“Sanya,” I said. “Who did I get cast as?”
  “Sam,” Sanya said.
  I blinked at him. “Not…Oh, for crying out loud, it was perfectly obvious who I should have been.”
  Sanya shrugged. “It was no contest. They gave Gandalf to your godmother. You got Sam.” He started to leave and then paused. “Harry. You have read the books as well, yes?”
  “Sure,” I said.
  “Then you know that Sam was the true hero of the tale,” Sanya said. “That he faced far greater and more terrible forces than he ever should have had to face, and did so with terrible courage. That he went alone into a black and terrible land, stormed a dark fortress, and resisted the most terrible temptation of his world for the sake of the friend he loved. That in the end, it was his actions and his actions alone that made it possible for light to overcome darkness.”
  I thought about that for a second. Then I said, “Oh.”
  He clapped me on the shoulder and left.
—  Changes - Jim Butcher

I just lit my first incense in 10 yrs! Little things like this were a constant part of my life from high school on, but I gave up so much of myself when I moved to Chile. It’s easy not to realize when a person, place, or life change starts to take away the things that make up who you are. Pretty soon you are left with a shell & you are not quite sure where it all went.

I’m in a great time if change! I’m finding myself. Finding my passion. Finding my path.

It’s a journey. Gotta love the ride.

Can I just say how much I love what’s happening right now? How much I love that everything is about Louis? The same Louis who has the biggest personality in the band but was shut down for years? 

He stood up for all the fans, not being afraid to go to battle, he’s so protective of the band, the fans and everything that’s in his heart.

How amazing is that after years he jumps on stage, clearly enjoys everything, so much more than before, he’s so free and interacts with the audience, waves and signs them, takes out his cute green phone case and he’s there taking pictures, selfies and videos and also posting them on his newly acquired IG account?

I didn’t know how much I needed this until now.