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OTP Prompt 99

Person A: Are you.. blushing?

Person B: What, no.

Person A: Did I get the ever-stoic, hardcore, total badass Person B to blush?

Person B: No… It’s… It’s the cold.

Person A: Huh. It’s the cold. And not that I told you “your face is freaking adorable and I bet the rest of you is too?”

Person B: *blushing harder* *voice cracks* N-no.

anonymous asked:

Do you know theres a cat cafe membership card that belongs to aizawa, that is also offical merch? Like theres a legit card u can get with his handwritten name on it and you can see how many times he went to the cat cafe. He almost filled up the card :D But i think its an event only merch so they dont have it anymore. But it was amazing

Ohhh my goodness, really? I wish I could see it, haha. Ty for letting me know this exists!! 🙏

Be aware that what you think, to a large extent, creates the emotions that you feel. See the link between your thinking and your emotions. Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them.
Pacific Islands could lose 80 per cent of their fish because of climate change
Pacific Island nations could lose as much as 80 per cent of their fish by the end of the century, as climate change causes species to go extinct, a new study warned.

The region is “projected to become warmer, less oxygenated, more acidic, and have lower production of plankton that form the base of oceanic food webs,”  

After visiting Fiji and witnessing first hand how climate change and rising sea levels are affecting how locals live, it is said to see that these people who live sustainably off the land will suffer the most. When the men in the village leave at 5 in the morning to go fishing and catch maybe one or two big fish to sell or feed their families, its not fair that their environment is the one becoming the most affected by ocean changes while other parts of the world continue to exploit ocean resources.