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First in Friendship (A Parks and Recreation AU)

a collaboration with @dreaminglikeeames

Meet Steve Rogers, the Deputy Director of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department. He throws himself into each and every project with an unmatched passion, always ready to serve the people of Pawnee, and he drags the rest of the Parks and Rec staff along with him. In the midst of running a children’s concert series, operating the city’s parks, fending off the shockingly aggressive raccoon population, and dealing with the passionate citizens of Pawnee, Steve has one overarching goal, a project that will be the beginning of a prestigious political career: turning Municipal Lot 48 into a beautiful park. 

As a result of the City Council’s incompetence and mismanagement, the governor dispatches a team of state auditors from Indianapolis, throwing a wrench into Steve’s grand plan. Sam Wilson is gregarious and unfailingly positive, while his partner, Peggy Carter, is prickly and inflexible. Steve tries to protect his city and his department from the budget cut machete, but the City Council’s damage is too severe. The government shuts down, but Steve is bound and determined to fix it. He is known around City Hall as the “Man With a Plan”, after all. (He is alternatively known as “that tall blond pain in the ass”, but he prefers the first one.)

Steve rallies the Parks and Rec team (plus a few other friends), and together, they bring back the Harvest Festival, an old Pawnee tradition. Steve finds himself in the midst of an uphill battle–fighting a brutal flu, bad publicity, lack of resources, the threat of losing their department entirely, a curse, an evil librarian, and a burgeoning crush on a colleague–all in the name of providing a service to the town he loves so much.

Featuring: Nick Fury as Director of P&R, Natasha Romanoff as his assistant, Clint Barton as the shoeshine guy, Thor Odinson as the office manager, Tony Stark as Steve’s assistant and department scheduler, Bruce Banner as the office accountant, and James “Bucky” Barnes as Steve’s best friend and nurse extraordinaire.

ne touchez pas à mes affaires
Hugh Dancy
ne touchez pas à mes affaires

Hugh Dancy speaking French as Michel Previn in The Relic Hunter, episode S1E18, “The Last Knight”.

ETA: He’s saying “ne touchez pas à mes affaires” — “Don’t touch my things.” Transcription and translation by @ciorane - Thanks Aude!

Why is blood red?

There is a scientific answer, but it is a cold one.
Cold like ice. Hard like steel. Unfeeling.
It reflects nothing of the blood itself.

Blood, which is —
Warm, like fire. Fluid, like water.
Red, like anger. Passion. Fury. Love.


Yes, that is why.
It is the emotion of the body,
the language of the soul,
the tears of the flesh, of the heart.
For when you strike it cruelly enough,
it weeps, it cries, it burns.

A burn that screams:
and demands you stay that way.

—  in us, there is liquid fire | m.a.w
submission - Back when I was a child...

Also known as ‘Person A is older than Person B AUs’

  • Person A and B are twins and Person A is literally (insert any number smaller than 12 here) minutes older than B and talks to them like they have more experience
  • Bonus points if Person B is the taller one
  • High school!AU where Person A is a senior and Person B is a freshman
  • Person A shares a birthday with Person B (NOT TWINS) and they attempt to figure out who was born first
  • Person A and B were born on the same day but in different timezones
  • Person A is a dead inside store manager (~18 yrs+) and Person B is an optimistic freshman who must be trained (~13-15 yrs)
  • Person A hates Person B for no reason, until Person C (a mutual friend) tells them they share a birthday but have a year between them
  • Person A is a graduated TA, while Person B is a third year student who hates the education system until Person A starts leaving little snippets of advice on their quizzes that they start looking forward to it, even if it’s sometimes just a doodle of an octopus eating a burger
  • Person B is 3 days older than Person A and loves using that against them 

That’s as much as I can think of but feel free to add on!

~AHHH these are so cute I love them!! I hope you don’t mind but these gave me a few of my own ideas! -Mod Karissa

  • “Wow you’re so old” “Shut up your birthday is literally a few months after mine”
  • “Hey now that you’re old enough, can you buy alcohol for me?”
  • I wanted to rent this place for my birthday- what do you MEAN it’s already rented
  • you know this means you die first “not if i hit you with my car omfg”
  • twins but the younger one is on a trip and in a different timezone and calls the older twin “Hah! Now IM the older one!!”
  • “wow hey i think i see a grey hair” okay you literally are like 2 years younger shut up jfc
  • tfw you’re the youngest friend but you’re the only one who acts like an adult- GET BACK HERE DONT JUMP THAT FENCE OMG
We’ve Messed Up

After her breakup with Scourge years before, there were many things that she expected to call Scourges in her life. Losers? Enemies? Targets? All perfectly normal in her mind. Being acquainted with one wasn’t something she ever expected to happen, and to get close enough that they would be called friends? Unthinkable. The thought alone was enough to make her emotional.

