Fixed bug where high quality versions of videos weren’t generated.

Removed some debugging info.

If a chat user is streaming then you can click on their name to listen.

If a chat user isn’t streaming then clicking on their name will take you to their profile.

Added an option for gender/age in the profile.

Added buttons to block, PM, and email users in the profile.

Blocked users can’t send new PMs to the users blocking them anymore. Old conversations still work for the moment, that will change when I get home in a few hours.

Also when I get home, a proper landing page.

And clicking on videos should pause them.

Then I’m going to run through everything again and make sure I’m not forgetting anything else.

If I don’t find anything massively missing, I’ll shut down the site to reset everything and we can get started. If you guys see anything missing on the site beyond the landing page missing let me know, it’d save a lot of time.

Thanks to everyone who’s helped! This is probably the cheesiest thing I’ve said ever but if it weren’t for your guy’s support this would have died about half a week after it started.


hello!! i’m 1 year on t so i decided to make a photo montage

Fixed a bug where new files didn’t show up in the new file list.

Changed the chat sound to one we can actually legally use.

Double checked that streaming, ignoring, and chatting all worked and played nice with each other.

Prevented users from ignoring themselves.

Reminder that the site is open 24/7 for anyone who can help by trying to break things. It’s also open 24/7 for anyone who just wants to check things out.


i’m 1 year on t !! here’s a short video, i took a selfie every day of my transition!!

Devlog Update 132 + Alpha 10

Alpha 10 is now available for download! The full change log is at the end of this post.


When we started with this project I knew almost nothing about programming shaders, and while there’s still much left to learn I’ve gained a bit of experience. So I’ve improved the water shorelines and added refractions:

The underwater glass tunnels were faked a bit previously - we simply didn’t draw any water on top of them because I didn’t know how to make it look like they’re not flooded with water on the inside. It looked “good enough” in most cases but always bothered me and especially now with the refractions it looked weird, but I’ve figured out how to make it work properly now:

Garret started working on sciene fiction props:

And Luuk added a maintenance budget setting to rides:

Lowering the budget reduces the monthly maintenance costs but has a negative impact on safety if done for too long.


- added Jumper
- added mechanical props
- added science fiction props
- added setting one-way signs per staff type
- added missing pieces for the brick and spooky walls sets
- added adjustable ride maintenance budget
- added receiving land as reward for scenario goals
- added configurable land costs for scenarios
- added adjustable climate for scenarios
- added returning guests
- added theme filters to deco window
- added categories to blueprints window
- added banking across the 180° mark
- added limited banking to 90° per segment size
- added restoring weather and camera position when loading savegame
- added default Steam Controller configuration/scaled up UI in Big Picture mode
- added water edges at terrain end
- improved spawn positions of guest/ride info windows so they don’t all appear in the same spot
- improved deco window performance
- improved rain performance
- improved sorting of deco objects (grouped by theme)
- improved the look of water and underwater tunnels
- improves guest animation performance
- improved stopping position in station for Vertical Drop Coaster and Wing Coaster
- should fix “location occupied” error when building coaster tracks although location isn’t occupied (let us know if it still happens)
- fixed a case where Janitors were unable to transport trash out of the park
- fixed tunnel entrances sometimes showing through terrain
- fixed visual glitches on log flume water
- fixed coaster stat graph getting messed up when switching to coaster stat tab repeatedly
- fixed deco builder entries sometimes not showing enough color buttons
- fixed lag when rotating camera while editing a coaster
- fixed lag when switching to coaster stat tab
- fixed a rare case where it was impossible to click anything after loading a savegame
- fixed Star Shape and Turbine rides sometimes being in wrong position while letting guests in after loading savegame
- fixed camera not being able to focus onto objects while game is paused
- fixed not being able to edit scenarios

Summer Rose Court Update 44

The fuse and breaker broke in my house, so I have limited electricity. The number of updates might be reduced.


  • A2P2 Renora: add Ursa noises
  • A2P2 Renora: add Heping temple center
  • A2P2 Renora: add Curia music to trials, minor text fix
  • A2P2 Renora: changed mind about Curia music, use Faunus Forest for Lin
  • Redo most of Pyrrha sprites
  • A1: Temporarily reduce volume for loud sounds
  • A1: reduce volume of dragon screeches
Weekly Update 1 - Clash Creator

First weekly update, yay!

