changes to christmas colours for the holidays


Well… I’d say it was worth the time to make this. 

Also I saw the post about Nathanael being Jewish, (which was during the sketching of this comic), so I tried to change his wording so it could stay true to that. Hopefully saying Happy holidays is slightly better for Nathanael, just know I’m not trying to offend anyone :3

I hope everyone is having a good Holiday season, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, and thank you to everyone who helped me through this semester of school. I’m on my last week, so know I will be drawing a lot once it’s done! Whoohooo!

Oh and the colouring style is inspired by @zhdskanf10 on Twitter

Jongdae!HarryPotter Au

- Half blood, on his mothers side
- Sorted into Ravenclaw 
- After being under the hat for a good 10 minutes 
- His wand is Beechwood with a Unicorn hair core
- His pet screech owl is his pride and joy
- Goes through quills at a phenomenal rate 
- Favorite subject is transfiguration 
- Got lost a LOT in his first year 
- And his second year 
- On the school Quiditch team. Tried out to play as a Chaser, got the position of Beater
- Within about five minutes of meeting the Weasley twins, he was part of their inner circle
- Looses every game of wizard chess he plays
- Swears up and down that the reason he got so badly lost using flu powder is because he’s allergic
- Mingles a lot with the other houses. Always knows the Gryffindor common room password
- Spent 3 weeks in detention for enchanting his shoes to flash neon blue 
- Usually only goes home for the Christmas holiday
- He sends gifts and home baked ginger bread to the Ravenclaw common room for his house mates who couldn’t go home
- Was made Prefect in his fifth year
- Get in the most trouble in Charms
- He likes to ‘adapt’ spells
- Once was meant to be charming a feather to change colour 
- Instead he charmed the hair of the entire row in front of him to
- Proffessor Flitwick lets him off easy though because its impressive spell work
- Doesn’t think twice about letting people copy his homework
- Will hand it over to a friend who forgot and twenty minutes later half the class has copied from it
- Favorite room in the castle is the Grand Hall
- He occasionally sneaks in there after hours to watch the ceiling  
- He hates the Library 
- Avoids like the plague, claiming its because the librarian hates
- In reality, he can’t stand the quite and smell of dust everywhere
- Usually asks friends to check out books for him then takes them somewhere outside to study
- Generally he’s a good student and gets along with teachers and students alike
-  Isn’t a massive fan of first years, they’re often overwhelming 
- He’s the friend you can spend five minutes with and feel better without having said a word if you’ve had a bad day
- His favorite place in Hogsmeade is Dominic Maestro’s Music Shop
- He visits the store every other weekend and buys trinkets like magical Metronome’s to send home
- Once sent his best friend a Howler of him screaming
- They both spent a week in detention for making the enchanted candles fall from the ceiling in the Great Hall 
- Probably would have gotten away with it if he hadn’t worn ear plugs to breakfast that day  
- Is low-key scared of Professor Trelawney 
- Found the Kitchens by accident in his second year 
- Goes down after dinner on occasion to chat with the house elves and help with the washing up

I’d really appreciate some kind of feedback if anyone has a few seconds to drop me an ask/message

Thank you ♡

Better questions for 21 questions:

1. Ham or Turkey?
2. Marvel or DC?
3. Favorite colour? But describing it never saying its name.
4. Sunrise or Sunset?
5. Mountains or Beach?
6. Favorite season? (Spring, summer, autumn, winter.)
7. How do you pronounce caramel? (caRmel, caRmUL, caRAMel, caRAmUL, etc)
8. If you were a WWE wrestler what would be your theme song?
9. When I say space gays what ship comes to mind? (Spirk, kylux, stormpilot, skysolo, sheith, klance, etc)
10. Coffee or Tea?
11. Soda or Pop?
12. Cats or Dogs?
13. What’s the one thing you could eat every day for the rest of your life?
14. Stucky or Stony?
15. Blue and black or white and gold? (Warning, this could prompt violence)
16. Hardback or Paperback?
17. Beer or Wine?
18. Green grapes or Purple grapes? (If you or them don’t like grapes the Green apples or Red apples?)
19. Lighter or Matches?
20. Candles or Oils?
21. What exactly is the function of a rubber duck?

