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Yugbam is safe and one whiles all the others are giving my heartache and headache after headache making me exhausted they feel like home. They're the one thing that stayed. They just want to do their thing and be together. Like bambam might be a slight hoe for Jackson (but aren't we all) but he would never make anyone question his loyalty. He's yugyeoms bf (MY PHONE CHANGET IT TO BROTHER OMG HAHAHAHA) and yugyeom is his and they just want to be together.

i’m the (but aren’t we all) tbh,,, and i know like yugbam is so simple and over each other like dfjjhdf no matter what happens they’ll always b the best friends who lov each other so much and grew up together as an artist,,, the roommates…. the bfs…. i lov yugbam i wnt a love like this