soooo after careful consideration i decided to make the pacifist frisk displayed in this comic really passive 

dont worry they’ll toughen up before the end of this journey. ^^ 

also the double update will happen but im not gonna post the next part until tomorrow i kinda fell behind and just barely managed to get this part done in time. 

im doing my best 

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okay so i was awake last night and watching Mr Greg on my phone again and i noticed a Thing and maybe it’s nothing but i think it’s worth looking at???

so when steven starts singing greg and pearl look pretty normal. kind of awkward but when he repeats “You might not believe it” pearl and greg look almost shocked like??

then when he says they have a lot in common they look sort of ashamed like

but then when he goes into the “you both love me, and i love both of you” bit they both just

and like they could have just been overwhelmed by emotion but like with the sudden background color change and things like that i just feel like… what if they had this exact conversation with rose and it just. was never resolved. i could see her saying the same thing as steven.

like get along you two, i love you both and you both love me. and they’re overwhelmed by not only their pent up emotions from her death but also that her son all these years later is echoing the same sentiment she tried to push while she was alive.

i mean i’m probably overthinking it but like, food for thought???


Shower Part 1: i am



I call this “Eileen was stuck, bored on a plane for 12 hours in which she only slept for 2 hours, so she decided I make smosh icons with limited amount of photos and apps on her phone.”

Feel free to use these, no credit needed.
If you wish to change the background color, go ahead! Or if you don’t know how to do it but would like a different color for a background, just message me and I’ll gladly do it for you!


Comfey-inspired flower patterns

Product listings:

If Alola holds true to its allusions to Hawaiian culture, the amount of color used in Sun and Moon will be extraordinary! Comfey seems to be a great early example of our colorful future. As such, I thought it necessary to create a series of designs emphasizing the wonderful flower fairy and really showing off its elegant design.

Note:As with most of my products, alterations (e.g., changes to background colors) and additions (e.g., custom text) are available by-request. Though, extensive alterations may not be available to anonymous clients.

Other suggested designs:

I will not answer your question on how to change a background color

No voy a responder a su pregunta sobre cómo cambiar un color de fondo

Ich werde Ihre Frage nicht beantworten, wie auf eine Hintergrundfarbe  zu ändern

hey does anyone know why themes would restore to default? like my custom html theme is still there but all my pages/links/backgrounds/colors changed back to their default settings :((((

smoressam  asked:

hey i was wondering how you put the poll in your blog and like made it so pretty i'm trying ti figure it out on my own but i keep fucking everything up

hi! i used to get my code, and i checked your blog to see if you have an updates tab, which you dont :( that’s what i used to get my poll in the position i wanted, by putting it right after the code for my updates tab! you can still put it in different places, though. I would experiment with these places:

right after <head>

right before </head>

right after </head>

right after <body>

right before </body>

or you could try putting it right after {Description} (or however it looks in your code). Mess around by putting it wherever it might work :P

then in the very beginning of the code, i changed the settings to


Your code might be slightly different, that’s because i messed around with color and sizes. I think I changed almost everything here. Mess around with color codes and different numbers for the width and font size. I would just copy what I have here.

Now in your code, you should see the answers for your poll. for instance, the first answer for my poll in my code is:

<input type=“radio” name=“answer” value=“1” id=“answer753645751” style=“float:left;” /><label for=“answer753645751” style=“float:left;width:110px;”>stay deathstiel, wtf</label><div style=“clear:both;height:2px;”></div>

the code for your first answer should be similar to this (it’s all bunched together, but you’ll find it). I’ll cut it down to what you should really look at.

style=“float:left;width:110px;”>stay deathstiel, wtf</label><div style=“clear:both;height:2px;”></div>

the width and height of your answer changes the size of it. it starts out pretty big at first, so i made these numbers a bit smaller until it fit with the rest of my code. ‘stay deathstiel, wtf’ is my first option. if i change these words to something like ‘stay deathstiel’, it’ll appear that way on my blog, but if you go to the actual poll, it’ll still be ‘stay deathstiel, wtf’.

the ‘width’ changes how long-ways the answer stretches, and the ‘height’ changes the spacing of it and the answer below it.

at the very end of your code, you should see this:

<div style=“clear:both;height:6px;”></div><div align=“center” style=“padding:1px;”><input type=“submit” value=“ Vote ”>&nbsp;<input type=“submit” name=“view” value=“ View ”></div><div align=“center” style=“font-size:8px”></a><p></div></div></form>

or at least, this is the version i’ve changed. all of this controls what the ‘vote’ and ‘view’ look like. technically, ‘clear:both;height:6px’ belongs to the last answer, but that’s the height, so extending it to 6px makes it spaced out from the vote and view buttons. div align=“center” should also dictate where your vote and view goes, so if that isn’t what your coding looks like, i would change it. it’s also good to keep padding and font-size in mind.

your code doesn’t have to look exactly like mine, but i would play around with it alot and take my choices in mind! good luck :P and tell me when your poll is up so i can look at it! ngli love taking polls

Theme in the works!

I just got home from out of this world! (country). I am redoing my tumblr theme (kind of). Changing up colors and backgrounds and other small things. Sorry if nothing matches for a while hah!