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Happy belated Star Wars Day! :) i had to draw Allura with Leia’s space buns like everyone else, and decided to give her Leia’s outfit and gun too! Allura would look ethereal in any of Leia’s flowey white dresses ✨

May the Force be with you!

Last random sketch before I (try) to sleep. I wonder how Priestess Mana looked like years after their deaths. 

ugh, this kid came into the shop the other day to get some jewelry changed because she couldn’t do it herself and OH MY GOSH, IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR PIERCING, YOU SHOULDN’T GET ONE!

i had to explain to her that she needed to clean her piercing daily because they looked so bad, she might as well treat them as fresh piercings even though they were over a year old!

she told me she didn’t really do anything to them, to which i replied “yeah. no. stop that. you’re going to get an infection and that shit can seriously damage you. clean. your. piercings.”

so much pus and flakey skin and keloid scarring and…bwuh. kid’s lucky she hasn’t gotten anything else like…staph

reminder: clean your fresh piercings twice daily with plain soap and water. soak two to three times weekly with a homemade sea salt solution* [some recommend cleaning with salt, but that can lead to drying out of the skin.] and make a hot compress out of a chamomile tea-bag for a natural anti-inflammatory. do this for a minimum 6-weeks to three months.

don’t use alcohol-based cleansers [kills the new skin causing longer healing times, increased chances of scarring.], harsh soaps with dye and fragrance [irritants], vaseline [what this kid said she used! D:], store bought saline solutions [contain harsh chemicals and preservatives that aren’t going to help you out.]

*¼ tsp dissolved into 1 cup of boiling water [15ml in 240ml water] let cool. submerge area into cup or use cotton ball.

Vacation Packing Timeline and Tips!

Hey guys! I’ve gotten a few questions about planning outfits for vacations, as well as packing. I thought I would share my “Vacation Packing Timeline” as well as a few tips and tricks I’ve discovered over the years that just make packing and traveling so much easier. My spring break is in one week, therefore over the past few weeks I have been preparing my clothes, bags, and myself for the trip! These are just a few things that I find helpful during packing/travel!

Preparing/Packing Timeline 

  • Two weeks before a trip: I like to use an app (Stylebook is my favorite; about $3 on the app store, but so worth it) to plan out my outfits that I will be taking on a trip. My general rule is to pack by outfit, not by piece, therefore I will plan specific outfits and save them to the app! I also like to pack things that I can pair 2-3 different ways, that way if I change my mind when I arrive at my destination, I have another way to wear an outfit and it wasn’t a total waste to bring it! For example, pack a top that can be worn with white jeans/regular jeans as well as shorts, but also can be paired with different shoes and jewelry to change the outfit from day to night! Of course there are a few exceptions to this rule…that super cute going out dress and pair of heels…but generally I try to follow it. 
  • One week before a trip: This is when I like to lay my clothes out! I push all my clothes to one end of my closet, and hang the clothes I plan on brining all in one section on the other side, therefore I can see all together how many outfits I’m bringing, if something is too similar, and if something can be paired a few different ways! This is also the time where I look at all my clothes and see if anything needs to be washed, sent to the dry cleaners, or ironed! This takes a lot of time out of packing, that way when I begin to fill my suitcase I know everything is clean and crisp; I don’t have to take time out of packing to clean/iron anything. 
  • One week before a trip: This is also the time where I like to start to pamper myself to ensure I look my best on the trip! I workout year round, but if you don’t, you might want to start a week or two before your trip just to flush out your body and make sure your face is clear and bright! I make sure to eat extra healthy this week, drink tons of water, and spend more time treating myself! I’ll whiten my teeth, use a face mask, exfoliate my skin, wax my eyebrows, get my nails done, and get a spray tan!
  • Five days before a trip: This is when I like to pair my jewelry with my outfits; I tend to always overpack jewelry and find that I don’t even end up wearing half of it! I pick 3-4 necklaces, 3-4 pairs of earrings, and 2-3 bracelets that can go with most, if not all outfits so that I minimize luggage space. This can also be done right from the beginning (or at the packing stage) to avoid an extra step and an extra days work, but I just love packing so much that I don’t mind having something to do each day haha. 
  • Three days before a trip: I like to grab my suitcase out of the garage and make sure I have all the bags I need to pack. Even when I’m not flying I just find it easier to pack everything in one huge suitcase instead of taking a few different bags. I may look funny with a giant suitcase pulling up to my friends house for the weekend, but for me, it’s just so much easier to have everything organized in one place. You can never go wrong with one giant suitcase that fits all your clothes, shoes, hair tools, makeup, accessories, bags, etc.! 
  • Two days before a trip: I begin to pack. I like packing at this point because if I find that I need to run to the store because I forgot something, then I have the time to do it. This reduces so much stress and anxiety for me because then I know I have absolutely everything I need and I’m not running around like a crazy person. This is also when I like to do my laundry that way I have clean pajamas, socks, t-shirts, and other things for the trip. 
  • One day before a trip: This is when I finalize packing. I lay out the outfit I plan on wearing the next day, and finish up my suitcase. Rolling your clothes into a suitcase really does save so much space, unless it is a thick or heavier item. Therefore I lay my jeans, jackets, and sweaters flat, then roll everything else! I will also fill up my travel size containers with shampoo/conditioner, face wash, face lotion, body lotion, etc. I store everything in gallon Ziploc bags because I’m paranoid that something will leak! While I’m doing this I will be checking off items on a packing list I made (because I’m crazy and an outfit planning app isn’t enough) just to make sure I don’t forget anything! Also, I will go through my pantry and fridge and throw out any food that will expire before I come back. I’ll pack a few snacks to have on the way to my destination. If I’m just going to a friends house or my parents house I’ll also pack a small cooler with the foods that are going to expire soon, but that I don’t want to throw out (fruits, veggies, sandwich stuff, milk, etc.). I’ll also clean my apartment and do the dishes so that when I come back from a trip everything is nice and clean so I can just relax after traveling.  

