changed the thinking of u lyrics

the signs as the 1975 lyrics that spoke to their soul

aries: not enough noise and too much racket // paris

taurus: i know it’s me that’s supposed to love you // is there somebody who can watch you

gemini: my broken veins say that if my heart stops beating, we’ll bleed the same way // pressure

cancer: oh I was thinking about killing myself, don’t you mind? // me

leo: i don’t want to be your friend i wanna kiss your neck // fallingforyou

virgo: you’re cold and i burn // settle down

libra: i’d thought she’d rearrange my world // this must be my dream

scorpio: i’d love you to stay but that’s simply insane // she way out

sagittarius: does he take care of you or could i easily fill his shoes? // sex

capricorn: you used to have a face straight out of a magazine, now you just look like anyone // change of heart

aquarius: and she just wants to feel something and i don’t think that’s asking for too much // she lays down

pisces: don’t fall in love with the moment and think you’re in love with the girl // she’s american 


It makes me happy and proud that they refused to change the banned lyrics of “cherry bomb” like wow, they don’t aim for the trophy. They know how hardworking the NCT 127 members are (especially Mark and Taeyong since they made the lyrics for every song in the mini album). The song is already perfect the way it is, we all love it so freak what KBS thinks.

0 mile is a good song though, I’m happy that they’re promoting it but it would be dope if Cherry Bomb is also there like damn KBS, you just missed THE BIGGEST HIT (see what i did there). DID U SEE HOW FUCKING LIT CHERRY BOMB IS, IT’S A BOP!! THE DANCE MOVES, THE VISUALS (OH DONT GET ME STARTED) THAT KILLED EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US (sleeveless jaehyun and yuta, hallelujah) AND THE MUSIC ITSELF MAKES NCT 127 UNIQUE. KBS BETTER PROMOTE NCT 127 CAUSE THEY FREAKING DESERVE IT, LIKE HELLO THEY’RE THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED IN KPOP (THEY JUST SAVED 2017 TBH).

But thank you though, I just saw NCT 127 in music bank and I feel blessed, my soul is purified (and oh taeyong and mark’s moments is mah lyf).

I love you SM and NCT 127! NCTzens are always here for you no matter what!!

life changing

I just realize how sexual ‘My Home” by GOT7 is… and MARK wrote the lyrics. But then I came to think of Coco. Plot Twist in My Home– the song is for Coco.

I almost died in the lines.

“You are atop my bed, together we are cozy,”

“But I go straight to you under my favorites.”

“I put my legs on the sofa, kicked back relax, hot hot bath time just lay back.”

oh damn. I need to get out my got7 and mark tuan overdose.


Gabriel Boutin/Nathan Byrn - Half Life Trilogy

American Money by BØRNS

Here, have a photoset of that house by the lake, my poor bbys deserved to be happy.

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Can you give a quick briefing on what went down last night?? I missed it all 😰

Of course! :) On Twitter they started posting different lyrics, and changing their icon to an eye. With each new one the eye got closer and closer to being closed. Lyrics they were posting were from all different albums including the older ones so people were getting pretty excited! All sorts of theories flying around now about what it all means but i think it’s just them telling us theyre going away to rest for awhile (and im sure finish an album) but not to worry they’ll be back. Kassie posted them all in order and with the times here if you want to see. Hope that helps!

because i’m too ghetto to do a “live reaction” but it has to be done

And people be complaining about the lack of jikook support from this video despite its clear jikook contents  so I’m going to binge it out for all out of my system.

…i feel like i should put a disclaimer on this so uh. warnings: “delulus” and “extreme goggles” and shiet. :D

cr: Army Unnie for subs 


oh my god he’s singing why what are these lyrics. WHO ARE YOU SINGING TO JEON. HUH.

