Sibling of an Archangel

Hey guys i know it’s been awhile since i’ve posted but i wrote this a while back and realized i went fairly off the request i’m sorry .I also kind of lost contact with my editor so i’m sorry it’s not edited but i’m trying to get back in the flow of things.If you would like to help me in editing that’d be great just message or chat with me so we can work things out .I kind of just wanted to post it because I semi liked it sorry to who requested this it might not be what you wanted exactly .

Request:anonymous asked-Can you do a Gabriel Imagine
Where the reader is an arc angel too and they both share the love of sweet things

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Today was another day on the mortal world with the simple minded .You appreciated the mortal world more than the usual typical angels floating around…Your father made this so it could be enjoyed not to be taken control of or destroyed .the simple things made you happy even if the humans seemed barbaric at times it was still enjoyable .Messing with the humans was also very enjoyable .How could so many people on this planet be oblivious to the things around them .

You started out to walk on a street walking past mortals who had no clue you were different than them .Something made you stop as you saw an old man struggling while  a younger man pushed through past him almost pushing him over .You stepped up and with a flick of your hand the younger man had fallen to the floor tripping on true air into the ground below him .You walked up to the older man and helped him .Being an angel didn’t mean you had to be an ass all the time .You helped the older man carry a bag and you instantly knew his name angels had a way of knowing names .This man was Harold he had a troubling past full of struggle and pain much that he didn’t deserve yet he could always smile .Harold accepted your help but walked towards the man that had fallen the one that directly pushed him .He reached to the younger man and helped him up .You didn’t know if it was pure stupidity or true kindness .once he was done he came back to where you stood .

“Thank you young lady.”

You couldn’t help but smile you were much older than him but he didn’t have to know.

“No problem sir it’s my true pleasure .Would you like assistance home.”

“I sure would young lady “

You started to walk beside him.

“May I ask you a question sir?”

“Oh its Harold sweetie sir makes me feel much older.”

You couldn’t help but Laugh.

“Oh well my names y/n”

“It’s nice to meet you y/n .what’s your question?”

“Why’d you help that man after he directly pushed you out of the way for no sufficient reason?”

He turned and faced you.

“All I saw was a man who had fallen so I helped.”

“But he pushed you?”

“I know that but that didn’t matter to me.”

“Why “

“You ask a lot of questions y/n.”

“Well I’m confused.”

“Don’t be y/n you do things out of kindness even if all you receive is pain.”

You stayed quiet and kept walking with the older man before he talked.

“Why’d you help me y/n “

“Because I saw what he did to you and it was unfair.”

“And if you hadn’t seen him would you be helping me.”

“Most likely not “

“See I think something’s happen for reason greater than we see.”

You turned a corner and his apartment was there.

“Thank you y/n.”

“You are welcome.”

“Oh here for cravings and your service.”

He tossed you a chocolate bar before he walked into his home.

You took the bar and began to eat it  .you disappeared in an instant to your home .You thought of what happened .you continued eating every sweet making more appear at your fingertips. Moments passed by till boredom reached .you stared at the clock thinking of what to do till you heard a prayer to an archangel .Duty called hopefully something more interesting .Before you set out you grabbed one more lollipop and set out .when you arrived you weren’t expecting what you walked into .Winchesters were the ones in need .

“Well .I heard a prayer and I came.”

“Who are you?”

“Well, you called on an angel and I came to answer some prayers.”

“We called on an archangel.”

“Fine guys I’ll be on my way then wait for the big guns to come.”

“Almost at that instant you felt the presence of another archangel arrive.”

You turned only to see the Winchesters trap no other than Gabriel, Thank god they didn’t pull that off on you they would have gotten on your bad side .you couldn’t help but laugh you knew Gabriel and seeing him helpless was a sight for sore eyes. Both Winchesters looked at you like you were mad.

“OH is this funny.”

“Yes it’s hilarious Gabriel made you his bitch when he put you through that game now he’s yours “

“Ok who the hell are you?”

Gabriel looked at both of them.

“You two idiots why didn’t you trap her?”

“Because she’s an ordinary angel.”

Gabriel  laughed

“Ok, wonderful well here let me introduce you this is y/n, one of Fathers least liked archangel’s.”

“Hey, All Daddy cared about was Michael and Lucifer not my fault I wasn’t liked, plus you won’t see me whining about it brother .I don’t have daddy abandonment issues.”

Sam and Dean stared at shock before intervening. Dean spoke first

“There’s more of you and what the hell.”

“There’s seven Dean”

“So Sam is the brains of the operation .ok well this was fun but what are you going to do to my brother well what do you need?”

“We needed information.”

“Well that’s boring here don’t let me intervene continue.”

You stared at gabriel he always was one of your favorite siblings you both had a sweet tooth you shared .no matter what you were going to get him out of this he was your brother .you two always were a duo to mess with separate you were threat but together was true and utter kayas .moments passed till you really started to get bored.”

“Ok, Winchester’s this was fun but I’m tired of seeing my poor brother confined.”

You saw Sam pull out an angel blade this angered you in more ways than others.

“To think I thought I was going to stay on your good side. “With a flick of your hand you mad both Winchesters freeze. You set the fire sprinklers on and Gabriel was out.

“Took you long enough.’

“Hey, you had the beef be happy I decided to show up .lollipop brother. “You handed him a lollipop he took it with no hesitation.

You went up to the Winchesters taking both angel blades from them and taking a few steps back before UN freezing them.

They both made quick movements only to see that they both were missing their blades.

“Well this was fun Winchesters but see me and my brother have a change


You looked at Gabriel what should we do?

“Well I always enjoyed messing with them it’s quite entertaining.”

you had a ball all day messing with the Winchesters and having them serve you your candy .It all had to come to an end when Castiel showed up of course Gabriel wanted to continue by banishing Castiel but you thought the fun had to end at one point and let them all leave .

You had some one on one time with your brother.

“Y/n why’d you disappear on me on all of us.”

“Gabriel it wasn’t a big lose come on brother.”

‘It was for me for god’s sake y/n you left me with Lucie and Michael “

“I know Gabriel but look your fine plus I wasn’t important .Father didn’t want me around either”

“I don’t care what father wanted I needed you there .Our family fell apart look at us.”

“I couldn’t have changed that Gabriel.”

“You could have been there for me when I needed you.”

“Grow up brother our family was a mess from the beginning and there was nothing changing that.”

Gabriel’s eyes started to water.

“Gabriel I’m sorry I had to go you know that that’s why you left .You are my brother and I will always take care of you but I couldn’t stand by to have to pick a side.”

You went up and hugged him.

“Brother I’m sorry I left you.”

He didn’t move.

“I won’t leave you again ok.”

He stepped back you’ll stick by when our brothers go against each other.

“Our family has our problems Gabriel and I guess I’ll stick for another one of our brother’s sissy fights.”

He laughed

“Let’s go rob a candy shop Gabriel like old times.”

He smiled

“Race you” he disappeared in an instant.

“Cheater you got that form Lucie.”