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ch aesthetic tutorial

yeah so i’ve gotten a lot of compliments (thanks!) and tutorial requests about my aesthetic edits lately, so i decided to make one. boom. it’s really not that hard. i use photoshop, idk if this tutorial will work with other programs but you can try it out and let me know :) 

so if you wanna know how to make these types of edits keep on reading 

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#0b0b22 #8b8ca5 #e1dde0 #c76f70

Angie gasped when she saw Stan’s new colors, “Banjo! We match!”

Introducing Shiny Banjo!

Yesterday @thelastspeecher and I decided that in the Banjo twins au were Angie and Stan both got de-aged, that when Ford comes to visit the first time he brings an experiment with him to work on. Stan plays a prank on Ford, the experiment chemicals spill on Banjo by accident, and now Stan looks a bit more like a Mcgucket than he used to.

To explain why this would happen, the experiment Ford brought with him from school was one to create a perfect disguise. Watching shows it seemed to Ford that they always ended with someone realizing it was hair dye or pulling of the mask no matter how perfect. So he decided to create a chemical that could change a persons DNA in such a way that their looks changed to someone else, and could only be changed back by drinking a reverse tonic. Ford decided to use Fiddleford as a base for his first tonic, because he was around Fidds the most, this was a prototype so he’d only gotten colors down at this point. Or else Banjo might have ended up with a Mcgucket nose too. 

Though the main experiment works great, the reversal tonic is much more dangerous and Ford is not sure it would be safe for a child. Since it helps bolster the new identity of Stan as Angie’s twin, Ma and Pa Mcgucket decide to leave it till Stan is a teenager, and let him take it to put his looks back to normal. Of course, by the time Stan grows back up as Banjo he is used to the look and doesn’t want to change it back, he likes being his sister’s twin after all. 



Where do I even begin… She’s perfect! She’s the perfect mixture of Amethyst and Pearl. Her hair, her outfit, her features, her colors, everything. Is. Perfect. And I love that she has four arms! That’s so cool!

I see she still has Pearl’s killer dance moves. I wonder what her weapon is… I hadn’t even thought of that. Will she just use the whip and spear? Or choose one? And I noticed the gems are still there in their normal placements, but changed color to match “Opal.” Very nice touch!




This is seriously so clever and beautiful and magical I love this so much

And I love that she has her own voice!!! I want her to speak more!!!!!!


I miss my RWBY OCs but, besides life getting in the way, my muses for them are practically dead.

Doesn’t stop me from redesigning/revamping them though.

Matu Ghul → Matu Dagtum

Besides the obvious costume change and the change in his last name, everything stays pretty much the same. 

The name change is to better fit the color name rule, to match his color scheme better, and also so that the Filipino inspirations for him become more pronounced. Additionally, there’ll be some baybayin on his claw gauntlets. Why? Because I can. 

Gave him a shoulder brace for his shoulder injury because I always forget that he has one and almost never made a reference to it when I RPed him getting into fights.

Gave him more face scars just because.

Also, no I don’t care about that WoR stating that human-faunus couplings result in faunus children. This boy is gonna stay a half-faunus and no amount of Miles or Kerry pushing that gene roulette thing is gonna make me change anything.

@teuffels @misa-cchi  It felt like I should tag you both in this since our OCs made up team MMIC so here’s Matu in new threads.

“The reason I fight is to convey my love. The reason my heart sparkels is to brighten the sky. And so, I can never forget, the sound of the waves or the warmth of the sea” ♥

Sweet Makoto bc i am magical boy trash