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160120 Kyuhyun won Digital Bonsang at the 2016 Golden Disk Awards! 

Kyuhyun received his award in addition to his performance. He sang Piano Forest 피아노 숲 and At Gwanghwamun 광화문에서  (c)

Siwon, Hyukjae and Changmin called Kyuhyun to celebrate him and Ryeowook played  ‘At Gwanghwamun’ on KTR 

Kyuhyun’s speech at GDA

Kyuhyun: “I’m the idol singer who has been in the business for 10 years, as ell as the varity emcee and newbie ballad singer Kyuhyun. Thank you, ELF, for always welcoming me with your warm support. Firstly, thank you very much, my SM family. I’m very blessed to have won an award because of ‘At Gwanghwamun’ and ‘A Million Pieces’. I’ve won Bonsang and many other awards as part of SJ but it’s my first time to win as singer Kyuhyun. When my first album as a solo singer is released., I think I cried for a long time, I was very happy. This album was successful. I’ll work hard to become a singer that touches a lot more people’s hearts. 

Before the awarda ceremony, members in the army called me via collect call. They are Siwon, Eunhyuk and Changmin. Members are enduring the bitter cold and hardships. Hurry finish the military service well and stand on the stage coolly as Super Junior once again. I’ll wit for that day to come. Members, ELF, and people who like my music, I want to dedicate this award to you.”  (c)

*Kyu intro-ed himself as 11-year singer, musical actor, variety and solo singer :) (c)

*It seem like he got a little emotional during his speech so ELF cheered for him and he said thank you. (c)

Leeteuk: “My heart is choking up~ Kyuhyun is king there.” 

Ryeowook: Golden Disk Digital Bonsang is our Kyuhyun. In the group chat we are congratulating him and Leeteuk is very all choked up ㅋㅋ saying things like “My heart is choking up~ Kyuhyun is king there.” (c)

Later Ryeowook played  At Gwanghwamun on KTR. (c)

GDA IG - Interview with Kyuhyun 

Kyuhyun: “Enjoy the holidays with your family. Don’t praise me too much in front of your family and relatives. Eat a lot of delicious food, stay healthy as you celebrate the season, that’s good enough.” (c


It’s been 10 years and you’ve grown so much.  It’s so funny to think you were once so shy and I’m so proud of you because you’ve grown so much.  No matter how big you grow or how old you get you will always be our baby maknae and be coddled by your hyungs and Cassiopeia okay? We love you so much.  I know you like just plain Changmin or even Changdol now-a-days but for me I will always say Choikang Changminnie. Happy Birthday Changminnie :’)