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Changmin: Beautiful (Rated) (requested by anon)
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Changmin couldn’t ignore your quiet mood any longer. On a normal day, when you had free time, you’d blast music as loud as you could and dance around the apartment. You’d sing and have fun because that was your personality, fun-loving and bubbly. But not lately.

Lately, you’d been quiet and reserved, even distant. When Changmin put on your absolute favorite dancing song and did a silly dance for you, you simply looked up at him, smiled politely, and returned to the magazine you were flipping through. That was the final straw.

Changmin turned off the music and snatched the magazine from your hands. He was concerned because this was not the girl he fell in love with. “What’s going on, ____?”

With furrowed eyebrows and pursed lips, you stared down at your lap. That was your sad face. You were trying not to cry.

Changmin dropped to his knees and rested a hand on your thigh, the other on your cheek. “Who did it?” He was a protective boyfriend and he would handle anything, or anyone, that hurt you.

“No one did anything,” you whimpered. “I…I just…am I pretty enough for you, Changmin?”

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