change starts within

85% of all “ed-reformer” Twitter conversations:

Reformer: You know that time-honored “thing” we all do? Stop it, it’s terrible. I barely have research, but it’s old so it’s bad.

Teacher: I agree, but what about repercussions from my administration or district?

Reformer: Forget admins, forget everything! throw out all your desks for exercise balls. Never use a rubric, just grade with holistic tea leaves and visions! 

Teacher: But there wouldn’t be admin or district support for any of that!

Reformer: Then you’re not committed to your students, change starts within. I know my paycheck and way of life aren’t dependent on following anyone else’s mandates or rules, but that won’t stop me from patronizing you as if you’re ignorant, rather than attempting to juggle numerous requirements at once.

Teeny Notice ☺️

Since I changed my URL username so quickly after I remade this blog, I feel like my current name ‘shinwhoohoo’ is now more attached to and associated with it (and the only URL known to the majority of my followers/mutuals) than my original name 'oneshadyqueen’.

I definitely don’t want to get rid of that URL though, so I’m thinking about keeping that as a non-kpop blog maybe? Everything that’s non-kpop that I post here (nature, movies, architectural aesthetics etc) I’ll now be posting actively at 'oneshadyqueen’~

“I call this powerful music. Music that reminds us that we are limitless, powerful and capable! Messages that make us stop and think. Music that makes us get up and move! That’s the reason why music runs all of our lives and is the soundtrack to all great change. We can’t do it without the pulse, the beat, the rhythm, the word, the VOICE! Change starts from within and as I listen to these songs, I feel a little more love, a little more strength, a little more peace, a little more prayer, a little more determined and a lot closer to myself! I hope you do too. This is a salute to all that greatness that came before us and is within us now to continue on!”
With light and love,
Alicia Keys

Listen to Alicia Keys’s incredible playlist to honor Black History Month. 

My ebook “how to build your Inner Home” is out 👊💫 I’m beyond excited to hear your thoughts on it. Change and happiness starts from within. My ebook it’s a collection of exercises and guidelines that will help you get to where you want to be in life and feel true happiness.

The exercises are based on what I did myself going from being depressed to living my dream life and being happy no matter the circumstances I find myself in.

I know it will help at least one person, which makes all the hard work worth it! I had you guys in mind through the whole process of making it. I based the chapters on your stories and the questions you send in to me. Being aware of your mindset is absolutely key when you want to improve your everyday life. Each exercise is easy to do- yet very powerful as it makes you rethink the way to see things. Love you 💗

Lavi, for D.Gray-Man fanartbook Poison!

Intravenous therapy is the infusion of liquid substances directly into a vein. Intravenous simply means “within vein”, which I think is rather suiting when paired with Lavi, who’s starting to change from within his perception towards his friends, realizing they meant more than mere records on paper.

Hoping to make artbook in time for May’s Doujima (Doujin Market) in Singapore. 

The 100

I just love The 100 so much because it just ticks everything I want in a TV show and I just feel like it’s a dream come true.