changed it up a bit lol

Cute alien babes

I am looking for some cute alien (colored, no norms pls yes im a horrible person) but the twins are gonna be kids soon and eventually later tonight they’ll be teens! I NEED SOME CUTE ALIEN BABES AND YES GUYS TOO IDC FOR THEM TO BE FRIENDS WITH AND MAY OR MAY NOT BANG. If you make some toss them in the gallery and link me your ID, I’ll probably change them up a bit if I don’t have your game packs or cc :c

This isn’t serious or anything, I’m just looking for cute aliens for my Pao triplets to “be friends with” 

commission, ruby rose WW1-esque outfit for kenjipark’s AU


Yes I know, that’s a Boys Anti-Tank Rifle from WW2 not 1, i’m aware lol, they just wanted that gun and I don’t know the specifics of why Ruby has it in that universe. I modified the stock to try to change it up a bit, but ya’ll eagle eyed xD. Honestly, I was thinking of replacing it with the Mauser 1918 T-Gewehr anti-tank rifle since it would be from a similar era, but I wasn’t entirely sure and just stuck with whatever they gave me.

Also yes, i’ve handled guns before (although not heavy weapons like these) so I know not to point the barrel downwards into the ground, let alone an anti-vehicle weapon. For the aesthetics of the commission sketch though, I went along with it anyway.


*shows up a month late w starbucks and yt rewind inspired art* 

dan and phil on bikes in yt rewind had me feelin Some Kind Of Way and then this happened 

Yo guys.

It’s like. 4:26 AM

And I’ve been talking about deep crap with someone for a while. And I feel like saying that if I ever offended you with my stupid unrecogniseable sarcasm I’m like, legit sorry.

I’m super dumb and immatire and saecasm is my way of humor.

I know I gotta change a lot of stuff about myaelf.

Like my sleeping schedule.

But in all srsness, thanks for loving me the way I am, and thanks for the support so far. I’m tryna change my way of doing a lot of things, and it’s gonna take me a while to get used to it, so I apologize in advance for any dumb crap I say while I get used to tone down a bit with insensitive jokes.

But ya.

Love ya. Gnight… gotta wake up in 5 hours lol rip.

Sorry for any misspelling. It’s late and I’m on my phone


With the help of my Canadian friend, I’ve translated @zitszy ‘s Pocket Mortys comic! Haha, its really hard to translate from Japanese. My friend and I were stuck at a couple of statements cause the literal translation of them didn’t make sense in English lol. 
Zitszy gave me full permission to repost in English. ;3

Original Japanese Post from Zitszy

Ah! futagogo was very nice and told me about two mistakes that were messed up in translation. The first one is, the brain dead thing. We thought Greed Rick was just calling Rick an idiot but he was saying that his brain is really good and it comes at a high price lol. And second, we accidentally read 殺すんだ(to kill) instead of 殺すな(to not kill)! Ah, so he’s saying that “Even if we catch him, make sure to not kill him.”

I’ll post one with corrections in a bit!

The fixed Greed Rick has been uploaded! I can’t change the reblogged ones but at least the original here will be changed. 

Unexpected | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Smut
POV: Second Person’s

WARNING: Contains sexual content and swearing!!!

A/N: You guys don’t even know how hard this was for me to write. I’m not used to this but I really hope you guys aren’t disappointed. I literally had to take a 5 minute break after writing every paragraph. But anyway, this was requested so I kinda had to lol. Enjoy!

Request 1: Do you by chance right smut because Zach smut is my guilty pleasure?? My friend, you wouldn’t disappoint me, I promise!! - Anon who requested Zach smut

Request 2:  Hey, I adore your writing! It’s sooo good❤. I was wondering if you could do like spending the weekend with Zach and he’s your first. Xx (I’m sorry I had to change your request up a bit!)


It’s a Saturday night and you were supposed to go to Jessica’s party but you decided to stay home and finish a research paper which was due first thing next Monday. However, instead of actually doing the paper, you find yourself scrolling through Instagram, looking at pictures of your friends enjoying the party you were missing.

You let out a loud groan as you shut your laptop; to be honest you really couldn’t be bothered to finish the paper. You kick yourself thinking that you should’ve just gone to the party tonight, especially since you’re home alone because your parents are out of town for the weekend.

