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You’re the good different, you’re the good strange.

Alice & The Mad Hatter + Moodboard

Pretty Boy

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Request: Can I request a Dean x Reader where Sam runs into the reader, who is an old friend from college who recently joined the “life”. But Dean starts flirting with her and it makes Sam really mad.

Warnings: Language (I think), sexual innuendos.

Word Count: 890

A/N: I know it’s not exactly the request I took a little artist license. That being said I hope you still like it even with the changes.

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Slamming your glass down on the bar, you indicated to the barkeeper to keep them coming. Tonight had been a rough one. You had been successful in killing the vamps but not before they killed a teenage girl.

Picking up another shot, you held it up to the light. Looking at the golden brown glow it cast you contemplated how you had got here. You had been on the fast track to an amazing career when your parents had been murdered by vamps. After that you had made it your life mission to protect as many as you could from the supernatural world.

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so Amanda and I were talking about modern magic and

witch bottles in old dasani bottles from the recycling because glass jars are expensive

runes in sharpie on bottle caps

wands carved with pocket knives from branches from the saplings in the local park

dried herbs hanging from pushpins and grown in old cans with holes punched in the bottom

Fae Gathering in children’s parks and lure kids out after park with what sounds like a punk show 

other Fae helping community gardens grow

ghosts from old civil war battles wandering around the business offices built on top of the sites of their death

kids drawing pentacles in their little siblings’ chalk on the floor under their carpet and fixing it with art sealant because their parents would notice if they pulled up the carpet to draw a new one too often

protection charms written on graph paper and worn in shoes during school

using oil burner scented oil or scented soaps to anoint candles


Opening commissions!! 

Additional info: 

  • Plus 50% for each additional character
  • If you want an icon and you would like to make small changes (like for example adding glasses, changing your hair colour or even turning you altean) by adding 2 USD I can do it!
  • Paypal only. Payment before I start the commission. If I don’t finish/don’t feel prepared for a commission money will be returned. 
  • Feel free to ask me about anything you would like to know!

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Did you change your glasses? They look different from other seasons.

No but thank you, JK. Just a reminder to those fans out there - I am not Tea Leoni, or Elizabeth McCord, or a part of the show. I make no claims to be anything other than an interested person with occasional free time and a blog. They do change up the frame colors, but I believe they are all still iGreen frames:

The Edge of Glory

Dean x Reader

Music is a HUGE inspiration in my life, and as of late, an inspiration to my writing as well. I would hardly call this a “song fic”, but it is based inspired by “The Edge of Glory’ by Lady Gaga. I’m not going to post a link, because ya’ll can go look it up on Youtube. You’re not stupid.

I must also admit, I am a fraud. I can write everything except for smut. That’s where my smutty bitches come in. Thank you, @demondean-for-kingofhell for complimenting me where I lack.

That being said, this fic is completely dedicated to @justanotherdeangirl25. Since starting my blog in December, she has been in constant support of me and my attempts at writing. Thank you, Heather!

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3 Mind-Blowing Lateral Thinking Puzzles

Have you ever wondered if your mind is normal (i.e. average) or somehow different? Here are 3 lateral thinking tests. The answers are published below, but do not go immediately to read them! 

Think up your own answers first.

Tests TEST 1 

Here is the story of a young girl. At her mother’s funeral, she saw an unknown young man. He was charming, really the man of her dreams. She madly fell in love with him. After a couple of days the young girl killed her own sister…

 Question: What motive did she have to do it?


Take at most 10 seconds to do this test, otherwise it will not work. Find how many ‘f’s there are in the following text: 

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 


+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 


Do the following reasoning exercise, answering the questions one by one, without going to the next question if you have not answered the previous yet. It is not necessary to write your answers.

 How much is: 

15 + 6 =

 3 + 56 =

 89 + 2 =

 12 + 53 =

 75 + 26 =

 25 + 52 =

 63 + 32 =

Yes, these are a bit more difficult but the exercise is really worth doing, so be patient:

123 + 5 = 

Now think of a tool and a color!  


TEST 1 She hoped that the young man would appear again at the funeral. Explanation: If you gave the correct answer, you probably think like a psychopath. The test was developed and used by a famous American psychologist to determine whether a person has murderous mentality. Several criminals who did the test correctly answered the question. If you did not give the correct answer, it is good for you! If someone of your friends found it, keep away from him! 

TEST 2 How many ‘f’s did you find? Three? It is wrong, there are six! If you don’t believe, go above and count them again! Explanation: The mind cannot process the ‘OFs’. Awesome huh? Anyone who manages to find six ‘f’s is a genius, those who find four or five are really rare, three – are normal… Less than three – change your glasses! 

