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Holiday Bound - Snowbound Holiday One Shot

Our favorite three! It’s a little sad, a dash of sweet, and a dollop of smut at the end of it all. It’s part of the Snowbound sandbox, but it also works as a standalone relatively well. Enjoy. x

Note: i’ve proofed some of this, but do need to go back because I have the *nagging* urge that something is there that I can’t find….

“Why are yeh lookin’ at me like that?”

He’s got a small, incredulous smile playing around his mouth and there’s a twinkle in his eyes, but yours are sharp on him. He’s got a skip in his step as he sets a glass of milk down in front of his son, who is chewing contently on mouthful after mouthful of progressively soggier cereal, and he’d been singing in the shower this morning – belting out carol after carol, adding in his own arrangements and note changes. He is, by all accounts, in a good mood.

You’re worried, though.

“When do you have to go?” you ask him from your chair. You’re still in pajamas – festive, plaid flannel ones, with snowflakes sprinkled over the red legs, and the black, long-sleeved shirt of his with a hole in the neck – one that you’d long ago taken away from him – hangs off your shoulder on one side.

Harry’s green eyes dim slightly, but only for a second. “Soon,” he says, pushing the sleeve of his jumper back to look at his watch. “Now,” he amends with a sigh.

“Daddy?” your son asks, the word wet sounding through his mouthful of food. “Are we baking today?”

“We’d better,” Harry says. “’Else your Gran will hang me if we show up with nothing.”

It’s when he leans down to kiss the top of your son’s head that you see a crack in his façade and your heart clenches in your chest. He’s got his eyes squeezed shut and the set of his brow is that which can only be described as wistful while he lingers, keeping his mouth tight to a head of curly hair that so resembles his.

“Be good fo’ your mum,” Harry says while ruffling his son’s hair, rolling his eyes when the child ducks his head out from under his father’s hand.

“Eat your breakfast, please,” you tell him as you stand, abandoning your tea. “I’m saying goodbye.” You skip once across the kitchen floor to stick close to his father’s heels as you follow him out of the room.

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Millon’s Personality Disorder Descriptions: Cluster B


Impulsive, irresponsible, deviant, unruly. Act without due consideration. Meet social obligations only when self-serving. Disrespect societal customs, rules, and standards. See themselves as free and independent. People with antisocial personality disorder depict a long pattern of disregard for other people’s rights. They often cross the line and violate these rights


Unpredictable, manipulative, unstable. Frantically fears abandonment and isolation. Experience rapidly fluctuating moods. Shift rapidly between loving and hating. See themselves and others alternatively as all-good and all-bad. Unstable and frequently changing moods. People with borderline personality disorder have a pervasive pattern of instability in interpersonal relationships.


Dramatic, seductive, shallow, stimulus-seeking, vain. Overreact to minor events. Exhibitionistic as a means of securing attention and favors. See themselves as attractive and charming. Constantly seeking others’ attention. Disorder is characterized by constant attention-seeking, emotional overreaction, and suggestibility. Their tendency to over-dramatize may impair relationships and lead to depression, but they are often high-functioning.


Egotistical, arrogant, grandiose, insouciant. Preoccupied with fantasies of success, beauty, or achievement. See themselves as admirable and superior, and therefore entitled to special treatment. Is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration. Those with narcissistic personality disorder believe that they’re superior to others and have little regard for other people’s feelings.

[Shrink’s note - these characteristics do not hold true for all people with the personality disorder in question. They are a general guide only.]

okay new art style isnt working out, but –

Here you go! Design of my Travelers!AU. I’ll probably redraw it later but for now take it.
Thanks A LOT to @faimrs for help with the story and stuff. 

So Geno is a nerd. Kinda. He’s studying in some american (?) school and he tries really hard to get good grades but sometimes it’s really really hard for him. He lives with his mom and little brothers. He have some people he know and people he can talk to but he can’t call them friends.
He’s bipolar, his mood can change really quick from good to bad so sometimes he can’t control the words he’s saying, swearwords and all offensive things, etc. He mostly regrets every word he ever said to someone. 
And Reaper is that typical badass who loves to skip school and he just don’t give a shit about anything what’s happening around him. Probably. 
He played the role of a “cool guy” for his brother to make Papyrus respect him but Reaper lost himself in under this “mask” or whatever you call it. 
The story is: Reaper saved Geno from the bullies on his car (That he rented btw and he lied to Geno that he bought it but he found it out anyway). They started to hang out and they were friends for a year or more. But when Geno had a fight with his family he was super upset and angry, so he moved to Reaper’s place unable to carry the weight of his problems any more. One lazy day when Reaper and Geno was watching movies cops visited them because Reaper wasn’t paying for the car. Reaper somehow managed to send them away and then said, in panic “Geno, we need to leave the town, now”. At fisrt Geno didn’t want to, but he agreed after some time. So one summer evening they left and never came back.

So as you can see they travel around the country. They’re wanted in the police because Reaper have a giant debt so along with traveling they’re trying to hide from the police. 
Ya know. Sleep in shitty motels, eat junk food.
sex in the car.

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Concept: the little eel faces on Kaldur's hands change their expression depending on his mood

Being a good archer means having a good eye for detail, and Artemis has never been anything but excellent.

So it’s understandably galling when she realizes, three years into their friendship, that Kaldur’s tattoos are more than they seem.

They’re at the annual League Winter Solstice Party when she first notices, snatching his wrist as he’s about to hand Harper (on a short break from his fruitless quest to find whoever-the-fuck, Speedy, the first Roy Harper) a glass of mulled wine.