This week, I’d want to share what I have done for the creation side of ClashEngine, the ClashCreator. This week I have standardized a lot of the functions, allowing for the easy creation of data. However, because I’m literally the only one who knows how it works at the moment, a changelog would be pointless.

So instead, I’m just going to give a brief overview on how the ClashCreator works!

Creating a New Asset:

First you want to create a new asset, obviously! As of right now, there are 5 asset types:

  • Character
  • Stage
  • Non Player Entity (NPE)
  • Item
  • Prop

You define the information about them in the editor, and then the utility saves the data to a standard location.

Above: Creation of a new “ClashAsset”

Managing Created Assets

Once you have this asset, it will show up in the ClashAsset Manager, which gives you a brief overview of all the assets that you have.

Above: the ClashAsset Manager

Here’s a quick rundown on the buttons for individual assets:

  • Active: Sets the ClashAsset to be the one that you are editing
  • Save: Saves the ClashAsset to XmlFiles
  • Build: Builds the ClashAsset to a Unity AssetBundle for the Game.
  • Unload: Unloads the ClashAsset from the ClashAsset Manager

The bottom toolbar buttons provide other functionality: 

  • Load: Loads a ClashAsset into the manager
  • Load All: Loads ALL ClashAssets into the manager
  • Unload All: Unloads all ClashAssets from the manager
  • Save All: Performs the “Save” operation on all ClashAssets
  • Build All: Performs the “Build” operation on all ClashAssets
  • New: Create a new ClashAsset (show the first window up there)

Above: the saved files for a ClashAsset

Editing the Assets

After you have all your assets loaded up, it’s time to edit them. In my first post I briefly touched on the “Actions”, but there’s a lot more functionality in editing a ClashAsset!

Above: The ActionValues/ManagerConstants editor tab

Example: The “Costumes” editor tab

Each tab on the top represents some functionality that is stored in an Xml file. An example being the “Costumes” tab is saved to a “CostumesData” file.

Above: The saved ClashAsset files

Building the Asset Bundles

After you have edited the ClashAsset to your heart’s content, you can save it and then build it to a Unity AssetBundle. A Unity AssetBundle is just a fancy way of storing files in a compressed format for use by Unity.

All of these files and paths for ClashAssets are stored in standard locations, which is something that I finished up this week. The code is not platform-specific, which means no matter what platform you’re on, you will be able to create, edit, build and share any asset you so choose!

Playing the Game

After you’ve gotten all your Asset Bundles, created by you, downloaded off the internet, or from a ClashAsset server, Clash Engine will load them up and you will be able to select them and use them in-game.

Unfortunately, I have not implemented any menu functionality at the moment, so just imagine a nice stage/ character select screen!

Wrap Up:

That’s all I have for this time! There are some other features and functionality of the creator that I will probably end up explaining later. But for now I hope that this was a good high-level overview for anyone interested.

This week I am working on perfecting the movement system for ActionEntities on stages and standard action types like air dodges, ledge grabbing, etc. Last week I actually finished a couple days ahead of schedule, so I got a bit of a head start. Which is good because stage collisions is a bit complicated!

Minor Update

  • A post saying Skylar will never be able to see an actual bee made me sad so I gave her functionally useless Image I/O Processing. She has read a picture of a bee and although she has zero way to interprit what this image is I feel a little bit better knowing that our little friend has seen an actual bee.
Recruitment Coming to a Close

Starting 9/30, the Sunguard will no longer be accepting new applications to our guild for the next several months. Since the end of Act 4, we have had an influx of almost 150 new characters and dozens of new players. Right now our officer corps would like to take the time to develop and work with the talent we have.

All applications on our applicant queue prior to 9/30 will be reviewed until they are closed. So if you wish to join, get your applications in ASAP.

Thank you all for understanding!

I did a small addition that’s just a littel fun for my sake. Normally Skylar’s ‘nap times’ are just for me to work on the code, but I went and actually implemented a ‘sleep mode’ where she’ll generate random thoughts but not publish them. 

So in other words.


  • Androids can now dream of electric sheep.
ChangeLog for 08/24/12

Today we’re announcing the release of a brand new feature: our Tagged API, which allows developers to find posts based on their tags.

Lets take a look at an example with the gif tag.

The response will be a pay load of post objects that have been most recently added to that tag.

Pagination is taken care of by the “before” parameter. This is the timestamp that is returned from one of the post objects in the pay load. Lets look at an example of pagination.