TEST 3 Did you think of a “red hammer”? It is the answer given by 98% of people who did this exercise. If you thought of something else, then you probably are one of the 2% of the people whose mind and thinking are quite different.


Hand in Hand (Frostiron)

Tony was in his incognito mode, sunglasses, baggy sweatshirt, and baseball cap. It was nice to sometimes not to be a celebrity, to take in the city without being flocked by fans.

He bought a hotdog from a local vender and even she didn’t recognize him. Of course she wasn’t really paying that much attention to him. She was just doing her job, one that she didn’t seem to enjoy at all.

Just when Tony had finished off the New York classic he spotted a tall man with dark hair and glasses. He was looking down at his shoes as he walked in the crowd of people in the crosswalk. A sharply dressed businessman on his cell phone was speed walking in the opposite direction, completely engulfed in his call.

Tony cringed as the businessman completely knocked into the bespectacled man’s shoulder, knocking him down. His glasses came flying off and the businessman didn’t even slow his strides or say sorry.

Tony physically felt sick as the glasses were smashed mercilessly beneath others feet. The knocked down individual groped blindly at the ground before his own hand was stepped on.

The crowd on the crosswalk was starting to thin and the stranger was clearly too distracted to notice.

Everyone was ignoring him. Except for a car that honked at him even though the light was still red.
Tony was pissed and quickly jogged over to the struggling man.

“Hey, the light is about to change and your glasses are broken.” The stranger looked up at him with squinted green eyes. “Do you need help?”

“Uhm, no, I—that would be—” The stranger was blushing and his breathing was starting to pick up.

More cars started honking as the light turned green and one even revved its engine. Without thinking Tony quickly grabbed the stranger’s hand and pulled him over to the sidewalk. He felt bad when the stranger stumbled over the curb.

“Fuck! Sorry. My bad.” The stranger’s breathing was only becoming more erratic. “Come on. There’s a stoop over there. Maybe you should take a seat.” The stranger nodded and there were tears in his squinted eyes. Tony had to put the stranger behind his back since the sidewalk was so crowded, still holding his hand. “I’m Tony, just so you know.”

“Loki,” he said through his gasps. Tony brushed his thumb in a soothing motion against Loki’s hand.

“Here’s the steps. If you turn around and lower yourself slowly you’ll be sitting on them.” He never let go of Tony’s hand as he sat down. Tony let out a relieved breath and sat next to him, glancing around. He saw a woman walking at a leisurely pace. “Excuse me, miss,” Tony pulled out his wallet and held out a fifty. “If you bring me a bottle of water this fifty is yours.”

She gave him a skeptical look. Tony pulled off his sunglasses and gave her a charming smile.

“Oh, yeah, definitely.” She was clearly star struck and Tony slipped his sunglasses back on as she left. “Everything is going to be alright now.”

“No—no it’s not. I can’t see and I’m having a panic attack and I think I’m having an asthma attack too and—and—” Loki groped at his pockets before pulling out an inhaler and taking a deep breath from it. He settled down a bit, but was still a complete mess. “I can’t see.” He put a hand in front of his face. “Unless something is this close I can’t see at all.” His voice was strained and face completely flushed.

Tony gripped his hand a bit tighter.

“Where were you heading? I can get you there. I was just out for a stroll anyway.” Tony really didn’t know how to handle someone who looked like he was about to break down.

“No! That’s not necessary! I can just call my brother.” Loki quickly grabbed his cell phone from his pocket and it just as quickly it slipped out of his hand and cracked on the sidewalk. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” Loki put a hand over his mouth, trying to slow his breathing.

Tony grabbed the phone, relieved that his callouses kept his thumb from being cut on the sharp edge of the broken screen. He didn’t let out a sound of disappointment, not wanting to worry him anymore than he already was.

“So,” Tony hesitated, “do you know your brother’s number?” He asked while smoothing out the screen before handing Loki his phone. Loki gripped it tightly before putting it back in his pocket.

“No,” Loki whispered while putting his head between his knees.

The woman reappeared with the water bottle.

“Thank you so much.” He gave her the fifty.

“Anytime.” She shifted on her feet nervously.

“You’re a hero.” The woman looked completely taken aback and quickly scurried off with a poorly suppressed smile. “Here, Loki, try to drink some water.” Tony brought the water bottle closer to him. “It still has its cap on.”

Loki took another deep breath before sitting up. He was crying and quickly tried to wipe away his tears.

“I’m sorry,” he rasped out while squinting and grabbing the water bottle. He twisted off the top, gripping the bottle so tightly that that water gushed out. Loki cringed before bringing the bottle to his lips and drinking half of it in one go.

