave you alone.” You rolls your eyes and started to walks but shocked when you feel your wrist being yanked away by him making your turn around slightly.

Your eyes widen when Changmin crashed his lips on your.

“Don’t look on another man!” He murmurs.

You nodded.

“Just look at me and only me!”  He murmurs again.

You nodded.

“This is my first kiss.” Your murmur while your lips with him are still intact.

“And I’m glad I’m the one who stole it away.”

Changmin: Let Me Protect You (requested by anon)
External image

He was so easily fooled, your Changmin. He never questioned why you wore so many bracelets on each arm or why you wore long-sleeved shirts all of the time. You stopped wearing all of the pretty dresses in your closet, but he thought it was just because your style was changing. And it was, but not for the reasons he thought.

In reality, you hated yourself for everything you couldn’t be for him.

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Changmin Scenario - Stress (Admin L)

Hey guys!

I haven’t updated in a while. I think it’s just because I’m lazy.

However this scenario just came to me. There will probably be a lot of mistakes because I haven’t sent it to my editor (she is amazing). So I apologise in advance.

Also hopefully this makes sense. After all I am writing this at 1:42 am. 

Description: You knew Changmin had been stressed out lately. Especially with the comebacks and tour. However he didn’t need to take it out on you. 

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Changmin: Break up but you end up with someone else..

* The someone else is an idol ( Kevin Woo )   i’m not gunna go into the massive. Omg it’s so unrealistic thing because it’s happening sorry.

Also I can’t remember if it was for a different Changmin but I did DBSK c:


“Maybe you shouldn’t have been so controlling!” He yelled. 
“Don’t you dare turn this around on me. You’re the one who slept with her!” You screamed back. He squeezed his eyes shut and ran his fingers through his hair as the memories came flooding back.

You had walked in from a night shift to your apartment, which you shared with Changmin. You slipped off your shoes quietly in case he was asleep and wondered over to the bedroom. You pushed the door open lightly and there you saw him with some tarty looking woman, both naked. In your bed. You slammed the door shut and slept on the sofa.

“It was just a mistake!” He protested. You were having none of it.
“No Changmin. No. Buying the wrong brand bread or getting the time wrong is a mistake. What you did was far more than that.” You said bluntly as you lifted your suitcase onto the floor before opening a travel bag and beginning to put your toiletries in there.
“I said I was sorry! A million times! I didn’t mean for it to happen. I swear.” His eyes were beginning to water You let out a cold laugh and pushed your travel bag onto your shoulder. You turned to him.
“Then why did you let it?” You brushed past him and opened up the front door.
“Don’t go, we can work things out.”
“Bye.” You closed the door and looked to your right. Kevin stood up from his position where he was leaning on the wall and gave you a smile.
“You left then?” You nodded slowly and glanced back at your door.
“For good.” You declared.
“Thanks for letting me stay at yours until I get myself sorted.”
“It’s no trouble, you’re my best friend. Of course I’d let you stay. Here - let me take that.” He took your suitcase from your hands and lead you down the stairs to the car parked outside.

Changmin peeked through his now shut blinds and saw the two of you load Kevin’s car up and get into it. He tucked his fingers into his palms and slumped on the sofa.

A fair few months passed and you were still at Kevin’s, he insisted you stayed. He said it’d be empty otherwise. You two were having your fortnightly take-away night in.
“I’m back!” He chimed as he came into the living room and joined you on the floor where you were turning the TV on. You smiled and spread the dishes along the floor. You were both enjoying your food  when your phone buzzed for the 5th time today. It was Changmin. He’d been texting you everyday since you left, explaining how sorry he was and it didn’t look like he was giving up any time soon. 
“That’s him isn’t it?” Kevin asked with a mouthful of food.
“Maybe I should give him another chance.” Kevin slammed his chopsticks down.
“What are you? Stupid? Don’t do that. He’ll only hurt you again.” His voice was raised slightly. You looked at him and tilted your head.
“You never kn-” He kissed you. Just like that You quickly separated and his eyes widened at the shock of what he just done. You had the exact same expression.
“I, um. I-. You wont go back to him will you?” He became very shy all of the sudden. You didn’t take a second to hesitate.
“No.” You said softly, he smiled and moved closer to you again, kissing you once more.

