Thoughts on the new ROB

Well, I very much liked this episode.  I’ll explain why.


-Great plot, cool idea with the stealing of the dragon eggs.

-Changewings are freaking awesome.  Enough said.

-Fishlegs/Meatlug friendship scenes.

-REALLY good Fishlegs development.  Like seriously, this was probably the best non-Hiccup-or-Toothless character development we’ve gotten.

-I really liked the whole Fishlegs standing up to Snotlout subplot.


-Fishlegs turns into a badass.

-Better animation quality than, well… most of the show, actually.


-Felt a little rushed in the middle, though it was so good I’m excusing it because it was probably just me and my bias towards 45-minute episodes.

-Every single subject we were planning on touching upon in WoB has now been addressed in RoB.  While I stand beside my insistance that we can still address Changewings and Hiccup’s mom, we’re definitely going to have to do it differently.

Overall, a GREAT episode.

HTTYD- Riders of Berk

Last night's episode was pretty cool. Loved Fishlegs standing up to Snotlout.

The new dragon, Changewings, was very interesting. The way the eggs change colors and the way the adults can change their coloring to blend into their surroundings. I’m curious of the inter-workings of this. Anybody else curious of it?