“Why are your tattoos happy,” she slurs, squinting through the pleasant buzz of alcohol. The Watchtower falls under international rules when it comes to alcohol–everyone eighteen and over is legal, and like any self-respecting American teen, she’s taking advantage while she can.

“Can they be happy? Harper, hey, Roy,” she says, and shoves Kaldur’s hand in Roy’s face. She gestures to the smiling eels that adorn Kaldur’s hands. “Am I drunk? Why are his hand snakes so, so smiley?”

Roy hmm’s, faking intrigue while shooting Kaldur an amused look. He probably thought Artemis didn’t see it, which she totally did, because detail, but she chooses not to mention it. Because, well, answers.

“No clue what you’re talking about, Blondie,” Roy says, smirking. “Does someone need a glass of water, kiddo?”

“Fuck your water,” Artemis murmurs, dropping Kaldur’s wrist. She steals the mulled wine first, downing it in one gulp to prove a point.

Roy throws his hands up in mock defeat. “Careful, Kal,” he jokes, “Looks like we got a badass over here.”

Kaldur smiles, warm with amusement at their antics. “A badass who I sincerely hope doesn’t think that a hangover will be getting her out of training tomorrow,” he teases gently, eyes dancing.

It’s a look that she doesn’t get to see on him often, Artemis realizes with a pang. Suddenly nostalgic, she throws her arms around the both of them, drawing them together.

“We should dance,” she asserts firmly, gesturing drunkenly with one heel-clad foot at the impromptu dance floor. Zattanna and Rocket are already up there, swaying drunkenly to Nat King Cole. “C’mon.”

She manages to pull the two of them to the floor, all three rocking gently in awkward tandem before Wally comes and pulls her away for a dance of their own–Kaldur I can understand, but don’t tell me you’re leaving me for Harper of all people, babe–and as she’s pulled away she sees Roy throw Kaldur’s arms over his shoulders as he leads the other man in a drunken waltz.

As Wally spins her around the room–he’s had three times the number of drinks as her, at least, but speedster metabolisms and so on–she catches a glimpse of Kaldur’s face tucked over Roy’s shoulder, blush flushing his high cheeks bones. She can see the little eels, too, grinning, where they rest on the strong muscles of Roy’s neck.

Well I’ll be damned, she thinks, and resolves to tease the two of them with this story when they finally get their shit together.

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A transformation of consciousness will definitely change your life. But I mean transformation of consciousness, I do not mean changing your mood for a while. We all feel good for a time and then come back to our “natural” state. 
By transformation I mean thinking differently, positively about yourself so often that it becomes a habit. And until the habit grows stable. At this point it will expel from your mind all the rival states such as poverty thinking. This new state really will create a new world. It spells out a transformation, but if you only do it a little bit and return to your former state, then you’ll notice things changed for a while but nothing radical took place. If you have changed inwardly, truly, then you will see change in your outer world. 

Keep in mind the most wonderful tool alive is to sit alone at home and construct a sentence that implies you’ve fulfilled your desire. Repeating it to yourself, seeing yourself with it, you shall draw to yourself every person and situation on Earth to fulfill it. 

*This was my summary of Three Propositions by Neville Goddard*

Got7 when their usually childish s/o is listening to death metal

Requested by anonie~~

Bam Bam:

The last thing he was expecting when he came home was loud music coming from your room. Especially not death metal. He would slowly creep up to were the music was coming from, carefully checking if it was really you. 10 minutes later, the two of you would deadass listen to the music together. He would be open for every kind of music.

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He would probably be the one most shocked. He had always thought your bubbly, childish side was so cute, but suddenly you were sitting on the couch, listening to death metal. Which he had never really heard before. He would try to find an elegant way to turn the music off or at least down.

“Jagi, can you please check if the pizza is ready?”

(Casually changes the music into Hard Carry)

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If Jaebum was in a good mood, he would laugh about it, thinking it was nice that you weren’t always like a little child. He wouldn’t like death metal himself but he would watch you slightly bobbing your head to it and it would be so funny for him. However, if he is in a bad mood maybe listening to loud metal music wasn’t the best idea.

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At first he would be like, what the hell are you listening to. What is going on. Who are you and where is (Y/N)?! But he wouldn’t be annoyed by it, he would sit down next to you and listen to the death metal. As soon as he listened to a few songs, he would totally try to do a free style dance. He would probably nail it and ask you to do one to (which is probably impossible) , so be prepared.

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All he wanted to do was eat some radishes and do a quick workout. Usually you would watch him and giggle about him, but today you came into the room, listening to loud death metal on your phone. At first, he would look at you amused, asking you if you were being serious. But as soon as he realized that you actually were, he would try to make you stop it. Maybe he would dance a cringy dance in front of you and call your name until you were so annoyed that you stopped the music.

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Mark wouldn’t be sure on what to say. He never expected you to hear music like this, but he wouldn’t really care anyways. Most of the time he would just get out his headphones and listen to the music he liked, thinking it was kinda funny how a cute person like you listened to death metal. But if you listened to it to loud or all the time, he would tell you that he was annoyed. Carefully though, since he didn’t want to hurt you.

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He would literally think you were pranking him. So he would  laugh for solid 5 minutes until realizing that you weren’t, and suddenly it wasn’t funny anymore. He would try to get into death metal, but probably wouldn’t like it at all and ask you to listen to it with headphones. If you did that, he wouldn’t mind at all since he loved you, no matter which music you listened to.

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