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Okay so im genuienly sad. I saw an anti blog that said that most big larrie blogs are players and doesnt actually believe what they put out on their blogs and only do it for notes and attention.. is that true? :( antis make me sad..

LOL! No it’s not true. 

Dude, “big Larries” get so much hate and abuse from people, why in the world would anyone subject themselves to that for a tiny bit of attention from random internet strangers?  Attention that has nothing to do with real life and doesn’t pay the bills?

A few people do delay stepping back because they don’t want to lose their friends, but you can usually tell who they are because they stop blogging about “Larry” and just blog about guys individually.

Think it through. It’s easy enough to change your blog name or shift focus if you change your mind about things, plenty of people have done that. 

The people still saying “Larry is real”? They believe it.

Also. Larry is real :)

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When making your own spell/spell jar/etc. are there any rules to follow or things you shouldn't do? I've been thinking about making a spell jar to help my anxiety, motivation, have a happy home, and to just be better overall, but I always feel like it won't work because I don't really know what to do.

There are no rules as long as you direct your goal(s) and intent correctly in regards to magick, however, there are rules about safety.

1. Make sure you do not use anything poisonous or dangerous or which you are allergic to. If you use anything risky, keep it out of reach of others, especially children.

2. If you can, get rid of the contents in the Earth. It is a way to honour what you have taken and most ingredients in jar spells are biodegradable and make good compost. (Many people empty their jars to end or nullify their spells if they change their minds or it has fulfilled its purpose.) If they ingredients are not organic, however, do not put them on the ground.
Tip: Use a biodegradable jar, like cardboard, and bury it once you are finished.

3. If you do get rid of the jar’s ingredients, make sure to clean the jar thoroughly afterwards. Use rubbing alcohol, vodka, or something else that kills bacteria, germs, and so on. Never use a dirty jar for a jar spell, especially of it is a potion you can to ingest.

4. If you do not plan to get rid of the jar or its contents, make sure it it sealed tightly when you are done and check on it regularly for mold. This is forgotten by witches so, so often. It sours the spell if this happens and is unsafe.
If there is mold in your jar, get rid of everything.

Just a note

I swear when it comes to you i’d turn the whole wide world upside down if that would put a smile on your face. I know I can be difficult and I know I change my mind a lot but the one thing my mind won’t change is the thought of staying with you. I know I’m not perfect, I know for fact that we are far from perfect. I’m human, I overthink and I picture so many things I shouldn’t. I know you’re trying , i need to start trying too. Being with you is growing into a beautiful flower and I don’t want my petals to fall.

TalesFromRetail: Under Australian Consumer law--!

Ok so yesterday I kinda did a bad thing. I interrupted a customer.

I was tired, with a million other things to do, and things were already difficult enough for the trainee on the register without this woman holding up the line.

So there is this particular demographic of older people who seem to get their idea of Australian consumer law off Facebook and Murdoch media. Under the law, stores DO NOT have to offer a refund OR an exchange for wrong choice/colour doesn’t match my wall/i changed my mind/i bought 80 packets of plastic cups and only used 79/i didn’t measure whatever I needed to use this for first. We only have to offer money back if the item is faulty. However, some people seem to think that can say “Australian Consumer Law” and they will get what they want. Doesn’t work like that. Also, we have a printout on the wall which we read when we’re bored. You can’t intimidate us.

The store I work at (which is a small business) offers a courtesy store credit or exchange for items chosen poorly. Unlike bigger stores, we can’t afford to be taking everyone’s word for things and refunding everyone. There’s a few reasons why: refunds have to be logged at the end of the day by the closer and this takes up more time; when an item is taken and brought back, it has been removed from stock for potential purchase by a customer who was actually going to keep it; the time to process the initial purchase and then to process the refund is time better spent on paying customers; to deter fraud.

Yesterday a woman brought two frames to counter and asked if she could have a refund if they were the wrong size. I said she could have an exchange, and swap them for something else – including the correct size. She objected to this. Didn’t measure the picture first, demanded this is our fault. Eventually did what EVERY older person does in this situation – “Under the Australian Consumer Law–!”

And I have heard this a million times and am fed up with people spreading lies. “Under Australian consumer law, we only have to offer a refund if the item is faulty.”

She just left the items on the counter and walked out.

