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hey if you're comfortable talking about it what changed with your religious views last year? you said you lost your faith... i'm kinda in the same place rn and was just wondering what happened w u

Honestly I took a religion class in college. V simple: intro to the New Testament. Initially, I started realizing how improbable the existence of an afterlife is (case in point: when someone dies and is brought back to life, their brain shuts down so “they” don’t exist or feel anhgjing. They don’t go anywhere. Their body just stops doing its thing – then if they’re ~brought back~ those processes are just restarted). Also, the Jewish concept of an afterlife only evolved during the Maccabean Revolt when people started getting martyred for the faith. It was so unjust and cruel that those people died so senselessly that the idea of an afterlife evolved to help people cope. They would be rewarded for their sacrifice, instead of dying in vain. From there, it made sense that no higher power exists. I realized that Jesus’ intentions were hella Jewish and had a context with a historical precedent of other “messiahs.” I saw how the Gospels evolved from Mark’s sparse narrative and fairly ordinary characterization of Jesus to John’s worship of him as a god. I saw that the first gospel was written in at least 70AD, 40 years after Jesus’ execution. It was devastating but it made sense. I couldn’t ignore it.

When temporary people come into your life allow them to leave as often as they come in. Don’t struggle with making them stay, don’t change yourself, rearrange your views or differ your perspective to make them feel warm. You are not designed for them. People come and go all the time, you cannot fight to keep everyone happy.

Temporary people by Amy Kennedy


As I lay here in your arms, I remember the nights I endured before you. I think back to the constant trembling, how at a time like this I’d be curled up in my bed, my eyes the equivalent of bursting pipes after holding in my sadness throughout the day. If I was lucky, I’d have time to muffle the sobs. I wasn’t always lucky. I remember breaking when the ones before you left, walking out of the door with pieces of me in tow. But for the first time since then, I feel like I was never broken in the first place, just bent out of shape. Every time your arms tighten around me, I straighten out. It’s almost like you know, almost like you care enough to notice when I don’t seem whole and try to help, just like I would for you. Perhaps this is what love is supposed to be like.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: Someone who completely changes your view on love. Someone who wipes away all past doubts.

Always pivot.

When we note and consider our filter of view, in any situation, we have awareness and the potential to shift our perceptions by changing the lens through which we are perceiving. | sub-Textural | 


ok,  so it’s pretty damn obvious that danganronpa suffers from same-face syndrome. badly.

now, i’m not saying you aren’t allowed to like these characters, nor am i trying to change your views on these characters- hell, when the cast of drv3’s designs came out i immediately fell in love with amami and yonaga- and they, too, suffer from same-face syndrome.  

i’ve only been into danganronpa for seven months, i wasn’t into it when it was released in 2013, but i still consider myself a fan.

now, let’s start with my rant:

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Haha! I died again!

Lynne, that’s not something to joke about…

While Lynne takes a crack at jokes on the side, what we have in store for you is no laughing matter! Welcome to Rewind - A Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective fan zine!!

Artist applications are currently open! Applications will be open from now, February 10, 10:00 PM EST, to February 19, 10:00 PM EST. We are looking to accept around 20-25 artists for this zine. We are looking for artists who are skilled in the following: portraying atmosphere, facial expressions and body language, character interaction, and have a unique and dynamic style. Imitations of the Ghost Trick art style are not allowed. !!!!!Please read the FAQ before you apply!!!!!

You MUST have played Ghost Trick in full before applying. It is a fairly short game (10-20 hours). The reasoning for this is because the twist at the very end completely changes your view of the entire game! Of course we can’t demand for proof that you played it, but we encourage you to finish the game before you apply.

The zine is hosted by alice and heidi, two artists who love mystery puzzle games. If you have any questions, please direct them to the Ghost Trick zine related twitter (DM/ or via mention) or tumblr (tumblr asks are preferred). We will be publicizing our replies in case anyone has the same questions. If you do not want your question to be public, please indicate so.

The zine aims to be done production by June 19, to celebrate Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective’s seven year anniversary.

Thank you kindly for reading, and good luck!!