These tips may not work for everyone. However, I find that by taking a few minutes out of each day to check off these tasks I never forget anything while traveling and am so much more relaxed. I am a very organized person and love to take a little time out of each day to accomplish these tasks. I love packing and traveling, so this is fun for me. If you’re one of the people who isn’t obsessed with planning and packing, maybe just follow tips 2 and 7 ;) Hope this was helpful!

Plastic Fantastic ! By Peter Chang

“The materials I use are inseparable from my ideas – the plastics have a present-day integrity that reflects the age in which we live. Plastics, unlike some natural materials are basically characterless, anything you make out of them only adds!”

Bracelet: Acrylic, polyester, polyurethane, foam, paint, silver. Peter Chang (1944-)
Glasgow, Scotland 2004

i ended up coloring the gale super fast and really lazily like i dont think ive ever rushed through a coloring quite as fast as this one and like

it ended up very tan :T

mostly because i forgot to draw in where his roots would be showing

on the plus side i finally managed to actually make his eyes look like water which you can only see if you zoom in and its honestly the only important part of the picture so here

anonymous asked:

Qcknd hi, I've had my septum stretched at 2g for a while now little over 6 months and the smell just is super annoying I was wondering if you had any advice? I have changed my jewelry and everything so im not sure what to do anymore :///

I used to leave my jewelry out for periods of time. Sleeping, and especially in the shower. You *may* feel discomfort if you leave your jewelry out for a little while and then pop it back in, but unlike other stretched piercings you may have experence with, your septum is for life, and will never stretch back, so go crazy with different rituals for leaving your jewelry out. i feel like once I treated it as a *healed* piercing, and not a stretched piercing, I experienced a lot less of the septum funk.

anonymous asked:

hi nick. this is a weird ? do you have a place in your house that you like the best? love you and your blog xx

Hi, Anon!

I do actually have a couple of little places in my house like that.  I’ll share them with you:

This is my little grab corner.  It houses what I grab the most before I walk out the door:  Glasses, keys, watches, pens, jewelry, change if I need it (as you can see, I’m down to mostly pennies at the moment).  It also has favorite things that just make me feel good.  I walk through my door and this is the first thing I see, besides my dog and my cat, of course.  So even if it was a shit night at work, I come home and there’s things here that make me feel at peace.

This little spot is next to my sofa.  This is an end table that I made and painted myself.  On it, I have more things that make me happy.  The giraffe was my grandmother’s.  The stuffed elephant and the little African painted dog are from Saint Louis Zoo.  We have Eric the Elephant who you can actually write on so I write messages to myself a lot.  There’s little painted stones, a wax warmer so I can make it smell nice, and of course, Harry.  

Basically, I love to surround myself with things that make me feel good.  What I really need to get is book shelves so I can put my SK collection out.  That’ll be a good project.  I actually found these old VW doors that I’m thinking about going to pick up and some wood from the hardware store and some stuff to hold that together as my shelves.  If I do it, I’ll share that, too.  

Anyway, you didn’t ask for all of this LOL  Surprise?  Thank you, Anon!  That was fun!