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I've been debating... the change in Yuuri's jacket color during the end scene of episode 9, where Yuuri pushes Victor away to look him in the eyes- I just assumed it was an animation oops, but that scene is so carefully and beautifully animated it seems a little unlikely a major discrepancy like that would be missed... what do you think?

YES! Thank you Anon-san for also having noticed this. 

When I watched that scene I thought ‘hey is his coat a different?–’, but then the rest of the scene happened and I was too busy going OMG MY HEART and promptly forgot about it.  

For those of you who didn’t notice what Anon-san and I are referring to: here when Yuuri pushed Viktor away to say his piece, he’s got a blue jacket and grey scarf on.

But when the camera angle changes, he’s wearing his old beige jacket and blue scarf!

But when the angle changes once more, and for the rest of the scene, he’s back in the other outfit.

I also considered it might have been an animation error, but as Anon-san has said, everything else was so on point, it seemed unlikely. 

It might appear like a bit of a leap in logic, but hear me out, this is what I think that might have meant.

If you’ve read my post about the skate guards, I talk a little about Yuuri’s old scuffed shoes and how he has the ‘if it ain’t broken don’t fix it attitude’. Meanwhile, Viktor’s skates are sleek and new, and he no doubt cares about style and such. 

If we look at Viktor’s ‘career’ as a coach, he’s actually sported many different outfits.

This tan coat feels the most familiar to me (with a light grey suit)

Here in Russia outside the rink, he’s got this tan jacket (along with casual clothes!)

Also in Russia, on the same day, it’s a long black coat (with a darker suit)

When he leaves Yuuri, it’s a different coat and green scarf.

When they’re reunited it’s a light brown coat and dark brown scarf.

His style is very suave and sleek, and he clearly has many outfits! Contrarily, Yuuri has been in this beige jacket and blue scarf since the start more or less!

Here Yuuri is wearing his usual gear before they leave for China (and looky here, Viktor’s got a different jacket and red scarf on!)

So how come Yuuri, who seems so unlikely to buy new clothes when the ones he has are fine, do just that? Well some of you might say ‘hey it’s really cold in Russia, maybe he’s got a different, warmer set for when he travelled there!’

But we have the scene of him and Yurio bonding after the competition in Russia has ended, and Yuuri is still in his usual gear.

So sometime between leaving to reunite with Viktor and the actual reunion itself, which is when I suspect Yuuri to have made the decision to try and hold on to Viktor for longer than one measly skating season (which I really get into here), his outfit has changed. 

In my opinion, not just changed but upgraded. He actually looks more fashionable I’d say! Remind you of someone?

I feel like Yuuri’s change in clothing reflect a change in personality and possibly behaviour. Because him taking action and asking Viktor for more time together is such a big deal, and it just feels like Yuuri’s become more like Viktor in a way, more confident in some sense (which is what Viktor set out to do for him). 

So I feel that for that split second at the airport, when the camera angle changes and Yuuri’s in his old outfit, it’s meant to show us (the audience) the ‘younger’ Yuuri, how he was before, to highlight how much he’s changed. You know those scenes in movies when the parent looks at their daughter on their wedding day and they see the little girl in mummy’s wedding gown playing dress up and pretend-marriage and it’s supposed to be all emotional because the parent sees how much their child has grown and changed in parallel situations? I feel it’s slightly like that, only it’s not within the movie, in this case the anime. It’s not Viktor looking at Yuuri and seeing how he used to be (Viktor wouldn’t need that because he’s been watching Yuuri change little by little all the way), it’s us, the audience seeing it. Seeing our Yuuri who we’ve been watching all these episodes grow and change. 

And that growth is a lasting one. In the preview for next week, Yuuri’s definitely got a different scarf on! I’m not too sure if the coat is the same, but he’s certainly become more style aware, a bit more like Viktor, a bit changed and somehow more remarkable for it. I would just loooove it if Viktor had given him that scarf to keep warm, but I doubt that’s what happened hehe. I can dream until Wednesday at least!

Also in the preview– now I’m not too certain about this, but doesn’t Viktor’s (new and different as always) outfit look more casual? He doesn’t seem to be wearing a suit underneath his coat, it seems more casual overall but still very sleek and stylish and Viktor. It feels like maybe, just as Yuuri has taken some of Viktor’s style, Viktor might have incorporated a bit of Yuuri’s more casual look. 

It’s certainly possible, to further highlight the change their relationship has undergone after their separation and ‘proposal’. Because the end of ep 9 was when they both confirmed the mutual desire to be together for far longer than one skating season, to be more than coach and student, and that’s such a milestone, I wouldn’t be surprised if their clothing choices subtly reflected that. Reflected the complete acceptance of that other person into your life. 


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okay now that the game is out and we old ffxv blogs who rp these characters before getting more canon info about them are bound to make changes alright. if someone needs to do something in order to adjust their muses with the new info please respect their choices. i mean, some might need to start fresh, others can easily blend everything without doing nothing big in their blogs but what i ask is that if someone needs to do any of this please bare in mind that we all were subject to change as the game was getting done with.

For the rest of this christmas season which for me will probably be ‘til february soz I will be sporting two lemons, a lime, and a candy cane pole in a snow globe. :D The old heart encasing three lemons and a lime will be back afterwards. ^-^

This is the girl’s first year changing in front of other girls in gym and she was really self conscious. Lately this little girl named Brandy has been being a brat to my mini and having her friends look at her and laugh when she changes. I told her not to tell because it will just make it worse. Today she finally did what I told her to do, look at them and smile and ask if they were enjoying the view and they stopped 😆


Hold onto your dreams. Never let go. Keep pressing on and latch onto those points of inspiration. We all feel drawn to something in life. We have goals we want to accomplish. Yet they often feel so out of reach. Yet through the ability to hold onto what we love most, we can accomplish our goals and change others’ lives.

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Umm hello meme mother. So I'm bisexual and almost everybody at my school is a homophobe (except for my friends) I really feel like coming out as an "F you!" To them, but I'll get MAJOR hate. I take gym and I change with other girls, I don't find any of them the least bit attractive but they won't understand. I'm really confused and I feel like I should stay in the closet but I don't know. Any advice?

hello meme child. i really think it’s best to stay in the closet until you feel safe and if everyone at your school is homophobic i don’t know if that would be safe. while coming out as an “F you!” would be funny for a moment, people can be so cruel when it comes to stuff like this. i came out before i was really ready to and it backfired so even though it’s hard i’d say staying in the closet is your best option for now.

A nurse from my GP called me and told me that my brain MRI was normal and that was a very good thing

1.) That doesn’t mean anything, brain MRI are pretty useless, it means the physical mass of my brain is normal. Gimme an EEG and we will talk.

2.) That is not a good thing, because it makes diagnosis harder

3.) That is also not surprising or noteworthy, like what were they expecting, a tumor shaped like a raised middle finger?

4.) The best thing that a brain MRI can determine for me is a point of reference if I have further brain damage or other changes that can be imaged by an MRI

I can ascertain, however, that I HAVE a brain. Neat!