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TVXQ ask: Do you have any gifs/videos where the guys are doing solo activities but mention each other?

Oh Anonnie, they can’t shut up about each other:

here are a few examples:

Yunho mentioning Changmin:

- Yunho while recording his solo MV

- Yunho in ‘Night Watchman’ interview 

- Yunho during his military performance

- Yunho during another ‘Night watchman’ interview [vid]

- Yunho in ‘I order you’ interview

- Yunho during his solo radio show KBS2 FM

Changmin mentioning Yunho:

- Changmin in his Grazia Magazine interview

- Changmin in ‘Scholar who walks the night’ interview

- Chagmin in another ‘Scholar who walks the night’ interview

- Changmin during his solo SMTown Osaka stage 

- Changmin in yet another ‘Scholar who walks the night’ interview

- Changmin in his interview with Red Velvet


[151019] Kyuhyun as Special DJ on MelOn Radio - Phone call to Changmin 
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What are the reasons TVXQ duo could be your bias? Not another idols? Thankyou! I luv your blog! Very muchh!

Hi ^_^ I’ll answer both questions together, cuz it’s basically the same thing, I hope it’s fine ^^

I’m thinking about how to answer this for two days now, and i still don’t have the perfect way. Because the answer is very simple like ‘because they are perfect to me’, but also very complicated, and im not sure if I can do it very coherently…And it’s gonna be long and chaotic.

So, why do I love TVXQ…

So, first of all - for the music. So simple XD It’s what caught my attention first and it keeps me still interested. I love how diverse their music is, how they are not afraid of trying new styles and genres, and yet they are able to keep their unique sound - you just can’t confuse their music with no other group.

I love them, because they’ve never disappointed me in any way.

I love them for their work ethics, how they work so hard, never looking for excuses, always giving 200% of themselves, always putting fans first. For them always doing their best even when they are performing with the army band for a few people max.

I love them for the way they love their whole staff and treat them like their family and the staff loves them back just as much and supports them in every way even when they are away.

For the way they are trying so hard to lead a ‘normal’ life, away from all this superstar glitter world. For the way they don’t care about showing off with their fortune. For Changmin staying in simple cheap hostels during his Eurotrip.

For the way Yunho always saw the brilliant truth behind Changmin’s shyness and always believed in him like no one else did. For the way he was always there for him when Changmin was fighting with his need to escape, the way Yunho was his stepping stone and almost forced the world to see how amazing and talented Changmin is.

For the way Changmin was always Yunho’s save haven, his full-scale life support system, in good and bad.

For Changmin giving up his solo activities so he could enlist early, just to be back faster, for fans and for Yunho.

For him giving us a solo album, even tho it wasn’t something he really felt the need to do.

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[Changmin’s Solos] All Songs /OST/ Covers :

★When I First Kissed You : [x]

★Just Once : [x]

★I Love you : [x]

★I’ll get over you : [x]

★Ban Dal (Halfmoon) : [x]

★Upon This Rock : [x]

★Wild Soul : [x]

★Big Time : [x]

★Confession : [x]

★Rusty Nail : [x]

★More Than Words : [x]

★A Person Like Tears : [x]

★Just Like That : [x]

★Listen to the Sea : [x]

★Wherever Wherever :[x]

★Rock with You : [x]

★Gold Dust (eng ver): [x]

★Gold Dust (jap ver): [x]

★Wild Horse: [x]

★Because I Love You : [x]

★Heaven’s Day : [x]

★Over : [x]

★ Because I Couldn’t Say I Love You : [x]

☆☆ See Yunho’s Solo

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(1) DUDE OK IDK IF YOU'VE BEEN KEEPING UP WITH TVXQ SHIT BC U HAVE A LIFE UNLIKE ME BUT yunho released a solo album, changmin 1) got a ridiculous fake moustache in his drama, 2) broken (yunho's) rice wreath record for dramas, 3) sang bolero with kyu and chen @smtown japan, 4) passed the military police exam and is enlisting by the end of the year AND BOTH OF THEM WON'T STOP TALKING ABOUT EACH OTHER WHILE DOING SEPARATE ACTIVITIES "I'm lonely without changmin" "I feel empty without hyung"

What kills me is… Changmin’s just so fucking committed to Yunho?? I mean. To TVXW. He’s willingly sacrificing two years of his life for Yunho. …for TQQX. He deliberately took a super difficult exam with an acceptance rate of 5% so he could TIME HIS SERVICE WITH YUNHO’S. …with TXBCX’S.