Both of them need to stop smiling like that or else I’m gonna think they know something I don’t. 

ahahaha rekk him hoseok.he thinks his ass so fine in that outfit (also chims whyd u freeze up for second calm yoself)

^actual me singing this ._. and actual jungkook in bed with Jimin last night like omg can u imagine IM NOT NANA DONT HESITATE. YO. lmao

oh gahd when the shame suddenly hits you

damn. that must be one niiiice looking mirror, right jungkook? O_O

can’t tell if shame or “inside joke” anymore.

yup. deeeefinitely can’t tell (these lyrics dough >-<)

jeon i see yo face. 

when jimin’s eyes start changing (s/o af to namjoon dough. U WERK IT BOI. ILY <3)

wtf he just walks away from his bro. wtf u doing jeon u just did gud. why u awkward. >:(

i’m sure this is how they ended practice the other night too. just shietty hi-fives between bros ._. (jeon. ur killing me here. get ur shiet together wtf)


dare you to use that as your phone lockscreens for a whole day. DARE U. (send me a photo)

(^and that as your home screen)

jeon’s fisherman look dough. 11/10 would style again.

can we talk about how he’s actually surprised at that fact lmao. 

when the mates are having the time of their lives and there’s that one mate who just isn’t feeling it

(where are you looking jeon)

Dance Kings of BTS are judging you :)

(same) again, can’t tell if embarassment or “inside joke”

Three kinds of reactions: Innocent *cough* Hoseok is covering his eyes. Save him. Yoongi’s finally kind of feeling it but let’s be real we all Taehyung here ._.

oh. but how fast Park Jimin’s eyes change, it’s unreal O_O

what are they saying? namjin dough (aaaand we lost yoongi again ._.)

these reactions dough. so on point. i need to find out why yoongi found that particular part to be so entertaining and snickering-worthy 

in terms of the dance moves or in terms of the power it has over me? because i ask myself that question every day…

^every jikook shipper during the last month ._.

looooooooool. he just not into it.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


on a scale of yoongi to hoseok how much are you glad this didn’t actually happen because we would’ve been ded. also jikook practicing stripping together confirmed  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

what can you do guys. what else is there to do. but scream. 

….oh jikook *sigh*

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lee, do you think that being in a relationship has impacted your music? or given u more inspiration? im thinking of u two sitting where u make your music and working on it together and id like to vote u and nakako the sweetest and most powerful lesbian couple ive ever seen

this is very sweet and i think that it’s impacted my music in that i was able to write for the first time in a year as a result of what i feel for my partner, lmao. i’d be interested to know if you sent this because you heard some discernible change to my style or lyricism

[ENG] 160506 SEVENTEEN’s XSportsNews Interview

Q. The response towards PRETTY U is good. Is there a reason why it was chosen to be the title track?

S.Coups: We have a meeting with the whole team every time an album is released to gather our opinions. PRETTY U was chosen as the title track as we thought it fits SEVENTEEN the best.                      
Woozi: PRETTY U was a title track made for the full album. Actually, this song was produced while thinking that it would be the title track. It was completed one month before, and a lot of modifications were made.
Seungkwan: DRIFT AWAY and STILL LONELY were written by Woozi while he was still a trainee, and CHUCK was made around the time when the performance team was preparing for the concert. SAY YES is a song that Dokyeom and I wrote during our trainee days.

Q. There would have been a variety of feedback.

Mingyu: I was very happy when they said our performance is good. I felt proud while thinking of Hoshi who choreographed the dance.
S.Coups: People who aren’t fans left comments like ‘I listened to it because I believed in SEVENTEEN’s music’. That really felt good.                        
Jun: It felt the best when the camera director at music broadcasts said “Your stage was really fun.”

Q. Let’s get this out since you guys are doing well. SEVENTEEN was the team that debuted when it was the ‘Idol saturation situation’. Were there no worries?

Woozi: There were a lot of negative comments before our debut. People asked why there were so many (members), but we thought we had to work harder after seeing those comments. Luckily there were a lot of positive comments after we debuted. Even though there were doubts, those were the driving forces that made us do even better.
S.Coups: There was a lot of longing to be on stage since before debuting. The fact that we could stand on stage after debuting was happiness.
The8: There were no worries. There were only thoughts about the happiness of being able to achieve my dream. I only wanted to keep on enjoying, however our popularity is, since the desire of standing on stage was huge.

