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People wants to know my secret about infinite layers and how I deal with it.
So here it is:

I make temporary shortcuts.

1, 2 & 3: I select the tool “select layer” and click and the locker, so it doesn’t select layers that are lock (like sketches or effects).

4: I go to modifier key setting and choose “opt+shift /alt+shift” to select the tool “select layer” temporarily. (be carefull to select the right sub tool and “common settings” or “settings for each process of tool” from what you prefer).

Each time I want to change layers, all I need to do is opt+shift and it changes the tool quickly and I can insta choose which layer I want to work with.

There are tons of shortcuts with CSP just find the time to explore the software.


what program app I use:
Autodesk Sketchbook

what type of phone I have:
I have an “LG Stylus 2”

How I draw on my phone:
I sometimes use the one to draw when coloring but most of the times when I have to do lines and shading I do my fingers.

How can I draw on my phone:
well it all started off when I had a tablet and really wanted to draw on digital. I didn’t have a tablet(ex: samsung tablet) that had a stylus, so I bought a stylus with the ball tip and started digital. the first app I bought to draw digital was “Autodesk Sketchbook”. at first once u get the app. it doesn’t have good art tool paints u can use to draw. but then after some time I bought the pro tools that was “5$”, which gives twice as much tools and paints to be able to draw such as changing your tool size and etc. sometimes my stylus pens would break so I would draw good, so I would try to draw with my fingers and after some time I started to adapt being able to draw with my fingers, and its kind off easier when drawing lines and outlines, and shading.
, and after some time later I broke my tablet, so I had to use my normal “htc” phone I had back then, it was a bit broken but after some time later I also broke that one , so now I have this phone “LG Stylus 2” because my mom knew that I wanted a stylus phone for awhile so i would be able to draw better. and thats what I have now, so I use my stylus pens sometimes and mostly my fingers to draw most of the things that are in this blog.

Do I use my phone to draw:
yes. :33

-so there’s your awnser, now u know I draw on my phone. and what app program I use and how I draw.

hope this helps for any of u that wants to draw on phones.


I decided to do a “my tools” section for all the technical questions. Will update this post with my current favourite tools changes.


COPIC Multiliner SP from 0.2 to 0.7 

I used these fineliners to do the lines on many pictures - especially these with thick lines or done on textured paper (pen and ink can’t be used then). I like the sturdy metal case, waterproof ink and replaceable tips. These multiliners draw a nice smooth, black line but can also give interesting textured line on rough, watercolour paper.


I usually use my COPIC multilines for line-work but if I want thinner more stable lines I use a rapidograph. I used to use a Faber Castell rapidograph but as they are not available in Japan, I’m currently using a Rotring Isograph 0.4mm and as for now the ink flow is very stable and I didn’t have any problems with clogging. I’m using the original Rotring black ink. One tip: The line thickness and flow can vary depending on how well the paper handles the ink.

TACHIKAWA Linemarker A.T.

Contrary to it’s name this is not a marker pen but a pen with a nib that produces nice thin and stable lines. Great for fast sketching and even more precise linework. It comes in 0.1, 0.3 and 0.5 variations and I’m using the 0.5 one and I’m liking it a lot. The ink from the cartridges makes dark lines and plays well with the most popular Moleskine paper (which is rare for pens) but is not 100% waterproof. The cartridges go empty REALLY fast so it can be bothersome and get expensive but it’s easy to fill the cartridge up with good ink using a syringe. I’m filling mine with black Sailor ink that is meant for fountain pens and also works well with Moleskine’s paper.

ZIG MANGAKA Flexible Fine and Medium

I like to use the Japanese brush pens, unfortunately most of them have non-waterproof inks or marker-like nibs. This one combines good brush nib available in two thicknesses with waterproof ink. The nib provides good flexibility and control balance with really fine line finish if needed. Also small in size and relatively cheap.


Mitsu-Bishi Hi-Uni from grade F to 10B 

I tried a lot of Japanese brand pencils and like all of them but for me the Hi-unis are the best (closely followed by TOMBOW). Now my main pencils. I love the silky feel and dark line they give. Because of that they are widely used in Japanese animation for drawing the animation frames. Japanese pencils generally feel a lot softer than European pencils of same hardness.

STAEDTLER Mars Lumograph grades 6B, 7B and 8B 

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Forty Six & 2 - Tool

It’s quite unthinkable not to listen to Tool, 
through the grinding action of transmutation. 

This song is a true masterpiece. 

Circle Icon Tutorial- Photoshop
  • Photoshop I use: CC 2015 but the tutorial should work for every version.
  • Knowledge needed: absolutely none.
  • The screencaps I am using are from [x]
  • Please like or reblog if this helps you!

So I learnt how to make circle icons a while ago but I was always finding that the white block around it never left but recently I figured out what I was doing wrong and decided to make a tutorial on it!.

Edit: Tumblr broke it last time I tried to post it so I just redid it.

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Merry Christmas @iricious! Apologies for not being the most attentive of Santas, but I have definitely enjoyed following your blog and chatting with you! I hope your Christmas is delicious!

I know you had a kind of open door as far as inspiration goes, and I have to say with manips, there’s something about Lieutenant Duckling that just tickles me! I hope you enjoy a bit of this AU through the years :)

honestly my heart breaks every time i see any fucked up story abt a poc dying or getting arrested unfairly and i wish with all my heart my “i’m sorry” could heal all the damaged hearts. i know it can’t and that’s why i started using my voice. i will never ever in my fuckin life see or hear some type of racist, injustice bullshit and stay silent. i will forever use my white privilege as a tool for change.

The art tool that changed my life

Sit down, children, and let me tell you a thing

So if you’re a total noob loser like me you might not have heard about Invisible Pencils

I’ve been drawing crap for years and I never knew about these until my art prof handed them out in class one day 

They’re called Non-Photo Blue pencils and they’re freakin invisible




also they are totally invisible if you photocopy them. Like the marks don’t show up at all

they cost less than a dollar

I’m never sketching with a regular pencil again

dreamsofbooksandmonsters  asked:

Do you have any advice for drawing with photoshop? :)

I don’t know if it was just me but here are some thing I’ve experienced

When I first started drawing in PS my lines were suuuper shaky, like, unnaturally shaky, and that really discouraged me. Later on I discovered that PS lacks the stabiliser tool so I downloaded one called nezumi pro and now my strokes are smooth af :D I heard many people got problem with this so I think its important to share this info! 
Also I strongly recommend setting various keyboard shortcuts like brush, eraser, increase/decrease size so you don’t have to do it manually every time you change/switch between tools + it makes the painting process easier ^o^ 
If you’re done with a pic but you feel like the colours are a bit off then PS has a hundreds of ways to fix them! Don’t be scared to play around with the filters/adjustments - it is NOT cheating! Same goes for textured brushes! If PS is your tool then use it to its fullest! :D
And the most important: under ALT you have colour pick tool - use the f outta it, it’s super helpful while blending the colours.

There are so many options ahhh I could write a 3 page essay about PS honestly I just love it so much