7 Things You Should Do When You Need a Change

Going through a quarter life crisis, bad break-up or just need a change? Here are some things to do to clear you head and help you re-prioritize.

1. Purge your closet

Everything. Just get rid of it. I know it’s hard to get rid of your favorite shirt from 2005, but do you really need it? Dump out your entire closet and then organize your clothes into three piles: 1. Clothes you wore in the past month. 2. Clothes you’ve worn in the past 2-12 months. 3. Clothes you haven’t worn in the past year. Get rid of everything in pile 3, put everything in pile 1 back in your closet. Then, allow yourself to keep half of the clothes in pile 2. This will help you re-identify your fashion identity and bring to light who you are right now. It’ll also make room for the next chunk of your life. And if you feel guilty about getting rid of clothes you once loved, you can always donate them to goodwill or consign them.

2. Purge your bedroom

Apply #1 to everything in your bedroom. What do you need? What has just been sitting in your room for years without being touched? This can be a very emotional process but making room for new things is very relieving. If there is something you are having a tough time getting rid of, take a picture of it. And then if you’re REALLY feeling it, rearrange your bedroom. This will definitely spark some positive change in your life!

3. Plan a retreat

Take yourself on a mini-vaca by yourself. Go to the beach, the park, or take a scenic walk. It may seem troubling hanging out with yourself, but after a few hours you will feel humbled. Use this opportunity to discount from technology, social media, etc. and take in the beauty in life. 

4. Make a list

Put a timer on for 10 minutes and make a list of your dreams. What do you want? What are somethings you’ve always wanted to do? Be crazy, dream big. After 10 minutes, walk away from the list. At the end of the day, come back to the list and highlight the things that are realistic. What fits your life? And if it doesn’t fit, can you make it fit your life?

5. Start a fund

I don’t know what this fund will be yet–you may not either. But whether it’s a piggy bank that you put spare change in, or a mutual trust fund, start saving some money. One day you will figure out what you want it to be for and you will be thankful you had it.

6. Meet someone new

Just say hi to a random person. They don’t need to be your new friend, but you never know how meeting someone can introduce you to new things. Or invite someone over that you miss and haven’t seen in a long time. How are they? What are they up to? 

7. Take up a new hobby

Whether you do it once a week or twice a week, try something new. It could be swimming, painting, reading, whatever! Try something new and schedule a time to do it once a week. Take a class. You may never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll learn about yourself.

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