Batfam Playlist

Note: Many of these songs are interchangeable among the batfam. For example, a song for Jason can easily go to Bruce.

Anyone can add on to this! 


Batfamily Theme Songs

Matchbox Twenty- How Far We’ve Come

Imogen Heap- Hide and Seek

Gorillaz- Do Ya Thing

Bruce Wayne

Jem- Them

Kenickie- I Would Fix You (Works well for Alfred, and Bruce’s relations with his kids)


Gorillaz- Stop the Dams

Blonde Readhead- For the Damaged Coda

Dick Grayson

Postal Service-Such Great Heights

My Morning Jacket- Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Part 2

E- Hello Cruel World

Jason Todd

Above and Beyond- On a Good Day

Skrillex- Long Drive

Within Temptation- Angel

Radiohead- Creep

MIA- Paper Planes

Kid Koala- Routine

Tim Drake

Eels- Sleep

Gold Panda- Quitter’s Raga

Chaos Chaos- Can You Feel It?

Simple Minds- Don’t Forget About Me

Damian Wayne

Rei Fu- Life is Like a Boat

Nirgilis- Shiny Shiny

Stuck in the Sound- Let’s Go

Barbara Gordon

Leona Lewis- My Hands

Conor and Jay- Change

Sia- Elastic Heart (piano ver.)

Vaults- Cry No More

Cassandra Cain

Sia- Elastic Heart

Kenickie- I Would Fix You

Gorillaz-Empire Ants

Lisa M.- Still Alive

Stephanie Brown

Sky Cries Mary-Shipwrecked

Daryl- Serious

Lil’ B- Orenji

Utada- Simple and Clean