Note: You have to be authenticated with OAuth to access certain tags that are considered adult in nature.

As always our inbox is always open or join our Forum if you have any questions.

Coming in 2015- Guild Updates

Or sooner, which will depend what time is available. There will be many new updates to the guild in the ways of events, lore, structure, features, and stories. In addition to updates and some changes, you will see a lot of rebalancing, and easier integration of our guild’s systems.


There are several events that I’m currently working on that will take place in January and will continue to go into February. While they will focus more specifically on teams in Draenor, with a stable portal open between both worlds, our players will be able to move between places and participate in multiple events.

Going Home: The Suncasters will complete the process of building a way home. This will also be coupled with a corresponding event in Azeroth.

Mal’naar: Sunguard forces shall move into a fallen Draenei village with the aid of the Sunsworn and Sha’tari. Their objective is to locate a focusing crystal in which will allow the process of creating powerful portals to and from Azeroth. Such an artifact however has attracted unwanted attention.

Bridging the Gap: After studying the Highborne Tome found in the Peak of Flame, Sunguard forces on Azeroth will enter the Ley Lines. This complex realm serves as a webway through time and space trying to find a “path” to Draenor. They will meet an unlikely ally and a powerful foe.

Going Home: Once Mal’naar has been acquired, the Sunguard will attempt to build a portal stable enough to allow the flow of troops and resources to and from Azeroth. Mal’naar’s power will take time to calibrate the portal once it’s open. The Sunguard will need to hold out long enough for their forces make it through.

Securing Alliances: Survival on Draenor will not only require raw cunning and strength but the assistance of the native forces that reside upon it. The Sunguard will begin diplomatic missions with native forces to count on their help against the Iron Horde and Burning Legion.

Champion of the Frostwolves: Although our heroes have earned the respect of the Frostwolf Clan, the orcs of Frostfire still remain firmly seated in their frozen home. In order to motivate the Frostwolves to take the offensive, the Sunguard forces will prove that their leadership can be trusted. A series of trials will await those attempting to win that trust.

Shadow’s Guide: After the incident in Skyreach, the home of the Arroka is in turmoil. Civil war seems to have broken out as the firm hand of the Adherents has loosened. The Sunguard will assist a shadowy sect of Arroka named the Veiled Hand in their struggle against their oppressive kin. This aid will come with the assistance of the Veiled Hand’s most formidable shadowmancers.

The Sha’tari Retribution: As the Draenei and Sunsworn forces hold out a desperate battle against the Burning Legion in Talador, their struggle will suffer a major setback when a new force of Legion Loyal Orcs join the fray. The arrival of the Sunguard forces allows a quick and forceful reprieve and a chance a burning revenge from the shattered Sha’tari forces.

Cutting Out the Rot: While the events in Draenor unfold, the Sunguard will contend against a growing coven of cultist within Quel’Thalas. The Sunguard forces learn about the haunting and maddening dreams that are plaguing the common and nobility alike.

Night’s Watch: After weeks of missing persons and late night assaults continue to plague the guardians of Silvermoon, the Sunguard sets out to investigate. While on patrol, they are assaulted by cultists who give them their first glance at the enemy they have been seeking.

Rise of the Fleshshapers: The cultist intentions become ever clearer and increasingly bold as they begin to lash out against more fortified targets. As strange creatures begin to assault the Blood Knight Enclave in the city, the Sunguard must defend its halls.

Confronting the Homunculus: Time has come to quell the Bleeding Eye’s interest within the city, however not everything is as it seems. The Sunguard must prepare as all hell is about to break loose in the city’s streets.

New Lorecrafting: Expanding the fanon that the guild has created, we will see more content on major noble houses, lands and estates, bloodlines, chivalry, and betrayal. Documented wikipages will also highlight the major battles and events of Act 2 and 3.

Numbers rehaul: I’ll begin the process of converting all of our rolling system to work specifically with roll20. This should allow great balancing and clarity.

Loot System rehaul: I’ll make loot more meaningful and far more important to character’s ability to be successful, expect there to be limits on how many artifacts/items you can bring into battle.

RP/PvP: We will reaffirm our dedication to sever-wide events. I’m exploring the idea of a guild RBG team. While we can do one right away, finding a good night and a good comp is important. (Or a leader who has more time than I do).

Update to class skills and p-classes: Most classes will gain additional abilities which they can swap out for others. This will work similarly to a talent system and give players more creativity and customization with their character in our rolling system.