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okay @ all of france i really really REALLY need you to go vote in the second round, PLEASE.

if you don’t want le pen to win, vote for macron. it’s that easy.

no “she’ll never win anyway”. that’s how brexit happened.  

no “but he’s not great either”, that’s how trump got elected.

no “I’m abstaining because i want to send a message”, that’s just plain stupid and i hope i don’t have to explain why oh my god. PLEASE.

If Le Pen wins, the EU is finished. Yes I’m german and I’m openly admitting that without France, we can’t do it. 
If she manages to win the election she’ll also be able to get France to leave the EU, and that will be a desaster for everyone involved.
Look up how absolutely fantastic the Brexit negotiations are going if you’re still on the fence about that.

It’s a very similar situation to the one the US was in last year.
“ugh a boring politician they’re not exciting and has ties to the big banks and voting for them won’t change anything god i hate the system”
versus one 
oh look a charismatic fascist who will probably literally kill us all and throw the country, if not the continent, into utter chaos” candidate.

please think twice before you say it’s a choice between two evils. it’s not pest oder cholera, at the very worst it’s a stubbed toe versus lung cancer, and the lung cancer’s best chances lie in people not voting at all.

Remember when people use to hate Super Junior when they debuted because they had “too many members” and now groups be coming out with like 12+ members and no one says anything because it’s a normal thing now. LOL

Remember when Super Junior got a lot of hate for having a Chinese member in the group and now almost every group has one Chinese member and no one says anything because it’s normal. 

Remember when Super Junior debuted and people thought they were trash but now SJ’s all over their tvs, radios, concerts, brands, lectures, business summits, ambassadors, and have fans all over the world. 


make me choose: anon asked - Rick Grimes or Shane Walsh  

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We cordially invite you to the wedding of Victor "Extra" Nikiforov and Yuuri "I lost a bag of nuts and getting engaged is the only way to make up for it" Katsuki

this is canon,,, can u believe how blessed we all are. can u b e l i e v e.

Fantastic Beasts was really good in that it was like watching two different but equally interesting movies that had a weird crossover section at the end. 

There was ‘cute british man child and animal friends take new york’ 

and ‘pain: the gay ghost story’ 

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in more detail, what do u think about banksy like in general too not just on palestine

Where do I start?

For starters, he keeps hijacking walls that are not his. Not only did he paint and tried to beautify the apartheid wall in Palestine, but he literally went to predominately Black and Latinx areas in East NYC, where art is strictly local, and painted over the walls there.

He has the disgusting habit of normalising and whitewashing struggles. Like how he painted an Israeli occupation solider having a “pillow fight” with a Palestinian or how he graffitied Steve Jobs as a Syrian refugee in order to bring “awareness” to the refugee issue, as if all immigrants have the same privilege as Jobs or that they should be dismissed if they don’t become a version of Steve jobs. He simplifies and glorifies oppressions and struggles.

Which bring me to my next point. He butts into issues that aren’t his and to which he shows little to no understanding at all. Like how he had the nerve to paint a “go back to Africa” in a area of poverty and racial tension, which he thinks is a “satire” that oppressed communities are ought to understand and recognise as beautiful and be happy about it (as if such phrases are not traumatising in nature). He’s basically shoving his way down these communities’ throats as a white saviour whose stencils are going to bring about change and god forbid we say anything against them. He’s been asked numerous times to leave, be it in East NYC or Bethlehem, and yet there he is.

He views himself as this edgy hipster and as a result he does not understand how “complex of a subculture graffiti really is”. His white opportunistic ass is always ready to jump onto issues that are not his own, dominate spaces that aren’t his and in the meantime making profit (some of his work has been valued in six figures) by using our struggles and painting over our walls. He shows no regard or respect to writers and as a matter of fact, he painted over the oldest graffiti in London which made many artists angry.

In short, he’s corny and shallow. His attempts are very lazy, peak liberal and weak and are mainly celebrated by the bourgeoisie. What’s treated by law as “vandalism” apparently only applies when the artists are Black/brown/lower class, yet he gets the police protecting him. And while he can tag walls freely, other artists get arrested for it, and while they hardly get any recognition, his white ass gets coddled by the elitist art scene.

You can go through my Banksy tag for more, I guess.


you take my hand and drag me head first fearless


Psych Gang + Demigods AU

Shawn - Son of Hermes, God of trade, wit, and Messanger of the Gods

Gus - Son of Asclepius, God of healing and medicine arts

Carlton - Son of Athena, Goddess of strategy and order

Juliet - Daughter of Artemis, Goddess of hunting, moon and wildlife