“No need to be sorry,” Tony said after Loki lowered the water bottle. “Shit happens to all of us.” Tony tried not to think about what would have happened if he hadn’t been there. “Let me hail us a cab and I can get you home.”

“You already spent fifty dollars on me. I can’t—”

“It’s nothing. You need help and I can’t just leave you here.” Tony wanted to pat him on his shoulder, but wasn’t sure how he’d react.

Loki stared down at the steps, squinting at them and trying not to cry even more.
Tony held out his hand in front of Loki.

Loki stared at it for a moment before closing his bottle, wiping the water off his hand, and taking Tony’s.

“Why are you being so nice?” Loki asked softly.

“I’m actually an arrogant asshole, according to most people, but I couldn’t just pass you by.”

“Because I looked so pathetic.” Loki’s voice was just a whisper. Tony’s lips formed a hard line. He hated when people talked about themselves like that, but never knew what to say to them.

“You didn’t look pathetic, just a bit distressed. You were in danger.” Tony squeezed his hand again and prompted him to stand. He waited a moment for the crowd to thin. He walked them to the curb and Loki was still silent. “You’re a good guy. It’s easy to see that.” Tony cringed at his last sentence. It was a bit insensitive considering Loki was practically blind.

Tony hailed a cab and he could feel Loki’s palm sweating. Tony could understand that. He hated feeling helpless too.

When a cab finally pulled over Tony placed Loki’s hand on the car door’s handle and made sure he got in before going to the other side and sliding in.

Loki rambled off his address.

“What do you do for a living, Loki?” Tony asked, trying to put him more at ease. His question seemed to have the opposite effect though. Loki’s shoulders became tense and his hand balled up into a fist on top of his thigh.

“I’m a writer,” he squeaked out.

“That a tough gig.” Tony let out a low whistle of amazement. “Fiction, non-fiction, or their love child journalism?” Tony joked and was surprised when Loki’s lips curled upwards slightly. It was the first time he’d seen him grin and even with his slightly puffy eyes from crying and his bright red face he was handsome.

“Fiction.” Loki was smiling to himself.

“Is it alright if I hold your hand?” Tony asked, feeling a bit of affection for the semi-stranger. Loki somehow blushed more before holding out his hand. Tony gently took it in his own. “I know you can’t see it, but I’m grinning like a loon right now.”

“You’re very strange.”

“I prefer eccentric.” Loki’s smile grew bigger, yet was still restrained.

Tony wished he could use his physical charm on Loki, but it was almost refreshing, just having to rely on his personality.

“What do you do for work?” Loki asked softly, his eyes closed.

“I’m an inventor.” It was a bit of an understatement, but Tony was really enjoying that someone was being affected by his personality rather than just his looks or money. “We both create things from nothing.” Loki’s grin was actually showing teeth now. Pearly whites. He took care of himself.

“No one has ever put it that way before.”

“Well it’s the truth, although I guess we both probably have our muses.” Tony had many. He loved reading the scientific journals Jarvis picked out for him. Sometimes he just sat in central park and watched nature and how it functioned so well on its own. Other times it was when he was just browsing the internet and read a comment about something random that just sparked his creativity.

He hadn’t noticed that Loki had tensed up again until he glanced over at him.

“We’re almost there,” Tony reassured him.

“Oh, good.” Loki began gnawing on his lip.

“I can’t imagine being a writer, especially for a long story. I’d just get lost and I can barely manage my own life, let alone the lives of several others.”

Loki chuckled and it was the cutest thing Tony had ever heard.

“You have no idea. Continuity is probably one of the hardest parts for me. I should write more notes, but I just get so into my story that I forget to jot down important aspects that I’ll need later on! And then the stupid characters sometimes just do whatever they want.” Loki let go off Tony’s hand and he started gesturing like crazy. Tony held back his laughter. “They don’t even care about the plot! They just want to run around and—don’t get me wrong, it makes them more believable, but it’s still so annoying!” Before Loki could continue his rant the cab stopped at Loki’s address.

“We’re here,” Tony said, a smile clear in his voice. Loki let out a huff before realizing he’d been so exuberant. It was obvious that he was about to shut down. “I’m passionate about my work too. I go on work binges, sometimes falling asleep on one of my work tables or just completely forgetting to eat.” Tony took Loki’s hand again and gave it a brief squeeze.

Loki became flustered again before pulling out his wallet. He leaned forward, his nose almost brushing the partition before he swiped his credit card.

“Thank you so much. I think I can find my way from here. You already have a cab waiting and I don’t want to burden you any further.”

