change your life, ride a bike!

harry is butterflies in your stomach, your heart racing fast over excitement, weight being lifted off your shoulders, random acts of kindness, seeing someone you love after a long time, change in your life for the greater good, exploring the city for the first time, learning how to ride a bike, accomplishing the impossible, viewing the world in a different perspective, and accepting yourself the way you are

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13, 49, 74, and also have a good day!

13- name a list of shows that have changed your life:
I don’t know that any shows have really changed my life, but recently I’ve been re watching some shows and I can really see how they shaped my views. I’ve been re watching Friends lately so that’s the only one really coming to mind lol.

49- tell us a story about your childhood:
When I was learning to ride a bike, the bike I learned on had brakes that you used by pedalling backwards. When I outgrew that bike I started riding my moms old mountain bike that had brake levers on the handles.
My house was on a dead-end road that went downhill, so naturally I had to ride downhill to get home. The first time I rode home on the mountain bike I tried to slow down to turn into my driveway but completely forgot about the brakes being in a different location than I was used to. Since I was going downhill, this was not good for me lol.
I kept picking up speed while frantically trying to pedal backwards. I flew past the driveway and slammed into the back of my sister’s bright blue Tracker.
The bike and I were both fine lol

74- when was the last time you traveled to somewhere new?: this past summer Travis and I went to see my friend @gildedvoice in PA :) We packed up my loud old truck and spent a long weekend there. It was such a good time. I love taking road trips and I can’t wait for the next one

Thanks for asking! :) 💚

Joy can be unsettling. Power can be terrifying. Newness is a mind trip. That’s all you need to know. It’s not that your breakthrough was false, it’s simply that this is… new. Remember how wobbly you were when you learned to ride a bike? Or the first time you drove fast, alone; or swam in the open ocean? This is new, this is new…this is…awe-awe-AWESOME! Stuttering with your new power doesn’t make it any less real. (Also, your new-found power is not afraid of your learning curve. It’s here to stay.)
—  Danielle LaPorte

Just 20months ago I started this journey to be a happier healthier Andrew. I had just left living in my favorite city after 4 years, had just ended a relationship, and just lost 2 grandparents.. Simply put I was the unhappiest I had ever been. I was tired of the pity parties and looking at myself and not feeling great. I was a bitter bitch. So I took ahold of the reigns, and set out to find that happy self I missed. Bought a bike. Discovered my love of nature. Most importantly riding gave me time to think about life and my perspective of things. Ive grown a lot in this 20 months and quite proud of it.. this isn’t just a physical transformation, it’s my personal transformation. If you’re unhappy with something in your life, you have to take the reigns and stop waiting for someone to change it for you. Sadly life isn’t a fairytale, but you best bet your ass I’ll be living happily ever after.☺✌

The 10 Best Cities To Relocate To In The U.S. 

Relocation is recommended for many reasons. You’ll get to know yourself better, meet new people and explore exciting places. It also presents the perfect chance to declutter and simplify your life. 

Now, thanks to Lincoln Property Company, looking for a change of scenery just got a little easier. Lincoln Property shared an infographic outlining the “Top 10 Cities For Relocation,” which considers a city’s nightlife, culture, food, weather and rent costs…

 1) Boulder, Colorado. 

 2) Austin, Texas. 

 3) Scottsdale, Arizona.

4) Minneapolis, Minnesota. If being outside is one of your interests, Minneapolis is your place for enjoying amazing parks. Choose from one of 20 lakes in the area, and take your bike out for a nice ride. Who knows, you may run into Prince on a visit home. Be sure to bring a jacket for the winter! 

5) Cincinnati, Ohio. 

 6) Knoxville, Tennessee. 

 7) Oak Park, Illinois. 

 8) Richmond, Virginia. 

 9) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

 10) San Diego, California.