Vestigial knowledge gazes upon me in phantasmal glory. Unknown bounds of proven theories and deceptive lies. I lust for infinite wisdom, bewitched by the magnificent powers it holds. An endless stream of flowing history, caring not for time or trouble but simply moving on. It is unknown why beings such as us struggle to evolve into a newer age, rather than staying put where we are. Despite wanting to delve deeper into history,we despise change. Fiction is what feeds as fuel for the rusty cogs we call brains, transforming words of illusory technology into solid reality. Potential is something we have in all of us, yet only a few are able to crack the shell that is contained within.

Intro to me (rant alert) :p
  • I've put off blogging/tumblr for so long because I feel like between Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Pinterest, etc there are just soooo many social media platforms, and for me, juggling between all of these is just really exhausting. I'm a bit antisocial, plus it is so time consuming, and I tend to get sucked in. Like, for hours on end & I get nothing done, & then I get depressed at how unproductive I am. Just being straight up honest here, haha.
  • HOWEVER. Currently, I am working towards my certification in Personal Training. Health & fitness is an area I love, something that pushes me. It's a field with a lot of doors and so many ways to go. Regardless, an online presence is important, and while I have had my Insta, which I love (I'm @change_is_power on there) for a couple of years now, I need to start with something more. Which is where this tumblr comes in.
  • In time I will post more original posts, but for now, this will be a lot like my Insta:a positive space of motivational posts, promoting balance in health and life.
  • Well that's all for now, have a lovely day!