I know that you'll get there somehow
Idina Menzel
I know that you'll get there somehow

When you’re confused, feeling down on your own
When your fire won’t light the way
That’s when you have to go in search of the unknown
The promise of a brand new day
If you don’t see it, then change your view
If you don’t wish it, it can’t come true
You must open your heart, let go of your doubts
It won’t rain forever, the sun will come out
You don’t need to know the answers now
Just believe in yourself and I know that you’ll get there somehow
Yes, believe in yourself and I know that you’ll get there somehow

How antis apparently think discourse with racists works IRL:

White supremacist: “You welfare-leeching, vine-swinging, porch-hopping knuckle-dragging nigger! We shoulda lynched all of y’all when we had the chance!”

Black person: “Excuse me, kind sir, I do declare that your language is quite foul indeed, however I concede that your sentiments are merely juvenile and misplaced. Allow me to engage you on an intellectual level and hopefully change your point of view.”

*2 hours of friendly discourse and circlejerking later*

**Reformed White Supremacist**: “Wow, I never thought about it that way! Aw geez I’m really sorry for calling you all those names. We should go bowling this weekend!”

The OA Asks

Nina: Weirdest childhood memory?
Prairie: Would you say you’re mostly a leader or a follower?
Homer: What is the worst injury you’ve ever had? 
Rachel: What is your favourite song? 
Scott: Have you ever had an experience that changed your view on life?Renata: Do you play any instruments?
Buck: What is your gender and sexuality?
Steve: What do you do when you’re upset?
Jesse: What spiritual things (if any) do you believe in?
BBA: Are you the mum friend? 
French: How many siblings do you have?
Hap: How hardworking are you?

It makes me really sad to see so many people in the rhack/borderlands fandom getting SO upset when people write good dad! Jack. Like, is it so wrong that we’d like to imagine a better world for Angel? Yes I know canon Jack was the worst father and he did horrible things to his daughter. I’m not disputing that. But don’t we write AU’s because we want a different life for the characters we love? Can’t they just have a happy life together for a change without all the hate? Just a thought..

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Unknown Number Text Starters
  • To be sent on anon or from muses that are strangers or as part of a plot! A mix of creepy and accidental.
  • [text] you're so cute when you're sleeping.
  • [text] I left a gift for you on your kitchen floor.
  • [text] Why is your fridge full of [FOOD]?
  • [text] you ought to invest in a better lock--I have no trouble at all getting into your house, even when the door's locked.
  • [text] I bet you're wondering who I am, aren't you?
  • [text] you can block my other numbers as much as you want. I have plenty more.
  • [text] I really appreciate that you leave your curtains open when you change into your pajamas. The view is great.
  • [text] Hey, this number was in your wallet and I just found it at [place]. Should I mail it to you or something?
  • [text] I found your [ITEM] at [PLACE] with this number listed.
  • [text] is this [NAME]?
  • [text] I saw your business card on a billboard. You're an [OCCUPATION NAME]?
  • [text] I bet you want to know where I got this number.

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Is there a ft character who you originally hated but like now? if so, what made you change your view? ((Lmao I know you keep getting asks about this stuff after the whole Eileen/Irene/I'm-not-sure-which-it-is thing but I'm really interested to hear your take since you said a tragic backstory doesn't necessarily change your views on a character ^-^)) p.s your art gives me life

Ok so this is gonna be really sloppy, since I’m really bad at writing anything that has more than three sentences, much less in English which isn’t my native language, so excuse me if my explanation’s shitty ‘kay?

Usually when I like or dislike a character, I’m gonna like/dislike them till the end, so it’s really hard to change my mind I guess, however-

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Has your profession changed your views on men ?

Hell motherfuckin yeah

Growing up, my father was a HUGE part of my life and he took his job of being a husband and father very very seriously, I also grew up in a place where that was the “norm” everyone had double parent homes and most of us had stay at home moms. So in my younger years I had much more faith in the existence of men.

Sugaring shit on all of that. Why? Because 80% of the guys I see are EXACTLY like my dad or all of my friends dads. They’re these middle aged men with whole families and houses with picket fences and dogs, they have vacation homes with kids rooms filled with bunk beds and giant pools with water slides in the backyard. One of my previous SD’s took me to one of his vacation houses and their were pictures of the whole family hanging on the walls directly above us when we had sex on the couch where he probably had movie nights with his wife and kid.

and it really puts things in a weird perspective because you realize that this person has 2 totally different lives that are completely compartmentalized from each other. That “happy go lucky perfect family” in your town could be total fucking bullshit, the husband probably has some hot 20 year old that he’s banging on the side ITS SO COMMON.

So yes, my views on men have definitely changed, I’m no longer blind and to the fact that loyalty and monogamy are bullshit and it’s a dog eat dog world out there.