gone series meme: [4/5] heartbreaking scenes → plague; literally just diana at the mansion

↳  “You’re going? ” Diana asked. 

      “Of course,” Caine said. “We’re going. We’re even going to bring Penny. She’ll come in handy. Maybe Lana can fix her legs. And then she’ll be very useful at controlling people.”

      Caine started whistling happily as he stuffed clothing into a Dolce & Gabbana bag. 

      “You should grab some clothes,” Caine said. “It might be a while before we get back here.” 

      “I’m not going,” Diana said. 

      Caine stopped. He smiled at her. Then his eyes went dead and she felt herself pushed by an invisible hand, shoved toward the closet. “I said pack,” Caine said. 


      “Don’t make me do something we’ll both regret,” he warned. Then in a more reasonable tone, “I thought you loved me. What’s all this about?”

Millions of people are dying of what they’re eating, but even more are dying of because of what is eating them!
Many people die at a young age and are buried when they’re old.
What is stopping you from achieving the top, from achieving what you want? Stop with the doubts, stop with the ‘what if it doesn’t work out? What if I cant handle it’, but what if you can? What if it does work out?
Stop, just stop with complaining. Do your thing, do your best and give everything. Don’t look Back one day and wish you had done something. That something can be done right know, change is key, your mind is the thing that you have to change. Change the mind and the body will follow. Change your mind and your life will change with the will of God!