Sometimes people get confused and think we’re saying they can’t bring it back at all if it’s wrong. Maybe this was the case here? I shouldn’t have interrupted her but I really wish people would research their rights instead of believing what sounds nice. It would make everyone’s lives a lot easier.

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For Anti-Emison

I didnt want to replay to many people who said Emison is toxic. I truely thought after seeing them as couple in 7x16, 7x18, and 7x19 those people will start to understand it and might change their minds. Yet many people still considering them toxic and Ali still abuse Em !!!!!!!!!!!

Ali was young, she was 13 years old when she experienced some feelings for Em. How do we expect any of them understand what they felt or even try to act on it ?!!! It is a scary feeling so stop judging her actions.

And lets not forget Em was horrible to Maya bcuz of the same reason. She pushed her away and avoided her.

And dont ignore the fact that Ali never had trouble with her sexuality and being in love with Em. When she came back in S5 she was showing how much Em matters to her with all the hand holdings in front of Em’s mom and their friends. Also she didnt even care when Em accidentally outted their relationship.

The only struggle Ali ever had is making herself vulnerable by expressing that love out load, which creates her defensive attitude.


I knew how I was going to help Kali. I knew exactly how.
I felt the pit in my stomach growing. I didn’t want to cause anyone harm, but Kali’s well-being was my main priority. 

I decided to call Nia. I held my phone in my hand and it felt too heavy as I stared at Nia’s contact.
Well, I can actually fix something in Kali’s life, so I will. 
Even if this was a mistake, I had to
I dialed her. I felt dread about what I needed to ask, but it was still Nia so I was excited to hear her voice. 
”N-Nia, I-I need to ask you something.”
”Make it quick babe, I’m a little busy right now.”
I shut my eyes, “It-It’s about Meredith. I-I think I changed m-my mind-”
”Hana stop. We shouldn’t talk about this over the phone. I’m heading over.” 
She hung up and I stared at my phone. Am I sure about this
I thought back on the look on Kali’s face. 
I balled my fists, no, I’m sure. No matter what, this had to be done. 

All I wanted to do today was play this new game I bought but now I had to deal with all of this. I wanted Meredith out of our lives, I had enough stress as it was.
I also knew I’d have to deal with Nia leaving once again and I was so tired of dealing with that situation. 

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How do we know God hasn't hanged his opinion after all these years? It's very possible since it's not like there is a new scripture to be read. A lot of people tell me they pray, and hear God's voice. But God tells them their homosexuality is not a sin and that this is their happiness. He wants us to be happy, as long as it doesn't harm others. God told them they can be LGBTQ; so why do you not accept this? Your word is not more powerful than God's for sure. I wish you a good day and peace!

I know this is completely false because of what the Word tells us about God’s unchanging nature:

“God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?” - Numbers 23:19

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” - Hebrews 13:8

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” - James 1:17

Scripture is very clear on the fact that God’s nature is completely unchanging. If He said something once, it’s going to be truth always. God doesn’t change His opinions suddenly. He’s consistent and we can see that throughout His Word, everything remains consistent. So if God said that homosexuality is a sin, we can be assured that homosexuality is still a sin in His eyes and always will be. Your claim that God would suddenly change His stance on homosexuality implies that God’s opinions can change based on the demands and changing attitudes of the world/society. He is the Creator. The Creator sets the standards, not the created. And the Creator doesn’t bend His truth and standards based on the demands of the created. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise, then they are deluded by false teaching and spreading dangerous lies. God never changes.

The one who is the deceiver and liar is satan, the enemy. The Word tells us that the enemy is so deceptive that he can masquerade as an angel of light. It’s clear to me that the LGBT people you know who are saying that God is “telling them” it’s okay to be gay so long as they’re happy are clearly not hearing God’s voice. I can’t stress enough that God would never contradict Himself. Like I said, satan will go to great lengths to deceive people into remaining in a life of embracing sin because he wants nothing more than for people to face eternal destruction. And yes, he will go so far as to deceiving people who don’t have a strong foundation in the Word into thinking that they are hearing God’s voice telling them that it’s okay to keep sinning because satan knows this is a weakness for them and that they want so badly for this to be okay.

That’s why the Word warns us of the following:

“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.” - 1 John 4:1

And how do we test to see if what we are hearing is actually from God? It must align with His Word. If anything you receive in say a dream, vision, message, etc contradicts His Word in any way, it’s a lie from satan and it is to be rejected.