“It was no burden at all, you’re not a burden. Anyway, I’d really like to see this to the end, to make sure you get home alright.”

“Okay.” Loki was staring at the floor again, but was smiling.

“I’ll help you out of the car so just stay right there.” Tony stepped out before rounding the yellow cab from behind before opening Loki’s door. He held out his hand and Loki took it without hesitation. “Half a step before a curb. The sidewalks are empty. You said apartment building 308, right.”

“Yeah.” Tony glanced at Loki. He was so adorable and shy. Tony didn’t even know he liked those aspects in a potential partner until he met Loki.

But Tony didn’t even know if Loki had a preference towards men.

If only people weren’t such assholes. Then maybe people could be more open, find love easier… but Tony was being both a mixture of hopeful and naïve.

He was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn’t warn Loki about the upcoming steps. Luckily he knew about them and had was already at the door, staring at the lock while trying different keys out.

“Here, let me.” Loki looked even more embarrassed as he handed over his keys.

“It should have the number 308 and the words ‘do not replicate’ engraved into it.” Tony began flipping through the various keys. Loki had a surprising amount of them. “The other one I need is 3A and it has the same warning on it.” Tony found the key and unlocked the old door. “The elevator is broken, but I—” Loki cut himself off and blushed again.

“Go ahead. I’m not judgy.”

“I know the number of steps for the flights of stairs to my apartment.”

“I know exactly how many screws I own at any given moment. I think that’s a bit weird. I started doing that in college.” Tony shrugged before remembering that Loki probably couldn’t properly see him.

He led Loki to the stairs. Loki automatically grabbed the hand railing and Tony remained silent as they ascended the stairs, not wanting to distract Loki from his counting.

Tony’s eyes gravitated to Loki’s rear. Yup, he definitely went to the gym or at least worked out at home. Why did he have to become more attractive with every passing moment?

“Please don’t be straight,” Tony whispered while looking up at the ceiling.

“Did you say something?”

“There’s 211 screws in my lab right now,” Tony said, trying to cover up his little prayer.

As they reached the third floor Tony became nervous. He wanted to ask Loki out before he knew Tony was Tony Stark.

“It’s this way.” Tony took Loki’s hand again, hoping it wouldn’t be the last time he was able to hold it.

“Need help finding your spare glasses or contacts?” Tony asked while opening the door.

“I have a decent idea where they are.” Tony stood in the doorway as Loki quickly went into the apartment. He hadn’t been invited in. Tony set the keys on the side table.

“Can I ask you something, something that I won’t be offended at all if you say no to.” Tony gulped, not used to being nervous.

“Yes,” Loki said, pausing in his search through a drawer. He was turned in the opposite direction and Tony felt his nerves rack up when he saw Loki’s back become tense.

“Would you like to go on a date with me this Friday night?”

Loki swung around, obviously surprised.

“A date?” Loki asked, as if he couldn’t believe what Tony had just said. He was wringing the hem of his shirt.

“I really like you and would love to take you out on a date. Something simple. Whatever you’re most comfortable with.”


“You’re the first person I’ve wanted to go on a date in years.” Loki opened his mouth to say something then thought better of it. “If you’re straight or don’t like me in that sense it’s fine.” Tony shrugged again, wishing he could just shrug off his jitters.

“No, I like… all genders.” Tony never knew someone could blush so often.

“I’m pretty nervous over here, Loki. An answer would be appreciated.”

“Oh! Sorry! I mean yes! A date, yes!” Loki turned around quickly, knocking his hip against the side of the drawer.

Tony leaned against the doorway, feeling both relieved and giddy.

Tony heard a snapping noise and Loki turned back around, black rim glasses in their proper place. His green eyes went wide and Tony tried not to frown.

“If me being who I am changes things I understand.” Tony glanced around the apartment, not wanting to see Loki’s expression.

“No, you’re still the nicest, funniest person I’ve ever met. I was lost and you helped me. I wanted to ask you out, but I didn’t know how to and I was certain you were going to reject me and—” Loki composed himself surprisingly fast. “A date sounds great.” He cringed at his rhyme. “I mean it sounds good, no it sounds great, better than great! Why am I still talking?” Loki tried to cover his eyes and ended up smudging his glasses.

“You’re better than great. Friday at eight? I know it’s a bit late…” Loki burst out laughing and he looked positively radiant.

“Make it seven and I’ll be in heaven.”

“It would be a crime if I wasn’t right on time.” Tony winked at him. “I’ll see you then, Loki.”

“I look forward to it.”

Tony smiled. He grabbed the door handle and had to give Loki one last glance before he saw him again Friday night.

