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How do I change my name for my national insurance number?

There is an online for change of address and change of name which can be used to contact HMRC, however this form is not designed for trans people, and should not be used, especially if you don’t want people discovering your trans status.

Instead the best way to change your name is to contact Special Section D:

Special section D
Room BP 9207
Benton park view
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE98 1ZZ

0191 225 0810

The staff in Special Section D are all trained in trans awareness as this is what the department is for.

By going through Special Section D restrictions will be put on your details so that only those who work there can access them.  This is because your gender cannot be changed on their records until a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) is obtained due to tax and pensions.  As a result of this you will no longer be able to update your address via the online form in the future.

You can get in contact and choose to have these restrictions removed, however this will mean that your details could potentially be seen by anyone at a local level, for example staff at the job center.



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