And yes, my own words are certainly not more powerful than God’s. But everything I have said in the asks I answer are not my own words - everything I say can be found in His Word. On the contrary, the claims the people you know are making are not found in or supported by His Word. So my response to that is, their word is not more powerful than His and their word is proven to be false by scripture.

I hope you have a good day too.. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

!!!Get ready for a long ass post that I can’t put under a cut cuz I’m on mobile!!!

Y'all can keep sending asks defending mam*moo but it won’t change my mind. They have a history of racism and I personally believe Solar’s whole face was darkened for her homeless character bc they are implying darker skin makes her look more like a “beggar”. And even if it’s meant to be “just dirt”, is it really any better to make a joke out of homeless ppl? If u look at my blog you might notice that I have reblogged a few people that have fucked up similarly but the difference is that they haven’t messed up again for a long time. I’m absolutely not trying to excuse any of their behavior bc any type of racism or colorism is wrong and I will NEVER try to excuse things my faves have done, but I will always give everyone a chance to learn and improve themselves. Right now mam*moo hasn’t done that. They had Solar’s skin darkened for her character AFTER their apology was released and it makes me feel like it wasn’t genuine. I’m still open to giving them a chance but until they can show that they have changed I’m not going to let it go

If u don’t like it ur free to unfollow but I’m not going to keep arguing with y'all

WFW Anon

Thanks Nans, we get it; he wants you to believe it’s real, so you do.  Thinking for ourselves, we choose to believe something different based on our personal observations.  What you don’t seem to get, is that you cannot change someone’s mind by repeating, ‘You’re wrong.’ over and over again; that’s a completely ineffective argument.  If you want me to believe something is true, you have to show me, not tell me. That’s called evidence.

Everyone is privy to the same things we are, red carpet pics, pap walks, publicity shots etc. and their interpretation of what they’re seeing is not the same as ours.  Repeatedly straying from your lanes into ours to tell us why we’re delusional is not going to make the slightest bit of difference.  Running to the Ubers to tattle on us for being mean about Soapy is not going to make the slightest bit of difference.  Clear, irrefutable evidence of Ben not looking like he’d rather be anywhere else than with her, normal, not strained facial expressions and body language, a smile that reaches his eyes, those are the things that would make a difference.  Until I see that for myself (and as a pattern Nannies, not a one-off), I’m going to keep believing what I do.

 Thanks for playing.

WFW Anon


If you want me to believe something is true, you have to show me, not tell me.

I have to say, so far I’m not impressed by anything Ben’s been showing or telling us…

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Kraglin's uniform reminds me of a Onesie, so now I am like convinced that he sleeps in a onesie, like the kind in old cartoons where there's a butt flap and no one can change my mind and his s/o thinks its the CUTEST little thing and slaps his little booty when the button comes undone.


It’s always entertaining reiterating to my mother that I don’t want to get married or have kids.

“You’ll change your mind when you’re older.”


“It’s because you’re not eating right”


“You don’t want to give me grandkids?”

If you want a baby so bad go have one.

“That’s selfish.”

…ok mom.

(She also forgets the Events of last year that mean I likely medically cannot have kids, so in the event that I actually wanted them at some point, this whole Discourse would be super upsetting. So there’s that too.)

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Game Graveyard 6.24.17

So you guys know I follow a ton of RPG Maker blogs, right?  Once every 6 to 10 months or so, I have a big following spree as devblogs fall off the map for whatever reason.  This is a showcase of blogs that haven’t updated in 6+ months and haven’t released a game yet.  

I skipped over my last game graveyard/unfollow post since I was worried that the whole affair would be too discouraging to developers.  But I changed my mind and decided to release it after a developer told me that they liked em and enjoyed seeing what made the cut and what didn’t.

Besides, the game graveyard is just here to show that some games turning into vaporware is a natural part of the game life cycle.  It’s not a bad thing that someone stopped updating their project, especially if it’s a hobby project.  Sometimes you got to deal with IRL stuff first, or you’ve found a better idea to make a game from.  They can always come back later, or come back with an even better idea later.  It’s not the end, and even if it is, it isn’t always a bad thing.  

We’ve got about 50 or so blogs down this time (the game graveyard I skipped was about 70-90 or so but that’s bc i didn’t unfollow blogs for about a year!), check ‘em out.  If your blog is here and you’re still working on your game, don’t worry, all you got to do is post an update and i’ll take you off here!

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