22. Favorite underrated (not celebrated with as much joy and glee as Christmas) holiday?
23. Black or White? (Not racial! Not skin colour!)
24. Captain America or Iron Man?
25. Spearmint or Peppermint?
26. Books or Movie?
27. Downey’s Sherlock or Cumberbatch’s Sherlock?
28. Sunroof or Windows?
29. Cursive or Print?
30. Google or Bing?
31. Pen or Pencil?
32. Do you believe in ghost?
33. Curtains or blinds?
34. Star Wars or Star Trek?
35. Hot or Cold?
36. Girls or Boys? Or both ;)
37. Should we change lgbtq+ to SAGA?
38. Curly or Straight?
39. Pick someone from a cartoon you watched as a kid who you thought was hot? (Jim Hawkins from treasure planet 🤗)Pick someone from a cartoon you’ve watched recently/now that you think is hot? (Takashi Shirogane from voltron legendary defender 😍😫)
40. Go to a party or a museum?
41. History or science?

Ask me if you would like, just send a number and I’ll answer! 🤗😄



YEAR: 2002


LABEL: pan/queer


TUMBLR: is-ugh-belle

SNAPCHAT: iz.carrell

IG: izzycarrell

FAV FOOD: spaghetti

FAV COLOUR: um pink yellow blue next question

FAV HOLIDAY: Christmas ofc

FAV SONG: Girls by The 1975 or Girls Like Girls by Hailey Kiyoko

FAV ANIMAL: I…I actually don’t know

FAV BOOK: aaaaaaaall of them

FAV BRAND: idk don’t have one??


FAV TOPIC: tv shows movies and bands

What is something beautiful?
~lol right now nothing becauss I have no friends and welllll

What’s one big change you’ve made?
~probably the choice to ignore what people think of me

Of money was irrelevant what job would you have?
~tattoo artist

gothic-marionette  asked:

Kk slider Jingle

K.K. is in relation to favourite song…Weeeell, I don’t really have many favourites because my favourite song kinda changes depending on my mood, but if I had to choose a song I can always come back to and love, it would probably be Two Hearts by The Birthday Massacre, maybe? It would be a song by them.

As for Jingle, I guess if I had to say a holiday I enjoy participating in would be Christmas because I think it’s fun to give presents, but I also don’t mind Valentine’s day, not for the idea of a special, pressuring thing for people in relationships or not, but more just the use of the colours pink, red and white for everything, and it’s also right around my birthday.

⛄ cozy christmas fics

•  we will find our way by supernope or @supernope

Harry and Louis are uni students studying abroad in New York, stuck in the dorms together over Christmas. (9k) 

out of orbit, into gravity by eravain 

AU in which Harry is a runner with questionable training patterns and Louis’ idea of flirting involves chucking snowballs at moving targets. Niall bakes cookies, Liam is a growing boy, and Zayn silently judges them all. (7k) 

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Love the icon change. Real subtle but great

Mun: My icon will always be that image. This is the first time I’ve changed the colour of it to reflect a holiday–Undertaker will surely be proud of my Halloween spirit. My page will go back to it’s usual blue when October ends of course.

i actually already have a header saved to my photos to be used for Christmas when that arrives.


It’s been a year since I stopped shit-posting and decided to open up this new anime blog on tumblr. In a couple of days, it’ll be two whole years and I just want to say that I am so happy for (1) ending my awful shit-posting (2) meeting all of you wonderful people. 

(Sorry for the awful edit but I just started using photoshop like 2 weeks ago and alsfkjalsd ok)

Thanks for sticking with my ever-changing colour codes, mood swings, long hiatuses and idk just chatting with me and/or filling up my dash. I’m not gonna make this really long or anything but hey! It’s almost Christmas so happy holidays guys ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡

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Too early for christmas?

Newt x reader having some fluffy christmas cuddles 

I take suggestions as usual!


