change the world

No one is born hating another person because of the color of their skin, their gender, their sexual orientation, their background, or their religion. People must learn to hate, and that is how society destroys us. Imagine if we all had the same trust and love in our hearts as we did when we were children?


Hi! See this precious baby? Her name is Amy, she’s a hooded rat, and she’s almost three years old! Her birthday is on January 2nd. Anyway, most rats only live about 2-3 years (at least the one’s I’ve had), so she’s approaching the end of her road. She’s been the most perfect little girl I could ask for, but this weekend she got very sick. A tumor has developed and rapidly grown in her stomach and she’s losing a lot of weight (if you were to run a hand down her back, you could easily know where her spine, ribs, shoulder blades and such are, and every little joint in her spine is easy to feel). She’s not moving around as much, only shifting to get more comfortable, and she’s stopped eating and drinking almost entirely. I’ve been hand feeding her for days just so she’ll eat something.

I went to school on Monday (yesterday) after a long weekend of caring for her. I was up all nights with her and got five hours of sleep since Thursday night, and I was running on fumes.

So I go to school and my best friend asks what’s bothering me. I told her that Amy was sick and I was worried about her. She hugged me and said it’d be okay. Then a few other people asked me why I seemed upset. I told them my pet rat is sick and probably dying and I can’t do anything to help her. They gave me weird looks and asked me the one thing I will never forget:

“Why the fuck do you care about a stupid, useless rat?”

And it stung.

It stung because this rat is one of my best friends. When I got her as a baby she was hesitant to trust me but over time grew to trust and love me, and I did the same for her. She grew up being showered with my love and affection and I love her so much still. So when people ask me why I care about a “stupid, useless rat”, I don’t. I don’t care about a stupid useless rat. I care about my friend.

I’m sick and tired of people giving rats shit for being disgusting and dirty and stupid. They aren’t. They’re absolutely wonderful creatures that need just as much (if not more) love and attention as any other pet. I’m not saying all rats are good, as ones like sewer rats can carry diseases and be violent, but domesticated rats like Amy pose no more threat than a chihuahua.

Everyone I’ve met that has gotten to know Amy or Lily (her adopted sister, who sadly died at one year old) or Tara (the first rat I ever owned, she died at three in 2011) has fallen in love with them completely. Even my stepmom, who was previously terrified of rats, absolutely adores her. They are absolutely sweet pets that are intelligent and have emotions and just want to be loved.

So all that said, I want there to be a change. I want people to understand that this isn’t the age of the plague, this is fucking modern day Earth and we really should have grown past this stereotype that rats are filthy, disgusting pests, because they’re not all like that. Most of them aren’t, and I’m tired of my little friend, my little Amy, taking unnecessary shit for a stereotype that isn’t her fault.

Amy is reaching the end of her road. Before she leaves me forever, I want the world to know the name of the little rat that changed my life. Who knows, if enough people see this post and agree with me or possibly even change their views, maybe she’ll be the rat that changes the lives of a million more rats that are just as misjudged as her.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this.

UPDATE: Amy died on November 20, 2013 at 4:15 pm; one day after this post was created. I hope a few people have learned something from this post, and I hope she’s made an impression on a few people. As much as it hurts, I’m glad she’s not suffering anymore.