Another example of Benedict and his changeable art skills

Exhibit A: A Card Benedict did for Cards for Keeps charity auction which went for £2,649.

And then there’s…..Benedict “drawing” (look at that saddle though) of Topthorn from War Horse , the horse Major Jamie Stewart rode. 

“I’m Topthorn. I’m Joey’s friend and I’m really a lot faster but I let him win! JUST JOKING. PS. READ HIS BOOK!! IT’S GREAT”



A frame is not the only way to encase an artwork for display. More artists are experimenting with plastic resins or glass to create their pieces. The resin preserves the work, more so than a wooden frame would do. The results are often similar to prehistoric sap with various objects from leaves to bugs, found within them.

If it wasn’t for plastic resin, some of artist Peter Alexander’s works would not even exist, as his piece “Cloud Box” (1966) consisted of “introducing water vapor to the liquid resin during the casting process” which created the cloud within. The artist was actually able to ‘catch’ a cloud, or technically, create a cloud and trap it forever, thanks to the resin.

Another artist who tampers with their resin to create unique pieces is Michal Macku, who in 1989 began working with ‘gellage’, his own invention of combining collage elements and gelatin. Working with gelatin prints, the artist is able to reshape his photographs, “changing their relationships and endowing them with new meanings during the transfer”. He then combines this process with state-of-the-art technology to great his large scale glass gellages, which trap his images in a 3D setting, rather than flat like a photograph.

Roni Horn’s “Well and Truly” (2009-2010) plays with illusion, where the work at first seems like a container holding water, but inspecting the piece reveals the work’s true medium; a solid cylinder of glass. The artist emanates the characteristic of water, its changeability, by allowing air to come into contact with the top of the glass as it sets in its mold, creating a smooth gloss. The artist undermines “all certainty about [the piece’s] solid or liquid nature” changing the physical experience of the viewer.

Changing physical materiality is also present in Kirsten Baskett’s pieces, such as “Autonoma”. Baskett etches delicate images onto fine Japanese kozo paper, later encasing them in clear resin, and the once “fragile paper becomes indestructible and untouchable”. The artist sees her pieces as frozen in time, permanently available to view, but never to experience the true materiality of the object captured within.

-Anna Paluch

sagittarius really is the whole landscape. when i look up at the blue sky that stretches for miles on a cloudless day i always feel sagittarius. or i can see them as i stare into the horizon, because they are always wanting to cross what can never be caught. like i can see clearly how much i can’t see. sagittarians are spirited and refreshing people because they never allow themselves to breathe the stale air of tried and tested environments. sagittarius is blowing up a balloon as big as it can go. it’s also not knowing when to say when. they can cultivate their minds to blossom into magnificent gardens. or they can drink too heavily or neglect daily responsibilities for personal amusement. sagittarius is the colourful vapor of the rainbow, changeable in mutable flair, you can never quite catch them as they ascend above toward the midheaven in capricorn. leo is the celebration of life…. but sagittarius feels like the dance of life.. the many languages, cultural songs, and richness of people

the signs as The 100 characters
  • Aries:Raven Reyes - courageous, clever, fierce // impulsive, quick-tempered, moody
  • Taurus:Lincoln - patient, practical, reliable // stubborn, possessive, obstinate
  • Gemini:John Murphy - adaptable, quick-witted, clever // cunning, superficial, manipulative
  • Cancer:Abby Griffin - loving, protective, intuitive // moody, changeable, sensitive
  • Leo:Octavia Blake - loyal, determined, broad-minded // bossy, intolerant, defiant
  • Virgo:Monty Green - analytical, practical, intelligent // critical, perfectionist, picky
  • Libra:Clarke Griffin - diplomatic, idealistic, peaceable // indecisive, easily influenced, changeable
  • Scorpio:Bellamy Blake - determined, passionate, powerful // compulsive, secretive, jealous
  • Sagittarius:Jasper Jordan - optimistic, jovial, curious // irresponsible, tactless, careless
  • Capricorn:Lexa - disciplined, patient, reserved // pessimistic, stubborn, closed-minded
  • Aquarius:Anya - honest, independent, revolutionary // unemotional, unpredictable, detached
  • Pisces:Finn Collins - sensitive, compassionate, selfless // weak-willed, escapist, over-sensitive
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how a cancerian responds to their surroundings is as varied as the changing moon. while some may see changeability as moodiness, the cancer person would affirm that she is only mirroring her environment and reflecting the hidden psychic undercurrents. there is a real lacking of protective auric filters in cancer
The 4 Biggest Myths About Transgender Kids Used To Justify Denying Them Health Care
The New York Times gave a pedestal to a medical expert who cites all the wrong research when talking about transgender kids.

On Sunday, the New York Times published an op-ed from Richard A. Friedman, Weill Cornell Medical College professor of clinical psychiatry, who asks, “How changeable is gender?” Though Friedman sets up his piece by discussing the biological underpinnings of gender identity and the experience of being transgender, he ultimately explains his “skepticism” about assisting transgender people to change their bodies to match their identities. “After all,” he concludes, “medical and psychological treatments should be driven by the best available scientific evidence — not political pressure or cherished beliefs.”

Museum trends: social impact + changeability + narrative arc + phygital
  1. Social impact is the “new hotness” - sustainability is “old and busted”
  2. Changeability: flexible and updatable exhibits inspired by User eXperience design - UX methodology, Agile process, rapid prototyping
  3. Narrative arc: create emotional experiences that inspire visitors to take action
  4. Phygital: physical + digital: bridging the digital with the physical world