You picked your wand up, directing it towards the tinsel on the ground. With a very convenient spell you levitated the tinsel off of the floor and wrapped it neatly around the Christmas tree. The same went for the baubles and Christmas lights. Humming a gentle tune and dressed in underwear and Newt’s coat that the idiot had forgot to put on before leaving the house to buy something, probably food for the many beast that he cared for.

You had convinced him to get a real house that wasn’t just his little cabin where he lived with his beasts. He had been opposed to it at first until you promised to move in with him if you got a little house together and that settled it. The two of you moved into two story, Tudor styled house in a small community called Tinworth. There was a large backyard that came with the house that Newt absolutely loved. You had helped him but up a few charms so the two of you could keep some of his beasts up here in case they got sick and needed extra attention. Now the yard was filled with white, frosty snow that crunched lightly under your feet and glimmered from the moon light.

The inside was very rustic and simple. A lot of warm colours, wooden furniture and fur. Newt had protested wildly against the fur until you told him that all the fur was fake and done from polyester or something like that. Newt had no idea what polyester was but accepted your word on that polyester was in fact not an animal.

The two of you had been too busy to put up Christmas decoration until now, late December. Both of you were stressing over the holiday and working. You were working double-shifts as a healer at St. Mungo’s. How the hell did people get so tangled up in their Christmas decorations that they had to be hospitalised? (literally)

Anyways, back to it. Since you have worked so much overtime you had gotten a day off. Newt was running errands so you took the time to wrap some Christmas gifts and decorate the house. You had gotten pretty far, decorating the entire hallway, kitchen and living room. The only places left were your bedroom and the library/study. You skipped up the stairs, giddy with holiday feelings and made the quick left into the bedroom that you shared.

With flick of your wand you changed the sheets to be a soft brown colour with a red throw over. Red and gold pillows to match and some tinsel at the footboard to finish it off. You put out some red and green candles around the room and then moved onto the study. You started off by putting down a tray with cookies and milk on the desk, putting a spell on the milk so it’d stay cool. Then you went to hand tinsel around the bookcases. With a nod you grinned and walked back downstairs. Just in time for you to hear the front door shut.

“Y/N?” You heard him call as you came down the stairs.

“Yes, love?” you asked and saw him peek up the stairway. He was grinning from ear to ear as you came down the stairs. When he saw that you were wearing next to nothing under your coat he flushed pink but tried to ignore it.

“Did you decorate?” he questioned and wrapped his arms around your waist, hugging you close.

“Yeah, do you like it?” you asked softly, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“I love it, it looks brilliant!” he said and kissed your lips. “What are you doing in my coat?”

“Well you forgot it, so I’m borrowing it,” you replied and stole another kiss from him. “Want me to take it off?”

You gave him a smirk and watched him turn that lovely shade of red again. Oh how you loved doing that.

“I, uh,” he let out and slipped a hand up to cup the back of your head. He leaned down to kiss you again but you instantly escaped his embrace, bouncing out of the way.

“You’re freezing, Newt!” you scolded, shivering from the cold skin to skin touch. He smiled softly and started saying something, reaching for you again. “No! Your hands are like ice cubes. Go sit on the sofa!”

Newt pouted slightly and took his shoes off at the door. He sulked his way over to the living room to do as you asked him to. You smirked and walked into the kitchen, quickly whipping up some hot chocolate for the two of you. You added some cream and topped it all with cinnamon. Newt really, really loved cinnamon so you made sure to add it to everything.

When your drinks were finished you walked into the living room. Newt was leaning over the arm of the couch, fiddling with your radio. He never really got it to work and he was a hundred percent sure that a poltergeist lived inside it to haunt him because all he could ever do was make it go to static.

You sat down next to him and put the mugs of hot chocolate on the table. He looked over at you and gave you a little smile before continuing to fiddle with the radio.

“Here, let me warm you up,” you mumbled and grabbed his elbow. You dragged him closer to you, grabbing his hands and rubbing them.