Finally, after procrastinating for so long, you pick up your phone and send a message to your boyfriend, Zach Dempsey. He was currently in the party with the rest of your friends.

You: I’m dying here.

A few seconds later and your phone buzzes.

Zach: Aw my poor baby. Well you’re not really missing out on much. This party’s boring without you. Wish you were here.

You smile at his reply before sending one yourself.

You: Well, I’m wishing you were here too.

Zach then sends out a sad emoji with a heart next to it and you pout as you place your phone down beside your laptop. You decided to open it up again as you stared at the page count. Great 2 pages out of 5, you think to yourself. You need 3 more pages to finish the paper.

You let out a loud sigh as you push your laptop to the foot of your bed. You then proceeded to shut your eyes momentarily. A few minutes later and the doorbell rings which causes you to suddenly sit up and wonder who that could be. You take your phone and your pepper spray as you slowly make your way down the staircase. You send a text to Zach while doing so.

You: There’s someone at the door.

You: Babe I’m scared.

Zach: Just open the door babe, make sure to have the pepper spray that I gave you ready okay?

You: If something happens to me, I love you Zachary okay?

Zach: Stop messing around Y/N and just open the door!

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The Major - Jasper Hale x Reader

Requested by anonymous: jasper x reader and the reader is shy but confident and can be funny at the wrong time. Since she’s dating jasper, she hasn’t met the major yet, so when she does she teases him, but good natured, yet everyone is worried that the major will overreact. The volturi find out about her and her powers *controls the elements* she accidentally makes fun of how Aro giggles, the major comes out but everything turns out okay. I just need protective and fluffy major so much right now

I’m sorry this took so long! I lost all inspiration to write for a while and I didn’t want to just write like complete garbage lol. Also, I changed it up a bit, but protective Jasper is still there. I hope you like it!

Originally posted by matthew-daddario

You were sitting in the Cullen living room along with the family, just enjoying the afternoon together.

Suddenly, Alice gasped and the book she was reading fell to the floor.

“What is it Alice?” Bella looked at her with concern and reached to touch her arm.

Alice’s eyes were completely zoned out and she looked faint. You felt nervous not knowing what she was seeing. A few moments later her eyes cleared up and her brows knit together in focus. “They’re coming for her.”

Your stomach flipped and fear burned through your veins. “W-what? Me? And who?”

Jasper moved quickly over to you and held you. “Why? What do they want?” You had never heard him sound so scared.

“I saw them testing her abilities…they must know she’s special…” She trailed off and looked at you.

“Who?!” You shouted.

“The Volturi.” She blinked, still a bit out of it.

You remembered Jasper once telling you about the Italian coven, but you had never met them in person.

“Well what do we do? When will they be here?” Esme stepped forward.

“Soon…I’m—I’m not sure exactly, but soon.”

All of a sudden, Emmett came through the doorway looking angry. “The Volturi are coming. I saw them in the clearing while I was out hunting. Why the hell are they here?!” He raised his voice.

“They want to meet (Y/N).” Esme looked over at him. She moved in front of you and held your hands, looking into your eyes. “We’ll keep you safe, I promise.”

You nod and look over your shoulder at Jasper. You couldn’t quite read his face but you knew he was thinking of how to protect you.

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Name list!

A while ago I mentioned I was writing a list of sim names for possible future use and I was asked to upload it when I was finished. Well, I don’t think it’s ever gonna be finished because I just keep adding to it lol But I’ve made a page with a list of all the names I have so far!

There’s 300+ names there already, there might be a couple of repeats (let me know if you see one), and like 95% are not ‘normal’ names by any means but…

Click here for the big list of names!

Side note: I also changed up my blog a bit to add some links to the side for convenience  =D

pandoracoulter  asked:

You shouldn't have to change the way you are just because people are stupid. Cunt punch and run man.


But a lot of people from my audience are literally children, and their sarcasm-meter is nonexistant.

Fair enough. I’ll tone down a bit the jerk-ish answers I give. And make it clear when is sarcasm lol.

I know os not my fault that they’ don’t get sarcasm and is not my fault they’re so young. But I guess, that to be fair, I’m the one that has to look after that and avoid any issues.

A lot of people look up to me and want me to be the perfect role model they think I am.