Feel free to leave me a comment at the bottom of this page. More shy Loki stories here. Inspired by this prompt.

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Hello! I absolutely love your blog and writing, haha! Could I maybe request a scenario with the GoM, Imayoshi, and Takao where they see their s/o (who had previously worn glasses) with contacts for the first time? Thanks! ( ^ω^ )

Haha, aww thanks for giving my blog love!!! <3 

Short answers ahead of their reactions x: Do enjoy!

Generation of Miracles
Akashi immediately raised a hand to your cheek and gently brushed a hand across it.
“You look beautiful without glasses.”
Aomine took a step back while blinking furiously.
“Woah, (f/n)? You look different.”
He was secretly loving the way you look without glasses but he didn’t know how to tell you that you were gorgeous.
Kise lunged at you, folding you into his arms.
“Waah, (f/n)cchi, you look so beautiful without glasses but what if others think you look beautiful too and want to steal you away?”
Kuroko smiled when he saw you, a look of amazement in his eyes.
“I didn’t know you could get any more beautiful than you were.”
Midorima flushed at the sight of you, flustered at the brand new look you seemed to be sporting.
“You… You look good without glasses. I mean, the contacts look good on you… No, I mean…”
He was reduced to stammers while facing you and had to turn behind to calm himself before turning back to you.
Murasakibara’s look did not change at all but his gaze seemed to be fixed on you longer than usual.
“Ne, you look good, (f/n)chin.”
Imayoshi slyly grinned as you approached, a glint in his eyes. He quickly grabbed you to him, whispering into your ear.
“You look really good in contacts, (f/n)chan.”
Thus reducing you into a hot mess basically.
Takao’s reaction was extremely exaggerated as he pretended to look past you and back at you again.
“My (f/n)chan looks so beautiful!”
He would ply you with compliments the entire day until you couldn’t take it anymore and changed back to your glasses.
“Huh? Nooooo, wear your contacts again, (f/n)chan!”

Discipline ( GD smut )