Another few months passed and you’d quickly became a permanent resident in his house. You hadn’t told Changmin. You were in the back of the band’s minibus on the way to the show they were due to perform on. You’d arrived via the back and they were busy getting ready. 
“I’m going to go to the toilet.”
“Can you get me a bottle of water when you pass them please?” Hoon asked nicely. You nodded and left for the toilets. You were halfway down the corridor when Kevin caught up with you.
“They’ve changed where the toilets are, i’ll take you.” He lead you by your hand, as you turned the corner you bumped into someone.
“___-ah..?” It was Changmin. 
“What are you doing here?” He was almost speechless, part of him thought you were back here for him, the other was wondering why on earth you were here in the first place. You went to reply when you saw his eyes slowly drift down to yours and Kevin’s hands. He looked back up at you both, his eyes constantly switching from the both of you. 

“How long?”
“3 Months. I was going to tell you but-” He gave you the same look he had when he told you it was a mistake. 
“Well I hope you two have a good relationship..” He gave you both a slight smile and spun on heels, walking away and didn’t look back. Kevin pulled you into him.
“He’ll get over this soon.” He soothed, he knew how bad you felt.
“I hope so.” You sighed.
“You’re happy aren’t you, with me?” Kevin lifted your chin slightly, that’s when Changmin looked back. He’d heard his question and waited for the reply. You saw him from the corner of your eye. You nodded.
“I’m happy.” He smiled at you, kissing your forehead then your lips.
“I love you.” He whispered as you hugged him again.
“I love you too.” You closed your eyes as your head was dug into his chest. Changmin bit his lip, holding back the tears. Yunho stood next to him.
“She’s happy. That’s what you wanted right?” He placed a hand on his shoulder.
“Yeah.” Changmin agreed quietly. He took one last glance at the two of you before opening the door to the stage entrance and closing it firmly behind him.


Hate or Love Part 4

TVXQ, Changmin

Serie: Hate or Love

A small buzzing sound made you jumped on your chair. You lift your head and looked at your phone on your bed. You looked back at your homework and back at your cell phone. Without much hesitation, you left your homework to jump on your bed to take a look at your phone. 

Do you want to meet next week? I got free time next Wednesday! What about going to a karaoke? I remembered you said about wanting to go. ~

You smiled without realizing it. How could you say no when you wanted to see him for weeks now. Max was always really busy, but you were always texting each other a lot. It seems like you were always together. You typed an answer quickly. Of course, you were free for him.  And you were already excited for Wednesday.


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Changmin Thief Scenario: 'I'm... Not That Man When I'm With You' Part 8 Finale

*So, it didn’t turn out as well as I hoped but I still think it’s kind of a cute ending for the series ^^ SO, PLEASE ENJOY!!!!!!! And thank you to everyone who has been following along with the series.*

~ Admin Special

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anonymous asked:

what would Jaejoong, Changmin and Yunho do if he see that some guy try sexual harassment to his girlfriend?

Jaejoong is the definition of protective, but he also doesn’t like physical confrontation. If he saw some guy grabbing your ass in public, he would swoop in to passive aggressively let the dude know who you really belong to. Jaejoong would quickly come in and wrap an arm around your waist and pull you close to him, pecking your shoulder or neck gently as a mark of his territory. It would be just enough of a ‘fuck you, she’s mine’ to make the harasser step back.

Changmin, out of all of the DBSK members, is the one who would get physical with a guy who was sexually harassing his girlfriend. Changmin is extremely protective of a girlfriend and to know that another man was doing something sexual to you, something that only HE could do to you, would infuriate him. I don’t think he would get into a full-blown fist fight, but definitely something like shoving a guy’s shoulders back and shit-talking to show him who’s boss.