I’m anything but perfect. I don’t plan to be.

Last year I was just some random gurl making silly videos on youtube and all of sudden I gotta take care of a fandom (that’s almost half a million holy crap) I’ve never had that many eyes onto what I do and say. Guess it also goes on your tolerance with me and how I am.

A lot of people see youtubers not as persons but as idols, which is wrong. You gotta understand a lot of us are normal human beings trying to make content for your entertainment. We have our faults and I’m not gonna be the kind of ass that hides them. I’m stubborn af sometimes. I’m also not gonna be the kind of jerk that blocks everyone who criticizes me for what I say or do. I’m all ears to criticism.

But as I’m trying to change for good here, I guess you guys could also put a little more of effort from your part and be patient and comprehensive with me. In June I’ll have my first anniversary as a youtuber, I’m pretty new to this stuff.

So yeah.

Mah name’s Jeff.

anyway johnlock au where john and sherlock go to cons and john is always like, some battleworn badass in a variety of leather jackets (han solo being my personal fav) and sherlock always goes in some extravagant alien cosplay that like, totally alters and hides his actual face so john has never seen what he really looks like, but they go around to cons and end up seeing each other all at the same ones and start this cute lil friendship and john is like wonder why he always hides his face like that and of course it doesn’t matter but he’s curious. then they’re at san diego comic con and some important movie artifact is stolen and sherlock needs to recover it and they work together and kick ass and get it back and afterwards john asks sherlock to dinner, and so sherlock and john go back up to sherlock’s room so sherlock can change into regular clothes so he can eat and john is like psyching himself up to kiss sherlock and when he comes out of the bathroom as his usual self he’s like, i know, it’s a bit of a letdown after the alien thing isn’t it, and john is like 👀👀👀 absolutely not?!? and then he kisses sherlock pink and they never do make it to dinner

They say my lip gloss is popping
My lip gloss is cool

Thrawn on his way to steal your man. Lmao…a lil pick me up for my @white-rainbowff from her latest chapter for Who Dares, Wins



As one can see i’m in a bit of an ACOTAR frenzy lol

Started different fanarts with different intentions and thought I could post some sneak peeks here, maybe give me a bit of feedback on the faces? Rhys is so haaaard to draw omg. He’s so perfect i don’t wanna mess him up. 

First preview is a full painting piece i’ve been working on for two weeks now and it’s killing meeeeee lol i dont wanna show more cause i keep changing their arms and i want it to be as perfect as possible. the other three are for fun and relaxing, and very much in progress (Feysand dancing at starlight, Lucien my bby, and Rhys being a sexy mofo (hint feyre is somewhere on the pic too wink wink) ) (i know lucien’s eye isnt depicted as damaged as this in general, but given amarantha’s tendencies, i doubt she’d had left him with just a scratch)

what do you guys think ?

lunathewolfwarrior  asked:

With your sawn Princess au for klance, thank you so mich by the way for making it. I can't write fanfiction to save my life so I was hoping someone would put me out of my misery and make an au lol, it keith the Swan princess or is lance cause when ever I picture it I always think keith is odette and Lance is Derek but did you change it up? I'm not judging lol I'm just wondering


Okay so for the most part Keith is indeed filling the role of Odette/the Swan Princess, and Lance is Derek. I’ve played a little fast and loose with the set-up of the AU, and switched around the kingdoms and their roles a bit when they’re kids to make it work more naturally, though. 

In my version, Lance is actually the baby at the beginning of the film, not Keith/Odette. Alfor is sick/dying and doesn’t want to leave Allura alone with no immediate family. So with the aid of a surrogate mother - since Allura’s mother died pre-story - he sires a second child: Lance. 

Shiro is already ruling his own kingdom after his parents were killed in an attempted coup by Zarkon (Rothbart, obviously). He’s got his hands full with adjusting to that, along with trying to track down Zarkon and raise his little brother, Keith. 

At the presentation of baby Lance to royal peers and nobles, Allura and Shiro (who are close, probably romantically interested in each other but too preoccupied to pursue anything) decide that the best way to foster continued good relations between their kingdoms, and good feeling among their peoples in the troubled times stirred up by the whole Zarkon thing, is for the young princes of both realms to be the very best of friends.

