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Hey guys, this is kind of an announcement for the blog and persuasion to sign a petition, so stay with me. Tumblr recently added a safe mode that blocks nsfw content from minors, but it doesnt work. Sometimes it fucks up and screws up your whole dashboard, and yet they show no signs of removing the update. This is affecting me to, as i entered my age as younger than i am and now cannot view a lot of content, even sfw, on my dashboard. Because of this I will be taking a hiatus from tumblr until they remove this feature or give me a way to change my age.
In the meantime, you should sign this petition to remove the feature:
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Save SCC

We’re angry. We’re angry at ABC. We’re angry at apathetic fans. We’re angry at yet another show with a diverse cast being cut. I get it.

But moaning on tumblr isn’t going to bring back SCC. There’s very little, if anything, that will. But we can still try. We can still make some noise. We can at least let ABC know that their lacklustre attempts at promotion were not good enough. That the fans are mad. And maybe, if we’re organised, if there are enough of us… who knows?

There are basically 5 things we need to do.

1. Sign the petition -‬

2. Actually *watch* the show. Do so online (on legitimate websites - mainly ABC’s) where they will (hopefully) have some basic analytics which are monitoring how many people are watching. Put the show on mute and play it over and over. There’s currently only 3 episodes on there. It’s not hard.

3. Make noise on social about how upset you are over the cancellation. Be polite but don’t be afraid to stand up for the show, either. Tumblr is a great platform, but Facebook, and most especially Twitter, are the most effective means of doing so. Use hashtags and make sure to include ABC’s and SCC’s twitter handles in your tweets.

4. Call ABC and let them know that you are upset that SCC is cancelled. Explain to them why the show is important to you. Tell them what it means to you, personally.

5. Not give up. When a show is cancelled, networks expect mediocre outcries that fizzle out quickly. We need to show them we mean business.

I’ve already lost sense8. I waited two years for that show only to have my enjoyment snatched away less than a month after it came out.

I waited all year for SCC. And they take it away after 3 weeks?!


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fight for still star crossed
  • SSC fans i started a petition to renew SSC so pleasere-blog and sign the petition, I KNOW it probably won't result in anything but at least we don't go down without a fight.
  • here's the link:
  • https: //

I made a video for Sense8 using the song Sun was dancing to in episode 4 of season 2. If you like it please share it with your friends. Thank you.

Okay, I am livid and devastated that Netflix would dare even think about cancelling a show that is as unique as Sense8. However, there is work to do, and that is to get Hulu or some other subscriber to pick it up!

SIGN THE PETITITION and share it everywhere!


I’ve been making this for months. It took delays due to hot weather and inactivity but I finally finished it.

I’d like to thank WOY for making me to a person I am today. For making me cheerful in my darkest times :)
PLEASE SAVE WOY BY SIGNING THE PETITION HERE <3We would appreciate your help :) It never hurts to help

“Hey, we gave it a go,
Put on a heck of a show,
And did a lot of fun stuff we’ll get to laugh about after

Wander Over Yonder © Craig McCracken
“I lived” © One Republic

Gotham Season 4 + Nygmobblepot

So Danny Cannon stated that if Gotham is cleared for season 4 (which it has been) Nygmobblepot can go either way, it depends on the fans reactions and support.

So, I made a petition if you are a Nygmobblepot fan or want to see it happen, even to have a male gay couple on the show, for what eve reason you want the ship to sail ….


EDIT: I was so tired yesterday that I forgot to add a panel, and an important one at that too.


 And while we’re at it, remember to share the petition here


This is my offering to SaveWoY

We’ve all slacked off for too long, and while a good handful of strong hands have kept up with the hard work @alicia-lvn, we can’t deny that we need to get back on track.

We’ve gotten the reruns back, now we need to continue even further. How you ask?

By writing a bunch of letters and send them through out July. If you want to join, I advice you to start writing now. Remember the golden rules we’ve set as a fandom and remember to be polite and stay focused.

also, yes, I’ll se selling these cute Wanders as stickers in my old Red Bubble store.

Sign this petition to get rid of tumblr’s new “safe mode”

I think we can all agree that this new safe mode is dumb as fuck. There is literally no way to turn it off if you are even slightly under 18, and they are filtering out posts that shouldn’t be filtered out.

Clink the link above to sign it, and reblog to get the word out.


After this heartbreaking news, this is a little we can do for our dear sense8 (and we don’t forget the get down) 

A lot of people watch sense8, it’s a very stupid move and if you have twitter you can see how the fans reacted. The #bringbacksense8 was trending in France in an hour or so. 

