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taehyung smut! ur enemies w/each other! u choose the storyline!

I don’t remember how or why we started to hate each other but we did. Taehyung is one of the most loveable people to most, but he just annoyed the shit out of me. The first time we met was on set for a drama, where the two of us were the leads; we were pretty much forced to get along.

“Are you always this loud?”, I muttered as I scrolled through instagram, while we were practising our lines. “Yes, is there a problem?”, he snapped as pressed the off switch to turn my phone off. “Nope, not at all.”, I sarcastically replied as I chucked my phone onto the sofa and got out my script. “Let’s start.”, I told him and he grabbed his own script and moved closer towards me. “Do you mind?”, I said. “I have to! It’s part of the script!”, he shouted, causing me to jump slightly. “Dude, all I said was my line.”, I muttered as I moved back towards him. “Oh…let’s start again.”

The second time we worked together was when we were both on ‘Happy Together’, it was a ‘singers who are also actors’ special and the two of us just had to be on it together. “So1 There was amazing chemistry between the two of you during the drama! Any chance that there could be chemistry between the actors behind the characters?” “No way.”, I laughed as I shook my head. “Yeah, there is no attraction at all.”, Taehyung added. “So you guys are just friends?” “We don’t actually have each other's’ numbers.”, Taehyung announced. “Yeah, we don’t talk outside of work. It’s strictly business between us.”, I added. “No way…”, another guest muttered. “I seriously thought you guys were dating because the chemistry was unreal.”, they added.

The first time I encountered him outside of work was when I was in Yoongi’s studio. “What are you doing here?”, was the first thing he said to me, not hello or what’s up. “I’m working on stuff with him, is there a problem?”, I replied him before turning back to the track. “No, not at all…”, he muttered as he grabbed what he wanted and left. After Taehyung had left Yoongi turned towards me and asked, “Do you guys seriously hate each other?” “Yeah, I guess.” “Why?” “I don’t even remember.”

After that I kept seeing him everywhere, he was always around, even if I was simply catching up with a friend in my favourite restaurant, he was probably there. However I encountered him less and less during work. He was around in my personal life but no longer my work life. One day I confronted him, “Why are you always around?” “It’s just a coincidence, don’t get yourself hyped up.” “Are you sure? How come you were in my apartment complex?”, I asked him as I blocked his way into the next aisle in the store. “Jimin lives there, like I said, don’t hype yourself up.”

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