Listen, I just wanna know how premeditated this was. Did Yunho lumber out of bed one morning and circle a potential date on the calendar, thinking he was alone in his apartment, and Changmin just skulked by once the sun dipped behind a cloud, and under the cloak of darkness, pressed his thumb to the number and vowed, “Your kind will never defeat me.”

Or did he legitimately think he could do four years without hyung, whatever, time is relative and men are born and die alone, and then his first solo thing happened and he was like no, nope, the EXO children are touching me, I now have no buffer it seems, I can’t do this, time out, time out.

Or did he shuffle into their old Tokyo bathroom one night, sleepy and annoyed, and see a whole mess of improperly-squeezed toothpaste and a gross wet floor and go, wow, yeah, can’t wait to not have to deal with this shit, and was then instantly gripped with unrelenting panic, standing in soggy socks and staring at Yunho’s stupid toothbrush and thinking, well fuck.

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Is it just my shippy brain or did Yunho talk a lot about Changmin in the Arena interview? Like, every question that was asked about just him, he found a way to turn it to his Changminnie?? Also he's gonna perform solo for SMTown!! With Changmin's angst-filled solo stage in '15, the balance will finally be restored. I'm almost don't know what I want, a proper solo with a proper amount of reference to 'his other half', or a full tribute worthy of Jung Yunho (cause you KNOW he'll go all-in on that)

I’m really super excited for this Yunho solo stage because, well…it’s been 2 years and knowing him this will be amazing, and he will show us a new song and since his style range is so wide this song can be anything and everything *_*  SO I’m REALLY curious what’s it gonna be? Some collabs maybe? Just him with dancers? So many possibilities, omg *_*

And when it comes to Cm, what gets me emo…not only about this interview, but /in general/ is how suddenly open they are about their private time together ;; They were always so ninja about it, we got to know only b/c stalkers -.-’ or from them months ago. Especially when they were in Korea. But this time they were so chill about it? Meeting in places where fans could easily see them. And then first thing Yh said after leaving his camp was how many times they’ve met and now again talked how they are meeting all the time, and ‘the other half’ thing and just… They got so comfortable about their bond in Korea too and they aren’t even reunited yet! And we still have Changmin’s side of the story to hear! They will kill me this year, I’m sure.

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Regarding Changmin and going solo, would this have been a temporary thing, like Taemin having a solo EP but still being a part of Shinee or Changmin filling the TVXQ hiatus with solo projects? Or would it be permanent? I.e. TVXQ breaking up and each member doing his own thing with no more group activities? :(

Are you sure you understand my words correctly?

The issue I addressed is never about a member leaving the group to pursue solo activities. It’s about military enlistment.

There are two options considered on how YH & CM should do their military duty
1. To enlist together so there’ll be 2 years only hiatus and they could resume TVXQ’s activities a.s.a.p.
2. To overlap the enlistment so there’ll be 3 years hiatus and possibility of solo stuffs for both of them.

Changmin is against the 2nd option. He prefers to do the 1st option, and from what I know in the past months, he already made up his mind. It resulted in that he lost the chance to do solo activities for 2015-2016 period.

The recent development that I meant is I heard management and Avex kinda gave green light for Changmin’s demand.

Yunho and Changmin's solos for Spellbound in words
  • Yunho : a deep emotional ballad that conveys the human emotion through music and lyrics featuring children .
  • Changmin : sex , making women scream , sex , lots of sex, beautiful sex , did I forget to mention sex mhmm good sex . with a smooth beat in the background for some sexual seduction , good fucking and of course sex .