Netflix are stupid and selfish people and I don’t think the number was a problem for sense8 (maybe more for the get down)

- First : Cancelled your subscription to them, they cancelled our show so we cancelled them 

- Sign this petition :

- Tweet : #boycottnetflix and tell everyone about 
+ #justiceforsense8 #bringbacksense8 (+ #bringbackthegetdown #justiceforthegetdown ) 

- Send e-mail : 

- And if you are even more ready send a letter :

And I really don’t care how people we’ll see this as extra, sense8 was the best show I could ask for, and I love it to death 

Anyone Who Thinks Petitions Don’t Accomplish Anything Needs To Remember That Only 3 People Signed The Petition That I Drink My Own Urine, And I Still Did It

In today’s charged political climate, it feels like we’re constantly debating the effectiveness of activist tactics. Though most people accept that strikes, boycotts, and protests are valid tactics, petitions have become a bit of a joke. On sites like and, petitions can accrue thousands of signatures without seemingly changing anything. But to anyone who thinks petitions don’t accomplish anything, may I point out just one thing: Only three people signed the petition I wrote demanding that I drink my own urine, and I still did it.

That’s right: People power still gets shit done.

It’s easy to disparage petitions. After all, they’re just demands with a list of names attached; what power do they really have? When I first drafted up the petition that I drink a pint of my own urine, I was plenty skeptical that any real action would come of it. Just three signatures later, though, there I was on Facebook Live, gulping down a chilled glass of my dark, tart piss! Without those signatures, none of my friends or family would ever have seen that.

Think about it: Would I really be chugging my discharge if there wasn’t real weight behind the names on that page? I don’t think so. Petitions work.

Was it easy getting signatures on my petition? Anything but. Emailing it out to my extended family and only hearing back from Great Uncle Keith was disheartening, and getting just one signature from a very surly sophomore after 10 hours canvasing at my alma mater felt like a defeat. But overcoming apathy is the uphill battle that any movement faces. And when I finally got that third signature from my dental technician, and downgraded my goal from 200 signatures to three, it really did feel like a victory, no matter whether she knew what she was signing or not.

Changing the world is a long, slow, difficult process, and revising our methods is a crucial part of that. One day it might finally be time to lay the petition to rest, but if the film of urine clinging to my chin is any indication, that day’s still a long way off.
Petition · Tumblr: Remove Tumblr's brand new 'safe mode' update ·

Here’s the petition about removing Tumblr’s new safe mode! As someone who is 17 years old, (a year above the age of consent for my state AND old enough to watch an R-Rated movie without an adult), and has been negatively affected by Safe Mode, I feel like this petition will either drive staff to change the way Safe Mode works, change the age required to disable safe mode, or get rid of safe mode entirely. Safe Mode has blocked wayyyy too many innocent and SFW posts for me, and I have had it.
Petition · @NetflixLAT #Netflix #Sense8: SENSE 8 SEASON 3 RENEWAL ·

Sign this if you want to petition Netflix about giving Sense8 another season! It’s a long shot but still worth a try!! Even if you don’t watch this, the support would mean the world. Every name counts and it only takes two minutes!

Please reblog to help spread the word!

anonymous asked:

Hi Sam, I appreciate your not-supporting Nazi trash Nick Spencer. Do you think the idea would have a more direct impact in terms of visibility at Marvel if there was something like a Change(.)org petition?

Honestly, I don’t think Marvel gives a shit about petitions or how we feel, which is what’s so frustrating. Nick Spencer either knows where some bodies are buried or is very good friends with the Old Boys Club. Possibly both. Possibly the latter is the reason he knows the former. And even other writers who dislike him kinda have to play ball with him because of that, which means I feel sorry for a lot of writers I actually like, too.

I think the only thing that will ever have a direct impact at a huge media corporation like Marvel is money. So if you tell them you’re upset, also tell them you’re so upset you’re not giving them money, and then don’t give them money. Better yet, tell them you’re so mad about it that you’ve started buying indy and DC titles instead, so not only are they not getting your money, their competitors are. Then go out and support some indy artists. Give your Marvel money to folks on Patreon instead, or support the independent comics most of the Marvel writers and artists we like are involved in. 

Don’t forget that Disney owns Marvel. You’re not dealing with Grandpa Stan and a bunch of artists in a big room somewhere. You’re dealing with the full force of the Disney machine. The people within the machine might understand emotion, but all the machine understands is the bottom line. When that starts to dip, that’s when changes happen. 

I’m gonna run around a little this weekend and talk to my homies who have Patreons, and maybe make a post about indy comic reccs, and I’ll come up with a list of people you can give your Captain America Money to. Stay tuned.