Hey ! I’m back with the GD smut that was requested ! I hope you like it and the other smuts are on their way as well ! Oh and anon that requested this smut ! I hope you like it and it’s okay , because I changed it a little . ^^
« Yah . Jiyong ! Stop flirting around with random fans ! » you yelled.
« I don’t like your tone … New manager . » he grabbed your left wrist and pulled you into his room backstage . « I’ll have to change that . »
You straightened your glasses that were kind of crooked on your nose due to the pulling .
« What do you think you’re doing !? » you looked him straight in the face .
He only liked his lips and slammed you against the wall across from the door.
Your small hands pushed strongly against his chest , causing him to fall back a little . You made a run for the door , but he got there before you and locked it right in front of your brown eyes .
« Jiyong !! » you yelled « Unlock the door this instant ! » and stomped down on the ground with your right , black high heel .
He walked towards you and grabbed your brown hair that was tied up in a high ponytail « We need to change this attitude of yours . »
You winced in pain when he pulled your ponytail back , causing your whole body to jerk back , straight into his chest .
« Ow ! » you exclaimed and screamed .
His strong hand immediately came up and covered your mouth .
« No screaming . » he whispered in your ear .
You tried to shake his hand off and lost your glasses in the process .
You started to panic a little and bit his hand that was covering your mouth . He swiftly pulled it away and you ran towards the door , forgetting that he had locked it . Your hand wrapped around the door handle and you desperately tried to open it .
« Oh is our new manager scared ?»
he said playfully with his voice . You felt a shiver go down your spine and tried to come up with a reason for him not to come any closer .
« Don’t come any closer ! Or you’ll be in serious trouble ! » you kept trying to open the door .
« Hm … I don’t think I’ll be in trouble after I’m done . » he pushed you up against the door with his body and trapped you between his strong arms . He stares into your eyes and forced a kiss upon you . Your hands immediately came up to his chest to give him a strong push , but he grabbed them before they could do so and pinned them above your head . He only broke the kiss to say « Open your mouth . »
You shook your head .
« So you’re going to be disobedient ? » he gazed into your eyes « Fine . »
He brought his leg up and rubbed your skirt against the spot between your legs .
You gasped and he saw his chance and kissed you again , but with his tongue this time .
You wanted to bite it , but he gave you a stare that said “ try it and you’re dead ”
So you decided to let him kiss you .
After he was done devouring your lips , your eyes desperately searched for a way out of the room . You looked to the left , only a couch and a fancy black table .
You looked to the right , a makeup stand and some other things .
« There is no escape from this , you know ? » he whispered into your ear and then bit your lobe .
« Yah ! Stop ! » you whined and tried freeing your hands from his .
He easily took both of your hands into only one of his hands and the other hand snaked down to your chin . He lifted your face lightly and you tried to pull away from him.
He smiled « You’re so defiant ! Let’s try this another way . On your knees ! »
You shook your head even though you were scared of his reacting .
« Down ! Now ! » he forcefully pushed you down on your knees.
He smiled and opened the zipper of his black leather pants and whipped out his already erect manhood .
Your eyes opened wide .
He grabbed your long ponytail « I think you know what to do . »
You said defiantly « What if I don’t want to ? »
« Then I’ll have to fucking make you ! » he pulled your ponytail .
« Ow . » you whined .
« Open your mouth , now . » he said in an angry voice .
You looked up at him , not taking any action .
« Do it now or I’ll force you to . » he said with a dirty smirk .
You opened your mouth and took in his dick .
« Ah~ . You have a tight little mouth manager . » he looked down at you and put both of his hands on the sides of your head .
You gaged and tears filled your eyes a little . But there was one thing you didn’t understand , how was this turning you on ? Your body was getting really hot and the hottest spot was between your legs .
Suddenly he pulled away and pulled you over to the black table which he forced you to lay down on .
Then he cuffed your hands together with cuffs he got out of a drawer .
« Manager .. I like you like this . You look absolutely amazing . » he smacks your butt .
« There is only one thing that’s annoying me … All of these clothes . » he rips your skirt from your body with brute force and throws it to the ground .
He stares at your butt « Nice view .»
« You pervert . » slips out of your mouth .
« What ? » he growls into your ear as he leans forward .
« Jiyong ,you’re a pervert ! » you mumble , loud enough for him to her it though .
« Let’s get something straight . You will address me as Sir or Master , got it ? » he said in a serious tone .
Despite how scared you were you started to laugh .
But that laugh soon faded away when he started to spank you , earning squirms and whines from you .
He ripped down your underwear and gave your pussy a light spanking .
« Ah! » you grasped .
« Do you understand now ?! You will afraid me as Master or Sir ! » he yelled .
« Yes ! » you answered .
« Yes what ? » he smacked your sore pussy again .
« Sir ! Yes ! Sir ! I understand ! » you screamed .
He chuckled « You really seem to be enjoying this . » he ran a finger though your folds and brought it up to his lips .
« You don’t taste bad . » he mentioned when he licked his finer with his tongue , tasting your juices .
« T-thank you sir . » you said with a little bit of fear .
« I think I should get a better taste . What do you think ? » he positioned his dick at your entrance and started to tease it .
You squirmed « No .. I don’t think so , sir . » you shook your head .
« Hm , but I still want to » he suddenly shoved his whole length into you and started thrusting in as out at a fast pace . You moaned out in surprise .
« Shit you’re so tight and you feel so good . » he kept thrusting in and out of you .
« Ah ~ ! » you moaned and he grabbed ahold of your ponytail , pulling your head back and granting his tongue access to your neck .
A little while later you were almost at your climax and Jiyong knew so .
« You have to ask for permission before you come .» he rammed into you .
« Please , sir , let me come ! » you pleaded . He was starting to seem very sexy and arousing to you .
« Who has the best dick ? » he questioned .
« You do , master » you spurted out .
« Damn right and don’t you forget it ! » he rammed into you one last time before saying « Come all over my dick , slut !»
Both of you climaxed and the same time and you collapsed on the table while he came all over your butt , since he decided not to come inside of you .
Suddenly it knocked on the door and a manly voice yelled « GD hyung ! Let’s go ! »
« I hope you learned your lesson .» he closed his zipper and adjusted his pants an clothes .
« I’ll be back . » he unlocked the door and closed it after exiting the room , leaving you there utterly confused .
The thoughts that crossed your mind were “ he’s so fucking hot ! ” and “ what do I do now ?”


Wee just bought the December issue of Animage, and since i didn’t see anyone translating the marvellous Miyuki section inside, I thought i’d do so! (Pardon my crappy translations)
Only gonna translate some parts >. ~

Miyuki Kazuya, a second year regular catcher. He knew about the attractiveness of the catcher position since he was in elementary school, and polished his abilities. He leads the four pitchers with his play, and also serves as the 6th batter.
Miyuki eye : he usually wears black framed glasses, but during his plays, he wears contact lenses and sports sunglasses. No one has ever seen him changing from his glasses to his contact lenses to his sunglasses

(Awww miyuki what kinda skill do have to change your glasses so fast?? ;p)

A sunglasses wearing ikemen (hottie) :
Miyuki’s number one charm is his looks! Opponent teams have also remarked that in addition to his handsome features, his glasses is the best component. Both his usual black framed glasses and his sunglasses that he wears during play suit him。 ~
Cool, and likes to play pranks/do mischief (i think theres a typo in the magazine, they wrote irazura, which i have no idea what that means, and I’m guessing they meant itazura, which means mischief): His behaviour is cool, but his heart is hot(passionate), and that’s one of Miyuki’s points. He conveys his opinions towards his senpais properly, and thats also the core of his strength. ON THE OTHER HAND, WHEN HE IS TEASING SAWAMURA, HE IS FULL OF MISCHIEF, AND IS TOO CUTE (Wtf did i read carefully?! Even the magazine says that miyuki is too cute waaaaa!!!!!)