As usual, Fiona and Scourge were talking in Fiona’s apartment. A meeting that always came with plenty of alcohol and plenty of trauma. It was always a gamble, how would Fiona feel about seeing Scourge that day? Amused, depressed, angry? Thankfully on that day, she seemed happy to see him, and Faolán was certainly glad to see someone else.

“Hi!” He greeted excitedly. Fiona smiled from her sitting room as she saw Scourge enter and watched Faolán run up excitedly with his game device in his hands. “Look! Look, I beat the last constellation guy!”

“Did you finish your math homework?” Fiona asked from the sitting area, clearly a little amused with herself. Scourge could watch the child’s tail stop wagging and his ears press against his head in embarrassment.


Relax, I don’t Want to Hurt you

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“Thank you, I’ll report to you if things get out of hand here.” Hithfaeril replied with a light chuckle, watching Elydir leave the room.

Turning back to the Prince, she brought her cup up to her lips and blew lightly on the liquid before she took a sip. For half a moment, she felt the familiar uncomfortable feeling rise within her. To quell it, she spoke. “So, what is it that you need help with?”

Hopefully it was nothing too difficult or intricate. She was not very good at doing small things. (Precisely the reason why she fought with a large weapon.)


now you see me gendershuffle:connie britton as merritt mckinney / scarlett johansson as j. daniel atlas / cara delevingne as jack wilder / michael fassbender as henley reeves / angie harmon as dylan rhodes / andrew garflied as lula may / hayden christensen as alma dray / cicely tyson as thaddeus bradley / maggie smith as arthur tressler / alexandra daddario as walter marby


HEY GUYS it’s not sunday here anymore but whatever, happy late strifehart sunday!

i’m so happy to finally be able to draw at my computer again! i’ve wanted to draw this for ages… (it’s all the looney tunes show and goddamnyx‘s fault i swear)

anyway, have a teacher/biker cleon au with manly flowers in the background ♥

We ain’t never getting older

So finally, here it is the college au I promised. So a little contextualization,Luna’s parents found out that she was Sol Benson by chance, when decided to dig a little into Luna’s past,  Luna and Nina didn’t go to the same school that Ámbar and everyone else did, and they already know each other. And as Ámbar and Luna didn’t meet in a context where Luna was her rival they are kind of friends in this one.Also Ámbar is not as shitty as she is in the show.This is all in the fic tho.I know this isn’t much but it’s the beginning so.., I just hope you enjoy it.

Summary: The one where  Luna really needs help with calculus and Ámbar offers her ex boyfriend as a tutor, or also known as the one where Ámbar has a plan to get back with her ex that backfires incredibly. Alternative summary: The one where Matteo crushes into a pretty girl in the park and finds himself incredibly whipped and Gastón mocks him to no end.

Chapter 1

Luna Valente likes to believe she is a fairly intelligent girl, she is not a borderline genius like Nina or Ámbar, but she is smart and hardworking and if she doesn’t get something she will study as hard as she needs to be able to do it and that has always granted her pretty decent grades.Sadly for her, calculus doesn’t seem to be one of those thing she will master on her own with just hard work and dedication.

She has tried to get help but with Nina pursuing her more artistic interest and studying literature, not having any mandatory math classes, and deciding to register in biology for her electives she can’t really help her. Ámbar, who studies business and has calculus for economics, had tried but it ended up being a disaster with both of them shouting at each other and almost in the verge of tears (okay, maybe that was just her).

All of her other friends are on artistic careers also and can do nothing to help her, and it’s not like any of them  would want to touch anything related to math with a five foot pole. Yeah, she doesn’t make good life choices.

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Starter for @godlikeschemer

  Orihara Izaya.

  There was an informant who was apparently well-known in Tokyo for being devious and manipulative. Mikaela learned this soon after he began integrating himself back into the human world. He had been a vampire for seven years already, and escaped from the colony about a year ago, deciding to try living a relatively normal life. Of course, as a vampire, he could pass as a human, but never fully be like them again. But Mikaela didn’t give up hope of being normal. He escaped to Tokyo and lived off of blood from a vampire he found through a mutual friend, of sorts.

  Unfortunately, the vampire blood was no longer satisfying his thirst. He lusted for human blood more and more as the days passed, and came close to attacking people multiple times. If he didn’t find an antidote soon, then he would be forced to completely become one of the monsters he loathed. So, he decided to seek help from that strange information broker who seemed to find information that no one else could.