Of course, Keith and Lance have a different idea completely and the rest of the story plays out in a mostly-familiar way, with a few interesting twists and turns along the road *waggles eyebrows*


So I’m just gonna rant a bit here (not that anyone would bother to read it but there goes). So many of you are still very against Lars just because of his attitude and personality in previous episodes, but he’s slowly CHANGING now. From a dinked up spoiled teen to a teen who wants to learn how to be accepted! It might have taken quite a while but this is what this show is about! Every moment everyone’s changing, even from moment to moment you’re different! Yet most of you can’t even see that. Y'all just keep on ranting on how Lars is a shit character and how you hate him just cus’ he doesn’t live up to your standards and his past mistakes he commited. But look at him now! He’s gone THIS far as a character! And this isn’t even PRESENT in other shows when it comes to background characters. But in SU, youre SUPPOSED to change for the better, be loved by the people around you, no matter how nasty you used to be in the past. Take Lapis for example, she HATED Earth and has trust issues. But slowly and surely she learnt to accept earth and started trusting people again. And I know most of you only forgave her just cus shes attractive to you and Lars isnt. Well, y'all aint no fucking prize either. And for the people who are like “OH MY GRAPPPES THERESIVY, WHO THE HELLAVUHFUCK CARES?! OH EM JEEEH YUCK” I do. I care because this is what the show is trying to teach us, to accept and forgive. And what’s the fandom doing? The complete opposite. Why can’t yall just give Lars a break. He’s trying his best after all. And I bet none of you even care about all this and are just watching the show just cus of the gems. Same goes for Aquamarine, “BUT THERESIVY, SHES A BITCH” Yes I know! But isnt that what shes SUPPOSED to be? a villain? portrayed as a villain? Y'all still love Navy and she’s basically like Aqua. I know most of you only judge the characters on their look and NOT for their personality. Cus you’d forgive Lapis, but not Lars. You’d love Navy, but not Aquamarine.
End of Rant. Thanks for reading.


“When I started coaching him, he was in his second year of elementary school. He was pure and innocent, yet mischievous. His mother worked very hard to keep him in line…

“When he was little, he’d get in arguments with his [rink]mates on a daily basis. Even if he’d end up crying, he wouldn’t regret it… 

“I think he’s grown quite a bit. But Yuzuru Hanyu’s original nature has not changed.”

– Shoichiro Tsuzuki, Yuzuru Hanyu’s previous coach (x)

Where are my Sam girls at?!

So I follow a little over 100 blogs, and I would say about 80% of those blogs are ran by Dean!girls or are Dean centric. I love my Dean blogs, don’t get me wrong, but I’d like to change my timeline up a little bit… I’m in a bit of a Sam/Jared crisis at the moment lol.

If you are a mainly Sam or Jared blog, like or reblog this! You will get a follow from my main blog, @hanny-bananny :)

Thanks for helping me out!

Imagine Bangtan: Tattoo Artist & Piercer! Jeon Jungkook

Hey guys! So, this is going to be a different profession AU! for all of Bangtan~

I hope you enjoy it!!! 

Yoongi | Namjoon | Hoseok | Jimin | Yoongi | Taehyung

Originally posted by jeony

Okay so, this is how I see it going

  • After you’re done with your exams and shit, you made this plan to fulfill your dream of getting a tattoo and extra ear piercings
  • So you ask around for a good place to go to and book an appointment with the best guy there
  • After a couple of drinks and some encouraging pep talks from your friends, you decide to head out a bit early, just to make sure you aren’t late
  • And you’re sitting in the waiting room when you see him
  • He’s got the most beautiful tattoos all over his right hand, covering the length of it and his piercings shine under the lighting, making you blush furiously
  • Because how the actual fuck can a guy look that hot?!?!!? I know this is a cringe line but someone needs to arrest him for being so hot like wtaf
  • This had by far got to be the most handsome man you’ve ever seen in your life and you’re practically drooling
  • And then he gives you a heart attack by walking towards you
  • You’re internally freaking out like ‘why is a hot guy walking towards me???’
  • And he’s like, “Y/N?” leaving you super confused but you nod your head yes and he smiles softly at you before being all swag like, “Okay hon, let’s get you pierced and tattooed up, shall we?”

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