Q. Your popularity has definitely increased. Do you experience your popularity?

S.Coups: We definitely feel it when we look at the digital charts.
Hoshi: Pictures also were not properly taken while we were on our way to ‘Music Bank’ because many fans came. It was said that the photographer reporters went in because there were so many fans gathered. It was our first time experiencing that.

cr: mia & kass @ what17says
© take out only with credits

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Connor McDavid #5.1

Requested by Anon:  Can u do a connor drabble where his girlfriend prank texts him the lyrics of HSM’s I Gotta Go My Own Way and he legit thinks she’s breaking up with him cuz and at the end she tells the truth thru facetime and you see that he’s tearing up!! Such a qt.

*Quite long, I hope you like this!! :) I had so much fun writing this. Hihi*

Part 2 here.

Word count: 1,326

Originally posted by dallas41chicago88

“Connor, listen…” You sent the message before you changed your mind.

Rolling on your bed, you waited for Connor to reply. Long distance sucks and you’re not even in a full-time long distance relationship. Come to think of it, you’re still lucky that you and your boyfriend live in the same city even if he’s gone for multiple days at a time.

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(Back In The U.S.S.R anon here again) Okay, so I changed the lyrics a bit to make it sound like Paul is always thinking about John (Jojo being a lil nickname for him) even though he goes out with a bunch of women. Also, I like to think that one verse of the song towards the end is kinda smutty cuz I'm a perv It's this part: "Oh, show me around your snow-peaked mountains way down south Take me to your daddy's farm Let me hear your balalaika's ringing out Come and keep your comrade warm"

part two of the “anon”! (dont worry i got permission to post this)


anon 1 & @koriandrstan​: i rly have no idea! tbh i think she changed her stage name. i also think the reason it still says matd on itunes is bc she hasnt legally changed it yet or doesnt have an itunes page made for that name yet. but she changed her twitter handle to just Marina, so honestly i think its rly possible.

anon 2: i believe later this year she should be announcing something!!!

anon 3 & 4: she looks like a shimmery banana in the live performance sdhgdfg. but yeah, her vocals are a little autotuned during the chorus, but it enhances the song rly, so i dont have a problem with it. also, like u said, we all kno marina can sing like a goddess!!

anon 5: the only thing thats lacking is the lyrics, i just dont think the song is super meaningful but its a single and meant to be friendly for radio play so i understand why!!

Evening Out & Mispronuciations

On an evening outing with your sister, you suddenly start spouting random BTS songs lyrics that you butchered, loudly. Unbeknownst to you and your sister, BTS are walking behind and heard everything- the butchered poor attempt at cypher pt 3, the change of I need u girl to I need u bitch and calling Suga Yoongi Woongi bear


“I NEED YOU BITC*!” V, unable to distinguish the difference between beach and bitc* would think you really wanted to go to the beach so you were singing, “I NEED YOU, BEACH.” Wanting a vacation too, he probably decided to join you in singing the lovely lyrics.


“No, girl. Please stop. Let me show you how it’s done.” Rapmon comes up from behind you and pushes you aside to give you a front row concert right then and there, baby!


Listens intensely from behind you as you butcher the lyrics. Too shy to confront you and too embarrassed that his ARMY fan doesn’t know the lyrics properly, Jimin might think that he should take some speech classes to articulate better when singing.


Jungkook would be left speechless. He wouldn’t know whether you were doing it intentionally or not—(if you were an ARMY fan or not). Jungkook would probably laugh a little—feeling a tad bit awkward at the moment of how people around were starting to stare at you belching out the songs— off key, I might add.


“Hey. She does a better job than me!” Then, he would give you a high five—giving you props for your awesome singing and add-on of the lyrics. He would secretly think that he needs to improve, though.


J-Hope would think that it’s cute that you’re trying to imitate their rap. He would come up from behind you and start beat boxing to set a beat down for you. You two would have an amazing little duet upon meeting.