  As Mikaela sat on the man’s couch, with his hands stuffed in his pockets, he looked around silently. He was surprised to get an appointment with an infamous man rather easily, but there was no point dwelling on that. Now his task was to figure out if he could find a cure for him.

  “I’m looking for something that might not exist,” he started vaguely. After a few moments of thinking about how to continue, he spoke up again. “I’ve heard about a headless person who rides around the city on a motorcycle, wielding a scythe, and a man who has inhuman strength. Do you think that supernatural beings exist, Orihara-san?”

autisticmccree  asked:



so. i read a wip of @cawaiiey​‘s (which was amazing, as can be expected, praise mccreesus) and this is a part of it:

Hanzo suddenly remembers when the copier machine broke last month and Genji had said he “could fix it better than before”, then proceeded to leave the office drenched in ink and various other fluids, with the copier so broken that upper management had to replace it.

(thank u cade for letting me use the direct quote!!)

so i read this and i’m like ??? various other fluids?? i have no idea about any kind of office machine. or other kind of machine. i dont know what fluids there are. so, naturally, i leave a comment just like “did genji fuck the copy machine”

cade sees this and loses her shit, tweets about it, and me, her, and our friend salem proceed to discuss this idea at length

you can see the full discussion in 3 different tweet threads here, here, and here, but under the cut are my personal highlights, and this one is a pretty good summation:

thank you for asking, genji “copy machine fucker” shimada is canon, shimada gods bless

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Sweet Nothings [closed RP w/kirby-rps

It was all Arthur could do not to collapse when they finally trudged into the motel room.

The case had dragged on into the wee hours of the morning, but in the end, the spirit had left peacefully, and the Skulls had gotten paid. Three hours of running blind through a shaking bunker had taken their toll, however, and it was on shaking legs that the blond made straight for the chair at the provided table and flopped down into it.

Being on wheels, the chair rolled several feet away from the desk, and Arthur dropped his head over the back with a defeated groan. Hands settled on the chair above his shoulders, and Vivi shook her head before rolling the blond back across the floor to the desk.

“Come on, Kingsmen…” She chided gently. “Let’s get you in bed.”

“Nooo…” Arthur whined in protest and lifted his head. “I have to fix my arm.” The man sat up and tried to drag himself closer to the desk with his good arm. A hard knock had rattled the inner circuitry of his arm, costing him the fine motor control needed for doing…well….anything with it. But Vivi shook her head stubbornly and held the chair in place.

“I’m sure you’ll have time to fix it in the morning.” The woman argued. “Arthur, it’s 3am, and we don’t have to meet our clients until noon.” Vivi put on her best ‘mom’ face. “You’ll have plenty of time to sleep and fix your arm.”

“But Viiiiviiii….” Arthur whined petulantly. “Let me just open it up and assess the damage, okay?” He continued to paw at the desk, and Vivi finally let go with a sigh and threw her hands up in the air.

“Lewis,” The bluenette turned to their third member. “Back me up, here!”

Amusing Hellbeast

It had been quite a cozy evening. It grew chilly once it became dark, there was a storm thundering away behind the screen of the mountains, and inside the little house everything was warm and yellow and largely unconcerned with the outside world. 
That is, until a commotion from the front porch shifted the focus from inwards to out. It sounded like someone had tripped up the stairs and faceplanted against the front door, then crumpled into a heap on the welcome mat.
For a moment there was no sound at all. Then the wail of a small child wobbled its way into audibility, starting off soft and plaintive before swelling into a ululation of downright distress. There was no use mistaking it for the sound of the rising wind.

A Different Earth


The time was 1:38 AM, an hour at which the small Earth city was nearly still. The light of Earth’s moon and the dull streetlamps were the only things providing light to the city’s grassy park.

Through the stillness, there stirred a darkly-clad figure.  The Romulan, Tal’kaela, had just returned from a highly successful break-in operation and obtained information that she was now on her way to put in a report.  She wanted to stay out of sight as much as possible.  

The young Romulan jumped at the sound of a hovercraft whizzing by and directed her steps closer to the park. Tal’kaela decided that she’d cut through the park to get to her apartment.  It was the longer way, but it was darker, and she figured she’d rather deal with a pack of human thugs than any Terrain authorities wanting to know who she was and what she was doing walking around the city at this hour.

♚ she paid the cost ♚

♚ sxmethingbreaking

      It was dark and it smelled like the ball that was still happening downstairs. Regina has excused herself stating that she was not feeling that well and Leopold brushed her off quickly. The young woman was happy for that fact and was now lying in her bed… Simply lying and cursing her life. 

      When she heard the door open and the thud of his shows against the marble floor. They are not even as it would be in the bright day.His mind was not clear and he was in that state, yet again. His groan was inching closer and closer to her and her heart seemed to beat faster and faster and it had nothing to do with excitement. 