“That’s really sweet of you,” he said and then saw the chocolate. “Y/N you really didn’t need to…”

“Come on, I’ve been alone all day,” you complained, lifting his hands to your face and kissing the tips of his fingers. “Let me spoil you when you’re finally home.”

“Do I work too much?” Newt questioned and frowned a little. “I’m sorry that I have been so busy often. Are you lonely often?”

“Don’t worry, love.” You smiled at his worried expression and leaned in to kiss his chilly cheek. “I work too and I’m so proud of you. Writing a book and doing amazing work with your creatures. They make you happy and I can’t keep you away from them.”

“You make me happy.” Newt looked at you with that heart-eyed look that made you melt. All the shyness and strange innocence that he had kept into adulthood. You smiled and leaned into kiss him, pushing him back against the arm of the sofa.

“And you make me happy,” you mumbled against his lips, putting one hand on his cheek and one on his shoulder. His arms wrapped around your waist.

Your eyes fell closed as you melted into his strong embrace. Your lips gently moving against each other in unison. The slightly earthy and cinnamon smell and taste from Newt filled your senses and made you relax. The two of you didn’t usually have much time to do stuff like this but now that it was happening it felt like you were teens again, the same love and spark that you thought you had lost was coming back, tingling your stomach and making you want him so much more.

“Merry Christmas.” You broke the kiss to look at him, take in all his freckles and those stunning green eyes.

“It’s not Christmas yet,” Newt stated and raised an eyebrow. “Why are you saying merry Christmas?”

“Because it’s cliché,” you chuckled at him being cute yet again. “But you kind of ruined it a little.”

“Oh sorry.”

Merry Christmas, Love Sherlock, Molly and Scarlett x

xx It’s really long. I’m sorry. Merry Christmas, Sherlollians xx

“Scarlett, you know why I’m your granddad? It’s because I’m your Daddy’s Daddy.”

“More wine, Daddy?”

Three Years Ago

“She’s eight weeks old, now. You can hold her if you want.”

Molly held out her baby daughter slightly, taking in the sight of the man hovering in her doorway; in the light of her fireplace and Christmas fairy lights, he looked ominous and threatening…however, in the presence of his young niece, Mycroft Holmes was anything but. He took half a step forwards before deciding against it, choosing instead to look at his hands.

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by Chris Kelso

Christmas is a special time of year – our omnipresent alien overlords take a rare day off, we all don knitted novelty jumpers before gathering round the altar to chant “Gunga Galunga.” and offer wooden objects and precious stones to our one true prophet and savior – Bill Murray.

In case you’re new to the Church of Murray, ‘Murrayology’ is a new age religion which emphasizes the independence of the human spirit, equality between all forms of life, and takes a non-violent stance towards all living beings. The church of Murray focuses on the important things in this life, like being a great party-guest, making kick ass movies and hosting ice-cream socials (and occasionally partaking in a spot of impromptu karaoke!). My girlfriend and I have been Murrayists for over five years now. We’ve never been happier.

Recently, my girlfriend and I went to visit the saviour’s ashram. We were initially greeted by two fellow disciples, simple natives born of the Ayrshire ergs, who led us to his quarters.

On our way down the echoing galleries, they offered us an orated history of the ancient canvases Murray had acquired, interpreting the cultural and natural heritage of each painting and how it related directly to the Prophet.

“This one was painted in the Caddyshack era by the great Ramakrishnahi who foresaw the coming of the Great One and how he would lead us all to spiritual and nutritional purity.”

It was quite stunning.

We didn’t expect to actually see much of Bill but there he was, strewn out in his eco-hut on a bed of stonewashed sacks that’d been stuffed with dove feathers, smoking deeply from a nebulizer and exhaling the vapour out into a great ceiling-dwelling maelstrom of pink, vanilla scented cloud. At the time Bill wore a beard of alabaster swung round his neck like a scarf and his eyes changed pattern and colour at the sight of us. They went from a hazy airbrushed green to a swirling orange tinted array of concentric circles. He lay there like a stone angel and said –

“I’m a modernist Mr. Kelso. Language has begun to fail me in my need for self-expression…”


A Calzona advent calendar - December 10th

“What the hell are you wearing?”