Yunho wouldn’t let his anger make him act violently. He isn’t the type of person to act out immaturely, even in such an enraging situation. Inside, Yunho would be fuming, but he would confront the guy (in a not-so-nice tone) and let him know that if he ever tried anything sexual on his girlfriend ever again, he would get his ass knocked down a few rungs.

- Admin J

anonymous asked:

hi, could you do a jyj+tvxq (if not just jyj) reaction to coming home and catching you looking at your stomach in the mirror from different angles to see if it got any bigger (you were in the first trimester of your pregnancy)

Yunho: He’d come up from behind you and slide his hands onto your stomach. “Our baby is right in there waiting to come out.”

Jaejoong: From the doorway he’d joke about you getting fat, but then he’d come give you a hug. “You’re beautiful when you’re pregnant.” Weirdo.

Junsu: He’d duck down in front of you and start rubbing at your belly. “Come quickly so your mommy and daddy can spoil you.”

Yoochun: He’d stand in front of you and he’d lift his shirt to, acting like you. “Do you think I’m getting fat?”

Changmin: He’d pull down your shirt and pull you into a hug.”Be patient with our baby. I’ll have to start sharing you soon.”

My Top Five: (Male) Golden Maknae’s

What are the qualifications of a Golden Maknae?

Now- I know what you’re thinking- a golden maknae means that they are a triple threat; Singing, Dancing, Rapping/Variety, being the tallest…ect… But we all know it goes a little deeper than that- 

Golden Maknae’s Must: 

  1. Give off a believable allusion of the sexy concept 
  2. Have the leader wrapped around their finger 
  3. Actually be a dork… 

1.Seungri - BigBang 

  • Singer/Dancer/Actor
  • Variety Star (Korea + Japan) 
  • Speaks: Korean, Japanese and English 
  • Successful solo career 
  • Gets to hang out with BigBang… 

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Sexy Concept ;)

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Has the Leader wrapped around their finger 

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I was kidding about the sexy concept… 

2.Changmin - TVXQ!

  • Singer/Dancer/Actor/Rapper 
  • One of the most notable Idol stars in all Korea 
  • Extremely Sassy 

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Sexy and tall <3 

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3. Taemin - SHINee 

  • Singer/Dancer 
  • Successful Solo Career 
  • Look at as on of the best dancers in Korean- if not the world- 

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Are you even real? 

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I don’t even ship these two… 

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I can’t even explain this… 

4. P.O - Block B 

  • Singer/Dancer/Rapper 
  • One of the most notable voices in Kpop 
  • Comes from an extremely successful family 
  • Lead Rapper in Block B sub group Bastarz

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Oh these two… 

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5. Jungkook - BTS 

  • Singer/Dancer/Rapper 
  • Lyricist 
  • Specializes in confusing the Noonas… 

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Slayy maknae slayyy

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Kookie Monster <3 

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Stay strong maknae- stay strong- 

Changmin: Beautiful (Rated) (requested by anon)
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Changmin couldn’t ignore your quiet mood any longer. On a normal day, when you had free time, you’d blast music as loud as you could and dance around the apartment. You’d sing and have fun because that was your personality, fun-loving and bubbly. But not lately.

Lately, you’d been quiet and reserved, even distant. When Changmin put on your absolute favorite dancing song and did a silly dance for you, you simply looked up at him, smiled politely, and returned to the magazine you were flipping through. That was the final straw.

Changmin turned off the music and snatched the magazine from your hands. He was concerned because this was not the girl he fell in love with. “What’s going on, ____?”

With furrowed eyebrows and pursed lips, you stared down at your lap. That was your sad face. You were trying not to cry.

Changmin dropped to his knees and rested a hand on your thigh, the other on your cheek. “Who did it?” He was a protective boyfriend and he would handle anything, or anyone, that hurt you.

“No one did anything,” you whimpered. “I…I just…am I pretty enough for you, Changmin?”

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