“I’m not healed.”

      The plea left her lips despite her protest but he just laughed at that. 

“You have magic. Heal yourself.”

      He ordered like it was nothing. He had no idea how much it would cost her to do it. So he climbed on top of her, tearing her nightgown and grabbing her breast, squeezing it roughly before going down, down to where she is not ready at all and maybe she would never be. 

      Her flesh is being teared apart by the old man above her and she screamed and screamed but nothing could help her. 

“No… Get off m-me. Leopold… s-stop… please…”

      There are tears down her sides, she is trashing underneath and it felt like she was going to die. Her cries echoed in her bed chambers but this time they were a lot different than before.

What Hides In The Shadows
@bloodyghosts-warmcuddles A lot could be said about Kisara, but that she was selfish would never be able to leave someone’s mouth. After all, how could someone who was selfish answer her phone at two in the morning just to find out that someone may have lost their cat in the forest near her home, and she needed her to go check for it right then? She had rolled out of bed, slipped on shoes and a jacket, and left the home while barely conscious. The forest didn’t scare her. After walking through the thick brush and branches as often as she did, it was difficult to find the scenery intimidating. Granted, she hadn’t ever walked it at two in the morning before, though.

Branches and leaves crackled and broke underfoot as the tired girl trudged through the forest. Fall was only just beginning, so the tall trees weren’t terribly bare, but the cold was still enough to bite through the thin sweatshirts everyone wore and make anyone regret going out. Especially in the woods. The air itself smelled crisp and cold, and bit at the cheeks while simultaneously hurting the lungs, but offering them sweet relief from the muggy air indoors. Branches were ducked under, and pushed at with an arm as she walked the unmarked trails. Her eyes were open and following the beam of the flashlight, but she wasn’t truly looking around for the dumb cat. It wasn’t there. She already knew it wouldn’t be. Everything about the forest had an eerie feeling that made most living creatures shy away from it in the night. Some could swear that they’d seen ghosts in there, but she knew they were nothing more than stories. It wasn’t that they didn’t exist, it was more that she hadn’t ever seen them herself.

A white frosted breath fell from her mouth as no cat was seen anywhere. Surprise surprise. She had left the warmth and comfort of her bed to look for some random person’s cat in a forest that it definitely would not be in. Man, could she be any more stupid. While mentally berating herself, numb legs kept walking deeper and deeper into the brush. If she got lost, no one would ever find her. With all the thick branches and the overall creepy feel the forest held, no one would even try to go in and find her. The flashlight swung around aimlessly now as she debated going back or continuing on. The stupid animal wouldn’t be there, but who knew? Maybe it’d be fun to walk the paths in the dark. Just as she was about to decide, she caught sight of a flicker of light. Trying to be stealthy, she moved toward it, only to have her foot snag on a root and topple into the ground, landing beside the single candle that was sitting there. Why was there a candle in the forest when most of the brush was dry? Was someone trying to burn the place down? After standing and dusting herself off, the flashlight moved to reveal a person, causing Kisara to freeze completely.

“Uh… I know it’s two in the morning, and it’s kinda weird to be in these woods at two AM, but someone called and there was this thing about a cat and… ” Her quick and rambling explanation trailed off as she came to realization and her face twisted in confusion. “Wait a second, why are you in these woods at two AM? With an open flame…. Fuck, you’re not gonna murder me, are you? No one hired you, and then fed me some bullshit about a cat to get me to leave my house?” That would be just her luck. Death by a person while in a forest known for being haunted.

Finding Amelia

Ajax ran to the infirmary once the villains were gone. He entered the room, but couldn’t find Amelia. He went and asked one of the people there if they saw her, but they told him that she had left a few minutes ago. He left the room and just started running. He didn’t even think about where he was going. All Ajax was thinking about was finding Amelia. His feet started to slow down as he recognized his surroundings. The next door on his left should be the kitchen. He opened the door and walked in. 

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You’re Still My Rei (Closed RP for detective-ryugazaki and sparklingsei)


Immediately after practice, Seijuro headed to the on-campus restaurant and got some miso soup, sushi, and tempura shrimp to take to his boyfriend Rei’s room. Rei was sick with something or other–Seijuro didn’t know the details yet. He’d just gotten a text from his boyfriend that morning telling him that he was sick and wouldn’t be in classes or at practice. All Seijuro knew was that he was going to do everything he could to care for his love.

When he got to Rei’s dorm room, he unlocked the door with the spare key Rei had given him and slipped inside. “Rei? It’s me, Seijuro. I brought you some soup and other stuff for dinner. Do you need any medicine or anything? I could go out and get some really quick.”