change to life

Seven Long Years Later

I’m done with my book. It has been rewritten four times and is fully edited (okay it’s getting one last read through by a friend, but other than that it is done)

I’ve worked on other things, of course, and even went long stretches without working on it at all, but it’s DONE.

It feels weird, actually.  It’s been seven years almost to the day since I created Bel and Heln and so much has changed.

STAYCATION VACATION: Self-care is necessary and I have been hospitalized 3 times. I always called it a forced vacation, but you have to identify with my twisted humor to really understand that. I have been taking care of myself this summer, reallu preparing myself for the next school year. Medication, healthy eating, emotional support…it all matters.

I wish idols could vent to their fans without being judged. It must be so hard to pretend to be happy to hundreds of thousands of people who expect you to be some kind of perfect famous being.
I wish idols could hang out with their fans when theyre feeling down so we can try to light up their world the way they have lightened ours.

Rest in Peace Chester you saved our lives yet we were unable to return the favor.

You’re looking through your feed trying to find posts to relate to. So you don’t feel alone. And that good feeling you get when you read one that describes exactly how much you’re hurting, a lot of people feel it too. You’re not alone. We’re in this together. It might seem tough, it might seem hard, and maybe it is. But you’ll get through the storm. You’ll come out stronger, don’t you worry.
—  LM. You’re not alone.