Lastly, stats :
Mental strength : 5
Tactitian : 5
Sharp tongue (lol) : 4
Power : 4
Skill in defence : 5
Lead : 5
Sorry if i made any mistakes in translating!! theres still other components like his shoulder strength and fielding, his skillful and strong leading, and him taking chances well, but i’m too lazy to translate it. If anyone really wants it you may drop an ask in my mail though! Theres also a really interesting comment section below and i may wanna translate it, but imma see first

Edit: part two here

Let's Not Fall in Love...

Hoseok x Y/N

It would seem as if you and Hoseok have been together for many lifetimes but in reality it’s been 5 years. That was cut short on the night of his birthday when you decided to come home earlier than usual to surprise the birthday boy.
Entering your shared home as quietly as you could, you suddenly froze at the sound of a familiar laugh then moments later his laugh joining in. Looking up to where the sounds were coming from, you weren’t liking where this was going as you walked upstairs to your bedroom. The shared laughs, echoing through the house, that by the time you reached the top, you could see your bedroom door, at the end of the hallway, was left open just enough to see and hear what was happening inside. You couldn’t believe your eyes seeing him in bed with another woman, tears beginning to pool in your eyes at the sight of your childhood best friend wrapped up in his arms.
As a million things ran through your mind you didn’t realize your feet making its way towards the room and your hand pushing the door completely open letting both persons aware of your presence.

Hoseok stunned at your sudden arrival, got up quickly began gathering his items of clothing and began dressing himself. While the bitch, still in bed obviously naked under the sheets, sat there lighting up a cigarette. Her expression on her face screaming ‘finally!’

“Hoseok love..” She began as she took a drag from her lit cigarette. “You might as well tell her now..” 

No matter how much you tried to scream at the sight of both of them, Hoseok holding you as apologies spilled from his lips, still nothing came out. Looking into his eyes trying to find an answers as to why he would do this. But you found nothing. The spark in his eyes were burnt out and the love itself had dissipated and God knows how many nights or days even years this has been going on for. The thought of it made you sick to your stomach and you could hear her in the back scoffing at the sight of him holding you and saying
“You’re wasting your time sweetheart..”
Something familiar she would always say whenever you and Hoseok had an argument.

How long? How did it start? Who initiated it? Wasn’t he happy with me? 

You thought to yourself.

It’s been days since that night and you both haven’t said much to each other. It was as if nothing happened. He acted as if nothing had happened. Only difference was, he no longer slept with you or even attempted to which also good on your part. You slept in the guest room and he completely understood why because he did the same, only difference was he was on the couch downstairs. I mean why would you wanna sleep in the same bed you found him and his lover in. Something else that annoyed you was the way he spoke gently with you as if you both hadn’t fought just hours before and everyday since his birthday had passed. He kept his distance and the topic of her never came up again..

Thinking you were still asleep, Hoseok left a light peck on your forehead before leaving for work at 5:30 in the morning. He had no idea that everyday since his birthday, you haven’t slept the same and it’s been months already but he just didn’t know that.
It wasn’t fair that he was able to go on with his life as if nothing happened, as if he had done nothing wrong. Laying there thinking “Why am I still here? What did I do to deserve this?” Trying not to let yourself get emotional all over again. Then it hits you.
What you should’ve done the night where everything fell apart.. Slowly getting up from the couch you looked out to see his car wasn’t in the driveway, just yours, you make your way upstairs.

Late afternoon, Hoseok comes home to a quiet home. Just like how it’s been ever since. He found comfort in it but at the same time it stung a little just because he could still feel the lingering tension. Just before he could enter the living room to drop his things to the floor, he is met with you. Bodies almost crashing into each other, if it hadn’t been for Hoseok’s quick reflex you would’ve bumped into him for sure.

“Oh sorry, didn’t hear you come in..” Y/N says looking up at him then turning her attention back onto her phone, walking right past him. Hoseok noticed you were heading out somewhere since you weren’t in your usual tank top and short-shorts house attire. Dropping his stuff to the floor immediately, he follows. Finding you in the kitchen by the island, a bottle of red wine on the counter and the glass to your lips.