(Conducting. 1 2 3 Go!)


“Suga Yoongi Woongi bear?” Suga’s deadly glare pierces straight through you—sending cold shivers from the tip of your toes to the tips of your hair. “Suga, I get it.” Takes a step towards you. “Yoongi? The name my mom picked for me.” Takes another step. Slow and Steady. “Woongi? Never heard that before.” Stands in front of you and looks down at you. Face inches away. “Bear?” He gives a dirty smirk—only one end of his lips twitching up. He rolls his neck—stretching it good before he pops up both his hands and bounces in front of you—acting cute. “Do I really look like a bear?” He coos as he rubs his shoulder against yours. What do you know? He really does act like a huge bear. Haha.

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Top 5 milex moments from the eycte tour!

chriist honestly there are too many to choose from im c ryinggfb

  • ok firstly i gotta begin with when they were at webster hall and this shit went down during eycte….alex on knees with miles stroking his fucking hair while staring lovingly into each others eyes…and then alex pulling himself up by holding onto miles’ shirt..and then they did some kinda interpretive dance???…chill for one second maybe guys???
  • ok so another one of my Fave moments was this…when miles was trying to play his guitar during used to be my girl and then alex came up from behind and hugged him and held him in his arms for like 10 years and miles mouthed what looked like “hold me” and it was so beautiful and i think i died right there and then and i havent really been alive since then but ok….i truly love my dads
  • right so next is……this entire fucking performance of eycte at rock en seine…..purely because it’s so moving and i havent stopped crying everytime i think about it….and the fact miles looked like he was gonna cry and alex supposedly did….and the fact that there literally just stood there holding each other for a few minutes….and the fact that eycte tour is over and im so sad and it hurts to watch this but im gonna watch it anyway and say it’s one of my fave milex moments because obviously i love to suffer
  • NEXT IS THIS fuckign mess!!!(bad habits at sziget) honestly i just spent literally like 5 minutes trying to find it but now i have and honestly ???? I HATE THEM lmaooo….when i was watching it i honestly thought they were gonna kiss….i literally thought this was gonna be the moment when they full on made out in front of everyone…..but they started singing instead and then alex started giggling and started shouting something random god knows what he was saying anyways 0/10 hate :( 
  • another….is THIS…..i cant belieb…. miles saying “i’ll give you the d” and alex replying “i wish you would” NOOO why are they like this i could honestly cry (i say ‘could’ as if i dont cry everyday over them haha ha aha) 
  • AND THERE IS THIS honestly what are they doing???….like ive seen people say that alex is licking miles??? but honestly it looks more like a kiss to me???but either way it’s Gay….and then miles quite clearly goes to kiss alex and they dont even finish the fucking lyric??? how beautiful
  • OK SO I KNOW THIS IS SEVEN and completely illegal as it’s supposed to be FIVE but u know what i got completely carried away because theyve ruined my life (in a good way) but you can’t think that i’d miss this gem.….. the! fucking! kiss! at! coachella!….this changed me as a person im sure….i cant believe They Did That…..

honestly im so sorry that ive written an entire fucking essay about this but literally all i do all day is think about milex and cry so i have a lot to talk about lmao!!!

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What type of genre do you think will 5H release next? Do you think they'll still go with the upbeat R&B or would they go with a slow ballad to change things up?

Hopefully a good balance of both…u need diversity. An album full of ballads can get boring. And too many upbeat songs won’t allow for good content or context or show their lyrical maturity. So I’m hoping for variety and sonic fluidity above all things for their next album.

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meteor squad headcanon; dave spends his time with karkat and terezi and gets off the meteor acting a lot like them. dave who smiles with all his teeth and growls when hes mad. dave who doesnt forget hes human exactly but forgets hes different and is surprised when he gets cut up real bad wrestling with karkat because of thin human skin. thin, pale enough to be gray dave who casually refers to john and jade as something different than him, as the 'kids' or the 'humans'