Arizona had left the house early that morning, coming in to round on some of the previous day’s surgical patients before her shift actually started, and so the first time Callie actually saw her wife she could only stop and stare.

The peds surgeon was standing at the nurses’ desk, tapping away at her tablet, with reindeer antlers (complete with ears) perched on top of her head. And not only reindeer antlers, but reindeer antlers with lights on them – tiny rainbow coloured lights that were blinking in a slow, twinkly kind of rhythm.

The blonde glanced up at the familiar voice and a smile broke out on her face, but Callie’s eyes were still trained skeptically on the twinkling protrusions on top of her head.


She set the tablet back into its dock and turned to face the other woman, adjusting her headband slightly.

“They’re reindeer antlers.”

Callie met her wife’s eyes with an eyebrow raised and a slightly amused smile tugging at her lips.

“Yes, I can see that, honey. But why are you wearing them?”

“Because it’s almost Christmas. Sofia and I picked them out yesterday – there’s a pair for you too.”

“You’re seriously going to wear those things at work all day?”

Callie just laughed as Arizona put her hands on her hips, her brow furrowing and blue eyes narrowing slightly. She knew the other woman was trying to look stern, but with those things on her head she couldn’t look like anything other than an adorable marshmallow.

“I work with children! And babies! They appreciate my holiday spirit.”

“You’re missing a red nose though.”

The brunette reached up, tapping the tip of her finger against her wife’s nose, and Arizona wrinkled it slightly, her face scrunching up.

“Well I’m not Rudolph, obviously, Calliope.”

“Which one are you then?”

The blonde was actually completely adorable in her ridiculous holiday garb, Callie had to admit. And as much as she loved teasing her about it, she absolutely loved the lighthearted spirit she brought to everyone at this time of year – Callie especially. Christmas had changed for her when Arizona came into her life – no longer the serious, designer-decorated, dressy and overly elaborate celebration it had been growing up in Miami. Christmas with Arizona was filled with bright colours and holiday pajamas and homemade ornaments and Santa hats, and silly traditions that belonged to them and only them. 

“I’m Dasher.”

Arizona beamed slightly, and Callie couldn’t help herself. She ran her hands along the smaller woman’s waist and grasped at her open lab coat, leaning in to drop a soft, quick kiss on her lips.

“So does that make me Dancer?”

A wide smile spread across Arizona’s face as Callie pulled back, and something akin to a childish delight lit up her eyes. And they, in turn, held the power to light up the entire hospital. 

“Absolutely. And your antlers are in your locker.”



With them arriving in the morning it saddens me to think thisll be the 25th holiday season spent with my parents and yet theyve never really met their child; only a subdued, depressed, guarded spectre and not the confident, happy, colourful, alive daughter they really have. This year has certainly set the groundwork for changing that, but it’s clearly going to be slow going and it’s sad to think of the opportunities and memories we’ve lost to date. Here’s hoping 2017 sees further progress I guess - with them and with life ❤

Holiday cards

Okay, so I did this about a week ago, and only one person responded, so I’m going to try this again, but I’m changing the rules a little.

1) The first fifty people to answer the questionaire will get a holiday card from yours truly.
2) You must be following me (and I’d prefer you don’t just follow me because of this, I really want this to be a Christmas present for my followers)
3) the first 12 (I believe, I may be off on the count) people to answer the questionaire will also receive a hand coloured velvet art in either a 5x5 or 5x7 size! (Yaaaay!)
4) You can live anywhere! Shipping is only like 50 cents more for international letters, so I’m cool with shipping out of the US

And basically that’s it. I will close the questionaire after fifty people have answered or December 1st, whichever comes first. 

Answer away

As I was cleaning my room yesterday, I realized that I own two Bellatrix Lestrange crow skull necklaces, and I don’t need two of the same necklace, so, before I send out the card, I’m going to put all the URLS of in a bowl and draw one out, and that person will get the necklace, Yay!!! 

Picture of a very similar necklace:

External image