“Babe, how was your day?” He asks slowly approaching your figure from behind. The obvious awkwardness there just because it’s been awhile since he’s actually asked about your day. Upon hearing the question, you almost choked as you finished your glass of red wine.

“It was fine, relaxing actually..” Y/N started off.
Hoseok’s expression softened, happy to hear his love had a day to herself just to relax. Wrapping his arms around your waist he asks “What did you do?”

“Nothing special, just laundry and cleaned up a bit.” Y/N answered.

Letting out a chuckle, Hoseok smiles into the crook of your neck and lightly pecks it. Feeling uneasy, you slowly pull away from the back hug you missed so terribly much. But you’d be lying to yourself if you thought it would change anything. Setting your glass to rinse in the sink, you hear Hoseok open the fridge.

“How was your day?” You asked just so you showed a slight bit of interest in the conversation.
“The usual love, practiced the choreo at least 50x and started on the new one..” His voice trails.
“Oh sounds fun..” The corners of your lips lifting at the thought of him talking about his day. Remembering the day you met him at the gym where he worked out almost everyday after his dance practice which was just across the street from the gym.
“.. Yeah. By the way, I tried calling.. Is something wrong with your phone?” He questioned.
“Oh, yeah… Stupid me. I forgot I had it in one of my hoodies when I threw in the washing machine. I felt it in one of the pockets as soon as I pushed it under the water..” You chuckled as you explained to him.

His surprised reaction wasn’t a surprise to you at all, it was when he turned you around to kiss you that had you shook as if it was your first time. Letting his lips work onto yours had you weak in the knees, it’s not like he forgot how to but it was like he was reminding you. God, the way he cupped one side of your face while the other was travelling down your back pushing you against his body. This devil knew what he was doing and normally you’d give in but not this time. Pulling away from the kiss, your lipstick slightly smudged, you looked at him. The spark in his eyes somehow came back and as much as it killed you inside, you knew this wasn’t gonna change anything especially how you felt at this point. Keeping yourself together you let him know you’d be heading out and not to wait up. You gave him one last kiss, only thing is he didn’t know it would be the last. You were leaving and he had no idea.

“Okay love, I’ll see you later..” You heard him say as you exited the kitchen and made your way to your car. Trying your very best to keep yourself together knowing damn well what you were about to do will be irreversible but again, it was all for the best. Some would say it was a selfish thing to do but really, staying with someone you thought of as the world and then slowly making you suffer for a mistake they did isn’t worth dying everyday for the rest of your life for. You took enough risks as it is even after the fact he cheated. But God knows you tried, and I’m sure he and Hoseok will understand your decision. But for Hoseok, it may take awhile for him to get used to the idea of you being gone.

Making a quick pace towards your car, paranoia kicking in at the thought of him following you, you make it and get into the car. Taking one last look at your home you both shared for almost 5 and half years, imagined raising a family there and all.. Tears began to fall at the thought of it all. You wondered if he’d gone upstairs and realized all your belongings were gone, all that was left were his clothes, shoes etc. The shared walk-in closet was now, his only. Leaving the driveway knowing it’d be the last time for awhile then driving slowly through the familiar neighbourhood thinking of all the sweet people you’ve known and how you never got the courage to say goodbye to any of them. A million thoughts ran through your mind as you left the life you once thought would be your forever. Now slowly but surely you were starting your new life, fresh start if you will, and the first stop was the airport. You hadn’t decided where to yet but anywhere but here sounded better.

To be continued… © BANGTANFIXATION

Simmer Down and Pucker Up

Title: Simmer Down and Pucker Up

Pairing: Dan Howell/ Phil Lester with a bit of Chris Kendall/ PJ Liguori

Rating: MA

Warnings: Swearing and fluff/smutt with a bit of angst and awkward scenarios. Breakups and getting back together!

Length: Just under 10k

Summary: Maybe it would have been better, if he just left things alone. Because then he wouldn’t remember Phil’s laugh in such vivid detail, or how much his eyes light up when he gets excited over the smallest, almost meaningless things. After Dan is forced to pick between his family and Phil, he realizes he’s made the biggest mistake of his life; but he’s going to fix it.

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Angel Wings

“Dean? Have you seen my glasses?” You asked, shuffling through your duffel.

“Yeah, I think I saw them on your face once.” He replied with a shit eating grin.

“Haha very funny.” You couldn’t find them anywhere in your bag. “I’m going to go see if they’re in Baby.”

“Why would they be in Baby?”

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