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Feeling a bit lost at the moment… For those of you that don’t know, I have travelled a lot and lived in many different countries, cities, flats.. And every few years I get this feeling… And I’m feeling like my time in this city is done, that I should move forward.. I didn’t/don’t have the best relationship with my teacher here and it can be very frustrating. This isn’t supposed to be a ‘I’m so sad’ post, because I’m not sad but.. trying to see what are the next steps.. It’s like I can feel the wind of change but I don’t know in which direction it’s blowing in..


Just after my laser session today. My face is looking very irritated as you can plainly see, particularly around my upper lip area. The further I get into HRT the more sensitive my face is getting for sure (lots more tears!). She (my laser tech) said that she hasn’t changed the laser strength at all, so that’s my only conclusion. I also managed to get a nice picture before the clouds rolled in as rain is expected this afternoon. Overall, it was a nice ~4.5 mile round trip walk, with only a few sprinkles.

 HRT wise, today marks the 9 month mark (hormoneaversary?) on HRT, so that’s exciting. I celebrated with purple nails today. My laser lady said she is noticing how soft my skin is looking, and also suspects my sensitivity is likely due to skin changes. She’s really liking the laser progress as well and we were talking about the clearance on my chin and gradual disappearance of hair on my upper lip. Just a couple more sessions on my face is likely, but I’ll just have to wait and see.

 As of right now, it’s coming up on 12:30pm and I’ve only had some coffee today - I think it’s about time to make some lunch and relax. Probably even take a nap later due to the early laser session (I was up at 8).

 I hope you’ve all had a nice Tuesday, and may the remainder of the work week treat you well!

 - Lana

princess-of-erebor1992  asked:

Pardon my asking, but what is a menstrual cup??

Menstrual cups are a reusable type of menstrual product. Basically, it’s a little silicone cup that you insert into your vagina, it collects the blood, you take it out to rinse it, and put it back in. It actually forms a bit of suction to the cervix so it really stays in place and since it’s got a suction seal, it doesn’t leak at all! They have a much greater capacity than tampons (even really heavy tampons), so most people only need to take out their cup once or twice a day. Since they’re made with silicone, there’s no risk of TSS, and you can leave them in way longer than tampons with no worries (honestly, I once totally forgot about mine once, and I ended up leaving it in for three days, and even though you’re not supposed to do that, I didn’t have any problems).

And, best of all, they can last years without needing to be replaced. When your cycle is done you boil them for a few minutes to get them totally sanitized again, and that’s it. I’ve had mine for a couple years and the silicone isn’t wearing down at all yet!

I could honestly go on about them for hours, but I’ll leave it at that. Here’s a link to the Wikipedia article about them if you want more info: (x) And if you have any more questions about them I am always happy to talk about my experience with them!

                            Medical marijuana is finally being prescribed in my state and MY DOCTOR JUST RECOMMENDED ME TO GET IT AND MY APPOINTMENT IS ON MAY 11TH AND I’M SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED AND HOPEFUL


the next uuuuhhh 5 ?? weeks will be super bad and honestly i shouldnt even have drawn these but eeh *insert shrug emoji 10 times* i should really be doing my art project hahahaha

Guys, I’ve changed my political ideology

I’ve been thinking it out and Anarcho-Hoxhaism isn’t for me. I’m not Anarcho-Statism. I believe the proletariat should be able to vote for any state ruler who is incredibly incompetent. So we’re basically living in utopia now. Whole outlook on life changed.