Roll clouds are a type of arcus clouds are typically associated with thunderstorms. These rarities of nature occur when air temperatures invert and cause the warm air to be on top of the cool air. Wind then changes speed and direction and causes a rolling effect of these cylinder-type clouds.

Roll clouds need just the right amount of moisture to occur. The storm winds actually push the clouds into a tubular shape, which moves them ahead of the storm. They look like a giant rolling pin across the sky. (Source)

‘5ds doesn’t make sense because they play cards on motorcycles!!!!!!’ look pal first of all youre watching yugioh maybe you didnt notice but nothing ever made sense in this franchise second those motorcycles can do a 180 turn run backwards for a while and then do another 180 turn and at no point change the speed they go at the fact that they are playing cards on them is not even the strangest thing about those things

Language tip:

Watch videos in your target language on YouTube and change the speed to 0.5 in the settings so you can hear individual words more clearly and the words can fully register in your brain. It’s a language lifesaver! 

Hey folks, Paul here for MOTION MONDAY!

Today’s topic, “Slow-In/Slow-Out,” is another one of Disney’s 12 Principles. The idea is that any time something gets into or out of a position, it looks smoother if the change of speed happens gradually rather than abruptly.

Here’s a ball moving side-to-side:

Be sure to note how each motion stops and changes direction, and whether those changes are smooth or abrupt. Remember:

  • Frames closer together = slower motion
  • Frames further apart = faster motion
  • Frames equally spaced = one-speed-only motion

When the ball only moves at one constant speed, the stops and starts all feel abrupt. When the ball speeds up and slows down, the changes of direction can feel smoother.

Once you understand the principle, you can get varied results by experimenting with when and how much to use it. Here’s Thundercluck moving his head…

With equal smoothness on both sides of the motion:

And again with more smoothness on the pull-back,
and more speed on the pump:

Notice how the second variation has a different attitude!

Thundercluck fans might also notice… he’s missing his waddles!
Next week we’ll add those waddles to demo another principle:
“Follow-Through and Overlapping Action.”

Be sure to check it out… on the next MOTION MONDAY!

AU - Speed Demon

  • Name: Genos
  • Alias: Swift Speed
  • Rejected Aliases: Boost Burst, Speedy Quick, Racing Racer, Shitty Stalker
  • Rank: None / Freelance Mercenary
  • Age: 19 years old
  • Goal: To find and destroy the Mad Cyborg.

The moment he first witnessed Speed-o’-Sound Sonic dispatch an entire platoon of mysterious beings, he knew he had to study under him. Such speed, such precision, not a single wasted movement (aside from some initial bragging, but someone so talented had every right to show off every once in a while); for the first time since becoming a Cyborg of Justice, Genos began to think that raw strength wasn’t the only path towards his revenge. After all, what was more dangerous than an enemy you couldn’t see coming?

With his decision to pursue the path of speed and concentrated, effective attacks, Genos requested Kuseno to alter his body to be more aerodynamic, his Sensei’s frame serving as a model. His heat cannons were focused into more powerful, smaller weapons, and several types of blades joined his repertoire.

At first the ninja was not interested in taking a student, but Genos wore him down with sheer stubbornness, bold-faced praise to his skills, and exploitable household abilities. Sonic immediately regretted his decision when Genos began getting in the way of his assassination contracts, half guilting, half sabotaging any criminally-inclined jobs the ninja intended to accept. Were it not for the cyborg’s willingness to search for new freelance contracts for Sonic, the ninja would’ve stabbed him in the core several times over. There’s also the fact the cyborg learns frighteningly fast, which Sonic sees as good training to better his own techniques, but he’ll never admit to that aloud.

Genos has no delusions about his Sensei’s shitty attitude, and while they butt heads very often and can’t keep from insulting each other at every turn, Genos genuinely respects Sonic Sensei. But only because his stalking of the man allowed him to coin in on his innocent self-consciousness over his bad habit of grinning too wide, and his kindness towards animals and people that don’t immediately piss him off; even his horrible naming skills can be kind of adorable sometimes.

He’s still a bitchy asshole, though.

The public despises you with good reason, Sensei, but I’ll still follow you anywhere.“

I’ll easily admit this one’s just crack.

“Wicker Man” MONSTROW

This is a quick sketch of how MONSTROW would look like after its hidden ability “Wicker Man” triggers, By getting hit with a fire-type move, its grass-typing is replaced by fire-type but that’s not all, when this change occurs its stats will shift, in its normal form it is more focused on HP and Defense, with a very low speed, but after the change its Speed increases and it becomes more focused on Sp. Attack


Speed Demon possesses superhuman motion, running abilities, and reflexes. These abilities are the result of body-wide mutagenic changes induced by the ingestion of chemical compounds of a technically advanced formula. 

His altered body has greater efficiency in his central nervous system, including the brain, stronger and more efficient musculature structure, and stronger bones. As a result Of these mutagenic changes, Speed Demon can run at a maximum speed of about 160 miles per hour. 

He can run at his maximum speed for about three hours before fatigue significantly impairs his performance. Speed Demon’s superhumanly fast thought processes and reflexes (about six times faster than the average human being’s) enable him to perceive his surroundings while moving at high speeds, and to pick up objects and execute complex acrobatic maneuvers at these high speeds as well.


[161211] Mokdong Fansign

비가와서그래 (Rainy Day) SPEED CHANGE


Brendon’s stream from earlier! had to change the speed of a few songs again due to copyright stuff but you can still understand him (he actually sounds weirdly cute like this :?)